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  1. OK, this is my first major topic to open a thread with, it's major LONG and I just know I'm going to get crucified by some of ya'll so just play nice please I've been avidly checking dates, comparing quotes, captions, pics, outfits, dissecting the evidence and reading the Queen's eyelashes now for months to try and decipher if it's really Britney behind the posts and I personally believe that Britney regained at least autonomy over her pics/videos/captions even if she doesn't post them 'live' herself. Buckle in BH, here's the my take: I believe Britney gained a level of autonomy on her social media around late 2018/early 2019. Sometime in the Domination rehersals and around the time of this post something changed: This is around the time she was actively rebelling against Jamie - going out driving, disappearing with Sam, stopping her meds, etc. etc. I believe she potentially managed to eventually get almost full control (besides advertising posts) following her stay in the wellness centre, possibly as a deal between her and Jamie that if she went along with the 'all is well' post to take the heat off that she could have majority say on her content, provided she produced enough content regularly and her social media team controlled when the posts go out. Perhaps, this is the time Sam Ingram did a glorious u-turn and perhaps he managed to leverage control over Instagram as one of the the 'adjustments' that have been already made that to her freedom that we haven't had detail on yet. Posting the video from the clinic defending her family and saying Sam Lufti faked her emails would have given her huge leverage after all. And from this point on we get full on quirky Brit, rebellion Brit and trolling Brit, lengthy, cryptic captions AND if you take a look you will see that 'Touch Of Rose and RED actually begin to sneak in around this time too. The Multiple Repeat Posts What better way to rebel against Lou and Jamie by just filming a LOAD of selfies, walking videos, setups etc on just a few days to keep reusing to meet her content quota. Homegirl would know how much this would grate James as he tries to continue working her like a cash mule - repeat posts of a make-up less Britney looking sad and expressionless in non big label outfits (note that the peasant tops are NOT what she chooses to wear when on vocation or when outdoors with Sam). She even posted a video mentioning wishing she 'had wardrobe full of designer clothes... just IMAGINE' which is so heavily laced with direct sarcasm towards those who forced her to parade in runway show posts wearing expensive dresses for so long. She even posts a video showing us the actual wardrobe of designer clothes she has, yet suddenly she's wearing basic fashion - either they took all of her clothes away and replaced with what she has now (makes no sense to a team pushing her to be cool and relevant) or she's actively choosing not to wear them and along with her remarks about her flip flips, heels, make-up, hair, the 'immaculate threading' on the Mommy floral dress...Britney having never owned a white swim suit before so wears her 'Grandmas' old one when we've seen her in designer white swim suits multiple times. She's making a point to team CON that she's no longer going to be their doll to dress up and flaunt for money for themselves. Which leads me to... Her outfits/overall appearance/image: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CESyJMvgL5F/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Could the online auction of outfits recently have been Britney herself? Or perhaps Lynne? They would need to raise money to pay Sam Ingram since Jamie stopped- plus I'd imagine to have funds she can access to buy herself things she wouldn't normally be able/allowed to - the yellow dress from Bloomingdales, junk food and chocolate. All of those posts have undertones of being things she hasn't been able to do in a long time, probably rejecting efforts from Jamie to force a strict diet on her ever since he took over her life. She's said in many posts she used to hate sitting in hair and makeup for hours for shows and is letting herself FREE with no ****s to give what she looks like. Dancing barefoot, in gym clothes and not made-up to her choice of music and improvised is literally polar opposite of what she had to do when she was actively working for Jamie (hence the need to destroy her hair do night after night in Vegas). She's pointedly remarked about her lack of make-up lately too and that she doesn't have to bother to make him happy; real fans shouldn't care what she looks like at home - being Jamie's slave would mean immaculate hair and make-up, amazing clothes, collaborations with brands and maintaining a 'cool' persona to appeal to a young demographic. She always now posts unedited versions of her photos as a direct response to people saying she's been photoshopped. I've also lost count of the number of posts, random pics where