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Found 1,162 results

  1. New Doja Cat music: “🐱 Talk “ with City Girls awaits below. Okay, Doja is only featured in this, but I posted it because the city girls are flopping but their new album is a bop, and this song is a bop. However, Doja is still racist and homophobic, so stream the rest of the album too rather than just this song 🙃
  2. WHEW! Exhale saw a +500% spike in traffic this week. In the last 7 days we had... 264 new Exhalers register 3,758 Exhalers logged in and visited 3,914 Exhalers on at the same time (July 8 at 4:30 pm PST) 33,000+ reactions used 350 new topics 12,453 new comments Feel free to chill in this topic this weekend to shoot the breeze. Remember, I'm not a regular community leader, I'm a cool community leader. :imacoolmom: Thank you all for being a part of this amazing place. Top 10 comments of the week: 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  3. Exhale, is our home, is a place where we can interact and share our opinions. We all are a big family. Exhale has had countless of users, situations, discussions, topics throughout these years We have had hard times and we have had good times. Like every other family. For me one of the most Iconic Exhale moments was the Britmas served by the legendary "BRITFAN505" user. (Still waiting for his promised comeback ) Do you rememeber any other iconic Exhale moments?
  4. Exhale, is our home, is a place where we can interact and share our opinions. We all are a big family. Exhale has had countless of users, situations, discussions, topics throughout these years We have had hard times and we have had good times. Like every other family. Do you rememeber popular Exhale terms we used to use/still use? I remember we used to use Slè/Slé back in the day. (2008/2009ish) SLÉ: verb Slay / Slayed Do you rememeber any other popular term?
  5. I have come to the conclusion that aside from the classics like BOMT, Oops and Toxic...that Boom Boom and Outrageous are her BEST songs. A majority of my friend groups are all into hip-hop and they always had the objective that Britney only made bubblegum and dance/electro-influenced pop. So when I started showing people Boom Boom and Outrageous, they were shook to the CORE. They all started bopping along and wondering why Britney never made more hip-hip and urban material. And they were right....Britney literally ate these two tracks up and they’re pretty much flawless, start to end. Catchy, fun, and vibey. But wow, what a moment... that is most pleasing to her in her career.
  6. These Disney princesses deserve justice. How could we have let Zendaya flop?! She’s so talented! Zendaya “Replay”: Raven-Symoné “Backflip”: Bridgit Mendler “Ready or Not”: Sabrina Carpenter “Almost Love”: These are legitimately bops! Hollywood Records is the worst label I swear. They never know how to promote their artists, especially the artists of color. *Fun fact Bridgit went to Harvard. We love a smart Queen
  7. Hi Exhalers! So i'm just a new member here and my 3rd month as an Exhaler is coming up in May. I'm also not very aware with a lot of popular memes on the internet. Exhale just had a revival in 2020 and we have a lot of new members that are becoming active and becoming mainstream Exhalers. Now, i'm not sure if i'm the only one feeling clueless about a lot of our emotes. But I would really like to know some of them. I took inspiration because I've learned some of the origins of our emotes by reading the threads. I know all the Britney emotes. I think we all do. But what about the non-Britney emotes? Example, I learned about this because @iAlwaysSingLive posted a video where this was taken. He also once shared to me in another thread a video about this emote. And then he just recently posted in another thread about this girl who we have a lot of emotes of. @PokemonSpears also shared to me a video about who this girl was and where this emote was taken from. @Hungry Hun also shared to me a video once about this woman. What about the other emotes? Share the videos where they were taken from! Share their origins through videos or memes (whichever is available) for the basic biches like me! TEEHEE 🧡 And for the new Britney fans, you may also ask for videos of the Britney emotes!
