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Found 18 results

  1. Bad Bunny has become a LGBTQ+ icon. First, he stood up for Alexa Luciano Ruiz, a Puerto Rican transgender woman that was murdered after having the police called on her for using the women's restroom. After the media described Alexa as "a man in a skirt," Bad Bunny performed on The Tonight Show wearing a skirt and a shirt that said (translated) "They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt." Next, Bad Bunny released Yo Perreo Sola (translated to "I Twerk Alone"). The music video featured a Bad Bunny in drag twerking on himself and ended the video with a message that said (translated), "If she doesn't want to dance with you, respect her. She twerks alone." The song and video both brought attention to the LGBTQ+ community, encouraged feminism, discouraged harassment, and broke gender roles. Not only has Bad Bunny been praised for these actions, but he has been praised for breaking the toxic masculinity and gender roles that are common in Latinx culture. It's incredible brave and commendable for a straight man to be standing up for such a macho-dominated culture. I recently came across an article on The Guardian discussing Bad Bunny's role as a LGBTQ+ icon. The article discusses how he has gathered praise from queer media, as well as queer icons like Ricky Martin. However, it also discusses how Bad Bunny is relatively new to this role and how it can be problematic that a straight male is getting more recognition for this than other actual queer artists. They argue that maybe we should be more careful about celebrating straight allies more than celebrating actual queer celebrities. They provided the example of Nick Jonas, a straight ally, frequently being hailed as well. What are your thoughts on the article? For me personally, I completely disagree with the article. I think this comment on /r/popheads sums it up perfectly: Thoughts? Should we be celebrating Bad Bunny as a queer icon as much as we have been?
  2. Actor Daniel Newman from The Walking Dead revealed he's a top. Because he's too lazy to prepare for bottoming. The bisexual actor dropped the bomb on Twitter after a follower called him a bottom. The way he's open to getting married to a man I- Keep the comments SFW plz. Call me, Daniel.
  3. "Although I've never announced it before, I am a proud bisexual woman," she wrote. "And I will be joining this protest today. Come join." Reinhar most recently dated her Riverdale costar Cole Sprouse. We are living in a LGBT world... It seems like everyone is swinging the gay way now, good on her tho
  4. I'm home 24/7. I might have got out of the house 2 or 3 times in 2 months. I'm loosing my mind. Also, I can't work since I worked in a hotel. I cut off a lot of "friends" before the pandemic so I feel more alone than ever... I literally don't know what to do with myself. I don't have any goals.. Edit 06/04 : I might go back to work next month so that's positive news. I'm seeing my family back so that helps a lot. And I messaged a friend that I'm seeing soon. So overall, it's a lot more positive. I also did some shopping which always helps. Yes, this thread is turning into my little dear diary.
  5. I wanted to push forward some thoughts I've had for quite a few years regarding racism within the gay community and I feel like this is better timing than ever. Being of south asian descent and living in the UK, I have found that trying to engage with people in the gay community has sometimes been extremely challenging. Particularly when it has been a predominantly caucasian community for quite some time. When you think about people of colour and cultures, it has definitely been a longer journey for them to be open about their sexuality. Whenever I would try to talk to people, simply on a friendly basis, I would get cold vibes and shut off. I would be talked down to and actively made to be left out of groups. A lot of these groups have been white and I've had a lot of guys explicitly reject me on dating terms because of my skin colour. I once met a group of guys at a bar and they started conversing with me as to why they don't like south asians in general... Because this 'community' has had experience of being oppressed and discriminated against, they started their own civilisation and within that, they start oppressing people that they perceived to be lesser than them, and it usually is people of colour. It's that old saying of hurt people hurt people. It's a never ending cycle. I generally find 75% of the gay community to be hostile and catty and quite frankly it goes against what I find to be a community spirit in the slightest. We're all fighting the same fight but there's still a hierarchy. This is obviously my own personal experience, however, from chats with the 25% of people I find to be genuinely good people, I'm not alone in this perception. The whole point of this is not to trash the gays, but more to make people perhaps do a bit of self-reflection. Just because you've been a minority, does not mean that you are not responsible for racism within your community. Even people of colour can be guilty too, since we're so highly influenced by the norms and values of Western culture and media that has very often favoured white people. Feel free to add your experiences, thoughts and anything else. But please keep it civil, there is no need to get nasty or personal to anybody. We should all be in this together.
