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Found 322 results

  1. And she helped write it P.s we are still getting told the date she filmed all these videos Related:
  2. Continuing with my “Reimagined” series, I am reimagining Glory and the era that could have been. I tried my best Britney Jean: Reimagined -> Back in 2014, she re-recorded either Toxic or Breathe on Me for the 50 shades movie, with its own MV It becomes a top 10 hit Maybe another Documentary, too, for the album. The Tracklist: Invitation Make Me... Do You Wanna Come Over? Man on the Moon Just Luv Me Private Show Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Liar Just Like Me Slumber Party ft. Rihanna Love Me Down Hard to Forget Ya What You Need Deluxe Tracks: Clumsy Better If I’m Dancing Mood Ring Coupure Électrique Japanese Exclusive Track: 1. Apology Singles: “Just Luv Me” Released on Valentine’s Day with a lyric video. A buzz single, performed the day of the POM reboot. It would be sent out to radio. #93 debut. 1 week “Do You Wanna Come Over?” Released on May 20 as the lead single. The video would be something fun, flirty, and classic Britney. Performed at the BBMAS #1 debut. #9 weeks “Love Me Down” Released June 24 as the second single. Lots of radio play. Performed on talk shows. #6 debut. #6 weeks “Liar” Released July 31 as the third single #10 debut. #6 weeks Album drops August 12 Debuts at #1 “Make Me...” Released on August 22 as the fourth single. Original video is released same day. #17 debut. #7 weeks “Slumber Party ft. Rihanna” Released November 16 as the final single. Performed at the AMAs. #21 debut. 4 weeks How would you guys change the Glory Era?
  3. «"Mood Ring" entered the French top 20!! It debuts at #16 on the official charts! Congrats to the French B-Army!! 💪🏼
  4. It's been a while but I don't know if any of you guys has realized that new released explicit version of "Glory" on Apple Music doesn't have Tinashe on "Slumber Party" even though it's tagged "featuring Tinashe." So it is 2016 solo version. Apparently it's not like that on Spotify.
  5. Mood ring charting everywhere in iTunes: https://kworb.net/itunes/artist/britneyspears.html Rise Britney, rise! Update: She hit #1 on the US iTunes chart! Related:
  6. Love me down was a song that had potential of being a single the beat was fresh and reminded me of her older song The Hook Up which was way ahead of its time with dance floor music and its fresh beat.. Liar as well wud have been a good single , her raspy voice on the song was a new style and suited her a lot , a mashup i did of the song liar with an eminem song that both sounded perfectly suited for eachother ...
  7. Hello Exhale and Britney Spears fans! So looking through Britney’s RIAA certifications I noticed that some of them haven’t been updated in over 19 years! She clearly isn’t getting the recognition she deserves anymore and I just think it would be a nice gift for her. We got Glory to number one on Pop iTunes and look how she rewarded us! I’m not sure how to go about this but I think messaging the RIAA and asking them in their comments is an easy, non-crazy way to do this. I don’t really care about the charts I just don’t like my queen disrespected. Also stay safe everyone!
  8. I'll preface this by doubling down that this is a rumor, but it deserves its own thread. There's buzz that a Platinum Edition of Glory is on its way, hence the new album cover appearing on all of the streaming platforms simultaneously. It is said to feature three new songs(!!!). Apparently Britney wants to thank the fans for getting Glory up the iTunes Charts. IF this is true, and this does indeed happen (which obvi I hope it does), this will spark some REAL momentum for her and her music again. Think about it. If she's rewarding fans for showing up, it's only going to encourage that kind of participation even more. Exhale was built for this. Let the games begin! Come through, Britney!!!
  9. I just found this song, and I couldn't help to find the similarities. The atmosphere is very like ! and I am pretty sure Burns knows it. And it also a jam... Your thoughts ?
  10. Preview: Listen to Britney recording the adlibs, also her raw vocals are heard from her headphones (0:05): _______________________________________________ Hi! I removed the download link because it is against the forum rules and guidelines. If you need the link, you can ask @britneysknee via private message. - Roxxy 💋
  11. Hi everyone i wanna share with you guys something (that i made not long ago) from my PC: Man On The Moon lead vocals https://streamable.com/n7u8v Enjoy *******!
