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Found 6 results

  1. Jessica Simpson posted a new photo practicing yoga next to her pool, and she looks flawless. Looking fit and healthy! Related:
  2. Jessica Simpson had a lot of nice things to say about Britney, more than what's included in this Tweet's audio clip. She praises Britney and drags Xtina. When purchasing her new book, you also get access to 6 new songs.
  3. She was so obsessed with Britney that she tuned into Showtime like the rest of us! 4:40 Her jealousy caught on film
  4. So, we know there is the sort of iconic quartet of blondes that became famous at the end of the 90s/beginning of the 00s. as the nostalgia wave hits, there is renewed interest in all four of them, and for the first time, they've all been active musically (except Britney but obvi reasons + she has a huge catalogue as is and is still in the media) in the past ~1-2 years and we have heard about them in the news. they were given a rough go back in the day, but some retrospective appreciation is being thrown their way as of late. so my question is, as images became more important than ever, who had the best aesthetic? BRITNEY - the archetype of the group and style of teen pop. definitely the most sort of laid back, casual American style. very natural at first, but even when she was done up more often she retained a natural look for the most part. her music was the litmus test for the style and changed from an originally more adult sound to a much more teen friendly, danceable album by the time it was released (her debut, it is). eventually we saw her perfect teen pop, move into ******, moody dance-pop, graduate into the ambient dance sounds of ITZ, eventually giving way to electropop and etc continuing to evolve, with a pretty huge output in music. CHRISTINA - the "voice" of the group. had a much more done up style than britney, always sporting makeup and donning pink dip dye hair by 2000. she flipped her image much faster and more drastically than the others, sailing from being considered britney's more diva-esque, soulful understudy to a full fledged *****-pop, dance-rnb queen with stripped, eventually moving on to a very unique swing-pop sound before adopting electropop down the line as well, but retaining her aggressive, rnb-laden sound. she often had a sort of teen girl hip hop-lite style, with the bandanas and all. her music was definitely more rnb tinged than britney's, and is personally my favorite debut of the four. though less successful than britney, she was a major force commercially and easily one of the top female performers of the decade despite a pretty scant output JESSICA - the supposed "alternative" that was supposed to be more wholesome. she was oft marketed as an all american queen of abstinence. she was always more ballad heavy than her counterparts, reflecting her influences being less madonna and janet and more celine dion and mariah carey. she could certainly belt, even though her technique was not the best and got worse over time. her debut was less successful; contrasting the equivalent sales of britney and christina (something like 30+ and 17+ million copies respectively), sweet kisses pulled realistically less than 6 million equivalent sales, most likely. however, she was still popular--a double platinum debut before you're 20 is still pretty great, and she was incredibly famous for a decade or more MANDY - definitely the sort of fourth musketeer, she was substantially less successful and is probably known more for being an actress now--but she stayed in the spotlight, showing she had starpower just like the other four. she was considerably younger than the rest, so her style was very cutesy, very teen girl, and less sexualized than even jessica who was marketed as chaste and pure. her music was probably the most heavily produced, but interesting moved in an odd, folksy direction as her fame as a musician quickly fell off. BONUS!
  5. I love 2020 Jessica "I think everybody's careers have their own unique stories, and I love that Britney owns herself, Christina owns herself, and they don't let the world control them," she said. "They just are themselves, and that's who I am as well." "We grew up in a very competitive environment when it came to our record labels and being pushed to do things that were unnecessary for success." "Everybody has found their own way, in such a beautiful, inspiring way," she added. "I just love it that everybody has remained authentically who they are. There's so much room at the top! I mean, think about how many people are in heaven! Come on." "There's a lot of room at the top and I am happy to share any top slot with anybody. But the fact that I'm even considered at the top is a very funny thing, because I'm a dreamer, so I have more things to do."
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