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  1. Hey Exhale! Jordan here. You may recall I worked on a navy blue face mask design earlier this summer with my bestie. I kept procrastinating on putting it out because ultimately I didn't LOVE the design. It was alright, and I found myself not wearing it all that often. So I scarped it. ~It just didn't work~ I spent a few weeks working on a different design with an entirely different kind of mask/material, and it's MILES better. This I'm super proud of and wear it all the time. Super breathable soft and high quality (it'll handle the wear and tear - I've been working out in it for a few weeks and it's in great shape). Here are some of the deets: 100% supersoft polyester microfiber Elastic bands with PVC earloop size regulators Adjustable nose wire Pocket for a filter or napkin Washable and reusable (please hand wash) Also, for the first time ever, it says EXHALE on it (versus BreatheHeavy). What a perfect name for a face mask eh? Plus it's pretty cool to wear a brand with 16 years of iconic herstory like this site has. I know we are in a pandemic and every penny counts, so no worries if you can't invest in a great mask right now. However, if any of you would like to order you may do so by clicking below: Get an Exhale face mask! HUGE thank you to those that have already ordered (I shared it on Instagram earlier this week). Do you guys like the design? Are you interested even 1% in getting one? I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Thanks and love y'all. Jordan Related:
  2. Exhale, is our home, is a place where we can interact and share our opinions. We all are a big family. Exhale has had countless of users, situations, discussions, topics throughout these years We have had hard times and we have had good times. Like every other family. For me one of the most Iconic Exhale moments was the Britmas served by the legendary "BRITFAN505" user. (Still waiting for his promised comeback ) Do you rememeber any other iconic Exhale moments?
  3. Happy Friday, Exhale! I just wanted to take a moment to show some appreciation and love for Exhale's Super Moderators team as well as the newly-formed Twitter team. With each passing day, Exhale is becoming a brighter place on the Internet. Exhalers like you can continue to create exciting and engaging content on the daily thanks to these awesome people who volunteer time out of their busy lives to foster this community because they, too, believe Exhale is an awesome place. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. Everyone, please kick off your weekend by showing some much-deserved gratitude to these fine people! Super Moderators @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @PokemonSpears @Puppy @Roxxy @Slayer @Urbanney Twitter Team @IAmJustAKnee @Isla @OnlyBeyonce @RATCHET❤ @SlaymeMore @TakeYourHand Huge thank you to the team above! And thank YOU as well for being a member. If you're a guest, I encourage you to join Exhale. Registration takes about a minute and gives you unlimited access to the forum :] Love y'all! Jordan PS - Interested in helping curate the homepage by featuring yours and other members' topics on the homepage? Please PM me. 💜
  4. Hi Exhalers! So i'm just a new member here and my 3rd month as an Exhaler is coming up in May. I'm also not very aware with a lot of popular memes on the internet. Exhale just had a revival in 2020 and we have a lot of new members that are becoming active and becoming mainstream Exhalers. Now, i'm not sure if i'm the only one feeling clueless about a lot of our emotes. But I would really like to know some of them. I took inspiration because I've learned some of the origins of our emotes by reading the threads. I know all the Britney emotes. I think we all do. But what about the non-Britney emotes? Example, I learned about this because @iAlwaysSingLive posted a video where this was taken. He also once shared to me in another thread a video about this emote. And then he just recently posted in another thread about this girl who we have a lot of emotes of. @PokemonSpears also shared to me a video about who this girl was and where this emote was taken from. @Hungry Hun also shared to me a video once about this woman. What about the other emotes? Share the videos where they were taken from! Share their origins through videos or memes (whichever is available) for the basic biches like me! TEEHEE 🧡 And for the new Britney fans, you may also ask for videos of the Britney emotes!
  5. My Britney collection isn't anything special so far: I only have 6 CDs (Oops!, Blackout, Circus, Femme Fatale, Britney Jean, and Glory) and nothing else. I'm also not planning to expand that collection until the c-ship is dissolved. But I had a thought: I know that other people have been fans for a long time, so their collection must be much bigger than mine! I know that things like the The Singles Collection boxset, Glory: Japan Tour Edition, and others are pretty rare-to-find or very expensive now, but maybe they have something like that... So, as the title says: what's the rarest or currently hardest-to-find item you have in your Britney collection?
