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Found 40 results

  1. Hey team, Pretty soon Exhale will roll out a new feature called Clubs. Without going into too much detail (more info to come soon), Clubs are essentially micro-communities inside Exhale. They are designed to encourage fan-bases of ALL artists to join. Why? Exhale features lots of content about all artists, (versus entirely Britney like it was a few months ago). Even still, I believe fans of other artists are hesitant to join Exhale because most of our members are predominantly Britney fans. One of my goals with Exhale is to 1.) maintain our presence in the Britney community AND 2.) re-create that magic for other fan-bases. Currently, if fans of a certain artist want to join, their only "home" right now is the Music News or Music Discussions Forum. It's gotta feel weird to be a Christina Aguilera fan and join when there's an entire Britney Spears Forum. However... a Club will solve this problem! A Club has a: Forum Calendar Member's list Club Leaders Club moderators (elected by the Club Leader) Custom homepage created by the Club Leader For example if a #JusticeFor campaign is happening it can be featured on the Club's homepage for all Club members to see. I want to start with the Christina Aguilera Club. Fighters can find a home off of social media in Exhale in our upcoming Christina Aguilera Club. We are starting with this one Club first and seeing how it goes, what the engagement/response is like before allowing more Clubs for other artists. Ideally... eventually there will be lots of clubs (meaning lots of micro-communities inside Exhale). Because of the drama going on with the #JusticeForBionic versus #JusticeForBlackout campaigns, I wanted to extend an invite to Xtina fans to join Exhale's Christina Club. It's not YET open, because first and foremost I want to find a Club Leader for it. A Club Leader will: Personally invite members to join (on Exhale and social media) Bring a positive presence to the Club Maintain a sense of order Create topics Have perks View Exhale ad free All replies are highlighted Upload attachments Members or guests won't just be able to click a button and join the Christina Club. You'll HAVE to be invited by the Club Leader to join. Otherwise, trolls or people who aren't big fans could join which defeats the purpose. It's meant to feel exclusive and special, but it won't be if it's too accessible. It's important this Club leader is a passionate Xtina stan, otherwise this won't work. The goal is to inspire members of different fanbases to join Exhale (in this case, Christina fans) so we can continue building this awesome community. If you or someone you know is... A huge Xtina stan and Wants to be Exhale's Christina Aguilera Club leader ... please comment in this Topic! If you have any questions, drop a line below as well. Looking forward to rolling Clubs out in the very near future. 🙏 - Jordan Exhale's community leader
  2. Christina Aguilera participated in an Exhale AMA Q&A with Fighters and answered questions about Bionic in celebration of the album's 10th anniversary. She talks about the album art, her inspiration behind the album, what she likes performing, the collaborations and more. Check it out below. What's your favorite part? Thank you to Gaga Daily for the captures. Thoughts on Xtina's Q&A?
  3. Christina Agee Christina Aguilera says record execs at the start of her career wanted to rename her to that. I- “I remember when I was first coming up, there was a big debate around me on changing my last name because all the businessmen around me thought it was too long, too complicated, and too ethnic,” Christina told Billboard. “‘Christina Agee‘ was an option, but that clearly wasn’t going to fly. I was dead set against the idea and I wanted to represent who I really was. Being Latina, it is a part of my heritage and who I am,” she added. “There was another time in my childhood when I was being asked to legally change my name to my stepfather’s to be legally adopted and I was again dead set against it,” Christina said. “I’ve been fighting for my last name my whole life.” Can you imagine if she went by that and not Aguilera?!