  8. I think we ALL remember where we were when we listened to the Britney’s Gram podcast last year and they played that terrifying voicemail from that paralegal. That was THE moment that the #FreeBritney movement started. So, I’ve been wondering, if we never got that voicemail, would we all still be acting as if everything is fine? I love Britney and she’s my #1, but let’s be real, after 2007 we started giving her and her team several passes on things we would drag other artists for (the Femme Fatale tour and Bologna Juice say hi). Just a few weeks before the Britney’s Gram bombshell, we had the really bizarre Domination announcement where Britney appeared in the middle of this big extravaganza, waved, and was immediately escorted to a waiting SUV within minutes of appearing. We all thought it was super weird, especially since she didn’t say a single word, but for the most part, we were all still really pumped for Domination and new music. The cship has always been a black cloud hanging over Britney, and we’ve all known that, but we all kinda stopped questioning it to an extent because everything presented to us was normal...somewhat. Britney’s has had romantic relationships, Britney was still performing, Britney was having IG fashion shows on a regular basis, most of the fans were pleased with “Glory”, etc. Things seemed normal. I didn’t even know who LOUser was before the #FreeBritney movement. I also didn’t know that Britney couldn’t vote. I was ill-informed, but I’m thankful that I found exhale to show me things I didn’t know before. I was hoping that we’d get at least 15 albums before Britney retires, but I’ve since become content with the possibility that Glory and POM could have been Britney’s final swan song. And if that’s truly what Britney wants, then I’m fine with that. I want new music from Queen B, but only if she wants to do it. I want Britney happy, healthy and free to do what she wants. So, I’m genuinely curious - what do you all think? Would we still be turning a blind eye without the Britney’s Gram voicemail? Where would Britney be now if we never heard that voicemail? And I’m tagging @Jordan Miller because I’d love to hear your opinion, sir And maybe the cure for the coronavirus is freeing Britney. That would be quite a plot twist to 2020. Edit: and before anyone says anything about the domination ticket sales being lackluster, let’s be honest, we were all excited for a new show and new music. Now, we can only get excited for court dates and the possibility of other people bringing attention to the #FreeBritney movement
  9. Hey Exhale. I wrote about Britney's cover of Otis Redding's “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” last year. I wanted to re-share the article here in light of Britney's new Instagram video dancing to "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Below is a two-minute snippet of Britney gorgeously covering the blues icon. In the clip, Britney’s angelic vibrato floats over a dreamy piano melody as she sings the words: “I’ve been loving you… a little too long now.” Her dreamy vocals layer on top of one another to create something sensational. We don’t know much about Britney’s version, but it producer Christopher “Notes” Olsen is responsible for helping her create it in 2006. Olsen, who tragically (and mysteriously) fell to his death in 2010, co-produced “Rebellion,” as well as songs featured on Kevin Federline’s debut album, Playing With Fire. It’s also believed that Olsen helped Britney mix the M+M Tour versions of her songs, and her cover of Elvis Presley’s “Trouble,” featured in the singer’s infamous 2007 VMA performance. 2006 was one of the most adventurous years for Britney’s musicality. It’s around that time she began to explore her artistry, and create music for the love of it. Songs like “Rebellion,” and “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” are inherently vulnerable and therapeutic, but there’s a mystique that clouds our perception of her reality. Who was this beloved pop star? What was she going through at the time? What did she want people to take away from these works? Related: B-Sides: Britney’s Chilling Truth Revealed On Ace Of Base Cover, “All That She Wants” In her 2006 cover story with People magazine, Britney opened up about experimenting with her sound in her home studio. “I’ll get on the piano and just play whatever feels good,” she said at the time. “When I was little, I would listen to myself, but the record label signs you, and you’re just thankful to get a hit song. You can’t really show off your voice and where you came from.” She added: “I used to listen to blues music and all that stuff. I would like to try to have more influences of that sound. Not that I’m going to be like frickin’ Tina Turner. But you never know.” Not long after this recording, superstardom’s gravitational pull would eventually become too powerful for her to escape on her own. That makes this unearthed audio even more special. Britney wasn’t particularly interested in recording dance hits. She wanted her authenticity to shine, but somewhere along the way Brit’s classic covers were replaced with Danja’s icy beats. More than a decade later, we’re still putting together the pieces. Thoughts on Britney's cover? Related:
  10. Kelly Rowland reveals she’s broke and fired her husband as her manager. Start at the 28 min mark:
  11. Chromatica is hands down Lady GaGa’s WORST album (and I hated Joanne...so that’s saying something). The songs are all over the place, yet all sound the same...the album should be called oxymoronica. (For the record, I am a GaGa fan, but no longer a stan like I was during TFM). Most of the production on Chromatica sounds dated and would’ve been current circa 2013-2016 when the skrillex (Where are you now) type sound was all over the radio. On Chromatica, it just comes off as dated. Also, as beautiful as Lady Gaga’s voice is, I think she spends most of the album screaming at us rather than giving us harmonies. Another thing that kills the album are the 3 unnecessary interludes. Nobody asked for that and nobody is listening to them. “Stupid Love” was a terrible song and a terrible choice for the lead single (I’m disappointed Max Martin even had a part in that 💩). The writing on most of the songs is terrible. If Britney Jean Spears released “sour candy” as a solo single, exhale would’ve dragged her to the depths of hell. If Selena Gomez or Katy Perry released “plastic doll” or “911”, exhale would’ve dragged them to the depths of hell. Most of the songs on this album are terrible, but because it’s GaGa, nobody is saying it. Everyone hated “artpop”, but that album was FAR better than Chromatica. The writing on artpop was creative. Everything on Chromatica sounds like “a, b, c, 1, 2, 3”. Now, in a plot twist, “Rain on Me” is one of the best songs she’s ever released. I think her voice sounds gorgeous on the track (this is the only song where she isn’t screaming), I think the writing is creative, and I think the video is stunning. I also like “1000 doves” 🕊 In conclusion, I want more “rain on me” and less “sour candy”. Does anyone think Chromatica is her best work?
