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Found 3,144 results

  1. Starting a thread that's probably been done before LOL but, ANYTHING in her career whether it had a potential of happening, or it was impossible for it to happen. From trackless, singles, tour setlist, promo, performances, etc. What are some opportunities you guys think were missed in Britney's career? (obviously Original Doll/Rebellion hehe)
  2. Welcome to the Femme Fatale Megarate! After the success of the Britney Jean & Glory Megarates, I thought we'd move on to Britney's 7th Studio Album, Femme Fatale (going in order from newest to oldest albums) For those who aren't familiar with this game, this is a game just for fun and a way to build the community! Plus i think we need a little bit of fun in the midst of everything going on! The basis of the game is to rate songs out of 10 and see their ranking overall and then we will see what song YOU deemed as Exhale's favourite track on the album! RULES: Rate each song from 1 to 10 - you are only allowed to give one song a score of an 11 (your favourite). Decimals are highly recommended in your ratings in order to avoid any ties, for example 8.8 etc. The lowest score you can give is a 1, I will not accept 0's Please be fair with your ratings Comments are welcome, but not necessary if you don't want to. If you want to give comments please limit them to 1-3 sentences as I want to include as many comments as possible and not miss out on people's comments. YOU MUST SEND THE RATES TO ME BY DM AND MUST NOT POST THEM IN THIS THREAD!! As I do not want to spoil the game/scores. DEADLINE: TO SEND RATES IS 6PM BST ON 14TH AUGUST 2020 ** **The Results Ceremony will take place on Sunday 16th August 2020 at 8pm (BST) - 12pm Pacific Time** PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO PLAY & TAG PEOPLE YOU THINK WILL BE INTERESTED. If you have any questions please leave them below and i'll try my best to answer! Tracklist we'll be rating: People who may be interested: CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS: REMEMBER PLEASE COMMENT BELOW TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE If you never played the previous Megarate, please feel free to join in! I'll also be announcing the biggest fan of Femme Fatale and the biggest hater I look forward to receiving your rates! Have fun!
  3. How come I didn’t know about this i know she has done a lot of commercials back in the day, but this one looks to epic to miss out on
  5. I think we can all agree that POM during 2015-2016 was the best thing we got performance wise since the Onyx Hotel. But let's not forget that many things were wrong with POM and I'm just wondering, what made you guys cringe the most? The fake abs? The wigs? The outfits? Discuss
  6. Home insurance fraud, so they made her post the video to "prove" it was an accident?
  7. I would like to know Britney's restrictions at cship today. Can you help me? Some people say that she can vote and others that she cannot, for example. I would like to pass on credible information to my country.
  8. Brat

