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  1. Judge Penny has granted the ex parte motion allowing Britney's father to keep Michael Kane from Miller Kaplan as the business manager while Bessemer Trust is still being added to the conservatorship. Michael Kane was also involved in MJ's estate. It appears this would bet yet another life-changing decision made for Britney without her express consent.
  2. Britney's father Jamie claims he's "working extensively" to "minimize any harm" the Free Britney movement has done to Britney's career. Even though Britney's streams are way, way up... In new court docs, Mr. Spears lists his monthly salary at a whopping $16,000 a month salary and an extra $2,000 a month to maintain an office. He says he works “extensively with Ms. Spears’ team and my attorneys to monitor social media and address negative and potentially destructive publicity, and minimise any harm to Ms. Spears’ brand”. He also claims being Britney's full-time conservator requires him to “keep current regarding the music, advertising, and entertainment business, in the areas of financial investing and investments, and in legal matters, for Ms. Spears’ benefit”. In addition, he has spent a “significant amount of time” on her “investments”, adding: “I participated in extensive communications with various advisors and industry experts in analysing and modifying investment strategies to address changes in Ms. Spears’ working status and fluctuations in the economy.” The conservatorship case also takes up his time. “I spoke regularly with my conservatorship counsel to stay informed of the matters in the ongoing conservatorship proceeding, including reviewing all pleadings filed in the conservatorship, and preparing for and appearing at all hearings.” Jamie is asking the judge to approve the compensation for his work. Related:
  3. Britney Spears' life “would drastically change for the better” if her father was removed as her conservator, insiders tell Page Six. Last week, Britney's court-appointed attorney filed to have a woman named Jodi Montgomery replace Britney's father as the conservator over her person in perpetuity. The insider told Page Six, “If Jodi becomes her conservator things would drastically change for Britney — she’s not working because of her dad. She has said that as long as a dad is in control of her life, she’s not working. “Britney trusts Jodi Montgomery — she’s really great. Things would drastically change for the better.” The insider told Page Six, “If Jodi becomes her conservator things would drastically change for Britney — she’s not working because of her dad. She has said that as long as a dad is in control of her life, she’s not working. “Britney trusts Jodi Montgomery — she’s really great. Things would drastically change for the better.” As for the rumored Oprah interview, the source added, “If she decided she wanted to do it, yes, but it definitely wouldn’t do it in the current status quo. As long as her dad is part of it, she’s not working. She hasn’t talked to her dad in over a year.” Related:
  4. I got a lot of notifications on Twitter today. Went to check what the fuss was all about and it was this Tweet I posted in 2012 during my trip to Italy. Totally forgot that this happened. Kinda iconic though.
  5. Britney Spears' attorney, Sam Ingham, has filed legal docs requesting a woman named Jodi Montgomery permanently replace Jamie Spears as conservator over Britney the person. Montgomery has remained Britney's personal conservator since September 2019, however the role was temporary. In other words, Britney petitioned for the resignation of her father as conservator of her person for good. Around that time, Mr. Spears allegedly physically assaulted one of Britney's sons. This means Mr. Spears will no longer have an official say in Britney's personal and day-to-day decisions, like whom she can see. It's worth mentioning that Mr. Spears played a role in Montgomery's insertion in the first place. Mr. Spears remains as co-conservator over Britney's finances and business decisions alongside Bessemer Trust Company. This news was first revealed one week ago, however court documents have now finally made their way online. Via TMZ: A line in the docs that Britney's team filed is worth taking a close look at: "Petitioner expressly reserves the right to petition for termination of this conservatorship under Probate Code section 1861. Nothing in the within petition shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of that right." Thank you to @IconicShow for posting this first. Photo by godd.essbritney
  6. I didn't anticipate posting this until tomorrow because I thought there'd be more to report, but the court hearing was over in a matter of minutes with no significant changes. I know we're all frustrated, but I'm still choosing to be optimistic (as hard as that is). Related:
  7. Forbes implies a really important question. If Britney earned $672 million, but her net worth is estimated around $60 million, then where's all the money? A copy + paste quote from Forbes' new article: They cite MoneyNation.com, but Forbes doesn't take typically figures like this at face-value. I wouldn't be surprised if they did their own digging before publishing. Interestingly, it appears a company connected to Lou Taylor recently moved around $600 million. So, what gives? Related:
  8. Jamie Spears denies claims made by House Republicans Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan, who wrote a letter to congress citing Britney Spears' conservatorship as an example of alleged conservatorship abuse and calls Jamie's motives questionable. Mr. Spears via his lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, who serves as his mouthpiece, tells TMZ that's flat out wrong. TMZ recants what Thoreen told them: "the conservatorship has been a system of checks and balances with annual accountings, reviews and expert opinions. Not only that, Thoreen tells us Britney and her own legal team have been a part of the decisions involving the conservatorship over the years." They add: "She continues by laying out the structure of the conservatorship, saying, 'Britney’s Conservatorship of the Estate was co-managed by a private professional fiduciary and her father until early 2019. At that time, Britney requested in court papers that her father be the sole conservator of her estate. Her Conservatorship of the Person is not managed by her father but by a private professional fiduciary.'" Gaetz and Jordan called Jamie's motives "questionable" in their letter. Thoreen denies that as well, saying: "Jamie Spears has diligently and professionally carried out his duties as one of Britney’s conservators, and his love for his daughter and dedication to protecting her is clearly apparent to the court." Thoreen also mentions that neither Britney nor her legal team have ever filed a petition to end the conservatorship. --- The devil works hard but Vivian works even harder.... or not because she's basically doing the bare minimum to ensure that Britney's rights are outweighed by the wishes of her infirm, alcoholic, abusive father who is the sole reason Britney has restricted access to her own children Related:
  9. The protest outside the courthouse is getting media attention, I'll be posting notable developements and images here. Feel free to add/contribute. Love you guys #freebritney Update: It appears Britney was ~unable to connect to the court hearing~ and it's been delayed... However, her Instagram account was able to post a photo. Update: The connection error story is untrue. Read more about what happened at Britney's court hearing here. Related:
  10. I rarely make threads. It’s not my thing. I’m not good at it. But, I feel that the ongoing mishandling of Britney fortune (as the late Michael Sands once put it, the financial r*** of Britney Spears...”) deserves and most definitely needs to be more widely discussed by the public that’s paying attention now and of course investigated !! I’m reposting a thread by Surprise Witnes. Not sure if it’s been shared already but since the entire is woke to what’s been happening to Britney Spears as well as her finances (including $ set aside for her two sons Preston and Jayden) it’s the perfect time to highlight this yet again! Credit to Surprise Witness and Thank You!! To say this saga is complex is an understatement!! But I believe that this fan base and now the general public is ready now to fully focus on not just the human rights aspect of this case but the financial situation. We can multitask. Please share SW’s thread with literally everyone you know. If you’re fortunate to speak a second/multiple language/s, please translate this thread and ask your friends and family to share it. I think it’s safe to say that this is just part of a huge, calculated, maliciously intentional, longstanding and ongoing robbery of Britney Spears. Disgusting to think about because theft is wrong but stealing from a woman who has no idea what’s actually happening to her finances, a woman who’s been deemed by the Court to lack mental capacity to hire or fire her lawyer, etc, is so evil. If Britney is mentally incompetent why does the Court allow people to steal from her?? Even if there are loopholes these crooks jump through there should be more oversight & changes made so nobody can run a con scene like this in the system!! Britney has no idea what’s happening with the SJB Trust money other than what these lying snakes choose to tell her, lies or half truths, it is sickening!!! At least 2 of the people mentioned are related to Britney: her dad Jamie Spears and her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears who’s still heavily personally and also likely financially bound to that crook Lou Taylor. A lot of us have long questioned WHY has Britney’s mother Lynne Spears been silent all these years but only chose to get off her *** and do/say something about her daughter Britney’s situation ONLY WHEN she noticed (or was alerted) to the fact that the monies SJB Trust 💰 holds was being compromised.🤨🤨🤨🤨 All of these people are morally bankrupt frauds!!!! The only one coming outta this **** show smelling like ROSES 🌹 is Britney.
