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Found 1,582 results

  1. I have a friend in the area who sent me this, this is 100% the family home she grew up in. As seen in her Rolling Stone shoot etc. It's just gone on sale. Wonder why it's suddenly being sold?! From pics it also has the dance studio in the back seen in her MMC back home video. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/14550-Greenlaw-Church-Rd_Kentwood_LA_70444_M85529-29087
  2. https://soundcloud.com/jaxon-*******s-763978284/real-piece-of-me-show-soundboard-clips https://soundcloud.com/jaxon-*******s-763978284/100-real-lightnesseverytime-interlude-soundboard-clip HOLY CRAP GUYS "THIS IS 10000% REAL!!!! NO BULL. This is a real direct live soundboard given to me from the band members themselves. This audio is exactly what came out of the planet Hollywood speakers! Enjoy" That is the description from the Soundcloud clip! Before anyone tries calling these out as fake you guys need to listen closely! Listen to the tiny bit of the Lucky snippet! It doesn't sound filtered and even if it is it sounds GREAT. Also the Angelic/Everytime interlude!!! AHHH! And also you can hear the pre-recorded vocals that lasted from 2013-2016 very clearly!! This is huge! The OP says these came straight from the band and they're from 2014. In case you're wondering why the Perfume audio sounds like it has pre-recorded vocals (because for those of you that remember, the band seemingly just turned on Britney Jean and skipped to track 3) those are actually live vocals! Here is a comment on the track for those of you who can't see it: Britney Studio Version! at 1:05: @mathcarmignani You cant here it live. Her mic was turned as low as possible as said my her band. Her band told me that she defentily sang but you cant here it live. So without the audience you can hear it. Its 100% real and live Posted 2 days ago2 days ago Britney Studio Version! at 1:05: @mathcarmignani they said she didnt always sing but you could never hear it on videos or in person anyway because it was turned so low. So you can hear it in this real audio since theres less screaming. Hope that makes you belive it 😊 What do you guys think? Someone try to get this user to send them the full file! I WANNA HEAR LUCKY AGAIN I ONLY HEARD IT LIVE ONCE AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL
  3. No joke, between the song running on repeat and the nostalgia I want a mood ring. Also, it'll probably be the only ring I ever get so F it, I'll treat myself to it haha!
  4. So I have noticed that nobody has talked about this but not only did Billboard update her sales for the 20th anniversary for OIDIA, but her all time record sales. Now, Britney has sold 257 million records WW pure She has also sold 150 million pure albums in total . Combined with TSPC, CSPC, SEA, Total streams...Britney has sold over 500 million records . So congratulations to Britney!she has sold around 375 million albums with TSPC, CSPC, SEA, Total streamsEven tho, she is mentioned as the 4th best selling artist, the author forgot to put Rihanna in the top 5 (riti has sold 300 million records)so I have edited the title And taylor swift fans have the nerves to compare Britney
  5. I was shocked to find out that Britney never toured stadiums, only areas during her peak 1999-2004. And I can't believe she only toured theater for Baby one more time tour when she was the biggest pop star on earth. She was much bigger than Taylor is now.
  6. This file clearly got lost with time... Fun fact, this was recorded at Millenium Dance Studios with minimal props to light up the set
  7. I know there's not a lot of people here with the exact knowledge of every single "Britney: Piece of Me" date, but I just can't find the day where she wore this head piece for the first act of the show. On agencies, it says it was March 4th, 2015, yet when I check videos on YouTube from that date, she doesn't have that head piece there... I'm struggling with this since I would like to put them where they belong, anybody has an idea of the date when this happened?
  8. Hello! The album with least votes will be removed. Next round is tomorrow
  9. Gimme your opinions. For me it's definitely: Break The Ice, Make Me & Pretty Girls. What about you?
  10. Hello again! Round 2 is starting. Choose the album and the album with least votes will be removed. In Round 1 Britney Jean lost with only 4 votes. Next round tommorow!
  11. Britney was really a hard working woman in her prime... For Onyx Hotel tour she had 3 European shows in a row .18 May 2004 France,19 May 2004 Italy,20 May 2004 Switzerland!!! She travelled 3 days in a row and she had 3 shows in a row!! How she did it? I imagine how difficult this situation was...Her 3rd consecutive show from Switzerland has leaked in full on you tube and I really respect that she had great energy and attitude despite that she was tired as **** !!!!!! She worked hard and yes I understand why she became lazy after circus and why she doesn't have the same passion anymore...
  13. Most Requested live is tonight! 7PM-12AM EST. Use Twitter to request Mood Ring using #MostRequestedLive
  14. I was just wondering when did they last saw each other, could it be an award show or just a random event?
  15. This was a step in the right direction. She should have gone more urban and stick with Hit-boy for B8. This was also her last feature with relevant people.