she and/or Sam says something is cool in a very mocking tone when it clearly isn't what generally be considered as 'hip or cool' which suggests to me she doesn't care about impressing to get followers. She knows that her posts being repeated, her dancing erratically and generally her just being Britney will get attention from her followers - this is not Team CON trying to make her look crazy! Why would they do that? That would show that they have failed to protect her and would severely hinder the commercial potential of her brand as she would be considered as 'risky business' - You think James and Lou are really going to intentionally harm their 'investments' potential return by making her come across as too unstable to work? The fact James keeps claiming this is simply a lie to maintain power - so Britney is hamming it up to the max because the more oddly she behaves the more attention is given to her posts, comments and Free Britney movement as a whole. No to mention that EVERY single music track she chooses to put on her videos has strong freedom/breaking free/being controlled/anti-conservatorship vibes. Hey Lou , let's post a fathers day instagram but not mention her me AT ALL despite Lynne getting the full on daughter love on Mother's Day?? Nah. It just doesn't make 'hybrid business model' sense, now does it? Speaking of getting more ATTENTION... ROSE/RED PROJECTS 'Just a Touch of Rose' seems to be the series of garden or studio backdrop shots, primarily of her staring expressionless at the camera as she walks back and forth towards it with a deep gaze. As she has told us many times 'the eyes are the window to the soul' and in these photos there is a palatable sense of sadness and of someone reaching out in desperate hope for something. She stares at us... 'rooting for the world' (ie. her fans helping her), asking us to look at the little differences, details in the small things in these shots, presenting herself with a crown of roses popular amongst Goddess and Nymph mythology that she frequently references. Only when she was awarded her right to her own counsel the other day did she present 'Rose' with a beaming smile to end the project and instantly moving on to 'RED' featuring more shots of her from the Summer. 'RED' symbolises danger, blood shed, a warning sign and draws attention. Here she portrays herself more confidently and with a harder gaze - as though she is setting her sights on her prey and sending out the signal to run and hide. I think we will see more similar/same shots from a couple of months ago as we build towards the next major point in the court battle (after all it IS still Summer! ). I'm not going to get into hype around RED being a secret album, but let's just say there's a high number of coincidences between Britney and Danja's posts and timings of certain posts. There's also some interesting song titles registered if you have a look for them under the name 'DANJA DANJA'. I'm remaining open minded and optimistic on that front. I could get into Sam, the Lioness imagery, quotes and a lot more coincidental stuff but my brain is too fried from trying to piece all the puzzle at the minute. Please don't attack me for my personal views, I just happen to think Britney is super smart (as she's proven so often in the past) and knows what she'd doing. She'd told us she needs our help (hello Yellow top - her new favourite colour!), but I don't think we should take it in the literal sense of 'help I'm held prisoner and beaten if I don't dance for you, more that she needs us to SHARE her story and continue to put pressure on Team CON. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! PS. One finally thing... the wristband conspiracy. None of you remember this? Related:
  2. Britney's legal advocate / lawyer Sam Ingham filed documents slamming Jamie Spears' petition to bring back Andrew Wallet as co-conservator of Britney. For all intents and purposes, he is a complete stranger to Britney and is insanely expensive. Ingham also points out the exuberant fees the conservatorship team and her business managers made in 2019 and 2020 despite Britney not having performed once. That includes $426,000 a year for Britney's co-conservator. Lou Taylor's Tri Star was approved for $500,000. Jamie Spears Mr. Spears claims Britney's objections to the appointment of the conservator are full of factual misstatements. Jamie's asking the court to hold a hearing to weigh the facts, TMZ reports. Andrew Wallet "After denying for months that any structural change to this conservatorship was necessary, an hour before the last hearing James suddenly reversed direction and conceded that a co-conservator of the estate is needed after all. However, rather than work collaboratively with Britney to find the best candidate, James chose to work in direct opposition to her clear statement that she "strongly prefers to have a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed to serve in this role." "In fact, Mr. Wallets's sudden departure