  6. I just got my first one after the Taylor thread sold 23,000,000 units over here So to celebrate it I wanted to ask everyone, do u guys have a diamond thread or not? If yes, then how many and which threads? Have u outsold me Just if you guys don’t know, if your thread has 10k+ views, that translates into 10.000.000 sales making it diamond Also if you don’t know how the sales game works:- 1-99 views- A thousand sales (Ex- 1 view= 1,000 sales; 20 views= 20,000 sales) 100-999 views: A hundred thousand sales (Ex- 120 views= 120,000 sales; 890 views= 890,000 sales) 1k+ views: A million sales (Ex- 1,450 views= 1,450,000; 10,000 views= 10,000,000 sales) In terms of pages however, you will need 50+ pages for one thread, and i dont have one in terms of pages So in terms of views, i have 2 diamond threads and in terms of pages, i have no diamond thread
  7. Hey Exhale! I have been working hard behind-the-scenes to perform an important upgrade to Exhale! The major scary part is done It should give you a better browsing experience moving forward! There are a lot of things I have planned for Exhale, but had to complete this update first. I wanted to create this topic so you guys could comment on anything you see that may be funny looking / acting weird. It will take a few days to get everything sorted out. Internet life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For the most part, everything seems to be functioning pretty well, but I want to hear from you! How're things working? I'm here to help. Let me know.
  8. The other day I posted a topic asking if anyone was interested in Tweeting from BreatheHeavy's Twitter account. The response was actually overwhelming (in a good way). I thought the idea would flop and that'd be that, but to my surprise y'all showed up After a week or two of sliding into members' PMs (), I found a powerhouse team of six. Please give them some props! @IAmJustAKnee @Isla @OnlyBeyonce @RATCHET❤ @SlaymeMore @TakeYourHand We spent the last few days brain storming, trying different ideas out – it's been a pretty fun and creative process thus far. I'm really looking forward to watching this little project bloom! This is a great opportunity for Exhale to have more of a reach off this website and into the Wild West of the Internet: Twitter. I've always felt like BH is OUR site, not mine. Same goes for the social media. I want pop fans to be the voice of this brand... not me. I also want to point out they are volunteering their precious time, which in 2020 is a super huge deal. Thank you guys for collaborating with me on this. Exhale, please show them some love! And if you have any ideas for us, please say it in the comments! Happy Monday fam. Let's have a great week
  9. Hey Exhale, I want to thank you for all the support in helping make Exhale a better place. It honestly means the world to me; I'm truly grateful for this community and all of you. A few months ago, Exhale rolled out a subscription option called Exhale+. You can join for $3 / 3000 Exhale Points per month (here's how you earn Points). I know we're in tough times, but if you can join it'd be greatly appreciated. The more subscribers we get, the more Exhale can grow and escape ads () Join Exhale+ Exhale+ members will of course not seeing any advertisements, but they also get additional site perks. If you are an Exhale+ subscriber, you are now getting access to our new theme. It's personally my favorite theme we've ever had. Features: Dark and Light mode With the tap of a button, the theme switches from dark to light or vice versa. It's a request I got a lot, so BAM. Sometimes, people just want to switch it up and now you can. Mobile footer Now, your notifications, messages and unread content are readily available at all times. Background customizer There's also a few additional options that give you a more tailored experience Change your background color Turn the mobile navigation bar on or off Increase font size Sticky author panel Check out a preview below. If you are already an Exhale+ member, you should be seeing the theme now. You can always revert back to the navy blue theme we had previous to this at the bottom of the page and clicking the word "Theme" and selecting "Vivid." I have made the theme available to ALL members, but only for a very limited time. Let me know what you think! More awesome things to come! Thank you 🙏 - Jordan Founder, community leader of BreatheHeavy | Exhale
  10. I have come to the conclusion that aside from the classics like BOMT, Oops and Toxic...that Boom Boom and Outrageous are her BEST songs. A majority of my friend groups are all into hip-hop and they always had the objective that Britney only made bubblegum and dance/electro-influenced pop. So when I started showing people Boom Boom and Outrageous, they were shook to the CORE. They all started bopping along and wondering why Britney never made more hip-hip and urban material. And they were right....Britney literally ate these two tracks up and they’re pretty much flawless, start to end. Catchy, fun, and vibey. But wow, what a moment... that is most pleasing to her in her career.
