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Found 44 results

  1. Pop emergency! Justin Bieber could be drooping a followup to Changes sooner than later. His manager, Scooter Braun, spilled the beans that the Biebs is releasing a new album. He'll obviously perform the new tunes on tour (whenever tours are allowed to be a thing again of course). I loved Purpose, and a few tracks on Changes, but I was hoping for more. Hopefully the next record offers some shiny new pop gems (and not that rap style he recently experimented with). Exhale, you down for new Bieber music? Related:
  2. Justin Bieber posted a shirtless gym selfie on Instagram. Exhale, how we feeling about this? Does your body tingle or nah? Related:
  3. Just before the song was officially released which was featuring Justin Bieber, Selena uploaded a snapchat story with her singing it. According to DJ Snake Selena never finished the song since she was busy with the ‘Revival Tour’ so he gave it to justin.
  4. Justin Bieber spits a verse on a remix of Jack Harlow's "Whats Poppin." I didn't expect this from Bieber, but I'm feeling it. Harlow's ace up his sleeve is Bieber. The remix that Harlow previously dropped back in June that featured appearances from Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez, is currently at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Bieber hopped on a song and has enough fans that'll easily help push the track to #1. Bieber just landed a #1 with Ariana Grande on their collaboration, "Stuck With U." King of the Billboard! Listen below. Do you like Bieber's rap, Exhale?
  5. The latest episode of Billie Eilish and her dad Patrick's "me & dad radio" on Apple Music featured an extra special guest, Eilish's mom Maggie. Maggie recalled how eagerly her Belieber daughter was waiting for the singer's new music video for 2012's "As Long As You Love Me." "I remember this one really well and the video, and Billie talking about it, and being excited it was coming out, and just crying and crying," Maggie said. "Everyone knows the whole Billie, Justin Bieber thing but this song was a big part of it." “I would watch the music video for this song and just sob," Eilish noted before her mom jokingly added, "I just want to say, we did consider taking you to therapy because you were in so much pain over Justin Bieber.” Besides Eilish's Bieber fever, the trio also discussed a more difficult time in the young star's life as she struggled with her mental health. Those feeling were reflected in her debut album, and particularly in the song "listen before i go." “With ‘listen before i go,’ I was worried that people would hear it and kind of be triggered by it and be offended, but all I’ve seen is fans talking about how much it’s made them feel comforted," Eilish explained. "And hearing someone going through the same thing you’re going through doesn’t make you feel worse about yourself, it makes you feel a little better." Nowadays, the Grammy winner is feeling a lot better. "There was a period where I cried every single day of my life, when I was like 13, 14, 15," she said. "Every single day I cried. And 17, 18 I cried barely at all. I’m proud to say I barely cry anymore and its one thing I’ve overcome. This is a big deal. Not that it’s wrong to cry, but it’s a good thing I feel happier in my life and I don’t want to cry anymore." Source
  6. The biggest Swifty fan page put the most criticized lyric in Taylor's history to good use, dragging Justin Bieber (excuse me, Ratin Beaver as he is known on that page or Scooter's slave). Justin Bieber wrote the word "weather" instead of "whether." Swifties retaliated with "Hey kids, spelling is fun," a line from "ME!" That's not even the worst part. Someone said they don't get it. To which they responded : "See adults, this is what happens when you stan Kartrashians and Beavers, You lose intelligence and Brain cells and become drug addicts."
  7. Justin Bieber said it hurt when his longtime friend Christian Beadles' publicly declared that he's a Trump supporter. Bieber previously dated his Christian's sister, Caitlin. Beadles wrote a caption saying he's not going to live in shame for being a Trumpster, and says he doesn't see color because we are all children of God. It appears to dismiss the #BlackLivesMatter movement while showing love for a man that could care less about helping his country or people. Bieber wasn't having it. He wrote "This one hurts man this ain't it" then unfollowed him. I know Bieber gets a lot of flack for everything he does, but it's nice to see him on the right side of history (I know he's Canadian, and what about it?). Thoughts?
  8. Lil Twist has exposed Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun as being racists who exploited the black community. Twist reveals thats Scooter and Justin made him take a criminal ********* charge that should’ve gone to Justin. But since Justin was a pop star and lil twist is a black rapper, they made Twist take the charge, and then it continued and charges piled up...all of which belonged to Justin. Twitter is currently running crazy over this and Justin needs to respond since he is alleging he supports the black lives matter movement
  9. Update: Justin Bieber is suing the two fans for $10 million apiece. From TMZ: Update: Justin Bieber speaks out against the allegations claiming he sexually assaulted a fan. Earlier: A former fan of Justin Bieber's claims the pop star sexually assaulted her in 2014 when he was 20-years-old (and dating Selena Gomez) and she was 21. The girl goes by the name Danielle. She says she was inspired to share her alleged story after a woman named Gabby recanted her claims that actor Ansel Elgort sexually assaulted her. Danielle says she has photos from the night, however is choosing to not publish them for legal reasons. Read the note below: Related:
  10. He tweeted a photi using a concert from Sir Paul McCartney. He's being dragged as we speak on twitter. The fact that he doesn't have people take photos or make memories of his achievements.
  11. Justin Bieber admits he's inspired by and has benefited off of black culture. Leave it to Bieber to show some self awareness during this movement. And before the comments go in on him using the N-word in a take of "One Less Lonely Girl," people can change right? Should we forgive but not forget? Exhale, what parts about Bieber's career, whether it's music, words, fashion etc do you feel like he embodied black culture?