after 11 years was "voluntary" only in the sense that he wasn't removed. Rather, it was negotiated by court-appointed counsel for Britney and supported by consideration to Mr. Wallet in the form of a $100,000.00 "golden parachute." So, he says, adding "any individual co-conservator to this case, much less Mr. Wallet represents a very poor value that Britney cannot afford. "Apart from the fact that Mr. Wallet has been extremely expensive in the past, based on what occurred over the 11 years he served as her co-conservator there is no reason to believe that Mr. Wallet will be able to work with Britney to explain and implement any difficult budgetary choices that must be made." Tri-Star The document also fights Jamie's move at the end of 2019, when he agreed to pay Tri Star Group a minimum annual fee of $500,000 despite the fact that Britney hasn't performed again since October 2018, and doesn't plan to do so at the moment. "In considering the economic impact of Mr. Wallets's return on Britney's estate, it should be noted that on December 20, 21 2019, after Mr. Wallet had departed, James modified the compensation of TRI STAR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, the business manager, to provide for a minimum annual fee of $500,000.00," the filing says. He adds, "This amount represents more than DOUBLE the amount that Tri-Star was previously receiving." "Apparently this frugality does not extend to the fees James pays from the conservatorship to the financial professionals with whom he surrounds himself." You can read the full article at The Blast. The full document: Related:
  3. Honestly I don't want and expect Britney to work right away after she is free from conservatorship. I want her to spare time for herself and her children instead of a new album work. We are all hungry for her new music, I know. Let's dream of the next album now !! I wish the original doll would meet us or a similar album would be great. For some reason, I feel like the next album will be "masterpiece" and very powerful. They've undermined her creativity over the years, and it seems to me that when she has everything under her own control she will do even more wonderful things.
  4. Britney Spears was hospitalized twice in January 2008. The first time, it happened after she reportedly locked herself in a bathroom w/ her two kids. She was then strapped to a gurney, and it made front news (Star Magazine sure lacked class...). Later on that month, she was once again hospitalized after reportedly not sleeping for three days in a row. (There was that pic of her w/ that pink wig and that pack of Red Bull, apparently to stay awake.) I remember reading on X17 Online that Britney had a psychiatrist (Dr. Deborah Nadel) at the time that would prescribe her meds, that Sam Lutfi crushed (those?) pills and put them in her food in order to "heal her brain" and that Britney willingly agreed to be taken to the hospital during an intervention by Lynne Spears. And it's that second hospitalization that directly led to the conservatorship then made permanent. I suppose Lou Taylor (reportedly the mastermind behind the c-ship) had already been in talks w/ Lynne and Jamie Spears, right? I'm just unsure as to what exactly led to that 2nd hospitalization. Lutfi (years later) claimed in court that Britney was doing meth. And some speculated it was all a set-up... What about it? What if Britney was never committed that evening? Would she have avoided being placed under c-ship? And regarding use of the word "voluntary" in the latest court document... We know Britney did not voluntarily seek c-ship; she even tried to fight it a few times back then. (Heck, she was even caught, according to court documents, trying to call Sam Lutfi a few years after being placed under c-ship—she must have seriously mistrusted Jamie back then!) I think "voluntary" simply means that if it's voluntary, Britney can opt to terminate the c-ship any time she pleases.
  5. The full Rebellion track may have some more clues as to what's going on. Isn't it the right time for it to leak in full? Some people do have it and are holding on to it when they know how much we want to hear it in full. Some of them may say "it's not their place to leak it", but come on... How many Britney Spears songs did leak in full? 20 or even more? Most of the leaks were illegal, right? So why would leaking that one track be more "illegal"'? Doesn't make much sense. Also, I think Britney should just apply to have the c-ship (both personal & financial) dissolved once and for all. According to her court-appointed lawyer, she can do so. I understand the strategy of removing Jamie first, but it's dragging way too long. February 2021, six more months (exactly 13 years after the c-ship was put in place) just for it to be endlessly extended? Right now, does Britney Spears need the c-ship? Yes or no? If not, then why not just seek its termination now and make a compelling case w/ a team of doctors that would argue it needs to end?
