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Found 4 results

  1. Did anybody else catch the first episode of Canada’s Drag Race tonight? If you are in an area with BBC 3 you can see it on Thursday nights. If you live in the U.S. you can watch it on the Wow Presents Plus app. Yes, it’s another subscription service, but it’s one I recommend if you are a fan of drag race. Lots of original content featuring many of the queens from the show. You can also watch Drag Race UK here. And it’s probably the cheapest subscription service you can get, like $3.99/month. If you did watch the show, what do you think? I think it was a cute Idea to have a different Panel, I kinda missed Ru, but Brooklyn did a good job. Overall I was not disappointed and the lip sync was really good for being the first episode.
  2. Last Friday Rupaul's drag race made Madonna history by giving her a third tribute this time with the critically acclaimed Madonna the unauthorized rusical. Millenials and Gen Z fans are fed up with their favorite pop stars or icons not being tributed. One asked When will Britney spears get her own tribute? Rupaul replied but as expected the answer confirmed one thing.. "JUST BECAUSE SHE DOES GREAT MUSIC AND HAS GREAT MUSIC. DOESN'T TRANSLATE GAY ICON" "UNLIKE MADONNA, JANET JACKSON. WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO SOLIDIFY HER STATUS. DOES SHE DONATE TO CHARITIES, DOES SHE DO ANYTHING THAT ACTUALLY PROMOTES EQUALITY, YOU WILL LIKELY SEE A XTINA TRIBUTE WAY BEFORE BRITNEY GETS ONE ON MY SHOW"
  3. Rustory was made. Madonna is the only icon now to have 3 tributes dedicated to her. Which has led to some debate why A third one.. They all agree a second one was needed cos of the ultimate fail in the kimono fiasco. But this time it's her own rusical. And one drag queen contestant is basically part of the challenge itself. Jamal sims is head choreographer cos he choreographed Madonna's rebel heart tour. Jackie cox is seriously scared cos he's like intricate footwork. Some call this karma. And the one in charge is none other than the biggest Madonna fan in the judging panel. Michelle Visage *****.
  4. YAAAS standing up for our queen and promoting the importance of mental health awareness. I love her take no **** attitude - I had no idea she was a Britney fan at all!
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