  4. So today, MTV showed the craziest TRL moments, and it included a clip of the host asking Xtina about her shading Britney in blender magazine. I had never heard this before, but the quote is: “Well, I feel I’ve grown a lot this year, and we did used to be friends once, after all. She seems to me like a lost little girl, someone who desperately needs guidance. But who knows? maybe I’m not the right person to offer it. We’re very different people, aren’t we? In our world, there are different types of entertainers. You have your artists and you have your regular performers. I’m an artist, and, well…” Christina Aguilera aka the FLOP OF POP should’ve been cancelled immediately following this. And to think I just made a thread a couple of weeks ago saying they need to collaborate. Heres the full article if you want to read it. She also says Britney refused to kiss her (yeah, in 2002/2003 Xtina was pretty raunchy, had nasty unwashed hair, pencil thin eyebrows, was touring with Justin Timberlake, and was hooking up with Carson Daly, etc. so I’m glad Britney didn’t kiss her) https://www.madonnatribe.com/decade/2003/xtina-on-madonna-britney-and-the-kiss-in-blender-magazine/
  5. Mariah created The target exclusive bonus track. But it was Christina Aguilera who created the Target exclusive album. Her 2008 Keeps Gettin' Better: A decade of hits was originally exclusive to target until 2010 when it was given a store wide release with a different Universal Product Code. It's also sad, when The target ad is better than the actual video itself. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  6. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of #Bionic, Christina Aguilera shared racy outtakes from the album's photoshoot. I can't actually post the photos themselves because they go against Google's guidelines. You'll have to either pause the video in a flash, or do a little digging. Either way, Xtina looks smokin hot. I saw a lot of comments on the Internet from people claiming she was copying Gaga and was looking desperate in this shoot because of how much skin she showed. I disagree: Xtina has embraced her sensual side since the beginning. Thoughts? #JusticeForBionic Check out the clip below:
  7. The only thing that can save Xtina’s career is....a collaboration with Britney Spears.
  8. Throwback to 2015 when Christina Agulerra Did her Britney Impression THIS IS NOT THE NURSERY RHYME I REMEMBER AS A CHILD
  9. I hate this album, it's so irritating but perhaps it's because I'm not a music person and was not ready here are the only songs i like that are worthy of being released as its own EP. This is Bionic reimagined under the title, 'Morning Dessert'. This EP was executively produced by user rik and @RealLarryRudolph Track One: Morning Dessert intro Track Two: transition into *** For Breakfast Track Three - Prima Donna - since this already has a 4 second voice over from Lil John they should've made a remix with him maybe. This could've been the EP's Dirrty and a lead single. No idea why they released Not myself tonight Track Four - Desudante (I usually have mixed feelings but by the bridge i enjoy it) Track Five - Birds of Prey (not sure why this was a bonus track) Track Six - You Lost Me Track Seven- Lift Me Up (ACOUSTIC ONLY) - I don't get why they made that horrid version where they overproduced everything. Track Eight - I Am (Stripped version- the album version was a lot for me and way too overproduced yet again, not sure why they put this as a deluxe edition exclusive). A wonderful way to finish the EP. what do you guys think? @The Greatest Show
  10. Christina Aguilera put "Little Dreamer" onto streaming services to celebrate Bionic's 10-year anniversary. (By Demand) Stream below: Related:
  11. Monday Morning Elastic Love And many other experimental and pop perfection tracks. I wish Bionic had sold 10 million copies world wide and accompanied by a 250 million grossing tour. The visual of Bionic's era was stunning too. Bionic, E.MO.TION Side A+ Side B, Glory are four masterpieces that were unfairly slept on by the GP.
  12. ** DISCLAIMER .... THIS IS NOT TO START A STAN WAR.... I'm just curious, based on the recent poll of who had the BEST decade, who do you all think had the most disappointing, and why? I'm curious what albums we didn't like, where we think things could've been better... tours, singles.... let's have some fun! For me, it's Christina Aguilera. I have been a fan of Christina since 1999. I was so stoked after her long hiatus to hear 'Bionic' was coming out, and I think it's one of the most flavorful albums of the 2010's. It was extremely disappointing to see which singles were chosen, how the tour was canceled, and the album ultimately scrapped. From there, 'Lotus' disappointed me because it was so generic, and nothing happened until 'Liberation'. I do think Lady X brought it back full swing with her residency and that phenomenal 'Liberation'.... but Christina could've had such a huge 'Bionic' era if they managed it a little differently....
  13. Here are some of the artists' singles discography playlists that I've created if you like listening singles in release order sometimes. https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/ariana-grande-singles/pl.u-gxblvBRu5PNN2VA https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/beyoncé-singles/pl.u-xlyNAVPukMbbZRN https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/britney-spears-singles/pl.u-gxblMy4C5PNN2VA https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/christina-aguilera-singles/pl.u-8aAVob9ToVBBERM https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/lady-gaga-singles/pl.u-GgA52M6IZWJJvqG https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/madonna-singles/pl.u-xlyNJJWCkMbbZRN https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/rihanna-singles/pl.u-NpXmY7Wum522JMr https://music.apple.com/tr/playlist/tinashe-singles/pl.u-KVXBq5LFZNaapMj
  14. I was just wondering when did they last saw each other, could it be an award show or just a random event?
  15. In the song (which is a total bop) she says the word librase now when I first heard it I was like oh maybe she didn't pronounce it right and I just forgot about it but today I played the song again and I remembered, so I looked up the lyrics and yes indeed they spell it as librase. Now I've heard of liberate or perhaps she meant to say liberense. I looked it up on the spanish dictionary and I didn't find any results spelled that way. Is that perhaps a way they use it in another latin country ? Anybody, is that a word ? Or is it incorrect ?
