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  1. In the same week that Timberkant apologized, Janet Jackson saw her 3rd studio album, her commercial breakthrough, which an A&M records executive said in 1985 "Janet Jackson will be out of the business, the first two albums proved nobody is here for her" that's in her mini biography on her Greatest hits set Design of a decade 1986-1996, The big issue was the music. Anybody could have done those type of songs, Control was what Set Janet apart and it set her flying for 16 years she was one of the most beloved entertainers, set a record breaking lucrative contract with Virgin for 80 Million In 1996, it's been broken however by Mariah Carey and Madonna, respectively in 2001 and the historical deal with Live nation which offered a 3 album deal for Madonna's behalf. We all know, the Mariah Carey contract got everybody at Virgin, fired and in financial ruins cos of what happened with glitter. and unfortunately Fan favorite track Come on Get up, also ended up being canceled cos of the financial crisis that Mariah caused. Control went to #1, again and Janet thanked her fans and cried cos she knows most abandoned her after what happened, but those who stayed, were loyal and knew she wasn't to blame at all. So YouTube Her channel is going to air tonight. The making of Control (35th anniversary) Side note, it can't be remastered as that albums masters were lost in the horrific 2008 Universal studios fire, a New York times investigation exposed the lies that Universal said nothing was lost. Several artists from PCD, Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson, Even Judy Garland lost their legacies work. Let's just say Sheryl crow called them out, and was unhappy to find out all her work was lost.
  2. I don't know what it entails but it's an iconic album full of awesome hits. I love when artists do anniversary editions and really honor their amazing albums. I'd love for Britney to cover Control when she gets out of her c-ship!
  3. Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson go viral on Justin's birthday Also, a few months ago I made this thread about Justin grabbing Kylie Minogue's butt without permission and one user decided to comment saying it was censorship. Censorship for bringing up a concern about a nonconsensual touching puhleaseee
  4. In Spring of 2001, Janet unleashed an anthem that would be actually her last iconic globally dominated song. All For you. The main musical composition sampled a 1981 Track by Change an Italian Disco band Fronted by Luther Vandross (An R&B legend who did a huge 1992 Hit with Janet titled The best things in life are free). Well someone mashed both songs and Turned it into a duet titled "The Glow of love is All for You". Have fun. Ride that package all night or a 48 hours of love cos we ain't gonna get No Sleeep.
  5. So a Tik Tok video, where this user discussed old people songs from the years Generation Z was Born. He messed up a lot Backstreet boys was right But He Spelled The Letters of NSYNC, instead is saying the way it's pronounced. in Sync. Then in 2001 He got the next two switched up. 2001 was Complicated by Avril lavigne (it came out in 2002) he added the subtitle whiny little bitsy. 2002 he said was Janet Jackson with All for you, obviously these two should have been switched as All for you was indeed 2001. He said her name wrong Janet with a french pronunciation. And I quote obviously she's old. Cos she's Michael Jackson's Mom.. Even Though that's not True. Considering Janet was Born in 1966, Michael was Born in 1958. Kids sure say the darndest things.. https://m.tiktok.com/v/6877278785104891141.html?_d=secCgsIARCbDRgBIAIoARI%2BCjylKI2885mh6O6nZhVBkqpZI0vWLG4C7%2BOM8PXcKr323BK8bD0n%2F0KrDXbKLiJL2QQjc58yvxy66Jmh90oaAA%3D%3D&language=en&preview_pb=0&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAAuwWVZonq9xPqUQ_e1uYugSKRdiQIXru8JxTIs8nqyQhnx39obk4F2h5l1wwlHdHx&share_app_name=musically&share_item_id=6877278785104891141&share_link_id=c0fd30b3-00ba-4ed1-87ed-bd231b547f40&timestamp=1605788746&u_code=dacaj3l850gmba&user_id=6783501461252916230&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=android&utm_source=messenger Actual Link to the clip enjoy
  6. Despite the topic being about finding out how Prince died at 57 in 2016, but however the conversation takes an interesting turn due to the conversation goes from Prince to the Jackson's. She dragged their singing style and Definitely Dragged Janet's vocal style, saying you need to turn up the mic or the CD boom box. Even Luenell makes fun of how at 54, Janet is still that shy little girl. If anything this is one of the things Janet Jackson fans defend forever. Her voice is soft and described by her fans as angelic. They are tired of Janet being dismissed as a singer, saying when Will people give her the Credit. Watch her perform the song Again live on stage. Everytime she hits that long note Me to live Again, she's always dead stopped for about ten minutes before she can finish the song cos that's how crazy we go. It's one of those vocal deliveries that proves you don't have to be a Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyonce or such to actually prove despite limited vocals you can sing. But sadly cos she's a Dance artist, she will never go down as one of the best non technical singers.