    Ban brat

    I need to get off this site I’ll think of you guys
  9. https://instagram.com/britneyspears.turkey?igshid=1jtdxtt2r87q8 This is a Turkey fan Page of Britney on Instagram And explains all of the bad things happened to britney in 2006-2007. How Media , JT treated her like crap. And also about C-ship and her music. You guys can support this page.
  10. I Remember Buying Blackout in 2007. It Was A Chilly Day In Scotland. All The Leaves Were Off The Trees. Gimmie More Was All Over The Radio Stations. I Remeber Going into The Record Store, Picking The CD Up And Just Thinking That This Album Would Be Really Diffrent. And Boy Was I Right. I immediatley Loved How Unusal The Songs Sounded. It Was A Great Blend Of Electropop and Crunk Sounds. I Also Loved How Small The Album And Era Felt. What i Mean By That is With All The Other Albums Britney Did Before Blackout, They Were Heavily Promoted, Big Tours And TV Apperinces. And im Not saying that i dont like that. But For Blackout It Felt Right For it Not to be like that. also The Album Cover i STANNED. Her Dark Hair Is Just So Good. And The Images in the Booklet. SO SASSY. Even Nearly 13 Years Later Blackout Still Stands Up As One Of Britneys Best Work.
  11. Britney's father and conservator, Jamie Spears, says the #FreeBritney movement is one giant conspiracy theory to paint him as a bad guy. The #FreeBritney movement shines a light on perceived injustices happening to the pop star before our very eyes. As a result of the legal restraints, Britney can't hire her own doctors or lawyers, spend her money how she sees fit, see people freely, drive, vote, get married and more. Jamie Spears Jamie says people need to mind their own business, calling the re-energized campaign a "joke." “All these conspiracy theorists don’t know anything. The world don’t have a clue,” he tells The Post. “It’s up to the court of California to decide what’s best for my daughter. It’s no one else’s business.” As for the accusations he, Britney's business manager Lou Taylor, and others connected to the conservatorship are stealing from Britney's fortune, Mr. Spears adamantly denies that. “I have to report every nickel and dime spent to the court every year,” he said. “How the hell would I steal something?” Mr. Spears adds that the fans who aggressively interfere are the real problem. “People are being stalked and targeted with death threats,” he said. “It’s horrible. We don’t want those kinds of fans. “I love my daughter,” Jamie continued. “I love all my kids. But this is our business. It’s private.” Interestingly, the conservatorship is a matter of public record. Charlie Ebersol Britney's ex-boyfriend, whom she dated for eight months in 2015, was asked whether Britney is a helpless pawn in all of this. “Absolutely not,” he said. Ebersol also denies getting paid to be Britney's boyfriend. There's buzz one of Britney's other exes, David Lucado, as well as her current boyfriend Sam Asghari, are cut a check to be with Britney. “Not [true] in any way, shape or form,” Ebersol said. Ebersol was asked whether Britney is mentally unstable. “Absolutely not,” he said. If she's not mentally unstable, then why the need for a conservatorship. Well, according to an unnamed insider... here's why: The conservatorship The insider described the conservatorship as something useful for Britney. “It’s not at all a conservatorship like you read about for old people,” said the insider. “It protects her in a way people like Michael Jackson weren’t protected, from themselves and from other people. She’s been able to perform all this time because performing is where she is happiest." “When she’s left to her own devices is where the trouble starts. She does have some serious issues.” Adam Streisand A lawyer whom Britney hired in 2008 to defend her, but was fired by Britney's newly-appointed representation hired by the conservatorship team, also weighed in. It's worth mentioning Streisand was let go because the courts deemed incompetent, therefore she wasn't of sound mind to hire anyone. Streisand claimed Britney wasn't crazy at the time, “just agitated. She understood the concept of a conservatorship but just did not want her father to be the conservator.” “Jamie’s a weird guy, he’s a control freak,” Streisand said. “But I don’t see him as some sort of criminal mastermind in this.” It's unclear what Britney's net worth is currently. Page Six claims it's somewhere between $60 million to $215 million, which is obviously a humungous difference. The #FreeBritney movement Veteran music producer Ed Steinberg says her team is actually benefiting from the #FreeBritney movement. “Whatever is or is not wrong with her, the #FreeBritney movement is making her relevant at a time when a lot of pop stars [from the early 2000s] are aging out of the public eye,” he said. “Her management, her label and Britney herself aren’t stupid. They may not have started the movement but they’re benefiting from it.”
  12. Imo a bridge can make or break a song and is often the part I look forward to the most. I was wondering which Britney song has the best bridge in your opinion?
  13. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/731136574967775282/739892531331858593/2020_08_03_18_00_00.mp3
  14. Let me start this saying I dont care that much about social media, even less about tik tok. I started paying more attention to tik tok after seeing some tik tok videos about Britney here. And I dont think u have to follow everyone u know on social media yada yada, but I thought it was funny to notice this bc Juno always act like shes the biggest Britney supporter and fan, that they are super close so would make sense that she would follow Britney on every social media shes active. Theres no way she doesnt know about Britneys account, even more after that tik tok that went viral and made #FreeBritney a thing again. And she follows a lot of celebs (like Miranda Lambert, Jlo, Fallon, Howie Mandel, Luke Bryan, Joe Jonas Lil Nas, Lizzo, Kevin Hart, Kelsea Ballerini, Khloe kardashian, Anastasia Karanikolaou - Kylie's bff, Megan Thee Stallion, Kylie Jenner, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Mariah Carey Charli D'amelio, Bieber, Ashley Tisdale and other flops I dont know) so I found to be curious she isnt following her own famous sister too. She follows Bryans gf tho And this is important bc Juno Lou is really loved by Britneys fans
  15. Britney has so many amazing choruses, but which one is your favourite?
  16. Anyone who's actually talked to Britney more than a second, what was your impression of her. Is she cool, nice, normal or stuck up? Just curious I always say I would keep my chill but idk.
  17. In This Episode of Free Britney 102. Kevin And Jake Discuss Lou Taylor, and Britneys Money. They Also Make A Claim Saying That Jamie Was Manipulated By Lou
  18. Sooo i just got done listening to Fall Back....first time in forever since i was on a u released britney downloading bender....Now, forgive me but i couldve sworn i was listening to Britneys vocals years ago when i first came across it... Whatever file kn youtube i found and downloaded....was completely all Myah Jean....No Brit vocals layered in, and she wasnt even trying to sound like our Goddess. Are there 2 different versions out there does anyone know? And if not...how can anyone think that its B on the track when obvi its not
  19. I have noticed this weird side of her life. She is a 38 y old but her team force her to act like she is trapped in 1999. She can't use her mature voice in her live performances, they use the same vocals from 1999. She can't be a mom because they take away her children She can't wear conteporary outfits, they stuck her in the 2000 style. It's me or she can't grow as an artist or a human being and it's forced to be the same forever like a cartoon character?
  20. I joked about Kim going to law school just to FreeBritney in another thread, but humor me... Strange as it may seem, Courtney Love is tight with the Kardashians. CLove has been speaking out about Britney's situation for years and quite a lot recently: https://absolutebritney.com/courtney-love-voices-out-last-night-to-britney-army-fans-freebritney/ Lou tried to get CLove into a c-ship and Lufti, also, infected her life --- the two pouncing upon her does not seem like a coincidence to me. Kris is clearly very well connected. Kim has allies at the ******* State Department, she's got a partial law education at this point, she has experience with mental illness because of her husband, etc. Do you think the two of them, combining CLove's DGAF and first hand insight into Lou & Sam's machinations and Kim's connections and knowledge, could band together and squash this thing? I know Kim's dealing with Kanye supposedly having another breakdown right now and I don't know what kind of legal tripwires CLove might have to navigate given how many law suits she's been involved in. But don't these two seem well-poised to start shoving that boulder down the hill? ***Don't come at me with CLove 'was in Epstein's phonebook'. I've been to parties with thousands of people I didn't do background checks on, I've done drugs with people whose names I didn't know and there are dozens of people in my contacts list who you could not pay me to be able to remember who the **** they are.
  21. Was there ever any speculation or anything as to why shes never performed this? Or even Someday? I seriously need her to scratch the greatest hits tour that shes become more and more for the last few tours. I think shed be genius to tour doing a set that only has deluxe tracks and unreleased stuff. And i know we wont ever get it because its literally Original Doll status now, but the album that she was about to release for domination needs to leak in full, cuz u know they wont transfer the songs to whatever new album shell release whenever that is. What was the producer that was interviewed and confirmed that he was working with her and that the album was all but done? Can we get a hold of him to release his tracks he did with her but like not obvi under his name since jamie would sue the **** out of him. Or at the very least...give me Over To You Now live dancing as if her life depended on it
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