  6. Please sign & share this petition. An official response from The Whitehouse will be required if it reaches 100,000 signatures in 30 days. Sign it: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/conservatorship-and-civil-liberties-britney-spears
  7. Britney Spears reportedly spent over $1,000,000 of her own money paying the lawyers handling her conservatorships, The Blast reports. Mind you, Britney has remained adamant about not wanting to be in a conservatorship since day one. Her brother recently confirmed so as well, saying "she's always wanted to get out of it." She's paying people to keep her in something she does not want to be in... let that sink in. A new filing highlights how much Britney's assets are worth, how her stocks did and the expenses of her private and professional conservatorships. The financial records say Britney spent a total of $1,202,503.30 on attorney fees and services in 2019. $400,000 of that were designated for "conservatee fees" charged by her own attorney, Sam Ingham. Another $346,000 was "conservator fees" charged by the attorneys working on the conservatorship. Britney's former co-conservator, Andrew Wallet, who abruptly quit last year after receiving a pay-raise, was paid $27,000. Britney's father Jamie took home $128,000. It's worth mentioning Mr. Spears lives full-time in Louisiana while Britney lives in Los Angeles. Related:
  8. April Parks was a professional Nevada guardian/conservator. As a guardian, April Parks controlled hundreds Nevada’s most vulnerable people, isolated them, and drained their life savings. She is now in prison for 16-40 years. Here is an article published by Forbes about this case: This is an article that explains more in depth how April Parks operated and how elderly people lose their rights: I really wanted to post this because I feel there are some similarities to Britney's situation.
  9. The energy behind the #FreeBritney movement is at an all-time high. Millions of people are demanding change for a perceived injustice happening before our very eyes to one of the most powerful pop icons of our generation. 12 years ago, Britney was involuntarily placed in personal and financial conservatorships that legally removed her rights to fundamental basic civil liberties, including hiring her own representation, choosing her doctors... even freely seeing who she wants, voting or driving. Yesterday, July 22nd, a court hearing took place in downtown LA to discuss the status of Britney's conservatorships. Britney was scheduled to appear via video conference, however she did not. What happened? Fans outside the court hearing began claiming they were told she never appeared due to a connection error. This inspired a wave of backlash because it prompted a very legitimate concern that Britney was being censored or purposefully blocked from speaking on the conservatorship, thus prolonging her undesirable situation further. Basically, fans felt she was once again being censored. However, a source close to the court hearing, who finds it important to create an honest dialogue with supporters, reveals to BreatheHeavy that the connection error story is untrue. What actually happened is that four individuals who originally joined the video call with the judge were ordered to exit the call before Britney signed on because the information is confidential. However, they ignored the judge's requests, likely in an effort to stumble upon sensitive information, and continued to pop in and out of the stream prior to Britney's virtual arrival. As a result, the judge delayed the hearing as it was imperative to keep what Britney had to say completely private. Before the conspiracy theories begin, I'd like to point out that I was not paid or swayed in any way. What I do want to emphasize is that this is an honest attempt at communicating the truth, which I think is something many of us find very valuable amidst all of the uncertainty. This is a positive step, and while I know this information will be scrutinized anyway, I'd like to remind you that I personally champion the notion of Britney gaining more independence. I also am an advocate for transparency regarding this sensitive subject (or at least, finding a balance), and I think this is an instance where that happened. There's a new court date scheduled for August 19th. Related:
  10. Okay so I'm nee to exhale and learning how to get my *** kicked on here, but anyway I'm still trying cause I have to much time. Furthermore, people saying they want Britney to be free, I think that they forget Britney will never be free. She will always have people telling her what to do, what's wrong what's right etc. I mean even before the conservatorship she tried to be free and live a normal but that ended her up in this situation. I think Michael Jackson was the perfect example of what that kind of fame does to someone. He was always by himself at the end. It's crazy to think that the amount of people that want to talk to these superstars and want to spend time with them, but somehow a lot of them say they end up lonely. (UPDATE) Okay more positive if we win we need to keep fighting for her. We all have to be leave britney alone peeps if the haters attack her, (which we all know they will) (Super update) Thanks for the replys. I agree we need to be positive and im not trying to stir the pot. I try to think critically about all this instead of emotionally. Idk what it is about Britney that people are drawn to. For me its about how strong of a person she is and how much crap she takes. If someone criticizes me I get my painties in a bunch, but she is always getting it and has still stayed a decent human being(as far and I know, I've never met her) and to me that's inspiring. So I say keep fighting and only the future will tell what will come out of this.
