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Found 6 results

  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BVNx2LIlmZ8/ -I like mah cookies with no hair, thank You.
  2. Do you have $46,000? Honestly these belong in a museum or something...how did they even end up on Ebay? http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=490278 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Britney-Spears-Most-Famous-Music-Video-VMA-Costumes-Slave-4-U-VMA-NFL-/232321482464?hash=item3617707ee0:g:SrYAAOSwX61ZCTlT
  3. Yes, Is Britney ashamed of her lgbt fans? i think so bcuz she doesnt usually ackowledge us in her interviews or in her videos. Will she be brave and take some risk? when will we have original Make Me original video which was the gayest video of hers??? meanwhile some famous group in Turkey named Athena who also attended Euorivison back then in some year i dont remember filmed this video ive posted down there. they tell the story of trans-genders who often faces such treatments, abuses and more in almost every part of the world They actually took risk instead of using gay people and watching the amazing, a piece of art i wanted to ask When Will Britney? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNPei56WhAk
  4. Invitation - 8/10 With it's catchy melodic verses and breaking chorus break - Britney is going all out on delivering a smooth, laid back pop classic. Is there a negative? One thing. The heavy use of phase fx / Melodyne. Apart from that - This track has a very strong Single potential to it. Make Me Feat G-Eazy - 7/10 I Was living for make me when it first come out - But - After hearing the great content of this album it really lacks compared to other tracks on glory. I could see her putting out a much stronger track from the album. On the plus side though - Make me still lives as a great lead breaking out the start to this amazing era. Private Show - 3/10 One of my dislikes. I never was really "Wowed" by this track when it was released. And, again, Now I've heard the whole album this one has to be the least stand out track for me. Some of the vocals make me cringe, "Werk it werk it werk it"...*Skip* Man On The Moon - 9/10 Amazing beat. Creative use in the lyrics. Britney really has outdone herself in delivering some great conducted tracks. This track is another strong for me Just Luv Me - 10/10 Bieber meets spears... This track is just serving potential yet again. Gorgeous vocals... Living, Living, Living Clumsy - 7.5/10 I was LIVING for this when I heard it - even though many others were moaning about it. I Still live for it. I live for the bridge vocals! Britney puts out everything in this great Back to basic meets Bubblegum pop classic. Do You Wanna Come Over? - 8/10 Ray of light type track? Great vocals, Song.... Downside - The chorus. The heavy use of the chants... Idk.. I just don't feel it 100%. Other than that - Great track with a gorgeous build up on the bridge. Slumber Party - 10/10 Britney meets Rihanna...and guess what? She slays it. This track is everything. I could see this being a great single if released. Could it do well? With the right promo I could see it being big. Just Like Me - 10/10 Another strong one. she's not me 2.0? Love Me Down - 10/10 Britney getting down on this Gwen Stefani type track. This is magic to my ears. I LOVE the bridge build up. Again, This would be a waste if it weren't to be released! Hard To Forget Ya - 8/10 Reminds me of Black Jesus/Amen Fashion meets Express Yourself with the obvious Britney twist to it. It has a great vibe. Is it single worthy though? Maybe not. But, It slays as a album track and stands out. What you need - 5/10 Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of this back to basics type track. Britney is showing her fun side to a album track and props to her for it. I'm just not diggin' this though. (Don't drag me!) Better - 10/10 I only really have one thing to sum up this track: RCA if you do not release this, you are ******* stupid. STRONGEST TRACK. No Seas Cortes - 10/10 Britney meets JLO / Shakira... Again, I can't see anything negative to say about this track. It's so solid in great musical vibes that'll have your ears gasm-in'. I could see this being quite big in Europe Liar - 10/10 Living. Living. Living... That is all. Lovato move over. If I'm Dancing - 7/10 The New Freakshow 2.0. Reminds me of Airplanes... Coupure Electrique - 10/10 The fact she learned french for one whole track shows dedication. This track has *** Written all over it. The beat and melody construction is just a ******... Urgh. The fact she hired a UNSIGNED producer for this track too just shows to dedicated to giving those a chance to shine... Safe to say, He shined with the production of this blackout-esque track Overall - 9/10 Britney has really put her heart and soul to deliver a album that lives up to the quality of ITZ/Blackout and Circus. This is a album that takes us back to the prime era and reminds us why we love Britney. When Britney has creative input into her albums she delivers the best work. Thank god she's took back the front seat on some of these tracks. GP need to hear this! Whats your favorites from GLORY and which songs do you want to see be released? (Yes, I'm aware its not the official cover - but living for the alternative fan made)
  5. Slay if the song was released today? I think so. Song is a timeless pop/urban masterpiece Fresh Iconic epic sound Would be n1 even to this day God bless Pharrel and Britney That's all
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