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Found 4 results

  1. This is his explanation of the artwork "The last conversation I had with @realpopsmoke was about what we we were gonna to do in the future," Virgil wrote on his social media account. "This album cover was one of like 5 things we talked about. He mentioned his story felt like the metaphor of a rose & thorns growing from concrete of of his hood in Canarsie, Brooklyn. In your memory, I just finished it yesterday. As evident of the whole idea, the t-shirt insinuates it's mandatory we put an and to this cycle of violence that plagues us, we need to shoot for the moon & aim for the stars. As heavy as it is we are celebrating your life the whole way thru. Rest in piece young one." What do you guys think? It’s been getting negative response and rightfully so, the cover looks like a ghetto mix tape cover printed on plain paper.
  2. For example, Blackout is my favorite Britney album but one of my least favorite album covers. Just for reference, this is the original: While I'd personally far prefer any of the following: And despite obviously not being an official photo shoot, I think this Blackout era candid would still be better than the actual cover: Further, I think Glory deserves a much better cover and the following are just a few I found that are arguably better than the official. Original: Preferable alternatives: What about you guys? Which album covers would you change, and what would you replace them with?
  3. I'm revamping my iTunes library and noticed all the fan made album covers I've used and thought I should share some. It's useful, especially when you want to add quality art to non-singles in your library so post your faves here!
  4. I Love this album very much but this is how i would have ordered it Standard Version: 1. Invitation 2. Do You Wanna Come Over? 3. Slumber Party 4. Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) 5. Love Me Down 6. Liar 7. Just Like Me 8. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) 9. Better 10. Man On The Moon 11. Just Luv Me 12. If I'm Dancing 13. Coupure Electrique 14. Mood Ring Bonus Tracks: 15. Hard To Forget Ya 16. Clumsy 17. What You Need 18. Private Show 19. Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) [Cash Cash Remix]
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