  11. Since nothing else is going on here I thought I'd share because I recently purchased: 3" CD on the LidRock series, given out with the purchase of a large soft drink from Sbarros restaurants. Despite the disc's printed tracklisting, the CD actually contains 4 tracks, the first of which is a short introductory track promoting the LidRock series. https://www.discogs.com/Britney-Spears-Me-Against-The-Music/release/1242951 Main: Britney Spears Section Audio: Just plays the Me Against The Music (Bloodshy & Avant's Chix Mix) and has the lyrics. Photos: (Pictures are not clickable to enlarge them) Bio & Album News: Audio Ecard: Mix it Up: Plays Me Against The Music (Bloodshy & Avant's Chix Mix) w/ a soundboard Screen Saver/Wallpaper: Sweepstakes: Work B!itch/Make Me promo who?
  12. whew the impact is just TOO real and this video shows just that. often imitated BUT never duplicated.
  13. I thought that making a thread like this will be a good idea, as I've never made one like this before Hi!!! I'm a creator of the I Am Brinty Joan Show on YouTube, which is a Britney(Brinty) centered version of The Nekci Menij show. (update: 26.05) Here's the new episode. Hope you like it! <3
  14. Well, did "Oops!... I Did It Again" actually win? Let's look at the facts: - Out of all her nine studio albums, "Oops" has a Metacritic score of 72, which is her highest to date. - It was also the better album than both "No Strings Attached" and "Black and Blue", both contemporaries released under the hit-factory of Max Martin and Rami. - VOCALS. - Every single song on the album could have been a single in 2000 and had the potential to smash (with the exception of "Dear Diary"). - It's her most cohesive, consistent album with hardly any filler, unlike the rest of her studio albums which have at least 2+ disposable songs. - Despite what many bandwagon and believe that "Blackout" is her most 'influential' album, it's actually "Oops" which further shaped the landscape of female pop music in the 2000's. - 'Oops!', the song is also her strongest lead to date, alongside 'BOMT'. So, what do you think? Is "Oops!.. I Did It Again" the real winner here? Discuss.
  15. I faintly remember going to my next-door neighbors house one day when I was 6 and there she was, watching the OIDIA music video on TV. I remember being blown away by the red catsuit and thinking that she was a literal barbie. I actually thought she wasn't real because she looked so perfect and danced so good. Then, she played me the OIDIA CD but then her friend wanted to listen *Nsync's No Strings Attached instead and my God, was the tension real. But yeah, that's basically my first ever introduction and memory of Britney. And well, the rest is history... I'm interested to know your guys first memories of the queen.
  17. OH MY GOD. I just watched this video for the first time in full since years and it is borderline GENIUS. Jake Nava has the mind of a mastermind. The video has this element of mystery, glamour and divinity to it AND if there’s one thing I honestly miss the most right now from Prime Britney, it’s THAT fire she had in her eyes. She was hardly even dancing in this video and yet there was something so magnetizing about even her subtle body movements. And let’s talk about the fact that she literally took this song and made it her f**king OWN. Bloodshot & Avant >>>>>> The Middle Eastern influences and wide array of South Asian instruments. I am SOOK. Y’all, remember when music was actually experimental and not all about overdone, redundant trap beats????? UGH, and just listening to the song with the video takes me back to age 10 and the TRL, MTV/VH1 days where I would wake up every morning and record my favorite videos on tape. Omg I remember this was around when Lindsay Lohan had her debut and Eminem had just released Encore. Y’all I’m about to seriously cry. Not only do I miss 2004, but I seriously miss when Britney ruled the world and it’s a tragedy how this younger generation will never get to fully grasp the magnitude of it all. She was really our spokesperson for 2000s pop and popular culture, and well.......feel like pure ***** and I just want her back.
  18. Kind of a shitty quality but if MATM sounded more like this, would you have liked it more? I always thought the Kanye West remix of it was stronger at some parts over the original. It has that signature 'College Dropout' sound to it which was very popular then. At the same time, I also love the original version's pre-breakdown/chorus "get on the floor..." verse. It's a tough call. I know it's just a remix and CD/promotional remixes aren't usually as mastered, but I definitely think it's one of her stronger remixes and I would have loved for some of the elements from this remix to be included in the original. Thoughts?