  12. This photo of Justin Bieber is making the rounds because homeboy is looking FOINE. Quarantine has done Biebs good. He's looking fresh and clean. We love a transformation. Exhale, thoughts on Bieber 2020?
  13. Justin & Hailey Bieber’s Secret Reality Show Is Definitely Not ‘Britney & Kevin: Chaotic’ https://www.wmagazine.com/story/justin-hailey-bieber-reality-show-facebook Lol of course not cause its boring. Justin is very macho! I'm impressed by how much he is an ******* with her, I kinda of knew that tho he's an ******* in general... How everything is about him, how much he makes himself a victim... he looks like a spoiled child who cries desperately or gets sulky when he doesn't have what he wants. And she's like his babysitter who's there to watch him talk **** and act deep but just talking a lot of uncessary bull****. ew. He has turned into such a mess.
  14. Sooooo, where is Demi Lovato? Ever since stick with u or whatever the JB/Ari song is called came out, she’s been silent. Do you guys think she’s mad at scooter for giving them more attention than her? Do you guys even like Demi? Do you guys think Demi and Xtina went to the same doctor for their lip fillers? Is anyone listening? 😂 Fill me in!
  15. GET HA! Ariana Grande won't put up with 6ix9ine's claims that she and Billboard cheated to get "Stuck With U" to #1 on the Hot 100. He said the #1 was basically bought. Read more about that here. In a new message posted on Instagram, Ari ripped 6 to shreds. Justin Bieber chimed in as well. Why he inserted himself into the drama is not yet known. 6ix9ine found comatose in a ditch. Do you think Ariana and Justin legitimately got to #1? Or was it bought like 6ix9ine claims? Where there's smoke... Let me know what you think. Related:
  16. Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande released a new song together. It's titled "Stuck With U," out now. Proceeds from the streams and sales will be "donated to first responders children’s foundation to fund grants and scholarships for children of healthcare workers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, police officers and firefighters serving at the front lines during the global pandemic." After a week of ~sales~, the track hit #1 on the Hot 100. This marks Ariana's third #1, and Bieber's sixth. Are you here for pop's new power couple? Cause 6ix9ine isn't Related:
  17. Word has been going around that Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber's new song "Stuck With You" rips off Avril Lavigne's underrated masterpiece "Tell Me It's Over." This mash up proves that rumors are indeed true. Avril needs to sue for infringement. This is a rip off. Thoughts?
  18. Nuff said. His Instagram is weirder than Britney's at times. Remember, just because we're bored in quarantine, don't do crack.
  19. It appears Justin Bieber is moving on from Changes... STAT. He's working on new music whilst in self-isolation. He's also done a million dances with his wife Hailey Baldwin for Tik Tok, but I digress. I hope he goes for something a little more pop-electro leaning versus R&BIEBER Changes has a couple of good tunes, but doesn't come anywhere near Purpose. He says the new tunes are sounding "crazy good." Prove it. Are you guys ready to give the Biebs a second chance?
  20. Dua lipa's self titled has now surpassed Justin Bieber's best album Purpose and is now the 4th most streamed album on Spotify. For Apple Music... Billie eilish has the most streamed album. Dua Lipa's self titled album is still the most streamed female album on Spotify. But there's a reason why. Dua Lipa came in three formats A 12 track standard edition, a 17 track deluxe edition originally. But in 2018 she reissued it with a Super Deluxe edition containing her collaborations with Calvin Harris, Her Grammy winning track with Silk City (Diplo + Mark Ronson) Electricity, Martin Garrix and Sean Paul. But also new material like Kiss and Make up with Blackpink and a live version of the iconic way to get over a bad ex. New rules. Despite peaking at #27 in the US. The album is platinum and won her the best new artist of 2019. Congrats Dua! Eventually the album will be the most streamed album of all time on Spotify. For the record... Dua herself is the most streamed female in the UK for Spotify.
  21. Justin Bieber's Changes tour is officially on hold for the foreseeable future. Every date in 2020 is no longer. Obviously it's due to the Coronavirus. It's worth reminding you prior to the pandemic, the tour wasn't selling so well anyway. His stadium dates were downgraded to arenas. Here's the official statement: Below is the thread with information leading up to today's update. I bet you Bieber is so relieved Earlier:
  22. So you know this week Justin Bieber announced these compilations eps. I was curious. Well I feel really stupid and really disappointed. He's really trying hard to make Changes happen. Both eps have 5 tracks of changes tracks. And one track appears in both volumes with no alternate mix. Whose gonna be the one on his team to sit him down and tell him honestly. The album and era has flopped. The fact that due to low tickets he had to switch several dates to arenas from the stadiums he booked.
  23. I- Justin Bieber is live streaming with fans, cause what else is anyone supposed to do. One fan requested to be on camera, but after a while gave up. Instead, she started to... enjoy herself. JB ended up choosing her and she got caught. The way JB says helllooooo? The way she slides off the bed. I'm dead. 2020 is wild y'all. Please keep the replies SFW.
  24. Justin Bieber is releasing a Spanish-language song titled "La Bomba." It'll feature J Balvin. Bieber first gave fans a glimpse of the track's creation in his Changes YouTube documentary. Bieber and Balvin filmed a music video for it in Miami already. It will reportedly not land on Balvin's forthcoming album, titled Colores, so it's likely just a standalone track (it's not on Changes btw). In the docuseries, Bieber comments on his Spanish-speaking skills. “Singers are good at imitating, so I guess I’m just good at imitating? I can hear it and repeat it." You may recall Balvin was featured on a remix of "Sorry." Can lightening strike twice? Are you here for this?
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