  12. OMG you guys her ad-libs around 4:23 P.S. can somebody please leak the multitracks already?
  13. Today, as the title suggests, we are celebrating Glory's third anniversary! The album and era was truly a huge step-up from Britney Jean, and here are some of its highlights: A switch in sound from BJ's generic EDM to sexy and well-produced R&B. An iconically s**tty album cover: It brought us another scrapped video, which is one of the few (if not only, I'm not sure ) scrapped Brit videos to leak: It also brought us this disastrous, horrid but iconic mess: But, hey, at least we got a stunning video for the next single as compensation! It's also technically the beginning of Britney's latest relationship! We got so many perfect and great songs, and all were very different: From mature, beautiful ballads: ...to pure bangers (which should've been a single, by the way): ...to Latin pop perfection: ...and much more! Next, her first MTV VMAs performance since 2007: ...and a stunning red carpet look: And a medley of hits, which is her best award show performance from the 2010s by a long shot: A residency revamp, which brought back her energy and fierce-ness (even if just for a short time): Beautiful photoshoots: And we also got the best perfume commercial in mankind's history (which should've been an official video for "Just Luv Me"): Britney said that she was very hands-on with this album and called it "her baby". She clearly loves it, and so do we. Let's give Glory some appreciation for its third birthday! Also, what are your top 5 favourite songs from the album? Mine are: "Man On The Moon" "Liar" "Hard To Forget Ya" "Just Luv Me" "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)" Stream Glory for its 3rd birthday here:
  14. Slow down the songs in YT to a custom of 0.95x Liar sounds amazing ! P.S the link I provided isn't slowed, you'll have to do it yourself
  15. Hello everyone So today I was streaming Glory which is what we all should do at all times and I thought it would be interesting to re order the album a little bit I absolutely love Glory and it's in my holy trinity, but I think the order of the songs is a little wonky at times My to-go order nowadays is this, I tried to make it make sense as a story: Invitation (Brinty is ***** for this guy and she's very much out there asking for him to **** her already) Slumber Party (she teams up with her friend who's also ***** for some guy and they're having a sleepover talking about how much they wanna **** their guys) If I'm Dancing (They play Britney's Tom Dinner and she's totally surprised by the fact that that recording exists, proceeds to create an intricate armography choreo mixed with zumba) Do You Wanna Come Over? (following day, her friend convinces her to sext her crush) Man On The Moon (dramaticney had a dream about the guy last night and now she's thinking she can't compete with the kind of girls he likes) Just Luv Me (her DMs get more desperate) Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) (hornyney gets a **** pic back and they're fully gonna ****, she says something in Spanish cus he looks ethnic) Private Show (they meet up and do the f**king) Make Me (they continue that) Better (she's fully fallen for him because she's discovered her crush also likes to dance to Janet Jackson) Coupure Électrique (she learns some french, at this point she discovers her bf actually is french, overseas places like France, Spain and Canada are very hard to differenciate) Clumsy (they're fully doing the f**king again) What You Need (this one's actually about her children and how she's a great mother and deserves full custody) Hard To Forget Ya (going through a rough patch because her bf couldn't tell who was jayden and who was "the other one") Love Me Down (she stopped messaging him for 20 minutes after that mistake, then they ****) Just Like Me (going to pick up her kids, she finds out her bf is f**king myah marie, who has developed the ability to not only sound like Britney, she also looks exactly like her) Liar (turns out he hadn't just f**ked myah, it was also all the other ladies that sang on BJ other than Britney that didn't sound like Myah either) So I thought it'd be cool if you guys shared your re-orders and stuff you can take songs out, shuffle them however you want, add remixes if needed!
  16. Welcome to The People's Republic of Exhale, everyone! In this thread Exchange Express yourself!, I wanted to discuss our favourite album covers for every Britney album. It can be both an official album cover or a fanmade one, just an album cover you love. It also doesn't have to be only one, but also don't post, like, 15. So, without further ado, let's begin! Here are my picks: ...Baby One More Time Oops!... I Did It Again Britney In The Zone Blackout Circus Femme Fatale This is the most covers I'll post in this thread: Britney Jean Glory The covers above are easily my favourite fanmade Britney album cover in existence... it's so amazing. I just wish higher quality versions of them existed... Those are all the covers I can think of right now. I couldn't decide on one, so almost all of the albums have more than one cover posted. Also, congratulations to Babblative Japanophilia for being the only Britney album of which the official cover I consider one of the best.