  16. On this day in 2010, Christina Aguilera released her sixth studio album, {Bi~ΟΠ~iC}. It was a drastic departure from the retro, jazz-influenced sound of Back To Basics into more futuristic electronic music. Consisting of 24 tracks in total, the record combines sassy electropop bangers with personal pop / R&B ballads with some rock, new wave, dancehall and disco sprinkled in. For the record, Christina worked both with established hitmakers, as well as more underground, less-known producers and co-writers. For example, it was the first album by a big pop artist to feature songwriting from Sia and had one of the very first Nicki Minaj guest verses on a song ("Woohoo"), something that's very commonplace now. However, due to many reasons, including a drastic change in sound compared to her previous records, accusations of chasing trends and copying Lady Gaga (spearheaded by Pigrez Perez Hilton), mediocre promotion, a change in the title, a delayed release, no tour, the era being cut short (lasting only 6 months) and Christina's personal problems, {Bi~ΟΠ~iC} underperformed and has been largely forgotten by the general public. Despite this, many consider it a solid record and it has gained newfound appreciation in recent years.
  17. I think we give ~Xtinct~ I mean, Christina too much hate on this platform so I decided to make a cute thread that appreciates her. What’s your most favourite album from her? What funny and cute memories of Xtina? Let’s appreciate the Christina Aguilera. Let’s show Xtina fans like @DignifiedLove, some love too. Enjoy
  18. Hey guys, I wanted to share my two cents in a separate Topic outside of the #JusticeForBlackout Topic. There's a lot of confusion and also I'd like to use this platform to spread kindness and hopefully persuade you to agree that the #JusticeForBlackout campaign should be delayed. A Britney fan decided to organize a #JusticeForBlackout campaign slated for June 8th. I love love love the idea of a #JusticeFor initiative for this epic LP, but NOT under these circumstances. Do you know what Fighters have been planning for weeks? A #JusticeForBionic campaign on, you guessed it, June 8th, the day the album turns 10-years-old. One notorious Britney troll, who has a history of causing conflict on the Internet, gained some momentum with this and decided June 8th would be an ideal date for the Blackout campaign ONLY because they want to try and screw over Xtina fans. It's not right. Hell, their #JusticeForBlackout campaign made it to the front page of Exhale, but it was quickly discovered that the campaign had an ulterior motive - an attempt to block 'Bionic' from going #1 on iTunes and re-energize a feud between both fanbases. Guys, we are literal adults. We should be supporting BOTH living legends versus trying to tear them and their fans down. There's enough room for both women and fanbases. I propose Britney fans agree to delay the #JusticeForBlackout campaign until a later date and allow Xtina fans to celebrate in peace without this stan war. I fear a post like this might throw gasoline on the fire, but I would like Exhale to draw a line in the sand. We can't control what stans do on social media - if they want to continue to promote #JusticeForBlackout for June 8th, so be it, but I think we should seriously consider putting an ax in these plans because IT'S SOLE PURPOSE IS TO CAUSE DRAMA AND CONFLICT. So, even if in a magical world, 'Blackout' hit #1 on June 8th, at what cost? At bringing others down? What a crappy victory. Let's reschedule. BreatheHeavy / Exhale can properly promote a real #JusticeForBlackout campaign with an AMA, social media, takeovers etc. I'll personally help make it extra special here, but I won't be a part of this June 8th date except to promote Bionic. I had mixed reactions to my Tweet about this. It's also what inspired me to begin rolling out a Christina Aguilera Club sooner than I anticipated, because I want Fighters to have a home on Exhale, too. What are your thoughts? Drop a line in the comments.