  11. Britney's older brother Bryan Spears gave an interview about Britney. In it, he touches on the conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement. Bryan gave the interview from mom Lynne's Kentwood estate, Serenity. The full thing is out now. I don't know what to think. On the #FreeBritney movement: "I am aware of it. Just to see that kind of interest in people and our fans and in society... to care that much about her and everyone in this family... we truly appreciate it. It means a lot." What does #FreeBritney mean? "That I don't quite know what their meaning is. I don't follow it that well. I am aware that they feel like maybe she's being confined or held against her will in some capacity. I can't speak for them." "The women in this family are very very strong-minded and have their own opinion and they want to do what they want to do. As much as I admire that, as a guy, one of two guys in this entire family, it kind of sucks." On the conservatorship: "She's been in this thing for quite some time now. Obviously there was a need for it in the beginning, I assume everyone knows - the issues that were going on - they've made some changes. All we can do is hope for the best." "I think we got caught by surprise by it all. It's been a great thing for our family up until this point. We're hoping for the best." Bryan adds he's not sure how the conservatorship was initiated. It's very clear it was enacted by dad Jamie. How does Britney feel about it? "In the beginning it was hard. Any time you're going through struggles and having to make big adjustments... that is very difficult. What I think kind of got us all through it... all of us have been pretty close all these years, normal fights... nothing ever major... we kind of came together, and not everybody agreed with it. Everybody had their own opinion. But in the end I think we made the right choice. But how it proceeds from here... I don't know." "In general, I think [Jamie] has done the best he could given the situation he was put in." "As you know, with any family, one person might be on stage and doing this, but it's a sacrifice from everybody. Everybody's putting in, to some degree, a little bit to keep it going." Does Britney want the conservatorship to end? "I'm assuming... I can't speak for that... There's so much false press out there. I would assume like anybody would want to get out of the situation. Who wouldn't?" Do you talk to Britney? "We speak constantly. She's always wanted to get out of it. It's very frustrating to have... whether someone's coming in peace to help or they're coming in with an attitude. Having someone constantly tell you to do something has gotta be frustrating. So yeah, she's wanted to get out of it for quite some time." "I know what she wants, at the end of the day what is the reality of that?" Watch the full thing below:
  12. Thought some of you might enjoy this. Watch till the end...
  13. The Guardian covered the story on the documentary. The comment section on FB has been beyond positive and supportive. You can check the article here. I've highlighted some phrases in bold to emphasise their stance on the whole subjective. In an effective new documentary, the difficult life of a pop star is examined from family struggles to the toll of being at the mercy of the media. There is no shortage of horrifying, look-away-from-the-screen moments in Framing Britney Spears, the New York Times-produced documentary that examines, in succinct, bruising fashion, the pop star’s incendiary career and controversial legal guardianship. There’s Britney, 10 years old and having just belted out an impressive rendition of the Judds’ Love Can Build a Bridge on Star Search, asked by the host Ed McMahon if she had a boyfriend. There’s Britney, tanned and polished at the height of her early-aughts fame, asked in a press conference if she is a virgin (she balks, then answers yes, then, ever the pleasant American sweetheart, thanks the interviewer for the question). There’s Britney, messy bun and sweats, picking up fast food under a barrage of camera flashes, appearing catatonic in a passenger seat under a barrage of camera flashes, crumpled in a restaurant booth under a barrage of camera flashes; by 2007, with a shorn head and glazed eyes, clearly having a mental breakdown, strobe-lit by said camera flashes. The uncomfortable quality of these images and video is due, in large part, to their mundanity – a celebrity off-stage, doing unremarkable things; the paparazzi hordes that were a staple of the mid-2000s, at the height of TMZ, tabloid and gossip blog power; the familiarity of the whole circus, which exists in America’s collective cultural memory as time capsule, old joke, or well-meaning meme (the classic “If Britney could survive 2007, you can do this” joke). None of these images, none of this information about Britney’s stratospheric teenage fame, mental breakdown in 2008, and the legal conservatorship that has governed her daily life in the 13 years since, is new. We just don’t often sit with the evidence – not this cohesively, not this viscerally. In a brisk, bracing 75 minutes, Framing Britney combs through the mountain of archival Britney material – coming of age just before the internet, she was a heavily documented star from the start – from her childhood in smalltown Kentwood, Louisiana, to the cascading highlights of her career: tinkering in the studio, the smash success of … Baby One More Time and Oops I Did It Again, mass fascination over her relationship with the ‘NSync boybander Justin Timberlake, marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline, mass fascination with her fitness as a mother, breakdown. Much of the film is dedicated to