  19. Gimme More - 10/10 Piece Of Me - 10/10 Radar - 7/10 Break The Ice - 8.25/10 Heaven On Earth - 7.75/10 Get Naked (I Got A Plan) - 9.75/10 Freakshow - 9.5/10 Toy Soldier 6.75/10 Hot As Ice - 7.25/10 Ooh Ooh Baby - 7.5/10 Perfect Lover - 8.25/10 Why Should I Be Sad - 6/10 Get Back - 8.25/10 Everybody - 5.5/10 Outta This World - 9.75/10 124/150 = 83%
  20. LADIES, LET'S SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL. Which urban and hip-hop influenced Britney bop do you prefer, given that these songs were all once contenders as the lead for the ITZ era? I know Outrageous will lose, but y'all need to stop paying that GIRL dust, put aside the controversy and actually listen to it in full with surround sound speakers or headphones. It's Arabic meets American hip-hop and pop. GENIUS. Anyway, my vote goes to that, followed closely by IGTBB, then MATM. That being said, I have a feeling MATM will most likely win since many of Britney's fans prefer less urban and hip-hop, but we shall see by the votes.
  21. Both iconic music divas and voice legends have recently expressed their love for Britney on several occasions during recent interviews and/or on social media. Some have even hinted or suggested that a collab was in the works with Mariah and how Christina has been trying to reach out to Britney, but which would you prefer to see? Britney x Christina or Britney x Mariah? Discuss.
  22. Both are pretty solid album tracks but which do you prefer?
  23. so i was listening to janet's discography (just cause) and realized that one of her singles 'Love And My Best Friend' from her debut sounds strikingly similar like 'Dear Diary'. once again, ha impact. does anyone else hear it?
  24. Hey Exhale! I wanted to take a moment and give a special shout-out to some special Exhalers who've positively contributed to our growing community. Announcing Exhale's new content Curator team and new moderator! For nearly 16 years, the homepage of BreatheHeavy has featured content pretty much exclusively written by me. I don't want people to perceive BH or Exhale as "my" site anymore. It's OUR site, and the homepage needed to reflect that. Once I decided I decided that Exhale should be the face of BH moving forward, I decided to "Feature" Exhaler's topics on the homepage. You may recall a few weeks ago that the first 9 stories on the homepage were topics I created. The next 9 were started by Exhalers. On the right track, but still... it was too much (*Britney voice*) MAE. I changed it again to what it is now: a total of 21 Featured topics on the homepage. They include topics created either by myself or a fellow Exhaler. You probably don't know this, but when I include an Exhaler's topic on the homepage, I use a "Feature" tool. I can go into your topic and "Feature" it if I feel more people should see it, and that tells the homepage to display said topic. Then, @Roxxy, aside from being our flawless resident Super Moderator, also started Featuring Exhaler's topics, too, which lead to an idea to include a content Curator team. Cue our new Curators team: @Dark.Knight, @Urbanney and @PokemonSpears! We reached out to these three Exhalers and asked if they'd also like to have this "Feature" ability, and lucky for us they agreed! What does this mean? They will have the ability to Feature their topics on the homepage of Exhale They will also have the capacity to Feature YOUR topics on the homepage as well We want the homepage to feel fresh throughout the day, and want more people to see your topics. If you create something thoughtful, engaging or discussion-worthy, your topic will likely get Featured. Featured topics will be seen by thousands of people per day! Please reach out to me personally if you have any questions about this. 🙏 Myself and @Roxxy also decided we could use a little more support as things continue to grow here. I'm very grateful @puppylo16 has agreed to join our little team in helping moderate Exhale. Moderation powers include: Pin topics Merge topics Feature topics on the homepage Edit comments/topics/polls Hide comments/topics Move topics Lock/unlock topics View reports If you need help with anything, you have several options. You can submit a support request, or reach out to either myself, Roxxy or Puppy. A huge thank you to the new team members for taking a leap of faith in helping make Exhale a better place. And another big thanks to YOU for being a part of Exhale. I am very dedicated and driven to making this forum one of THE best on the Internet. I have so many exciting plans in the works, so stay tuned! Now, gold star if you made it all the way to the bottom of my post 😂 and PLEASE give some props to @puppylo16, @Dark.Knight, @Urbanney, @PokemonSpears and @Roxxy! Sending you good vibes, - Jordan Founder and community leader of BreatheHeavy | Exhale @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark
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