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Found 6 results

  1. Thanks to all who participated this was a hoot! -------- EARLIER: Post your audio file in the chat room on the following link: https://volafile.org/r/19cdacear Make sure to post on this Exhale thread that youve uploaded your file so that people know to check it out and which file came from who --------- EARLIER: Recordings will be uploaded to a temporary chat room which will be created on the following website: https://volafile.org/ Only people with a link to the chat room can find the mp3 files, and they are automatically deleted after 2 days. Theres also a built in audio player so no need to download files. WEDNESDAY MAY 6 - THURSDAY MAY 7 --------- EARLIER: Ya so I have an idea EXHALE KARAOKE PARTY 2020 (from the comfort of your own home) I understand that many people may not want their recordings to be made public forever. In that case there are a couple of options, please share your thoughts on the best way to go: 1. Uploading your mp3 to a a site that only makes a temporary link to the mp3 which expires after x amount of time (this exists right?) 2. Making this thread private for Exhale members only instead of visible to guest viewers as well (how do I do that?) Directions: Record yourself singing along to a [Britney] song instrumental, upload it to an mp3 hosting site (to be decided) and post the link here. Rules: 1. This is not a competition. 2. In order to encourage people to feel comfortable enough to share their recordings, there will be NO downvoting tolerated or I will publicly drag your *** to the moon and back on this thread for all to see. 3. If you dont have something nice to say dont say it. Only positive comments allowed in response to other users' recordings. Unless you want that dragging mentioned in #2. Thoughts? I think this could be super fun and funny
  2. Since a few of you have been requesting a cover of 'Man On The Moon, i decided to do it. The song is very hard to sing!! it was way to high for me, but i didnt want to change the key. So here is it.
  3. Did someone notice? That lady running in shock bc she saw Britney fwking Spears https://youtu.be/pSd9hiBGoE0?t=8m4s @8:04
  4. Backstreet boys? Nsync members? Missy Elliot? G-Eazy? Will.i.am? Christina Aguilera? Place your bets here. Winner gets a gifted copy of Glory on iTunes.
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