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Found 250 results

  1. So it’s been almost a week since we were blessed by the best album in a minute: Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia. This was incredibly hard for me since there isn’t a single track I skip when listening. It has Album of the Year written all over it and I’m very interested to see how you all rank the tracks from weakest to strongest Here are mine: 11) Good In Bed 10) Boys Will Be Boys 9) Pretty Please 8) Future Nostalgia 7) Cool 6) Hallucinate 5) Love Again 4) Levitating 3) Physical 2) Break My Heart 1) Don’t Start Now STREAM FUTURE NOSTALGIA 04/21/2020 so after listening to this iconic album hundreds upon hundreds of times I have recalculated my rankings. PS They’re all my favorites in their own special ways and I can’t remember the last time I’ve loved every track on an album like this 11) Boys Will Be Boys 10) Pretty Please 9) Good In Bed 8) Future Nostalgia 7) Cool 6) Hallucinate 5) Don’t Start Now 4) Physical 3) Levitating 2) Love Again 1) Break My Heart Keep streaming Future Slayalgia and let’s pray for more iconic bops on the DELUXE
  2. 🚨 OUT NOW! 🚨 🚨 FULL STREAM ON YOUTUBE 🚨 LOCKDOWN: A Britney Spears Remix EP Featuring 17 NEW • UNRELEASED • BONUS Britney Spears Remixes (You b*tched, so we fixed the cover. ) 🚨 TRACKLIST 🚨 FULL RELEASE on BRITNEYSPEARSREMIXES.COM
  3. I thought I'd start of thread sharing how we all stay active and fit. Just going to the gym can sometimes be boring, so how do you all mix it up? I like to do pilates, jog outdoors and dance! I'm not a professional dancer, but I like learning choreo from youtube or doing my own thing.
  4. Whenever Billie is coming on with a new era, this is the concept I would love her to take on. Album concept/genre: Since 70s-80s disco is in a slow resurgence and it is trending genre rn, I would love to see Billie taking a disco step towards her next era, and if she wants to, she can make depressing disco bops, however I would want to see her take a more upbeat and bangers tempo for the new album I would really love a 12 track album with a lot of creative visuals. I also want her to take more higher notes this time, hearing her brits no time to die performances, she has a lot of potential so she should use now a higher register, like reinvent her voice Style/Appearance: So I want her to reinvent herself this era so she doesn’t seem generic and she is sticking to the same stuff. I think pink hair suits Billie really good so I would like her to take something light coloured like pink. She can keep her baggy clothing, since it’s her signature outfits, but it should a unique and disco kick to it it would look I mean...really cool Collabarations: If possible, she can collabarate with artist like The Weeknd, probably Dua and Doja cat. She can’t even Rihanna (that’s if she ever wants to come back to the music scene). However I would only want like 1-2 or 3 tracks to be features as I don’t want it to dominate the track list Producers: If Billie wants to bring one producer with her and dinners to produce the album, she should take Jeff basket (worked with Dua on future nostalgia) as he was able to make some really good songs in Future nostalgia. However I think she can just stick with her bro as they create enough magic and chemistry together in music. Fineeas really knows how to produce good music. Release date: She should release her first single around September-December (so that it doesn’t flop because of coronavirus) and continue the era till around January 2022 (or even feburaury) and should release the album around February -April 2021 so that it has like 10-8 months to get a lot of sales (and probably have another best selling record of 2021) First single- September-december 2020 Second single- February 2021 Third single- June-July 2021 Fourth single- November 2021 Fifth and final single-February 2022 Performances- She should perform this time in the MTV VMAS, some international awards outside of US, Grammy awards (this time with a banger and awesome performance), EMA, Billboard music awards. Overall she should have at least 10 performances in major shows for the era So these are my ideas for her new era? What’s your opinion? Do you agree? If not, how should her sophomore era be like? Adios
  5. In the past decade of Selena Gomez career, she has already 3 studio albums. Which one of them is her magnum opus (her best album). Vote down here.