  7. Most agree, in the quote tweets. This is the ultimate set up, one of them would lose and everybody agreed they set jlo up to be the one to go. Everybody is gagging at the ultimate set up and said only a lamb would have the balls to do the ultimate set up knowing her catalog can't stand a chance against the other three
  8. I went to the original post, and everybody is saying. They set jlo up, it's obvious this is a lamb. The comments are saying. Jlos catalog is nice but the weakest among the four, has to go. They literally set her up, by putting her against madonna, Britney and Janet. They knew what they were doing. Gotta love Twitter stans being Petty.
  9. According to the internet, new images of an ADULT former NBA All Star basketball player, Magic Johnson, was seen kissing an underage SIXTEEN child, Janet Jackson. Here's the photo, but below is an article I found from AllAboutLaughs.com https://www.allaboutlaughs.com/magic-johnson-under-fire-after-images-of-nba-hall-of-famer-kissing-16-year-old-janet-jackson-during-1983-american-music-awards-surfaces/ The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. It also says that photography is a moment of embarrassment and a lifetime of pleasure. In Magic Johnson’s case, a photo that was taken in the 80s has resurfaced in 2020, and it may just be a moment of embarrassment, as fans are questioning the retired NBA player for what may be abusive behavior. The former Laker’s star was a known womanizer, and very unapologetic about it. Roland Lazenby, author of The Lakers: A Basketball Journey, wrote in the book: “It has been said that Los Angeles became Magic’s city. More accurately, it became his harem.” Johnson himself has also once claimed that he slept with 300 to 500 women annually. However, life would take an unfortunate twist for the superstar basketball player when on November 7th, 1999, Johnson announced that he had contracted HIV in a press conference. “I plan to go on living for a long time,” Johnson said to the crowd at the old L.A. Forum, while also revealing that his wife, Earlitha ““Cookie” Kelly, had tested negative. Magic sat with Oprah Winfrey on her Next Chapter series on OWN where he got more candid on his ****** history. Being one of the world’s biggest superstars at the time, he was constantly surrounded by women who lined up to meet and sleep with him. Winfrey asks the former Laker star if he was ever serious with any of the women that he fooled around with. “Oh no,” Johnson exclaimed before chuckling. “And they knew. And they wanted to be ‘Mrs. Johnson’, and I said ‘Uh-uh! I only got one person that’s gon’ be Mrs. Johnson.’ Smiling, he pauses and then continues, “They’d say what? Why me? What? Who is that? Who is she? Johnson clarified that “Mrs. Johnson” was indeed Cookie that he was referring to that he would be marrying. “And they all knew that”, he went on to say. Winfrey then asks if it ever occurred to him to use protection, and he responds saying, “No. I think at that time it wasn’t a thing that everybody even talked about.” They discuss that this time period was during the 80s, calling it a “fun time” where “everybody was having unprotected ***.” The two-time Basketball Hall of Fame inductee added, “I never disrespected women. And I was always upfront. I was never a guy that would mislead anybody. I think that once you’re upfront then they have to make a decision on what you wanna do. And I think that they made their decision.” Speaking of the 80s, a picture taken in 1983 has surfaced on Twitter that features Magic Johnson and a young Janet Jackson, and it’s causing quite a conundrum. The shocking image was captured after the two attended that year’s American Music Awards in Los Angeles California. The American Music Awards took place in January 1983. At the time of the photo, Magic Johnson would have been 24, while the “Control” singer was only 16, and the pair are caught in a kiss. There hasn’t been reports of the two ever being an item, but social media is quick to point out the age difference, and the fact Jackson was only a minor. A year and a half after the leaked pictures were taken, Jackson famously eloped with singer James Debarge in September of 1984 due to the underage pregnancy of Janet Jackson. +
