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Found 1 result

  1. On April 18,2008. Madonna issued her 11th and what would be her final studio album under her 25 years with Warner Bros. Records. In 2007 she signed what is still the biggest recording/360° deal for a female artist with Live Nation. A 3 album deal and 3 tour deal with the then brand Artist Nation. Through that deal. It gave Madonna more artistic control. A stake at live nation, a hefty 88% of concert tickets, album sales and Merch plus 100% full control of Madonna.com. To say Warner Bros really couldn't counteract to this deal is an understatement. They were sad to see their biggest act leave. But Madonna herself being the businesswoman she is. Understood that the industry was less about sales and more about touring. In her Vanity Fair profile in 2008. She said a quote that's very much true and smart. "You can download a song, but you can't download a performance" Hard Candy on the surface is a hip hop dance album. But songs like Miles Away, Incredible, Devil wouldn't recognize you, voices and the Japanese/ iTunes pre order bonus track ring my bell lets you know trouble in the Ritchie's marriage was happening. Madonna did admit. The marriage fell apart due to Guy Ritchie saying to her. Do you have to make a new album, go on tour, direct a movie, etc. His father did say. Guy felt his jobs weren't enough to support the family and that they never stayed home as he is a homebody. Who directs one movie a year. Where Madonna was like addicted to her work that he felt like he wasn't good enough for her. While Give It 2 Me, Beat goes on celebrates Madonna's record breaking career. Candy Shop, Dance 2Night and Spanish lesson brought *** back to Madonna's music. 4 Minutes was just a fun song saying you can save the world but still have fun doing it. While Heartbeat and She's not me were autobiographical in the sense of Madonna saying their can never be another me. Reviews were mostly positive People, rolling stone and several European music publications gave the album 4 stars or 5. Mixed came from All music guide and serious artsy publications. But all agree she gave Warner Bros. A better parting gift than most of her contemporaries did on their last contractual release. FYI. Madonna herself started the project with Pet shop boys. But Warner removed their invitation and wanted an American pop album. Most of Madonna's music production last decade was European producers. She knows Her music is better with European artists.
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