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Found 6 results

  1. https://mtonews.com/rapper-future-shades-6ix9ine-snitches-deserve-to-die In a recent Instagram post. Baby mama rapper Future shades 6ix9ine. Without saying his name he basically said snitches deserves to be dead. People also speculate this is also aimed At Nicki. Cos in Trollz. They both slam people who are against snitching and rather take the fall. In reality if he didn't snitch. He was looking at 40+ years in prison or life. But either way. Things can get interesting. It's well known. He has several people that want him dead. I would have taken the witness protection deal. Cos honestly as soon as his house arrest is over. 6ix9ine is literally a dead man walking. But hey that's the life of the streets he signed up for.
  2. On Mother's day. Future wished all his baby mamas a happy mother's day. Though his most infamous one Ciara got the driest and probably the most pettiest one. It's no surprise how Ciara feels about him from writing a petty Platinum hit titled I Bet, To her current husband Russell Wilson basically saying. He's raising a son who's father is a dead beat. No shocker Future is even pissed that she basically ended his player reputation in bad ways. Word is he has a hard time getting action due to all the repercussions from the relationship. It's no surprise how he feels about Ciara. Through a court order that basically led to Russell adopting his son with Ciara. There's anger there.
  3. I am loving love again, I love the song it samples. Your women by white town is one of my favorite 90s songs of all time. I am keen to good in bed because it reminds me of my relationship with my boyfriend to the T. So I would say it's a tie between those two. What's yours?
  4. What Is Your Guys Realistic Scenario For Britney's Next 5 Years Of Her Career? Do You Want Her To Return To Vegas(Which Is Pretty Likely)? Return To The Top Of The Charts? Take A More Mature Route With Her Music? Stop Making Music And Start A Successful Salad Dressing Company? What Are Your Guys Thoughts?
  5. vlexbvker


    I just came back from 10 years into the future and I'm happy to confirm that Britney will do 4 more albums, have 3 more #1 singles AND "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder" is happening!! I got to take a picture of Britney and bring it back with me! I can confirm that this is a 100% REAL photo of a 45 year old Britney in the year 2027! The plastic surgery has gotten out of hand, y'all!
  6. I'm from the UK and we have such a close connection with Britney from the beginning. For some people seeing her interviews and promo work will really help with the UK audience. They will see how great she shines again and will fall in love stronger than before. Can't wait for some more UK promo. She is on form and this album deserves at least 5 singles.
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