  11. Britney Spears' mom, Lynne Spears, filed legal documents requesting to be included in all the decisions regarding Britney's finances, specifically the trust which holds most of Britney's multi-million dollar assets, The Blast reports. She's asking the Los Angeles County Courts to be included in any "special notice" of "all matters" having to do with Britney's trust. Related:
  12. So she blocked me on my Twitter. Given that I've had this account for like 2 weeks, this is proof she does read the tweets and blocks anyone who is against her. We have got to spread this worldwide to every single person in the world. She can't block the whole world!
  13. So I’ve noticed something interesting under Lady Gaga’s tweet about Britney’s dad’s barbeque in 2014. I suppose she talks about our Britney since they met at the backstage of POM that year. Any duct tape as well?? The fact that this happened 4 years before the whole #FreeBritney movement. I felt like I had to share it here. Should I delete the post in case they make him delete the tweet? Should we get screenshots? Is the tweet even useful for Britney’s case? Who’s even Jeff Raymond? A time traveller from 2018 or something? Too much for my cute little mind
  14. I have to believe that at some point the conservatorship will end & Britney will regain control of her life. If that happens, I've often wondered what would happen in the days/months that would follow. So my question...what do you think Britney will do? Give a tell all interview? Write a book? End her relationship with certain family members? Start partying hard? Devote all her time to getting custody of her kids? Tell me what you predict will happen!
  15. Though some media outlets ( such as People or the Daily Mail ) reported Britney to have a bipolar condition, I'm not sure her medical records and diagnoses were ever made public. Britney once jokingly referred to "bipolar disorder" in a special. Now, whether or not she truly does have bipolar, could her team use bipolar or whatever or condition as an excuse to keep her locked in that c-ship for even longer? I suppose that's what is going since she is still under c-ship after 12 years and 4 months, and a legal justification is required (though it may be pure chicanery at point). I am not a medical doctor, and each case is different. All I know is that a lot of people (incl. some rich celebrities) w/ bipolar (or other conditions) manage to retain their legal freedom; they simply need to monitor their health, consult doctors, therapists, etc. And they are aided by assistants, advisers, etc. Team c-ship wants the public (and esp. the court) to believe Brit is apt enough to work but still gravely disabled in the mental sense and cannot function without the parameters of a permanent c-ship (personal & financial). IF Britney does have bipolar, could it prevent her from obtaining her freedom?
  16. Omg This is sickening Also this might be a good sign. maybe the court decided that she didn't really need a conservatorship and Jamie is scared of going to jail so he is making this up. Source: The Blast
  17. Britney's January 2020 conservatorship hearing was pushed back to April 21st. The April 21st hearing is delayed again due to social distancing and COVID-19.
  18. Either she's on here and found out or she really is more psycho than we imagined. I'm blocked now so who knows what that was all about. I was so close!!! I feel like I let you all down, I'm sorry!!
  19. Guys! Lawyers of Britney just posted on their Instagram interesting news! Conservatorship team settled with Sam Lufti for 25 000 dollars! They paid him off! Shocking!