explaining the legal concept of conservatorship – a court-appointed guardianship usually for elderly or infirm people – and subtly (or, with a couple of first-person interviews, not so subtly) arguing against the arrangement that places Britney’s father, Jamie Spears (according to the film, a largely absent figure in her life until money was concerned), in control of a 39-year-old pop star still raking in millions. Adam Streisand, a Los Angeles-based lawyer who specializes in conservatorship arrangements, recalls in the film a meeting with Spears at the Beverly Hills Hotel immediately after her involuntary psychiatric hold in January 2008 – an event heavily documented by paparazzi at the time – in which the singer reportedly accepted the conservatorship on one condition: that the conservator not be her father. (The court subsequently barred Streisand from representing Spears on grounds of inability to seek counsel based on a sealed medical report, and appointed the lawyer Samuel D Ingham III to represent her instead; as of 2016, Ingham had collected $2m in fees from Spears’ estate). Still, this information is not new (Streisand’s memory is included in the New York Times’s thorough investigation into the t***** conservatorship in 2016). Though the film features several compelling interviews – most notably with the former travel companion and assistant Felicia Culotta and Kevin Tancharoen, the backup dancer and tour director from 1999-2004, who both attest to Britney’s command as an artist, a driver of her own career – there is no participation from Britney, her family or anyone now in her inner circle. (Her brother Bryan Spears, however, offered a rare glimpse into the family dynamic on the podcast As NOT Seen on TV in July 2020, saying “She’s always wanted to get out of it … having someone constantly tell you to do something has got to be frustrating. She’s wanted to get out of it for quite some time.” He also said the Spears women’s strong-mindedness “sucks”.) Yet the effect of synthesis – a bottomless well of evidence distilled and arranged in one place, with poignant commentary from Times cultural critics – is nonetheless revelatory. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the nostalgic affection for Britney, the film has triggered an outpouring of horror and humility, a bandwagoning of some celebs on the #FreeBritney movement, and several damning reconsiderations of our past fascination with Britney’s descent, or Justin Timberlake’s general immunity to blowback for capitalizing on and exacerbating attention at the expense of women who supported him (Britney, Janet Jackson; see: him affirming a radio host’s question if he “****ed Britney Spears”, an indefensible December 2002 Details magazine cover that reads “Can we ever forgive Justin Timberlake for all that sissy music? Hey … at least he got into Britney’s pants”). The film is another notch in a string of slow-rolling, ever-expanding reconsiderations of American celebrity culture, and particularly the female tabloid figures of the 90s and aughts, one facilitated by the larger #MeToo retelling of ***, power and the spectra of traumas faced by women, partly by the simple passage of time. From films such as the Oscar-winning OJ: Made in America to Lorena Bobbitt, such revision relies less on new information than simply staring hard enough at the existing record. Asif Kapadia’s delicate, harrowing documentary Amy compiled audio recordings and home video to capture the rise and frenzied fall of Amy Winehouse, victim of a similar, and concurrent, frenzy of paparazzi sharks, lucrative tabloid coverage and public derision, even as her musical talent remained esteemed. Spears carried the extra burden of embodying America’s psychotic contradictions over *** for young women – dress **** but be virginal, convey that you want it but never, God forbid, know what you want, let alone get it; tread as closely to the line of actual *** as possible but never cross it. She rocketed to fame in an era, as the Times critic Wesley Morris astutely points out in the film, when Bill Clinton’s scandalous affair with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky – another big tabloid story whose heroes and villains have been revised with the passage of time and #MeToo – brought the lewd discussion of ***, and the specter of *** panic, back into the public sphere (and tasteless Jay Leno jokes). Memory is a hazy, gauzy thing. You can remember, intellectually and in tabloid snippets, the frenzy over Spears in the mid-to-late aughts, but not recall the galling starkness of its imagery – a woman hunted and literally hounded by men across Los Angeles, the harried, vertigo-inducing funhouse of camera flashes. Spears’s meltdown was mundane enough to merit a category – what has Britney Spears lost this year? – on the gameshow Family Feud (answers included her mind, her children and her dignity). That detail was probably not memorable enough in 2008; it’s unforgettably crude now. Ultimately, the film offers little in resolution, as there isn’t one: Britney the person remains unknowable, no matter how ardently #FreeBritney supporters scan her Instagram captions or “connect the dots”, to borrow language that feels uncomfortably conspiratorial, for clues to her mental state or personal opinions, or what goes down at another hearing on her legal status on 11 February. What is clear is our continued fixation with her, our collective culpability in even passing interest, the misogynistic, cruel cultural mores – whether for *** or mental health – that become clear in rearview, too late. In 2008, fresh into her conservatorship, Jamie Spears allowed MTV documentary cameras to film Britney, who offered one of her