  6. Happy Pride Month! Despite being a pivotal figure in the Stonewall Riots, Marsha P. Johnson actually didn't start the riots. She said so herself. More info here:
  7. so basically this discussion was brought to my attention by the thread and argument under this tweet basically people are arguing about whether it's okay for Doja Cat to have used the word f-ggot because she is bisexual. a lot of people are saying that the f slur should only be used by gay and bisexual men, as historically it has been used to target homosexual men specifically. Some bi women and lesbians in the thread however disagree, saying that since the word has been used against them, they have the right to reclaim it. I personally don't think it feels right for lesbians and bi women to use it, that word has such a strong connotation to me and historical use that has always targeted males in the community (and transgender and nonbinary people too). I wouldn't feel comfortable using the word d-ke either. Sure you can make argument that people who have been a victim of a slur personally in their lives have a right to reclaim it, but i don't think that argument holds up. A lot of non-black POC have been called the n-word in their lives, but they shouldn't say the n-word. If me, a neurotypical person, grew up being bullied and called r--tard, do i have a pass for the rest of my life to use the r slur? what do you guys think? Bonus question: How do you feel about bisexuals calling themselves gay? of course they're part of the LGBT community but to me it just feels weird to use the word gay, like do gay people not get their own word? saying you're bi is shorter and more accurate of a description, so why not just say that? it just feels strange to me because the experiences of the two can be so different and doesn't make sense for them to be conflated. For example, I have a female bi friend who has only publicly dated men, and her calling herself gay.. just feels.. wrong. Like it's appropriative, her experience does not align at all with the experiences of lesbians and gay men, so calling yourself gay doesn't seem to make sense. anyways, i hope we can have a civil discussion about this and i'd like to hear all of your thoughts!
  8. I can provide more details if you guys need it, but basically: Our Story: We met on Grindr back in August. I friendzoned him by standing him up for our first date (I thought he was a catfish). He then friendzones me when I try to make up for standing him up by meeting him shortly after. We hang out a few times, and he flirts with me. A month after we first meet, we hang out in his new apartment for the first time, and despite me telling him over and over that I just wanna be friends (but LBH, I'm not putting up any kind of fight), I end up giving him two back to back handies. A few more instances of that (including a slightly scary instance where he held me down and kissed me after I very clearly told him "no", which he has since apologized for), and after he finds out I'm still a virgin a month later, he promises to take care of that. He then rides me like a mechanical bull that same night. (Honestly, IDK why tops love topping so much. I was expecting a tight warmness all over but I only got it from his hole. But he was LOVING what I was giving him, so maybe the appeal is in the bottom's reactions?) Then he got together with an old friend of his, and I kept telling him this guy was bad news but I supported the relationship. They didn't even last one month, and we did it again shortly after they broke up. But then he gets another boyfriend and lasts with this one until about mid-February when they have an EXTREMELY messy break-up that lands him in jail. He may or may not have exposed his ex, a Catholic school janitor, for bringing him into the school after hours to have him help clean. (Which... Ew. Who brings their boyfriend to their job to put them to work?) That led to a restraining order, which my guy felt bad about and so sent both a bouquet and an apology via text, which apparently violated the restraining order. I knew I loved him the day we first messed around. But ever since he went to jail in early March, I'm sure of it. Not being able to touch him, to cuddle him, to suck him... It's torture. I mean, I send him 1-2 letters a week (and get like 2-3 in return), but it's still not enough. I want visits but I can't see him due to the darn Corona Virus. I'm gonna try to spring for a conjugal visit the second I can see him, but IDK the protocol. The Cons: He's got serious self-confidence issues. He doesn't love himself. He's religious, which is not a con in and of itself, but he can't reconcile being a Christian with being gay. He considers his sexuality to be "gay tendencies" and constantly tries to push them down. He has some pretty heavy baggage. He clearly has romantic feelings for me, but refuses to acknowledge them directly. He's currently incarcerated. The Pros: He's a former male model who walked Fashion Week. He's a Veteran. His eyes look right into my soul. He's openly gay, despite all of his inner turmoil about his sexuality. He says I'm the only one who makes him feel safe. He says I'm one of, if not the only person who's by his side no matter what. Our sexual chemistry is off the charts, which he never fails to bring up. He doesn't have any issues with my current body weight (that makes one of us). He's versatile. And the man is BUILT. TO. BREED. He has no refractory period, and he is MASSIVE. And I love him. IDK what to do, I need advice. And I also have more tea if y'all want it. Just ask me to expand on anything.
  9. We stan a legend in the making Lil Nas X tells The Guardian he wants to represent the LGBTQ community. Some of you may say DUH, but it's still pretty common for queer artists to hide their sexuality because they fear it'll translate to less sales or label them. Lil Nas X found a second home atop the Hot 100, and he did so as an out young man. That's admirable. “I 100% want to represent the LGBT community,” he says, adding that he also worries about the safety and wellbeing of fans who may grapple with the decision to come out. “I don’t want to encourage them to do something they don’t 100% want to do. Especially in, like, middle school or high school. Because it’s just super hard.” “It’s easier for me,” he says. “I’m not depending on anybody. There’s no one who’s going to kick me out of the house – nobody to start treating me ****ty.” This may not be the case for “another 20-year-old who doesn’t quite have it figured out and still lives with his parents”. What about his own parents? “My family knows now. But it’s not something that’s ever brought up or we speak about. We’re quiet on it. Nobody’s like, ‘Oh, you got a boyfriend?’” Thoughts?
