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Found 23 results

  1. So, Demi Lovato apparently released a new song/movie yesterday and nobody cares. Sucks to suck. How long until she fires Scooter? How do we feel about the blond hair? Demi fans, where are the 3 of you?
  2. Demi Lovato's 2017 album Tell Me You Love Me is pop perfection. I was listening to it last night, and I forgot how precious it is. The sound suits her so well. The songs don't feel forced or overly dramatic like some of her other works. "Sorry Not Sorry" is her best lead single to-date and still sounds fresh in 2020. Fight me "Daddy Issues" is such a wild song. The topic is legit pretty dark, but it's disguised behind a bright chorus and slick production. Then, the Holy Trinity on TMYLM: "Games," "Hitchhiker" and "Concentrate," all appearing in succession. I love when an album has three flawless songs in a row. Interestingly, the latter two sound very similar production-wise, but they take off in different directions when the vocals hit. She also had a freaking song with Lil Wayne which, at first glance, seems kinda out of place, but it's just not. The icy beat, the hollow clap-beats, Wayne's auto-tune-tastic verse... it's a smooth listen. Demi is kind of having trouble finding her sound lately. I know TMYLM can't be duplicated, but if she went for this sound again I bet she'd have a lot of success. Do we have any TMYLM stans here? What's your favorite song (mine is "Games")? Or if you don't like the album, I'm curious to hear why.
  3. Sooooo, where is Demi Lovato? Ever since stick with u or whatever the JB/Ari song is called came out, she’s been silent. Do you guys think she’s mad at scooter for giving them more attention than her? Do you guys even like Demi? Do you guys think Demi and Xtina went to the same doctor for their lip fillers? Is anyone listening? 😂 Fill me in!
  4. I'm not a huge fan of chart and streaming data, but I AM a huge proponent of girl power. This is why everyone is like, WhErE's R9 Kinda surprised about Halsey. Anyone missing?
  5. For no apparent reason at all, Demo has started beef with a lot of celebrities, including Mariah Carey, Taylor swift, Nicki Minaj and Perez Hilton (who provided receipts through his texts with her). She is trying to paint herself the victim when she's doing the mess herself. Demi is over. Talented or not. A bully is still a bully. Oddly it takes another bully take another one out.
  6. Demi Lovato opened up about her rise to stardom as a child actor on Disney Channel original series Sonny With a Chance. She said it was too much for any kid to handle. On top of it, she was suffering from an eating disorder. "I would have people over for meetings on my lunch breaks, because that's how much I worked," she told the Hollywood Reporter. "People would come in and I'd be covered in a blanket on the couch and people would say, 'Why is it 80 degrees in here?' I would be like, 'Because I'm freezing.' They would be like, 'Oh, my God, what's wrong with you?'" "I had an eating disorder and I was underweight and freezing," she recalled. Lovato also admitted that she "wasn't sleeping" and felt angry over her grueling work schedule at the time. "I was so miserable and angry, too, because I felt like I was being overworked," she said. "When you start off in the industry as a 7-year-old, 8-year-old, you kind of value your self-worth with your success," she explained. "I have moments all the time where I'm like, 'Do I want to continue this? Or do I want to pull a Tiffany [Thornton] and move to Texas, have a family and have a farm?'" Demi and the former cast also talked about it in their reunion on Zoom. A lot of people online are basically saying 'boo hoo poor rich Demi.' Thoughts, Exhale?
  7. Demi Lovato was recently embroiled in an online controversy that inspired the hashtag #DemiLovatoIsOverParty. She reportedly had a finsta (a fake Instagram) and posted some harsh things about Selena Gomez. That is, if we are to believe it's real. Read more about that here. In a new interview on I Weigh with host Jameela Jamil, Demi says cancel culture doesn't affect her anymore because it's a non-factor in her real life. “I’ve been cancelled so many times that I can’t count," she said. "The tag... that whole thing doesn’t even affect me anymore.” Should this affect Demi? or is she smart for keeping things moving. Weigh in below.
  8. Hate is a strong word. The correct word for Demi Lovato is jealousy. I think she's jealous how people treat Selena Gomez over the lupus issue, the Justin bieber victim, ex, etc. Demi is a survivor of addiction but she's not being celebrated or anything. She sees everybody else having a thriving careers and watching her stalls. Her current singles flopped. She definitely gave Sam a bad image thx to the finsta. I think demi needs to be honest and admit. That it hurts to see her other Disney stars have massive careers while watching hers basically on a thin line whether she can have a career or not. I think it's really make it or break it for her. Rare is close to US Gold. Boyfriend has more buzz than I love me did. If anything. Demi needs to find her musical identity. She keeps trying to be a pop girl. Maybe if she did a ballads or a country album. I do know she's more successful in the Spanish speaking regions of Brazil. So perhaps a Spanish album can give her the success she so craves. The English language pop world is rejecting her and it's honestly making her mad and lash out in ways. Probably a career in English music isn't in her hands.