  17. I want to buy the Glory : Japan Tour Edition (Japanese Import) and it would cost $ 54.00 without any other expenses included. I've bought the regular deluxe when it was released and I want to get this because of the front cover, Mood Ring as bonus track and its high quality jewel case. I could not find it on any place other than Amazon. Should I get it?
  18. Let's give this song and everything related to it the appreciation it deserves. 1. The Song - the music itself was refreshing and adapting to the sound of 2016 and set the tone for the whole album. I was delighted when I first heard it. Whether it was lead single worthy (looking at you DYWCO), I will let you be the judge of that. But it is an excellent song if not the best of Glory. 2. The cover - 'nuff said 3. Music Video - before you guys tear me down into shreds, yes the video was bad but in the scrapped video she appeared desperate for attention and too slutty. So let's settle for an intermediate video which is neither good nor bad 4. Promotion - Make Me was promoted really well, no one can disagree. Jimmy Kimmel, Carpool Karaoke, Jonathan Ross and a fricking VMA performance, when she returned after 9 years. 5. Choreo - Okay so knee tapping aside, Make Me... was one of the only songs in POM to have a fully choreographed routine with no time to walk around the stage where she had nothing to do. Also it really fit the song 6. Commercial performance - I mean a top 20 hit almost 20 years into your career and you haven't released an album for 3 years, not everyone has that. Peaked at #17 and came back to the same position again after the VMAs. #1 on itunes too. Also critically acclaimed. Yes the era definetly had its own faults, but look on the bright side, it had its good moments too. Britney was ready to put out a song in which she took a new vocal direction from her previous works and she had songwriting credits too. This song never got the appreciation it deserves. Share your experience when you first heard the song and what you thought about everything that came with it. Spread Positivity
  19. So... back than, me and one of my best- friends have made a Remix for one of Britney's most successful tracks from her latest album, Glory' this remix is featuring Little Mix. Please comment your thoughts about it! Britney Spears- Clumsy: THE REMIX feat. Little Mix [Verse 1] Clumsy But I love how you go down Head first and style it out Again and again Clumsy I keep on bumping into you Bangin' all over this bedroom Again and again [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus] Hey, clumsy Hey, clumsy Whoaaaa Whoaaaa [Verse 2] Clumsy 'Cuz I be slipping out this dress Fooling around and then we smash Again and again (come here, baby) Clumsy Never told a soul about what we've done You let it roll right off your tongue Again and again [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Verse 3- Little Mix] Perrie Edwards: (Oh your so...) Chummy But you know that I want more, Leigh-Anne Pinnock: let’s get crazy, let's hit the floor. Again and again. (What The ****? Your so) Jesy Nelson: Crazy. You say that you’re just my friend, Jade Thirlwall: now our thing’s about to end. found another crush. [Littel Mix Pre-Chorus] Call me a witch, call me a glitch, but remember, it’s Britney, *****! Im done with you, your done with me, so now I am free. [Chorus- Little Mix] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus- Little Mix] Hey, clumsy Hey, clumsy Whoaaaa Whoaaaa [Bridge- Britney Spears] Clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom C-clumsy, c-clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom C-clumsy, c-clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom Bangin' all over this bedroom Again and again and again and again and again and again and- [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus] Hey, Clumsy • Little Mix: Hey, Godney Whoaaaa Whoaaaa (Fade out) Britney Spears: Clumsy! THE END. Britney Spears: Clumsy!
  20. Invitation- 9/10 Make Me...- 8,5/10 Private Show- 5/10 Man On The Moon- 10/10 Just Luv Me- 8/10 Clumsy- 2/10 DWYCO- 10/10 Slumber Party- 8/10 Just Like Me- 6,5/10 Love Me Down- 7,5/10 Hard To Forget Ya- 6/10 What You Need- 4,5/10 Better- 10/10 CYM (NSC)- 9/10 Liar- 10/10 If Im Dancing- 8/10 Courpore Eletrique- 7/10 Mood Ring 9/10 Album- 75/100 Let Me Know Yours ^^
  21. I have seen lots of official photos from the set of slumber party on Instagram ( I would post them but I don't know how). Does anyone have the full set please
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