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Found 8 results

  1. “Anytime she was coming through the halls everyone Stopped and we literally froze”
  2. It's been a while... But I'm here now (jk probably no one even remembers me). So my boyfriend and I started this tradition of watching shows by different artists. We've watched The Onyx Hotel tour, Artrave by Gaga (my favorite so far), also Rihanna's Anti. We've also watched a couple of festivals (Sigrid and Paloma Mami). Aaaaaand now that it's my turn to pick one, I really want us to watch The Circus Starring Britney Spears. The thing is, there are so many different versions on Youtube I don't really know which one's the best! Can yall help me out? Also if you have links to download it that'd be great! Thank you *****es!
  3. This isn't a *conspiracy* theory thread so to speak. But i was watching some old and new videos and couldn't get past the weird and twisted fact of Britney being in an ACTUAL cage in her own work and imagery ever since 2007. Here's the list of the occurances and feel free to add more in the thread: 1.Piece of me tour : right after circus , she's in the cage dancing ( piece of me song) ...with "handlers" around her. In the middle of the song she gets out or the door is open but is shut again. ( so f**king strange and odd) 2. In the opening video of the femme fatale tour she's being sought after and is captured. After hold it against me ....up n down comes on and she's ...AGAIN behind BARS. Now the good thing after both those instances she does get out before the performances finish. 3. In a very recent event as we all know. In the original make me music video ...well , again she's in a cage. And is painted red oddly so. I don't know if this is looking at something "too deep" or whatever. But i just couldn't look at those instances or performances the same way after this year . I mean in a weird , horrible and twisted mind it's so happened to be that she actually is in a way living in a cage since 2007/08 . And the cage theme came up right after. Can you guys think of any other ones? Even slightly similar?
  4. Simon Ellis is the musical director of both the Circus and Femme Fatale tour and made the remixes for both tours. He did share some such as Gimme More (FF), pre-intro (FF and the very first she shared), Toxic (FF) Slave (Circus), MATM (Circus), Circus opera intro (Circus), VMA mash-up, Work ***** (Unreleased remix), Circus (Unreleased remix, it was used for the reprise durng the Circus Tour though) Last time he promised to share the "If U Seek Amy (FF version)" ... this was like 2 years ago or even more... I asked him DAILY where his promised remixes were and how I admire his work and I even told him his remixes are better than the orignal (*** kissing to get them), he then blocked me on twitter... That's why I ask YOU to ask him about more remixes! He promised them years ago and I need them in my lifeeeee FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/simonellismusic TWITTER: https://twitter.com/simonellismusic SOUNDCLOUD:
  5. Sorry for the bad quality clips on the beggining...i can't find them in HD But at 0:40 they're all HD
  6. How would you feel if britney did a Duffy vibe album/ Love on the brain esque record? I think it could refresh her image and something more artsy fartsy Ps. is this the only video of her cover that night?! I need to hear more of this song
  7. So, guys, I'm sure everybody around here already saw this video and this is no surprise, but I was thinking about Britney's vocals during this era and, well, of course I wanted her to sing live, but this doesn't seem to happen nowadays (I really thought se was going to promote 'Glory' this way because the vocals on the record are not very difficult, but...). Anyway, I was wondering when was the last time she sang live and couldn't find another video after the "You Oughta Know" performance. I know she did a couple of "Perfume" performances on POM, but that was not entirely live, if I'm not mistaken. Or was it???? Another question that I've never figured out: does anyone know why she did the Alanis cover in the first place? It is flawless, fierce and she never did anything spontaneous like that again. I mean, did she sing it because any of her exes was hooking up with someone at the time? Do any of you know any rumors about it? ENLIGHTEN ME, EXHALE!
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