few public takes on the arrangement to date: “If I wasn’t under the restraints that I’m under right now, with all the lawyers and doctors, and people analyzing me every day, and all that kinda stuff – if that wasn’t there, I’d feel so liberated, and feel like myself,” she said. Much of the discussion on Framing Britney will hinge on the controversy of her guardianship, the growing #FreeBritney movement. But there is a second point in the typical Britney “all that kinda stuff” that demands attention, too – an indictment of all of us, sitting in plain sight. Overall, a class journalism as usual. Very factual, analytic, and also supportive but correctly done in a traditional fashion only The Guardian can do. Their take is important and strengthens the movement even more! P.S. For my fellow UK folk, this is from The Guardian: Framing Britney Spears is now available on Hulu in the US with a UK date to be announced. -> Expect a UK premiere soon either independently or through Hulu.
  14. Update: The following text that's crossed out is defamatory and false according to a demand letter from Lou Taylor: Courtney Love was almost placed in a conservatorship by the same people who put Britney Spears in one, and she says it nearly killed her. A user on Instagram asked: “Is it true that Lou Taylor – who planned the conservatorship for Britney with her father – wanted to put you in a conservatorship too?” Courtney replied, “Short answer is yes. Lou did try. for a mutated strain of a conservatorship. She and the ‘jeryls’ made an attempt to control kurts name and likeness and all nirvana songs (96 per cent). Then sell the publishing, by which time I’d be in a conservatorship or more likely? Dead.” “I was successful at blocking only Lou, that’s just because I chant a lot which makes me lucky. But, not her buddies. I just looked at Britney’s account. There’s no point in sticking my neck out for her now, her pack of wolves almost killed me and my only child,” she continued. Courtney added that Britney “looks damaged, fu**ed up for life.” Courtney had a platonic relationship with Britney's former manager Sam Lutfi for years as well. “I just got away from (Sam) lutfi after 8.5 hellish years. Bad as he is? He doesn’t hold a candle to those people,” Love said. “I’ve tried to lobby attorneys for years with a glimmer of humanity to take on Spears situation and they always p***y out,” she continued. “And frankly I’m done with it.” Courtney added she knows “more about the Spears case than almost anyone there is. There was a time I’d have told you anything. Everything”. “It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen done to another woman and trust me I’ve seen it all,” she continued. “But I’m OK now in Europe recovering from a near death illness that probably happened due to the stress of out maneuvering those ***holes for pre-Britney, 25 some years … we finally have a manager they’re all scared of and we are safe. I’m OK and most of all frances is OK. I’m not dragging us though the PTSD and trauma that Lou's name brings up in me.” She finished with: no one can do that to us again”. “In exchange for that security. I don’t get to talk about the particulars. I’m keeping the security. I’m sorry but I can’t help you further .@vanityfair Britney ‘expose’ was a lazy farce. If that’s all there is for justice? **** it. I’ll make my own government. And do as I’m told.” Related:
  15. I came across this video on YouTube highlighting some of Britney's top moments with the crowd during POM. I seen a few of them but majority I've never seen before. She looked like she was having such a good time and more than capable to take care of herself. #FreeBritney https://youtu.be/xLDVermnGNE (Sorry, sadly I can't figure out how to embed a YouTube video)
  16. I'm very concerned about what I heard at the end of the Britney's Gram latest podcast. First of all, I think those women do a great job for being thrown into something they had no clue they were getting into, but really dug into and now have really helped this movement move forward. The last podcast had a ton of great information, but most concerning was the medical professional who spoke as the anonymous interviewer. She had some amazing insight and I truly hope that one day Britney can be placed with someone like her to rehabilitate herself after her conservatorship ends. However, what she spoke about towards the end is very alarming. Perhaps she did have a mental condition from her 20s that caused her breakdown (but I believe it to be blamed mostly only the pressures of her extreme fame) the intense isolation from the conservatorship has only created, or exacerbated this. This woman literally explains that such isolation that Britney has been living in in general, plus living in a state of basically constant solitude during COVID-19, ongoing abuse by having her freedoms stripped away actually eats away at neurons and parts of the brain (she explains it in much better medical terms). People comment that something about Britney is off, and it's true... Her speech, mannerisms, voice, even movements have changed, especially once the pandemic started. And this can happen from not only being on prolonged medication but living the way Britney is. It was really shaking when she explained how Britney's own money is the one being used to strip her of her own freedom. We all knew that before, but when she broke it down the way she did she made a transparent argument towards this actually being an unlawful, abusive situation. The conservatorship is actually creating the environment it is supposed to protect her from - which is people taking advantage of her. And with that, it's causing a serious deterioration of her mental health.