  12. So, Demi Lovato apparently released a new song/movie yesterday and nobody cares. Sucks to suck. How long until she fires Scooter? How do we feel about the blond hair? Demi fans, where are the 3 of you?
  13. I’ve seen lots of people say that “Thank U, Next” is Arianas best album, but I think “Dangerous Woman” is far superior. TUN was a massive success and is filled with bops, but the songs are very “on trend” and the album was recorded within the span of a few months and sounds more like a party playlist than a cohesive a body of work. Meanwhile, DW is a polished piece of art and deserves more recognition than it gets. “Touch it”, “into you” and “thinkin’ bout you” are some of her BEST songs! This: will always be better than this: Charts = farts because 7 rings is trash. I said what I said.
  14. Lil Twist has exposed Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun as being racists who exploited the black community. Twist reveals thats Scooter and Justin made him take a criminal ********* charge that should’ve gone to Justin. But since Justin was a pop star and lil twist is a black rapper, they made Twist take the charge, and then it continued and charges piled up...all of which belonged to Justin. Twitter is currently running crazy over this and Justin needs to respond since he is alleging he supports the black lives matter movement
  15. So today, MTV showed the craziest TRL moments, and it included a clip of the host asking Xtina about her shading Britney in blender magazine. I had never heard this before, but the quote is: “Well, I feel I’ve grown a lot this year, and we did used to be friends once, after all. She seems to me like a lost little girl, someone who desperately needs guidance. But who knows? maybe I’m not the right person to offer it. We’re very different people, aren’t we? In our world, there are different types of entertainers. You have your artists and you have your regular performers. I’m an artist, and, well…” Christina Aguilera aka the FLOP OF POP should’ve been cancelled immediately following this. And to think I just made a thread a couple of weeks ago saying they need to collaborate. Heres the full article if you want to read it. She also says Britney refused to kiss her (yeah, in 2002/2003 Xtina was pretty raunchy, had nasty unwashed hair, pencil thin eyebrows, was touring with Justin Timberlake, and was hooking up with Carson Daly, etc. so I’m glad Britney didn’t kiss her) https://www.madonnatribe.com/decade/2003/xtina-on-madonna-britney-and-the-kiss-in-blender-magazine/
  16. Who’s yelling in this video with Britney?? It’s at 1:08? Is it LOUser? In this video the person is answering for Britney and telling her what to say. “And say Gwen Stefani and day you’ll wear red lipstick.” Wtf? Edit: at 10:10 someone asks where she sees herself in ten years and she said “on a ranch, with her husband and two more children.” It’s almost been ten years since this
  17. Hey #Exhale, Social media has given us the ability to share our thoughts, photos and videos in an instant. Exhale is so special is because we can not only do that here, too, but ALSO create engaging and ongoing discussions. However, one powerful tool that social media across the board adopted are the use of hashtags. I wanted to harness that power into Exhale. Long story short, I collaborated with a developer to create the ability for you guys to use hashtags now. This functionality does not exist on other forums with the same software currently. We are the first! Why did I feel like this was important? Hashtags act as a central hub. If you use the hashtag #JusticeForBlackout, you can click on it and be taken to a page that shows every instance an Exhaler used it. Similar to a search page, but only for hashtags. The #BlackLivesMatter movement made it apparent to me that there needs to be a way to search all topics pertaining to it. We can arrange Exhale events, like other #JusticeFor campaigns, much easier now. They amplify your voice Promote trending hashtags Exhale Trending Hashtags On the homepage, you'll notice a list of the 5 most-used hashtags within the last 8 hours. If you're on mobile, they'll appear after the 30 Featured Topics. On desktop, they are located on the top right of the page. We are working on adding more abilities / options. I am considering rearranging some things on the homepage to make the trending hashtags more prominent. If you use #BritneySpears, the search result page for that hashtag will ALSO include any time the words "Britney Spears" was used. Another example, you use #Blackout, it will also show any time an Exhaler typed the word Blackout. Go ahead and give it a try! Feel free to create #JusticeFor campaigns, trend an artist's name. Whatever you want. The more people use it, the longer it'll appear on the homepage. Let me know what you think. Do you plan on using them? Is this lame? #SoundOff