  9. Sam Smith and Demi Lovato teamed up for a new song titled "I'm Ready." The Olympics aren't happening this summer, but that didn't stop Sam Smith and Demi Lovato from releasing an anthem (and visual to match) for the games anyway. In the new video, divers, wrestlers and gymnasts rock the art of sport in flamboyant outfits while Sam and Demi serve gender-bending lewks. The song is a bop, too. How do we feel about the new Sam x Demi collabo ladies? I'm personally here for it.
  10. Exhale is a Demi Lovato fansite today Her new interview + photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar is giving us lots to talk about. Demi Lovato says she and Selena Gomez aren't friends Demi Lovato's Harper's Bazaar photoshoot Demi Lovato stans Britney's "Toxic" and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" music videos The latest is the revelation that she won't perform one of her biggest hits because of something that happened during her overdose. Fans suspect she's referring to "Heart Attack." EEK. I understand tbh. Song is a bop but it would be a nightmare to sing if you actually had one. I'm surprised she didn't pull this sooner considering how sensitive a topic it is. Any "Heart Attack" fans here?
  11. If this is real... sis... Demi Lovato recently said in an interview she and Selena Gomez aren't friends. Now, her finsta (fake privatized Instagram account that celebrities use to post things they don't want their millions of fans to see, usually followed by close family and friends only) is getting exposed for dragging Selena Gomez. The account username is allegedly traumaqueen4eva. Her mom, boyfriend and best friend follow it. If it's real, she straight up hates Selena. Dayum.
  12. It's no secret that celebs have private accounts. But I find it extremely odd. That Demi low key stopped herself from being shady about her former friendship with Selena Gomez. My friend posted That Demi just got caught with a second ig account. Ig handle totally fits the bill. Traumagirl4life. And it's set to private. But the suggested follows is a bunch of Demi stan accounts. My friend told me. That it's nothing but a burn book for Selena Gomez. I just commented. When it comes To Demi Lovato I am not surprised anymore. She's the Regina George of the Disney princesses line. And now with this confirmation. It definitely lets me know. Who really won. Selena Gomez
  13. Well, this is awkward! Demi Lovato is the star of Harper's Bazaar's new issue. See the pictures here. In the interview, she says she's not friends with Selena Gomez. Can someone explain why she'd phrase it this way? Is there any upside to her saying this?
  14. Demi Lovato lands in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar. You can check out the new photographs here. She also revealed she's not friends with Selena Gomez. Well, Demi at least at some kind things to say about my faves Britney and Gaga. DID SHE LIE?
  15. A quote in the Harper's bazzar When asked about Dating and relationships. "Open to anything" invited not only the Grammar police but did open **** shaming To quote a user on Facebook "Ready to be loved is the actual phrase you're looking for, "open to anything" is ho talk" I was really taken back. It's 2020 and people still view that S. E. X. IS ONLY BEST WHEN IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP
  16. Demi Lovato graces the new issue of Harper's Bazaar. However, the pictures look a little... off to me. I can't put my finger on it. Thoughts?
  17. There has been a question in my head that I have been asking myself "Can Demi Lovato Make A Comeback?" I'd like to discuss what fellow exhaler's opinions are and also share mine. First off, when I think of Demi I also think of Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. They all started out around the same time but obviously Miley hit the jackpot before any of them. Miley Cyrus continues to enjoy moderate success, Selena Gomez is a pretty successful artist and I honestly thought she would have disappeared before Revival and even after that I was surprised. Which brings me to Ariana Grande...I feel like there's always a "lane" for women to fill. The *** Symbol, The Voice Symbol, The Bad Girl. I feel that Demi was supposed to fill the "Voice" lane but sabotaged herself with her addiction. Instead of Demi being the "voice" we got Ariana Grande and now she is massively successful. It's slightly odd that Ariana came out a few years after Demi was around (just saying). Another thing I have read are interviews about how awful Demi is to work with and I have seen how nasty she can get on the internet. Yes, people have been nasty to her and yes folks have said she is great to work with too, but I am wondering if she has burned too many bridges? I ask this because Scooter Braun came to the rescue then Demi debuted "Anyone" which charted at 34 on the hot 100...so I am assuming its a buzz single. Still good for no video and for her being gone since 2017. She dropped "I Love Me" with a music video and it has tapped out at number 18 on the hot 100. I am scratching my head as to why because I think song is an anthem and is quite relatable. Yes, charts "don't necessarily matter" but at this point it's going to matter for her. Demi has scored one number one album in the US out of six solo albums and has four hot 100 top ten singles (no number one single??). Her peers are doing A LOT better. At this point it is a make or break for Demi. That is my opinion. Maybe the Rona derailed her anthem "I Love Me" or maybe the general public has kind of lost interest in her music? What's your opinions?
  18. New photos from Demi Lovato's Fabletics line hit the Internet, and her fans are scrutinizing them head to toe. The point of contention is that they over-photoshopped her and now she looks like someone else. I'm not really seeing that. Do you agree?