  20. Here's a new poll on B10: This has got me thinking... Could B10 be the 1st off c-ship album, perhaps even executive produced by Britney like she did Blackout ? If the album is actually made and released, I'd much rather it happens off c-ship. We may boycott endeavours such as The Zone pop-up museum, fragrances, calendars, etc. Each new record (harder to boycott) still generates money for the c-ship (Jamie, Lou, Larry and all), so do each new music video, residency or concert that follow, and Brit only gets an allowance. B10 should definitely happen off c-ship (and Brit would be able to say what she truly wants on the album), and it could, considering awareness raised to her situation + her and her mom's reported opposition to the current c-ship.
  21. Britney Spears Doesn’t Want to Work Due to Conservatorship: She ‘Resents’ Her Dad "Setting her boundaries! Britney Spears“doesn’t want to work” out of resentment for her father, Jamie Spears, and the rules of her conservatorship, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. The “Toxic” singer, 38, has been enjoying her time away from the spotlight, and hasn’t planned to release new music anytime soon as a form of protest against her conservatorship, which Jamie, 67, has controlled since 2008. As conservator, Jamie has power over the Grammy winner’s multimillion dollar estate, her personal affairs, her relationships and even her taxes. “Britney has expressed that she doesn’t want to work again because she doesn’t want to continue to essentially keep herself under the conservatorship,” the source tells Us. “Britney resents that her dad is given a monthly allowance which is around $10,000 a month for his services overseeing her finances.” A second insider confirms that the former Mouseketeer “is in no rush” to record new music. “The thought barely crosses her mind. This is the longest break between album cycles in her career — it’s coming up on four years since Glory was released — and she’s perfectly content with it,” the source adds. News of Britney’s reluctance to get back into the recording studio comes shortly after her youngest son, Jayden, alleged that she might quit the business entirely. The 13-year-old, whom Britney shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline, fielded questions from fans during an Instagram Live Q&A earlier this month and promised that he would reveal “the whole story” about his mother’s well-being if he reached 5,000 followers. Though he admitted he didn’t know whether or not the “Circus” singer was “being controlled” by her father, Jayden said he hasn’t seen her “doing a lot of music at all” recently. “I remember one time I asked her, I said, ‘Mom, what happened to your music?’ and she was like, ‘I don’t know, honey. I think I might just quit it.’ I’m like, ‘What? What are you saying? Like, do you know how much bank you make off of that stuff?” the teenager said at the time. For more on Britney’s battle against her conservatorship, watch the video above and pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now. Source: Us Weekly
  22. Heyy! I was wondering if anyone has seen the episode 'Guardians' apart of Season 2 Nextflix show Dirty money. A very very insightful and professional episode on conservatorship abuse i felt a lot was similar to britney :(
  23. So I came across this video and it's a pretty decent recap but the end seems very "convenient" for c-ship team thoughts?
  24. EDITED: As a devoted Britney fan, I’ve exhausted all my options trying to figure out what could possibly revive her passion for performing live. At first I thought she simply can't move the same anymore but, rehearsal footage proves otherwise. Then I blamed the choreo for being too easy, but the steps don't have to be hard to be entertaining. Looking at today's mainstream pop stars, none of them move like Britney did in her prime. Perhaps the truth, simply put, is Britney's had her fill. She earned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by the time she was 21! She was also declared 'Woman of the Year' around the same time. Not feeling like she has something to prove, there's no drive anymore. She's already seen and experienced more than any one of us could imagine. Add 20 years, children, and a c-ship (disallowing her to legally make her own decisions) on top of the burnout, it's not hard to understand how things won't ever be the same. My takeaway is; Britney should take a breather. A real one. She deserves the time to fully devote herself to tackling her mental illness(s), and caring for her family. Should she want to, venture in other areas of the industry that are exciting to her. Anything that does not involve performing in front of a live audience. All while taking her time to write honest music that actually means something to her. Become inspired all over again and (when she's ready) give us something worth waiting for.
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