  18. Nicki Minaj has the worst discography in the history of music. While Nicki does have some bops (I was a barb from 2008-2014), the bad songs outweigh the good. I went to Spotify and put “this is Nicki Minaj” on shuffle and to say I almost puked is an understatement. It went from a bop like “anaconda”, to the country flop “come see about me”, then to the first major flop of her career “stupid ***”, then to “the boys” which was a weird song that nobody remembers, to “Fendi” (a flop collaboration I’ve never even heard). I couldn’t listen to it for longer than 30 minutes. I’ve come to the conclusion that Nicki Minaj focused more on grabbing low hanging fruit to make sure she got the most hot 100 entries, and didn’t care about making classic songs. And the result is the worst discography in music history. How can you say her discography is good when it’s filled with songs like this? Also, I can’t wait for her next video where I’m sure she’ll be twerking in a pool...for the 110th time.
  19. The only thing that can save Xtina’s career is....a collaboration with Britney Spears.
  20. Britney's ICONIC 5th studio album Blackout is turning 12 in a matter of days. From all the leaked demos and songs before the albums release it was a Britmas like no other. Many were feeling left with coal in their stockings as the album was released earlier than expected due to the leaks and Billboard making a last second chart rule change to dethrone Britney's #1 chart trajectory Released during the most controversial time in Britney's life this album has many songs yet to be leaked, Rebellion, Who Can She Trust, and others.
  21. I'll start: When You Put Your Hands On Me - Christina Aguilera So Real / I Wanna Be with You - Mandy Moore Baby Come On Over - Samantha Mumba I Believe - Bosson Red Blooded Woman - Kylie Minogue Turn It Up - Paris Hilton Apologize - OneRepublic When I Grow Up - *****cat Dolls (awful song, but I would have preferred it as a comeback single over Womanizer) Telephone - Lady Gaga La La La - Naughty Boy Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa Oh, and a cover of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and an official studio version of Open Arms by Journey/Mariah Carey with 1998ney vocals. Imagine how fire those would have been. What songs would you have liked for Britney to release? Feel free to include unreleased / unrecorded demos as well.
  22. Unfortunately for Kelly Clarkson, she and Brandon Blackstock have called it quits. I can't imagine breaking up with someone whom you were married to and had children with, but I do know what heartache feels like. It sucks. One of the ways I got over my few heartbreaks was through music. I played a LOT of Kelly songs because tbh she makes the absolute best, most fiery breakup tracks. I created a collaborative playlist on Spotify dedicated to Kelly's best breakup / heartbreak songs. It's collaborative in that anyone can add to it, not just me. I'd love to have Exhale's participation, so if any of us go through what Kelly is going through, we have this to cling onto. Add the mad mad, angry, sad songs Kelly wrote about one of the worst (and most profound) human emotions. Related:
  23. Seeing as her solo music didn’t take off, Ally Brooke has decided to do what any other flopping 26 year old does....announces a memoir!!! You guys, how exciting!!! 🥴 A mess 🥴
  24. 6ixty9ine Cents is so desperate for a #1 single that he’s offering a fan $10,000 if they can get a tik tok challenge going for “trollz” 🤣 What. A. Loser. Stream “rockstar” by DaBaby so we can block 6ixty9ine cents from even being close to the top spot‼️
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