  19. This is super cute. While we're on lockdown, Miley Cyrus decided it would be a good idea to spend her time chatting with friends on an afternoon talk show she's calling "Bright Minded: Live With Miley." We love to see it. The two Disney darlings talk about growing up in the spotlight and issues with body image. Lovato said she wished she was there for Miley after the Internet lambasted Miley for being too skinny following her infamous VMAs performance. "First of all, I'm so sad that you went through that, and I had no idea," she said. "I wish I could've been there, but I didn't know and I feel like we've gone through times where we're closer and then distant and that's fine, that's what friends do. I just wish I could've been there for you." Miley said she's glad they reconnected. "Life is moving so fast that it's usually hard to slow ourselves down and appreciate people in our lives, and you've been that person for me for so many years and we've been friends for so long." "I feel like you've always been such a light and that's why we connected at 14. We connected then because we just saw something in each other. Maybe it was because of spirituality or maybe it was just our hearts." Check it out below. It's 40 minutes long, but then again you're stuck at home with nothing else to do.
  20. Demi Lovato dropped a music video for her new song, "I Love Me." The track is upbeat and pretty anthemic despite some of the somber admissions she sings about (like her eating disorder and peoples' harsh judgement). I can see it being a real summer bop! In the video, Demi literally fights herself as she asks why she's not enough. It kind of reminds me of the "Confident" clip. There appear to be a couple of popular culture references as well, including a play off of a Taylor Swift lyric and some shade aimed at the Jonas Brothers. The scene where "Demi" is being transported into the ambulance kinda rocked me. Overall it's a solid release! Thoughts?!
  21. I really feel for Demi. She's had to handle her demons with body image in the public eye - a terrible combination. She says all the working out and dieting appeared to be a form of recovery, but after reflecting... had a change of heart. It's an interesting stance, because I personally workout a lot and am very diligent about nutrition. I don't see this synonymous with running away from your problems. For me, it works wonders because of the kind of personality I have. Thoughts?
  22. SHE’S READY TO TELL HER SIDE OF THE STORY. Demi Lovato has a lot to sing about since releasing her last record, Tell Me You Love Me. In the time since, the pop star nearly died from a drug overdose, and in the time between that harrowing ordeal, she’s seen peoples’ true colors… and she’s not happy about it. Demi shared an update regarding her forthcoming seventh studio album, and she’s going to get brutally honest. “You know what’s great about making an album? You get to say anything you want, be as open and honest as possible and finally tell your side of the story regardless of who might not like it.” Demi added a shrugging emoji for good measure. There’s buzz she’s referring to ex Wilmer Valderrama, who was recently spotted hanging out with Joe and Nick Jonas. It appears Demi and Nick no longer have a friendship anymore “You won’t need names cause you’ll know exactly who they are,”. Demi has since signed with legendary manager, Scooter Braun, who represents Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly and more. Obviously what Demi went through was terrible, however we love an album by a pop star scorned. Thoughts? Express yourself below!
  23. SOME TAYLOR SWIFT FANS HONED IN ON THE POP STAR FOR PUBLICLY DEFENDING SCOOTER BRAUN AMIDST THE TAYLOR SWIFT MASTER RECORDINGS DRAMA. Demi Lovato is no stranger to receiving hate on the Internet, especially on Twitter. She deleted her profile on the social media site eons ago, however the hatred spilled onto her Instagram account, and she’s well aware of it. Related: Ruin The Friendship: Demi Lovato Will Spill The Tea On Forthcoming Album After Swift penned her scathing letter regarding manager Scooter Braun purchasing her masters, it seemed like every celebrity took a side. Swift’s frequent collaborator, Todrick Hall, who was managed by Braun and his company for six years, claims Braun is homophobic. That inspired a response from Demi who refuted Hall’s claims. Read more about that here. Her reply was enough ammunition for the Swifties to target Lovato. They retaliated by body shaming her. In light of Japan’s decision to lift the ban on whale hunting, hashtag #whale became a trending topic on Twitter. Followers ran with that and started calling Demi a whale. They even made the phrase “Take Demi back to the sea” a trending topic, according to a screenshot from Pop Alarms on Twitter. Others took past interviews Demi gave, removed her audio and replaced it with whale sounds. It gets worse… Demi has personally seen the hatred. A user on Instagram posted a paparazzi shot of the singer and captioned it, “hey demi dm me so we can discuss a diet plan for you.” Lovato has a history with eating disorders and body image, however she seemed to take the awful comment in stride. “I actually am choosing not to diet and fall back into unhealthy behaviors at the risk of losing my sanity or mental health but thank you for the offer! Super sweet,” she responded. Lovato made headlines last year after spiraling away from a life of sober living and into drugs, which lead to a near-death overdose. She has reportedly remained clean since. Obviously, the Internet can be a dark and terrible place, however it’s the minority of people that have the gall to publicly write such treacherous, hurtful words. Demi might have stepped on some toes when defending Braun, but that doesn’t give the Internet free rein to sling hatred at her.
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