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Found 12 results

  1. I found these videos a few days ago of a SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) feature from 2003 titled BoA & Britney Special. Seeing Britney and BoA interact is probably the weirdest and yet most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. Also, TVXQ made their debut here?? This has to be one of the most iconic moments of all time in pop culture history.
  2. Wonho, ex-member of kpop boy group MONSTA X, recently made a comeback with a music video for 'Open Mind'. My mind goes blank whenever I try to watch it, so I'd sure appreciate someone else's more coherent thoughts right about now. L O O K A T H I M
  3. This is more of a debate...than a personal opinion. Ever since 2015, K-pop has been experiencing a massive wave of success, which wouldn’t reach its peak until 2018. The k-pop phenomena would just be pushed furthermore by the biggest boy-band right now, BTS who, had the second-best selling album of 2019. So due to all of this massive spotlight, the K-pop landscape has been at its highest since never! So most of the K-pop stans believe that K-pop will stay in the mainstream light, for a VERY long time! However, this has brought me to the thought...because of the amount of success k-pop has been having, it is basically EVERYWHERE. If you click videos like these, you can see its K-pop that’s dominating 75% of the spots: So in the negative light, we can say that K-pop at this point is SEVERELY over-exposed. Not to mention, the incredibly toxic fans, the genre holds, who stuff k-pop music up your throats. So with all of that happening, people would lose interest, to check out the genre, thus, losing future audience. So will K-pops overexposure be the genres main enemy, cutting down the years for how long it will be popular? Will K-pop dominate for a further 3-5 years, or can it extend furthermore? lemme know
  4. Kpop Sub-unit Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI have just had a music video for "Naughty" released. The song is a little bop. The choreography is interesting, intricate, and flawlessly executed. Irene and Seulgi look amazing, so it's pretty much everything a kpopstanbutliketellanyone could ever ask for. What are ya'lls opinions?
  5. Red Velvet's Irene & Seulgi released a mini album on Monday. They followed up the body of work with a monstrous visual for a track titled "Monster." The video is insanely gorgeous from a k-pop stan's perspective. It's got everything you'd want: ace choreography, sultry stares, racy contact and blasts of color. Stop what you're doing and give this a play. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  6. So now that K-pop is one of the biggest genres RN, and Blackpink, a Korean band breaking the record for most views within 24 hours (82.7 million views) whether you like the genre or not, whether you find it a Korean version of western music or it is original...you can not deny it has gathered ton of massive, massive, MASSIVE success in the past 3 years, and we are now experiencing its prime. So now, with many exhalers here who are also K-Pop fans, I would like it ask Who is your most favourite female and male boy band? You can give the answer on the poll above . Lemme know!
  7. CL offered invaluable insight as a K-pop star, and how it relates to the Black Lives Matter movement. The former 2NE1 singer says the genre is directly influenced by black culture. “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was the first album my dad bought me. Beyonce‘s Dangerously In Love was the first CD I bought for myself. Janet Jackson taught me the power of movement of dance and expression. Missy Elliott is why I am so obsessed with my video visuals. Lil Kim was one of Fashion’s pioneers that taught me how to be fearless in how I tell stories through clothes…Aaliyah is the reason why I still wear baggy pants and combat boots on stage,” she wrote in a statement. “Some of the biggest inspirations for 2NE1 were Destiny’s Child and TLC. These are just some of the examples of the core women who have inspired me over the years. Artists, directors, writers, dancers, designers, producers, stylists in the K-Pop industry are all inspired by black culture whether they acknowledge it or not,” she continued. “I would like to encourage all K-Pop fans to give back and show their love and support for all that we have received from Black artists. I want to explain to all the K-pop fans, fellow Asians, and non-Americans who feel like they have little or no connection to what’s happening that we all are connected at the end of the day. And don’t we, Asians living abroad, also face enough racism to the point where we are numb and sick of it? We must stand up together as one helping them fight for justice. It’s never too late. Let’s send them love and support by caring, elevating Black voices, educating ourselves, and bringing awareness to people around you.” Do we have any CL stans in Exhale? Thoughts on her statement?
  8. Share music from around the world old or new a new sound to introduce members over here to something new.. This is From Nigeria and was a huge hit back then .. lets try to choose songs that are not too main stream
  9. I know most people don't really buy CDs nowadays, and I haven't bought one in years myself. I think the last time I bought a CD was back in 2012, and it was Marilyn Manson's "Born Villain", which, come to think of it, is super random. However, if it's worth buying any CDs, it's definitely K-Pop CDs because they truly are collectables. They're super elaborate and come with a lot of freebies. They're a bit more expensive, but, IMO, they're worth it. Plus, I've been a fan of K-Pop for over two years now, but I still hadn't bought a K-Pop album until now. Most K-Pop albums come in 2 (if not 3 or 4) different versions that have different packaging and other things that set them apart. Obviously, there's the CD itself, but then in addition to that you also get a photobook (I've seen some that are 100 pages thick), photocards (there's usually a set of 30ish available ones, and albums typically come with about 3 of them) and some other freebies such as stickers, posters, postcards, etc. If Western artists were as elaborate, I'd totally buy CDs more often. I spent $40, which is kind of steep for two albums, but in order to get free shipping (otherwise shipping would be like $40) my cart had to hit the $39 mark, so I ended up getting two. Had I gotten only one album, the shipping would cost three times the price of the album itself, which is super unreasonable. I ended up getting these two albums (yes, I do realize that none of this means anything to any of you ): APRIL "Da Capo" & TAEYEON "Purpose" Both of these albums come in two versions, but they offer the option to buy a random one, which I selected because, IMO, it's much more fun that way. Anyway, if any of you are interested in seeing how elaborate K-Pop albums are, here's an unboxing of one of them: This album, for example, comes in 3 different versions, but I've seen some that come in 5. So yeah, I'm super excited. It's a shame that I'll probably have to wait for 3 weeks or something for this stuff to arrive - I'm very impatient.
  10. Initially I was hesitant to post another K-Pop thread because literally no one would care, but this song is too good not to celebrate. Literally synth heaven: Those chime like synths... Those nostalgia inducing melodies... Those lewks... I'm in heaven! K-Pop girlies have been killing it this past month. Your faves could never (except for Dua Lipa). APRIL being main pop girls - we love to see it! If you had the tiniest crumb of taste, you'd stan too.
  11. JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong wrote a lengthy apology letter to fans after false claiming he had Coronavirus as an April Fool's joke. It inspired the hashtag #JaejoongIsGoingToJailParty on Twitter. Thoughts??? Here's his letter:
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