  17. I know some of you have your reservations about supporting a single when Britney herself is refusing to perform or do any career work until her father is not involved in her finances, but there are a few points I believe we should consider: Previously Unreleased. This is not a newly written or recorded song, which means all production costs have already been expended. She’s already foot the bill for the song, there’s no harm in releasing. Bessemer Trust. They’ve been newly appointed as co-conservators so we should be optimistic that they will properly handle Britney’s finances and treat her fairly in this situation. When songs are released, typically the label is first to be paid and then they give artists their percentage. My thought process is that because this is how it’s always been, by supporting the song the label sees that Britney the artist is still being supported. (This applies to her music in general; maybe moreso than with “SITS” since it’s partnered with Urban Outfitters) and then when Britney is compensated, we continue to hope that Bessemer handles her finances in accordance. No need to promote. Britney can continue to not take on work projects and still receive support. We are her fans. We are the Britney Army. I understand not wanting to “feed the machine” that you feel is taking advantage of her, but you can support her music and fight for justice at the same time. Use this as a way to raise awareness while we trust the process that is going on now. She’s getting more and more victories in court. Ok I ranted quite a bit. This is all in my opinion and my interpretation of things. We can discuss EDIT: the simplest thing I’m trying to say in addition to that long drawn out post is that I think with Bessemer coming into this, it seems like Jamie is actually (although maybe slowly) getting removed from his position Related:
  18. We've been trying so hard to get the general public aware of the #FreeBritney movement and how Britney's team and conservators have been manipulating her, milking her for money, and the fact that she has no control over her own finances. After working so hard to get this trending, people then see us on social media organizing buying parties for Britney's music, and it's not even new music! We look like a clown of a fandom if we're going to say we and Britney hate the conservatorship, and then organize buying parties that directly put money into her conservator's and team's pockets Other fandoms, as well as the general public, are laughing at us. It makes us look like we don't even care. How are they supposed to take the movement seriously if Britney's own fans don't? And there's a difference between just streaming her music because you want to listen to it, and going out of your way to organize buying parties and re-purchasing songs you've owned for years. No one will take this movement seriously unless we continue to apply financial pressure on the conservatorship.
  19. Make-up artist Maxi asks fans to stop making conspiracy theories as they cause Britney stress and anguish. Maxi posted these comments on her Instagram story shortly after Sam posted a picture of Maxi on his story. Maxi continued to post #Freebritney I'm wondering if Britney was there too or if she wasn't able to get Jamie's approval. Maxi wrote: "Its #freebritney. Its not # create conspiracies to cause her stress and anguish." Maxi added: "The facts are bad enough already so there is no need for conspiracies."
  20. Hey Exhale, I recently had an interview with the amazing Sandra Song for Paper Magazine regarding the #FreeBritney movement. I'd love for you guys to check the full article out. 🙏 I'll copy + paste my quotes below for you as well. I hope I made you guys proud and that I articulated things in a way that shines a positive light on this ongoing situation. Let me know what you think. 🙏
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