  10. Why do you think gay men love wearing speedos? I honestly don't get it. I know it's normalized with straight and gay men in Europe, but in America I would say 99% of men that wear a speedo (who is not an athlete) are gay. I have noticed this for years and now that we have this forum, I thought I could ask and get some thoughts. So what say you Exhale? https://www.instagram.com/p/ByfxgdwHVsp/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. First off. I was born 4 months early, wasn't expected to Live. When I first talked. Watching Santa say he is speaking a different language. I had no idea. But my four year old me knew what I was saying. First real English word came at 5. K MART POINTING THE STORE OUT. AT THAT TIME. STEP BELOW TARGET. BUT ABOVE WAL MART OKAY. Due to constant ear aches. I had to have tubes in my ears. And my tonsils taking out due to them swollen. Near death bed experience due to penicillin and while other reactions are minor in the field of that family are more mild. Let's just say I'm scared to take antibiotics.. That's me in a nutshell. Also question straight men intentions when it comes to the gay community. Cos I sure was bullied and used just so they could get laid. But I do have a fear of ***. It stems from my growing up. I never questioned it at that time. Cos who would believe a kid at 8 who just learned how to talk. Chicken pox. My stepfather now looking back at it. Handled it wrong. Covered in lotion. BUT NAKED. AND IT'S JUST ME AND HIM. AND THE FAMILY DOG BUD.. bud being a collie. He's trained to have a herd. Me and my brother was just that. Somehow every time this happened. He immediately grabbed the blanket covered me. And an 80 pound dog. Jumps on a 52 poumd 4 year old who can't talk. Would just growl and not bite him. But definitely would come close and bite air. Should have questioned this situation. What grown *** man takes a bath with two little kids naked in the same tub. Again seemed innocent but odd. Then. Came nights that are a blur.. Getting older. Find out through an agreement to not split me and my brother up. My birth mom and Him. I only share my brother through this relationship. But by laws out of my hands. We're not related. I honestly don't want to connect with him. He's abused as well through being brain washed. It does happen and is scary. So overtime through therapy. I realized I was a victim of very bad sexual abuse. Was taken advantage due to my medical setbacks. I'm told I need to get it over it. We nevsr do. Especially victims of child sexual abuse are psychologically different than normal victims. We didn't really get to develop normal sexual behavior like most. We're more vulnerable and probably won't fight back. Cos of fears.. I have rules of dating and ***.. I really don't think I'm being evil or [email protected]#&y by just saying anything but penetration is okay.. But I get mocked and told. What's a top is good for without penetration.. I'm dumbfounded by the victim shaming and being called a prude. I'm not a prude. Having *** with any sexual Assault victims have boundaries to protect me, you and most importantly no one gets hurt.
  12. Hey everyone, what’s your social media accounts?? if anyone wants to follow me on IG mine is @mr_chargey22, or twitter @kel_bear22, Snapchat is @kel_bear2020 All 3 are kinda not sfw haha so follow if your into bears and ***** haha
  13. There's something endearing about Joe - he is unapologetically Joe. He is hilarious. What do you think of this polygamist, gay wedding?
  14. While the world grapples with life in quarantine admits the Coronavirus pandemic, former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock doesn't seem too concerned. He's partying it up with a gaggle of Instagays on the warm beaches of Cabo. The Internet is not thrilled. Schock came out as gay on Instagram last month. He said: “I can live openly now as a gay man because of the extraordinary, brave people who had the courage to fight for our rights when I did not: community activists, leaders, and ordinary LGBT folks.” What do you guys think? Should Schock be free to live his life how he sees fit, or does he have a responsibility to stay at home in an effort to not further thread potential risk?
  15. Troye Sivan shared a shirtless selfie, and the Internet is SHAKING. Thoughts on the new snap? Does your body feel anything? Stream "Take Yourself Home"
  16. MORE: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/falling-for-straight-guys
  17. Britney with LGBTQ celebrities and people With Adore Delano With Ricky Martin With Lance Bass and Michael Turchin with Elton John With Ellen With Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon With Neil Patrick Harris With Will & Grace With Rosie O'Donnell with Brian Friedman with The Squared Division with Don Philip with Dave Holmes with Andy Cohen with Robin Roberts with Alan Carr with TJ Espinoza with Derrick Barry with Justin Tranter with Andre Fuentes with Brandon Stoughton with Glenn Nutley with Frank Marino with Perez Hilton Let me know if I left out anyone--post down below!
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