  10. 23 years later to this day and this masterpiece of an album still sounds fresher than yesterday. October 7, 2020 marks the 23 year anniversary of Janet Jackson’s “The Velvet Rope.” Similar to the vein of Madonna’s “Ray Of Light” album, Janet was able to channel vulnerability, spiritual growth, and catharsis with genre bending sounds and atmospheric chutzpah. At the time, no other pop girl channeled raw emotion and conviction to an album released to the masses that was celebrated for its honesty, frankness, and conviction which also received chart praise (no payola, just pure demand). Tackling human sexuality, homophobia, mental health, and even social connection at a time when social media was a mere idea. Even your faves scite this album as their inspiration to be honest and frank when they are tired of playing the industry puppet game. Fun Fact: Janet also worked with Ellen Von Unwerth for the iconic cover whom also worked on Britney’s “Blackout” and Christina’s “Back To Basics” album covers. 🙏🏼😍 As the album closer mentions, be sure to water your spiritual garden. 🌺 🙏🏼
  11. Cathy Dennis, one of the masterminds behind Britney Spears' iconic song "Toxic," says it was originally written for Janet Jackson. “That was written in Sweden with Bloodshy & Avant [Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg] and Henrik Jonback. I went over there to write with Janet Jackson in mind," she tells IvorsAcademy. "I was there for about ten days in total. I’d had a meeting with Janet, I think in London, but it may have been in New York. I thought I’d have a go at writing something that would work for her and it didn’t come out at the time. We did have this song Toxic, though. “It was started on day one of seven… then took part of day two to try to finish it. And because I couldn’t quite finish it, I said: ‘Look, let’s start on something else.’ So we wrote another three songs that week and in my spare time while I was in my hotel room I was very busy editing my lyrics on Toxic. Eventually on day seven, which was the day I was flying back to England, I had run out of time. I knew that it was D-Day and I had to sing and that was what I came up with after a lot of editing.” Fun fact: Janet turned down "Slave 4 U." Thoughts, Exhale?! Related:
  12. SNL is one of tv biggest Staples, in 2004 it's also known as one of the few people that gave Janet Jackson a platform to promote 2004's Damita Jo after the super bowl halftime show. This iconic skit where Janet goes to Olive garden italian camp to train in the art of Cork soaking. It's very ****** and As we see Janet goes out of character several Times cos she almost says what they are really discussing instead of Cork soaking. It's been praised for being very ****** especially since Janet Jackson was actually being reprimanded and punished for her very ****** Music at the time. Some critics said we need to remind a few critics and late night TV show hosts (mostly David letterman was called out) Damita Jo was recorded way before the super bowl halftime show, and should be viewed separately but of course the hatred and immediate backlash can't see the separation cos a woman's nipple is ****** and dirty.
  13. Alanis Morissette admits she's a huge Janet Jackson fan. In a new interview with ET Canada, Alanis says: “I have been obsessed with Janet Jackson for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I remember having gone to see her perform when I was 15 in Toronto, and there was something about having watched her perform that day that just kind of put a spell on me, and I think I was with my manager at the time.” “I remember turning to him and saying… basically said something along the lines of, ‘I now am very clear about what I want to do with my life,'” she added. Imagine if they collaborated This warms my heart idk. Thoughts?!
  14. Both were huge in their prime & are dancing kweens. Who is bigger overall?
  15. Between those six divas, who was the most popular female artist spanning the 90s? Not just how many records did each sell but who really dominated the 90s music and pop culture scene OVERALL? I always hear Mariah Carey was regarded as the most 'popular' but when I look at the stats, it seems like Madonna, Whitney and Celine were far more global and popular. ANYWAY - what is the general consensus on this? Who was the most popular female artist during the 90s or how would you rank them? If there is someone I left out, please let me know as well.
  16. Personally for me I think she was inspired by both. Like when it comes to singing style and dancing, I'd say Janet while with controversy and her **** image, I'd say Madonna. What about you guys? Who do you think inspired her more when it comes to her career?