  6. What fragrance from her collection inspires you and which do you think is her best and underrated scent ? My favorite is probably curious or fantasy just because of the history behind those and I’ve created a lot of wonderful memories with them . I also miss the curious charms that used to cone on the bottle, now it seems they are just trying to be cheap at all corners making the bottle . Even the sprayer cap is PLASTIC now 😭 I wish I would have saved my vintage bottles .
  7. Best Blackout followed with Circus Worst Britney (not counting Myah Jean)
  8. This could possibly mark the end of Britney's contract with RCA since she allegedly had to at least drop one album this year to fulfill her contractual obligations. She also released new merch for the Oops! anniversary. https://store.britneyspears.com/
  9. She’s used snapchat a few times in the past, but usually it’s only to post things that’s been on her instagram. This time she posted something that’s not on Instagram or TikTok.
  10. and I know this thread is useless, because if they never post, they never will, but what's up with that? I always see there's 40 - 90 users online, but it's always the same dozen of people that keep the threads alive. I remember when I used to lurk Exhale, but I did it without an account. Once I created my account I couldn't stop myself from commenting. Unless Exhale is now hidden for non users? I haven't logged out in a while. Exhale is such a nice and tolerant place, I don't know why someone would not want to join our conversation
  11. So @PokemonSpears brought up the censorship on the Jonathan Ross Show in another thread and I only remembered they cut out the part about the conservatorship, but that's not true I found this: Britney Spears reportedly brought up her conservatorship while taping 'The Jonathan Ross Show' A couple Britney fans attended the Britney interview that was recorded today for the Jonathan Ross show. The fan revealed that the show was really awkward and the interview lasted about 40 minutes, ending w/ a "Make Me" performance. The fan says he expects the show to cut "so much" of the interview. - Brit was uncomfortable throughout the interview, denying a lot of the "fun" things they proposed & often answered with a short "yes" or "no" - said that "Glory" is her baby because she couldn't really do what she wanted on the few previous albums due to her conservatorship. - admits that due to her conservatorship, the music was brought to her finished and she had no say in decisions (allegedly it seemed as though she wanted to go more in depth but Jonathan changed subjects) probably cause he is not allowed to talk about it - They brought out a tarantula and she ran off the stage - Reveals she is obsessed with cooking rice - Said she doesn't go to any parties in Vegas because they're filled with drugs, hasn't smoked weed since she was 17 - Talks about leaving the stage during "Circus" because everyone was smoking weed & she was getting contact high - Went backstage to kiss Alexander Skarsgard & refused to try Swedish food - Admitted to farting while she performs 3 years? did something about it change in 2013 or did she just forget again? Jesus, I'd kill to watch that full, uncut interview.
  12. Seven new songs from her forthcoming album "She is MC" leaked. They apparently do not sound like demo songs or tracks meant to live on the cutting room floor. I Really Wish I Hated You Ft. Blink 182 California Dreamin Wish We Never Met Hate Me Win Some Gimme What I Want American Dream Boring My favorite is gimme what i want. The style is quite rock with pop overtones (don't get me wrong, it has nothing to do with something she've done before) and is very different from She is coming. It wasn't going to be the mega hit album but it doesn't sound like a bad. A pity for Miley for all that money and time invested. I hope they upload the album to Spotify today (unless MC herself has leaked it to put pressure on RCA).
  13. Dont forget we are purchasing the standard explicit version.. Not the Deluxe version! 10am Los Angeles 12pm Chicago/Mexico City/Lima 1pm New York 2pm Sao Paulo 6pm London 7pm Europe 8pm Moscow 1am Beijing/Manila 2am Tokyo 3am Sydney
  14. Super excited to share my very first Dua Lipa remix of her song Cool. Hope you all like this super retro amped up version. UPDATE: Golden Hour remix added featuring all the same sounds as the Synthwave Remix, but at the original tempo and with a more chill vibe. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/folder/FdBBRYoA#kjbN1XyUlt0rrZ-G1rSOOQ
  15. Adele said at her best friend’s wedding party in February people can expect her fourth studio album in September. Her makeup artist just posted something hinting at her return... it could be sooner than we expected. "Exciting news coming soon!! Get ready to get on board,” he wrote. Imagine Adele releasing before Gaga
