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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not one to be polite and quiet, If I have something to say. I'll make sure it's said even with a T shirt. Everytime I go to wal mart to go grocery shopping that T shirt mood Is I see Dumb people, It's wal Mart the statement is valid and True. Target, Always. Retail therapy My man Works and I shop. That's the definition of workshop in a relationship. But My friend reminded me How her ex Came at me in a very awkward way. The comeback is epic. He definitely shut up. I grew up in a small hick town, Chino valley Arizona where The famous Local celebrity is The X Factor's Drew. The school is a baby mama curse. I swear every girl by graduation is about to pop or word got out she's pregnant, It's that kind of town where everybody knows your business and reputation. The minors have it harder than most especially teens, It's drug addicts, Or promiscuous teens cos there is literally nothing to do with the town's total population is basically 13,000 and they only promote stuff for kids and not teens. So a forgotten generation always happens when you become teenagers in this town. Most fly to the big city because there is more people like them after high school. And the drop out rate is hilarious. My class had a 150 freshman year well the graduating class of 2004 was basically 75, some were banned due to legal convictions as they can't associate with minors. It's also known that many girls who are 16 get into relationships with men in their early 20s, cos that's chino for u. We mockingly said if MTV was gonna do a reality show it's going to be called Chino valley, 86323 since literally it's a farm town soap opera for teens. One day my friends ex told me to stop listening to The angry chick music (Jagged little pill was my soundtrack to high school) told me to listen to 2pac instead. Okay so a cowboy wearing overalls and a weed (not the drug but typical farner look) in his mouth telling me to listen to 2pac. That must have set off what was already storm brewing I replied "Why would you listen to 2pac, u don't know anything about that lifestyle or what he represents. Stick to your George strait, cos thats the actual life you live. He asked me But why do you listen to angry chick music, that slams men like me? Well For real I relate to her, The fact that I have to answer stupid questions and share oxygen with an idiot like you in this town, Is plenty of actually validated reasons, if you ask me. He was quiet and shocked.
  2. I'm fully prepared to be dragged for this but I think we should have this conversation. Confessions On A Dancefloor is an album that has aged very well, the production is amazing, and it was cool of her to release an album of this style in the middle of the 2000s. That being said, a great portion of the songs just aren't very good. In fact, the production might be so good that they hide the fact that many of the songs are quite weak on their own. The album does have great songs like Hung Up, Get Together, Let It Will Be, and How High, but the rest just isn't great. Madonna herself doesn't seem to be a fan of this album either, which is why after the era was finished she stopped performing songs from it (besides hung up on the occasional tour). Confessions was the beginning of her creative decline, where she started feeling obligated to make a certain type of music after American Life (one of her best albums) flopped. Thankfully Madonna's creative spirit lives on with Madame X. It's not that I don't like dance music, her 80s albums are great examples of dance music well done, because the songs themselves are actually good and can stand on their own if they were to be stripped down and played acoustically. Even Hard Candy and MDNA are at least good for working out to. Most of the songs on Confessions are too slow to work out to or even dance to, but too fast to just listen to while relaxing at home. I'm always confounded to see Confessions consistently ranked in the top 3 of most Madonna fans album ranking; people really like Confessions more than masterpieces like Ray of Light, Erotica, or Like A Prayer? Really? I think fans at the time were just happy to see Madonna making music for the dance floor again, but the album really is a sad shadow of what her dance music used to be. The album definitely sounds better in the mixed version, but that just adds to my point that it's the production techniques that makes the album seem good, not the songs themselves. Anyways, I think it's time to stop pretending like Confessions is her best/only good album of this century. Every time she releases something new, it's always compared to Confessions or called "her best work since confessions", as if nothing she does will ever measure up. I am not saying it's a bad album I just think it's overrated and honestly maybe one of the most overrated pop albums of this century (because of how incredibly highly it is regarded). Anyone else agree? disagree? let's discuss
  3. Madonna brought her Universally acclaimed but Highly controversial Confessions tour to Phoenix. It was her first trip back to the valley of the Sun in 21 years since The Virgin tour First show sold out in 48 seconds (The Arizona republic said the fan club Icon literally took 92.86% of the venues capacity creating the fastest sellout in Arizona tours history for the General public. I was lucky to get two nosebleeds. Cos after i got the two seats. The concert was sold out.) Due to the instant sell out which shocked the conservative state of Arizona. A second and final show was added to meet demand. But the second show was on a Saturday. Due to Madonna's rest day on the Kabbalah is no work or shows can happen on a Friday. strict rules. My aunt merri wanted to get me tickets to her second and final show. Grandpa talked her out of it. Stating the favoritism towards your nephew has caused a rift between your own children and his own mom. The fact you can't see that is still sad. So I only got to go to club Madonna in Thursday Important facts Phoenix is 125 degrees in june. The arena was set at 100 degress for vocal comfort. This has been a major complaint from fans especially in Florida during the Madame X tour. Apparently after the show. It was so hot. Everybody went home to shower cos they smelled like Body odor. No matter how much deodorant or cologne you wear sweat wears it all off. Anti perspirants don't even work. They just want more money. After like it or not. She challenged bush to walk the walk cos all he does is talk the talk. During I love New york. She told us to go ti texas to suck George bush's peen. Live to tell despite being a classic Madonna song. Which is about child abuse. Caused controversy cause she performed it on a mirrored cross. The screens counted to 12,000,000 to reveal that in Malawi (It all began here) that by 2010 12,000,000 kids will be orphaned or have died of AIDS. Several homoeroticism imagery especially during The performance of Confessions version of Forbidden love. The opening sequence made some women uncomfortable cos it appeared she dominated men. Like a virgin shows her actual broken bones x rays from her fall in 2005 on her 47th birthday. Non Madonna fans who watch it when I pop in a DVD always becomes a fan after that performance cos of the breakdown she does on the saddle makes everybody believe that even if the music sucks. You're going to leave entertained knowing you actually went to a show and not a typical concert. Happy 14 years of Entertaining me Madonna and pissing the religious freaks out. Love ya, Empress @Roxxy Feature this.
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