  19. Christina Aguilera opens up about working on new music during quarantine nation. She says she's doing a lot of experimenting as she explores her home-studio. X found some extra inspo by playing her Rhodes piano. Balladtina is coming! TBH, I want some more bops. I'm a little nervous artists are going to begin releasing an avalanche of sad songs about the pandemic once things loosen up. Like, I don't want to relive this with my faves. Just gimme the bangers Thoughts?! Are you excited for Xtina's new tunes?
  20. So I was going through my playlists and one of them is "Songs That Deserved More" and thought it would be interesting to see your thoughts. I chose a song from each artist mentioned, but of course they have other songs that did not deserve to flop or should've been more successful than they were. Although there are a couple of artists on here I'm not the most fond of anymore I can't deny that these aren't bops and deserved more. 1) Britney Spears - Slumber Party Peak: #86 USA Highest Peak: #1 US Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: The song is Britney's 36th Billboard Hot 100 entry 2) Christina Aguilera - Your Body Peak: #34 USA Highest Peak: #1 US Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: Music video directed by longtime Beyonce collaborator Melina Matsoukas 3. Taylor Swift - New Romantics Peak: #46 USA Highest Peak: #9 US Adult Top 40 Fun Fact: Rolling Stone named it #58 Best Song of the Decade in 2019 4. Lady Gaga - The Cure Peak: #39 USA Highest Peak: #2 Finland Download Fun Fact: Lady Gaga debuted the song at 2017's Coachella Music Festival 5. Nicki Minaj & Ariana Grande - Bed Peak: #42 USA Highest Peak: #6 Belgium Fun Fact: The 5th Nicki and Ariana collaboration out of 6 6. Beyoncé - Upgrade U Peak: #59 USA Highest Peak: #11 US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Fun Fact: Song was released as a promotional single in the USA only 7. Madonna - Girl Gone Wild Peak: #106 USA Highest Peak: #1 Global Dance Songs/US Dance Club Songs Fun Fact: Madonna was threatened litigation by Girls Gone Wild creator 8. Hilary Duff - Sparks Peak: #93 USA Highest Peak: #1 Hong Kong Fun Fact: Song is Hilary's 4th top 10 on the US Dance Club Charts after 3 consecutive #1s from 07-08 9. Katy Perry - Bon Appétit Peak: #59 USA Highest Peak: #2 New Zealand Heatseekers Fun Fact: The music video accrued 16 million views in 24 hours most since Adele's Hello 10. Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away With Me Peak: Did not chart in the USA Highest Peak: #15 Slovakia Fun Fact: Rolling Stone named it #49 on their year-end list of 2015 Best Songs SHARE YOURS
  21. A user on Twitter, Rated Xtina, tagged BreatheHeavy in their thread about Britney and Xtina's relationship from the early days till now. I wanted to share it in Exhale cause I thought it was super cute and appreciated the time and effort that went into it. I also love that it's designed to bring both stanbases together versus pit these living legends against one another. Read the entire thread then leave a comment!
  22. Christina Aguilera - Genie 2.0 / Keeps Gettin' Better MTV VMA 2008 medley is probably her most critisized performance. But watching it in HQ it's actually good. I like that rendition of Genie it sounds so much better than original one. And her costume and make up is on top. I think they were talks she was copying Lady Gaga at a time but who cares. Also she is in her best shape IMO-not too skinny but also sexy. Of course it's not much of the live vocals but it's sounds even better without her screaming. What do u guys think of that performance. I think KGB era is so underappreciated.
  23. Christina Aguilera's music video for "Not Myself Tonight," the lead single off Bionic, just hit #1 on iTunes. Fighters joined in on the ongoing #JusticeFor campaigns and helped get Xtina a win. It's also timely considering this is the 10th anniversary of the record that was ahead of its time. Other #JusticeFor campaigns include rallies for Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Madonna (see those at the bottom of this post). Congrats, Legend X! Bionic truly is a masterpiece.
  24. why is it that she was treated so poorly by the same people that built her up? like she sold so many records, she had so many specials on HBO, ABC. she certainly was not a has been and imo was still receiving regular circulation on MTV during ITZ, but why did people suddenly turn on her? Justin Timberlake couldn't have been the only reason. people started acting as if it was her fault for being in very normal situations around 2002/2003 which makes no sense to me because this was way before 2007. i can't imagine wha that could do to someone's development. Also, was Christina's transition to adulthood/ her image change better received overall? was it easier or harder for her to break through the pop mold? is it hard to judge @The Greatest Show?
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