  16. Beautiful and super sexy... And nice song!
  17. Hey Exhale! First off, I want to thank you for being a part of the Exhale community. I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed community building these last few months. It's been so fulfilling and exciting to watch this place grow! I noticed a lot of you visit Exhale multiples times a day, every day, and I want to reward those of you for contributing. I created a subscription plan for Exhalers who want an elevated viewing experience. It's called Exhale+ When you subscribe to Exhale+, you’re becoming a part of something larger. Exhale+ subscribers are: * A builder that wants to help grow the Exhale community * A visionary who wants to enhance the forum and nurture our inner circle * A teammate who wants to participate and be one of the key players * Someone who believes, contributes, supports and elevates the community Exhale+ perks: View Exhale Ad free Upload & download attachments Hide your own content Close your own poll Highlighted replies Unlimited display name changes Create personal image galleries (coming soon) Access to the private Exhale+ Forum (coming soon) Create Clubs (coming soon) Open, closed, invite-only, private or charge to enter Many more features and abilities will be continually added for Exhale+ subscribers. Help BreatheHeavy & Exhale grow by contributing just $3 a month (less than a cup of coffee!) for an ad-free, elevated experience. If you love this place as much as I do, please consider contributing $3. It would help the forum grow exponentially. We also have an option to pay with Points accumulated through participating in the forum. The cost for an Exhale+ subscription as of right now is 3,000 Points. You may earn points through engagement: Posting a new thread = 20 Points Posting a new reply = 5 Points Each reply left by an Exhaler on your thread = 1 Point Receiving positive Reputation = 1 Point Visiting Exhale once per day = 5 Points I'm calling this a soft launch because I don't want to put any expectations on Exhale+ yet, however I have a really good feeling about this. There are so many plans I've mapped out and plan on executing in the very near future. If any things need fixing with Exhale+, that will be my first priority. Once the kinks are ironed out, I will immediately begin adding more features that are exclusive to Exhale+ subscribers. If you need help, please use the support form. Thank you again for being part of Exhale. Your support is so greatly appreciated. Much love and gratitude to you all. - Jordan
  18. Britney says she left two candles burning in her gym and it burnt down and that's why she hasn't been seen working out in there for months. It was an accident though
  19. Marina Diamandis (Marina and the Diamonds) is getting heat for allegedly firing her manager whilst the manager was on maternity leave. There's no proof the manager who opened up about her experience is indeed about Marina, but fans believe the timing of everything lines up. I get that being let go whilst on maternity leave is NOT ideal. It's actually illegal to fire a woman on maternity leave if that's the actual reason. However, Marina shouldn't be bound to someone just cause they're on maternity leave if there's a better candidate. Thoughts, Exhale?
  20. However... for such a perfectionist. She can't remove this mistake. The hive can't forgive her on this mistake..
  21. Hey Exhale fam, I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a writer named Stephanie Guerilus (@It'sAllAboutControl). She penned a novel titled Control. It's inspired by the iconic Janet Jackson album title. She's giving back to pop fans by offering her book free of charge on Kindle via Amazon. You may have noticed the shiny Control banner at the top of Exhale. When you click it, you're taken to the Amazon page where you can give it a read at no cost to you. Here's a synopsis: If you would like to own a physical copy (like me ) there's an option to buy it as well. Why does this matter? It's a fun way to escape life's troubles right now and indulge in something good for your mind. The novel touches on important subjects like racial inequality, abuse, and female power. It's something we can do together. I'm currently reading it as well. Looks like Exhale has a book club now! Below is a chat Stephanie and I had about the book. Give it a read and then check her novel out. We'd also LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. I know how honest Exhale can be. Stephanie and I are responding to your guys' replies!
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