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Found 15 results

  1. Iggy shared a snippet on social media confirming the date and the collaboration with Tinashe, it sounds like a bop Earlier, Iggy Azalea just Tweeted a picture with another girl (which it looks like Tinashe to me if you broke the zooming ofc) The title of the song is "DLNW." I don't know what that means, maybe (dance like nobody's watching)? who knows. Out Friday, August 21st! That is not the official cover of the single... it looks like it was taken on the set of the music video or something! I bet the visual would be WILD as usual. Iggy is always serving looks. I'm so ready for this Related:
  2. 2 weeks ago iggy shared a teaser with a new song titled 'posh spice' and today iggy just shared another instagram story with a new song but guys i'm so excited for iggy's new era it sounds so fresh and a whole lotta bop what do you guys think? *i hope i'm not the only one
  3. It appears Tinashe and Iggy Azalea are cooking up a collaboration together. Britney Spears would be so proud The two showed up at the same recording studio at the same time. The paparazzi captured the ~totally unexpected~ moment. The photos also serve as a clap back. One fan claimed Iggy Photoshops her photos to be skinnier, so she said I'mma call the paparazzi so you can see my body is the real deal Exhale, are we here for a Tinashe and Iggy collab? The answer is yes. Related:
  4. Iggy Azalea shared teased a new song titled "Posh Spice," Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls name. Victoria Beckham 'opens' the song with: And that is followed by a verse from Iggy: The song is produced by J. White Did It ("Sally Walker," "Started" etc) I'm excited about Iggy's new music she always releasing a bops And this one's no exception. What do you guys think?
  5. Lil Nas X and Iggy Azalea are toying with the idea of a collaboration together. The two traded some love on Twitter. To be honest, I'd be here for it. Lil Nas X is working on new music so a collab might happen sooner than later. Plus they're both super talented. Iggy doesn't get enough credit for her flows and epic visuals. LNX is also obviously gifted at creating a moment. King of the Hot 100 coming to reclaim his throne! Exhale, are you here for this? Related:
  6. We all know Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora's version of "Black Widow," but it appears Katy sunk her fangs into it first. Katy's version surfaced.
  7. Iggy Azalea confirmed they rumors! She had a baby boy!
  8. I have yet to See Madonna or any other keyboard warrior artist. Actually get confronted like Iggy did. I mean the hip hop community basically dragged her. Even ESPN played along due to her relationship With Nick young.. This is really the most iconic hater move ever. Thank you for ruining hip hop. I kinda believe it did affected her mentally and made her second guess her artistry..
  9. guys i just saw her insta story and i was like... huh? when, how, with who? ( probably with playboi carti? ) does anybody knew about her being pregnant?
  10. Exhale recently launched an interactive calendar that lets Exhalers add important dates in pop herstory. Please take a moment and read up on it so you can participate! It would be greatly appreciated to have you guys contribute and make this calendar the BEST pop-related calendar on the Internet. It CAN be done, but we need to work together! Our flawless Exhaler @PokemonSpears created an event to celebrate Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea releasing "Pretty Girls." Please add a few comments to the date and celebrate by giving the song a play below! Related:
  11. and didn't deserve the large majority of hate she got. Her music slaps, her music videos are always top tier, she has a super badass style, and she still keeps going after all the things she's been through. She deserves to be recognized more.
  12. IGGY AZALEA HAS *** ON THE BRAIN. Iggy Azalea just announced her new album, In My Defense, drops July 19 (see the album cover here). To spread the word, Iggy dropped a scandalous new song titled “Just Wanna.” It’s wildly inappropriate in the best ways. On it, Iggy sings about her insatiable desire to f–k. “I just wanna nut,” she raps over a hard-hitting beat and a sample of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.” There’s also an obvious likeness to the Ying Yang Twins’ “Whisper Song.” As the track progresses, things get sticky. They call me big Iggy And I’m a bit freaky If he eat it, then he love it, this a big reason I’m tryna take a ride, I’m on the **** speedin’ Can you come and lay some pipe ’cause my **** leakin’? Iggy has mentioned she doesn’t see as much chart love because she doesn’t belong to a major label anymore. While I don’t see “Just Wanna” ravaging the charts because of how explicit it is, issa bop. Everything she’s released thus far has packed a punch. Listen to the new NSFW tune below:
  13. IGGY AZALEA UNVEILS THE WICKED COVER ART FOR NEW RECORD, ‘IN MY DEFENSE.’ Iggy’s sophomore album arrives in less than a month (July 19th). It features lead single, “Sally Walker,” and a rumored collaboration with Cardi B on a track titled “Cowgirls.” To get fans hyped, the Australian rapper shared the album art for In My Defense. On it, Iggy’s dead body is propped up after being hit by a car. It appears the driver ran off and left Iggy to fend for herself. It’s clearly a metaphor for the harsh comments flung Iggy’s way every day from anonymous Internet commentators. People tend to beat her down with their words without any visible identity; verbal hit and runs. Are you feeling Iggy’s new cover?
  14. in a way. Remember when she came out and said that it's not her fault that Pretty Girls flopped Although PG was catchy and annoying like most songs that end up becoming hits she wasn't wrong cause that's exactly what's happening now. Britney put out an amazing album but the promo we're getting isn't promo for the album and it's not like she's performing anything besides MM and DYWCO so in reality the album flops.
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