  17. Hey Exhale! Because it's a slow weekend I'm wondering what your favorite debut single is of the 20 mentioned ladies: Britney Spears , Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, Kesha, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, Ava Max, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift , Hilary Duff, and Meghan Trainor. Sorry I was limited to 20 choices and I think these all either have solid debuts or are icons I couldn't leave out. Was going to make it multiple choice but what's the fun in that? Obviously my pick is Britney and Baby One More Time AKA the best debut single of all-time Welcome to the first round. Favorite 2nd Album leading single coming next. This is the female edition with a male and group edition coming soon
  18. With Folklore, Becoming Taylor's consecutive 7th #1 album. Taylor Swift is in third place among female artists with the most #1 albums on the Billboard 200. The top four are Barbara Streisand 11 Madonna 9 Janet Jackson and Taylor Swift 7 Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga 6 each. Mariah's last #1 album was in 2008 Britney's last number one in the US was 2011. I'm sure Taylor Swift will be #1 before anybody else gets to the top.
  19. https://thatgrapejuice.net/2020/07/jermaine-dupri-wont-work-with-janet-jackson-harsh-fan-criticism-for-20/ In 2006, Janet Jackson released her 9th Studio album appropriately titled 20 Y.O. (Short fir the original title 20 years old), named to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her Third Studio album and commercial breakthrough Control. Unfortunately the music wasn't as nearly as good as Control, Janet received harsh reviews again just Like Damita Jo, she was criticized for her ****** references in her music throughout the project. Songs got compared to past Glory triumphs with less praise. Entertainment weekly named 20 Y.O. the worst album of 2006, a feat she would repeat in 2008 with Discipline.. But nobody took it more personal than Jermaine Dupri, the fans addressed him in person blaming him for the albums under performance, and horrible direction as he was credited as the executive producer. He said I don't know what to tell them, we Sold 400,000 copies in it's first week, and have a #1 hit single (Call on me with Nelly, while peaking at #25 on the hot 100, it went #1 on the single sales chart, the dance club play chart, and the Hot R&B and Hip hop songs sold well to go Gold as a single itself) But he did say for her fans sake and my sanity, I will never work with her again. @ColdAsFire88
  20. There have been a lot of hashtag justice4 campaigns during 2020’s pandemic. Some are justified while others are questionable. The one that I have been waiting to see is #Justice4Discipline Janet Jackson’s 10thstudio album. The album debuted on February 26, 2008 at number one to positive reviews, but it was her first after a wave of Billboard failures. Janet’s first single Feedback (which is a bop) peaked at number 19 and it was her highest peaking single since 2001’s Someone to call my lover. Discipline was Janet’s’ first and only release thru Island Records. Since her album 20 Y.O. failed to keep up with the success of All for you, Discipline was marketed as a comeback for Janet. The issue? Janet Jacksons Super Bowl XXXVII performance aka Nipple Gate stalled her 20+ year career by having major networks and radio ban her music, music videos and live performances. After the performance her album sales and singles began to slip during the Damita Jo era and slipped even more during 20 Y.O. The funny thing about Discipline is that it’s actually a great Janet album and has bop after bop and slow jam after slow jam. It’s one of the last physical albums that I bought before the big digital shift in music. The album is a traditional Janet album that experiments with dance-pop, house, R&B and hip-hop. Janet somehow makes all of the sounds fit into one cohesive album. Tracks like LUV, Rollercoaster and So Much Betta make you want to go out and dance. The Michael Jackson influenced track Rock With U & The 1 are fun tracks to get amped up to just before the club. Slow jams like This Can’t B Good, What’s Ur Name & Curtains bring 90’s classic Janet back into focus. Janet did interview after interview for Discipline and also did a making of the video for Feedback. However, she wasn’t able to do many live performances due to being banned by media giant ViaCom. Unfortunately, this may have led to the albums commercial failure and subsequently Janet’s seven-year absence in music. My question is, when will Janet be forgiven and when will she receive her own Justice? In a time where many Americans are chanting BLM and are fixated on receiving Justice and begging for equality, where is Janet’s? #Justice4Discipline #Justice4BlackDiamond
  21. So..... Janet is one of my favorite Pop singers , and I think she's way underrated. if I ever talk about her in a bar with someone their like ...: Who ? , Michael Jackson's sister ?/ The girl who showed her nipple on the Superbowl? and I'm like : , she's so much more than that , anyways , I wanted to ask those who are fans like me , what is your favorite song by Janet ?, It's a hard pick for me but I'll go with - .
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