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Found 17 results

  1. Heyy, has anyone had the chance to listen to her demo? How does it sound? i've always been curious on this!
  2. Can someone tell me if this was intended for Britney please? It sounds like a Blackout demo and the girl singing is clearly trying to sound like Britney. I’ve never heard this and it randomly popped up on my Spotify playlist. Thanks!
  3. Sounds pretty real to me but IDK... What do you think?
  4. A snippet of an (unconfirmed) producers' demo from the Britney Jean era has surfaced online, The snippet is quite low quality and nobody knows who produced it as of now. However it is most likely by Danja or Will.I.Am. Britney's vocals are not present as it is unknown if this demo was ever heard by Britney. It sounds quite different to the finished products of the Britney Jean era, if you can even call it an era.. The demo snippet can be heard on youtube here: Do you think this is official? Who do you think produced this? Would you have wanted Britney to sing on this? In my opinion, I like it, but I'm not sure if i would have wanted Britney to sing on it, it reminds me of a demo from 2008 by Fernando Garibay, "Superluva", which was later released by singer Starshell with the same title, which is a song I love. I'd love to know what y'all think of this.
  5. It's been over a year since Glory was released, and we know that some 30 to 40 songs were recorded for the album...so why have we still not been gifted any leaks, B-sides, demo recordings, or snippets yet? I'm interested to know if she and Missy Elliott really had a collab, and what some of the original recordings sound like. Can somebody talk to somebody else and get us something??
  6. Thanks to warioaddams for bringing this version to my attention:
  7. Britney doesn't have ANY songs that start with V, X, or Z... One month ago, I asked Exhale users to suggest song titles starting with those letters. (Here's that Exhale topic.) I wrote 4 full songs for Britney inspired by title and theme suggestions made by @Stannedforever! The songs tell a story together, so I envision them being released as an EP around Valentine's Day - With 4 tracks and 4 videos. They're yours if you want em, Britney! These would allow you to complete the full alphabet! I recorded quick demos via SnapChat as an homage to Britney's adorable social media posts! These videos and the full lyrics can be viewed in order below. (Lyrics are also in YouTube descriptions.) Thanks to all those who suggested titles, especially Stannedforever! Let me know what y'all think of the songs...
  8. What if Britney is going to release ‘Sorry Adam’ the femme fatale demo from 2011 ? One of my favourite unreleased demos. There’s plenty of apple mentions in that song, true? I’ve not logged onto here in such a long time but the demo just played on my phone and I was like...okay apples. How would you feel if a 2011 demo was released 7 years later? She’s probably not going to release a thing and I’ll never look at a Apple the same way again.
  9. I just saw this floating on twitter. Was it from some of those demos sent by RCA to the person that pretended to be Larry? https://dbr.ee/XIag
  10. Over the past few years, I've written an album of songs for Britney to sing and I've made an assortment of other creations. Rather than continuing to collect and enjoy these pieces for myself, I think it's time to gift them to fellow fans during 12 Days of Britmas! The 12 Days of Britmas will begin at noon Central Time on Britney's birthday: Saturday, December 2nd. Tune in to see... 12 Songs for Britney (Original Lyrics & Melodies. I'll include rough vocal demos for several songs.) 11 Live Looks (Pixel Artney) 10 Red Carpet Looks (Pixel Artney) 9 Album Covers (Pixel Artney) 8 Blackout Poems (Blackout-style poems based on Blackout album lyrics) 7 MORE Blackout Poems 6 Extra Verses (Bonus verses for some of my favorite tracks by Britney) 5 Random Things! 40 Music Video Looks (Pixel Artney) 3 Spec Songs (Alternate versions of Pretty Girls, Make Me Ooh, and Just Luv Me) 2 Music Vids (One from a trip to the beach with family, another from a trip to see POM with friends) And a question proposed on bended knee... I can't express how excited I am to share this with y'all. I grew up in Louisiana as a Britney Spears superfan. Over the years, I have gained tremendous respect for Britney the artist and Britney the person. As my passion for songwriting grew, I sought a project to pay tribute to the person whose music first inspired me. My Only Wish (This Year) is to write songs for and with The Legendary Miss Britney Spears.
  11. The second verse is totally sung by Sia and was never heard before. The full demo is probably leaking. At least four versions of this song exist: one recorded by Katy Perry, one recorded by Sia, one recorded by Myah Marie (that follows almost exactly Sia vocal lead and that was mixed with Britney in the unfortunate cd version), and the final one recorded by Britney (well.. the verses at least). It's a good song, ruined by a demo-ish final production and by the Myah vocal mess with proper care it could have been single material. Side note: Britney is quoted as one of the composer, but it's not true at all: both the original versions share the same lyrics with the final one. Burqua Jihad was a ******* mess!
  12. Sorry if AP but... I really think Fergie's song "Tension" really sounds like something meant for Britney... I would've loved if Britney had recorded this as a single, even if it reminds me a bit of Everybody from Blackout. Anyways, I love what Fergie did with it, it really shows britney's influence in pop.
  13. #1 #2 Now are they real? Because the only VooDoo i know is this one: So, im very sceptical about these snippets that temptation leaked on his channel! Anyway, guys do you think these are real? And btw sorry if these are AP. I am just curious about them thats all!! OT: I saw that britney ever after mess and i can safely say that i wont be watching it again!!
  14. This demo was apparently submitted for B10 - what'dya think about it?! https://clyp.it/yvx4eihr
  15. Here is my cover of 'Mood Ring' let me know what you think?
  16. Anyone heard this demo before?
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