  16. Blackout has been regarded as Britneys best work and one of the most influential album in last decade. In a recent thread over here some pointed out very valid points about In the Zone and how its over looked as one of britney best albums ... @Justney "In my opinion her best album is In The Zone. The music was relatable, i had literally grown up with her music since i was 11 so the themes of her albums fit with things i was going through as i got older. Songs like Touch of My hand were sexual because it was about masturbating but it was also very empowering to hear another woman talk about self love and masturbation, its definitely something girls don't talk about or admit to (at least back then). Breathe on me is one of her best songs on any album. Toxic sounds fresh on the radio even now. And she wrote Everytime, which gets overlooked a lot. Her songs on Itz had depth, lyrics and don't sound overly dated. " To be honest i agree with the lyrics and how the album fitted perfectly in the progression of her albums .. lyrically she touched on so many things freedom and feminism and owning her sexuality.. Blackout musically was experimental new sound and club beats but lyrically with the exception of very few songs on the album the rest were so so ok.. Not to take anything from Blackout its an album that reflected her life then and the music is influential today more than ever cuz it was so experimental and new then took it time to become mainstream.. In your opinion which album is her best work ..
  17. “All In My Head (flex)” by fifth harmony is a summer bop still. This song deserved more success. ”He Like That” deserved to be a hit also. We need a justice for fifth harmony campaign (without the racist one though)
  18. Have you ever thought about a Mariah and Britney's collab? Some genius fan had the idea of making a Blackout version of Mariah's comeback single "It's Like That". They practically created a mashup taking Gimme More's iconic instrumental and using it against Mariah's vocals. The cover art also snatched a few wigs. It sounds so good and flawless that it might become viral thanks to this epic Ariana Spears mashup. It's Mimi, *****!
  19. Is this ranking correct? 1. Madonna 2. Celine Dion (#1 in Canada and France) 3. Mariah Carey (#1 in Japan) 4. Whitney Houston 5. Janet Jackson 6. Britney Spears
  20. Britney Spears just dropped "Mood Ring" onto streaming services! Stream the playlist HERE
  21. The British Stans Are Iconic! “Mood Ring” Is Having A Big First Week In The United Kingdom. Britney’s “Mood Ring” Debuts Are #18 On The U.K. Official Digital Singles Chart, And #10 On The Scottish Official Singles Chart. In Scotland, “Mood Ring” Has Become Britney’s 26th Top 10 Hit . This Number Is Record Breaking For The Scottish Singles Chart. Good For Britney, No One Expected This 4 Year Old Japanese Bonus Track To Become A Hit. Other Than That, A Link To The Charts Is Down Below. U.K. Digital Singles Chart: https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/singles-downloads-chart/ Scottish Official Singles Chart: https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/scottish-singles-chart/ P.S.: Thank You To User @Jamiea1112 For Inspiring Me To Make This Thread! What Do You Guys Think? Are You Excited “Mood Ring” Is Getting The Justice It Deserves?
  22. Since Mood Ring is getting the attention it deserves, I think it's about time to be reminded of other wonderful Edition-exclusive songs. I know it's all business, but personally I find it so unfair that fans from certain countries just don't get to legally listen to songs of their favorite artist The reason I wanted to submit this topic is Amnesia from Circus which only appears on the British and Japanese editions of the album. A jam Also, "I forgot my boyfriend was the one that had bought me this rock" is such Britney energy Circus has other worthy exclusive songs like Trouble, that, I believe, was even played in "For the Record" but is only available for the Amazon MP3 France deluxe edition - why wouldn't they go even further and make it a ******* Boulevard-street-in-Paris-residents-WAV exclusive The rest two edition-exclusive songs off Circus are Quicksand (which, as many know, was written by Gaga) - European iTunes deluxe edition - and Rock Boy - Mexican edition - which are okay, I guess Femme Fatale had "Scary" - the Japanese and Premium Fan () edition exclusive which Britney actually wrote with a couple of other writers. And finally, Outta This World - an exclusive for the Japanese edition of Blackout that is still considered one of Britney's best songs by plenty of fans. Can't believe they put a questionable Gimme More remix into the deluxe version instead of this masterpiece that sounds fresh to this day (maybe I'm a little biased) There are probably other edition-exclusive Britney's songs so, if there are, share them as well as your opinions on the ones above. Why don't Britney's team just release "On Demand" album
  23. HELLO WORLD!! I forgot my log in crudentials on my last profile which I was a proud member of exhale since 2009. so I guess we're starting fresh! I've been quietly working on a brand new remix album, I scrapped everything I had so its kind of symbolic of the whole starting new process. get ready and get excited people!!! COMING SOON!!!!! (STAY TUNED...) (WHAT SONGS DO U WANNA HEAR MIXED???) P.S I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH BRITNEY'S TEAM.... yet TRACKLISTING COMING NEXT WEEK WITH THE RELEASE OF ONE OF THE TRACKS
  24. Hello everyone! So I re-edited my old Stronger video with better editing and better quality, hope you enjoy this awesome music video! Thank you!
  25. Edit: I Am So, So, Sorry If I Got Anyone’s Hopes Up, This Was Not My Intention To Disappoint. Realise I Should’ve Never Posted This Without It Being Confirmed. I Genuinely Though This Had Leaked And This Was In Fact 100 % Real, Even If “Mood Ring” Debuts On The Hot 100, Or Even If It Doesn’t, I Should Make Sure That What I Am Posting Is Confirmed. I Need To Take Actions For My Responsibility, And I Am Responsible For Reporting, What Could Be Fake News. I Hope I Can Be Forgiven, This Fanbase Has Endured So Serious Let Downs Over The Years, And The Last Thing We Need, In Times Like These, Is To Be Let Down Once Again. Again, I Apologise, I Did Not Want To Get The Hopes Up Of Anyone, I Am Truly Sorry.
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