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Found 10 results

  1. So Daddy Long Legs Charlie Puth dropped his new music video for "Girlfriend." He also did a live a stream. Check out both below:
  2. Charlie Puth wants the gross Internet hate to stop. "I don’t usually pay any mind to things like this, but something has to be said. This dangerous, toxic, internet screaming match between ‘fandoms’ has to stop. I’m 28 years old, so it doesn’t really mean anything to me when some person I don’t know writes a nasty message to me...," he wrote. "...saying things like “I used BTS for clout”. I don’t know what that means- I love those guys and they are super talented." "It may sound cliche, but please be nicer to each other on here. No more screaming about made up nonsense. It does nobody any good. We all need to love each other MORE THAN EVER RIGHT NOW." I love what Charlie wrote. I've noticed there are more comments on the Internet than ever before, and a lot of them are outright rude. I think it's because... There's just more people on the Internet than ever before, thus more comments. The world is the most unsettled it's been in years. The accessibility to leave comments is so easy that people can impulsively write what they feel in that moment without any self-reflection first. It's ok to think something and not immediately comment it Thoughts?
  3. If one thing that did ruin music is social media (Facebook, Twitter,etc but not MySpace) and stanning. In the 90s, you can like a bunch of music acts and never get judged just an agree to disagree, fast forward 30 years later, it's either you stan Mariah or J.lo, can't like both cos that's against the rules. Same with Britney and Xtina which certain members of Exhale are guilty of, So I think Charlie Puth is right. We ruined Music by creating a war, And it's not going to stop as long as the mainstream music media like Rolling stone creates wars just for ratings and such.. It won't end until we end it. Maybe The internet is toxic as Primce said it was in 2010, controlling us without us knowing it.
  4. Charlie Puth just dropped a new song titled "Boyfriend" #Girlfriend. It's similar to some of his other releases, but I'm not complaining. He makes pretty damn great pop music. His falsetto on "Girlfriend" sounds lush. This is fresh to def. Exhale, we feeling "Girlfriend?"
  5. Thank you king Exhale is collecting a pretty epic list of Charlie Puth thirst traps. Here's the latest. Remember when BH used to be a music news site.
  6. Maybe I'm still hypnotized by his cake photo, but Charlie Puth's new song about living in isolation is a jam. His falsetto melts like butter, and the beat is low-key He put together a little do-it-yourself video for it as well. New Billboard hot Hot 100 #1 incoming! "I can't wait for this to be over / I'm losing faith in my patience." Poetry! Do we like it?
  7. Yup, today is ya boy's birthday. So touched Charlie Puth started celebrating already.
  8. We love to see it. Swipe through the pics. Do you find Charlie Puth unexplainably hot? Same.
  9. OOP! Charlie Puth accidentally revealed Justin Bieber was asking for his famous friends to post about Changes. Demi Lovato, Billie Eilish etc. He ended up changing the caption but the Internet is forever. Will JB get #1?
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