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  1. Billy B got on Inta Live and played 2 tracks he said Britney sent him links to, and she wanted him to play for the fans. 1. Hey Ma 2. Sinner Some fans immediately went in on him, saying that these were leaked awhile ago, which is all true. I asked him "if there was a reason she sent those tracks to him"? He did not answer me. Honestly, I am very confused. Thoughts? Edit: He posted the live videos on his insta page: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0iv8MiaNi/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0hwheCCwh/
  2. Billy spoke to Vogue Brazil and I translated the parts where he speaks. Full article: https://vogue.globo.com/celebridade/noticia/2020/10/maquiador-diz-britney-spears-e-isolada-pelo-pai-e-defende-cantora-e-absurdo-alguem-sugerir-que-ela-tenha-demencia.html Vogue Brazil's reporter tried to speak to Billy after a declaration online saying "Britney was bossed around by a dictator". "You want to talk about Britney's conservatorship? What a coincidence, I'm texting her right now" he answered immediately. This was the first time Billy was able to speak to the singer those days. According to him, she was not reachable, possibly because her phone was confiscated by her dad, originating in anger. "But she had another phone, a backup, I just didn't talk about it online", he said. In 2012 Britney was ready to lauch "Fantasy Twist", the tenth fragrance from her billionaire perfume empire when Billy was hired to do her makeup by cosmetics giant, Elizabeth Arden. (...) Around that time he also did makeup for the singer's "Scream and Shout" music video, her song with Will.i.am. "It's one of the jobs that I am most proud of. Britney and I connected immediately e she seemed very happy", he recalls. However, Billy's impression would change by the third time he would get a call, when he was hired to do the makeup for the entire season of X-Factor that same year. (...) "Se was already in a conservatorship at that time, I didn't know that but I immediately noticed that something was terribly wrong. Britney didn't need to send a sign, it was apparent. She was very isolated, no friend could get close, not even Demi Lovato or Khloe Kardashian that were her work colleagues which was very weird" he says. "Britney would never be late, she was always early which is rare in Hollywood. Today I know that would happen because she was being completely controlled".(...) "There were days where she would cry, cry... But the show had to go on. It was a sad time." Being watched by workers hired by Britney's dad, Billy ended up being cut out of the team due to his close relationship with her. "There is a rule in Hollywood, in general it is not a good idea to become close with the clients. It's dangerous when it comes to a long lasting work relationship. The moment the manager sees that the person is starting to trust you, you're out. Many people warned me about that, especially about what it was like working with Britney Spears and how everything happened. Even being a grown woman with children she was being controlled and extremely protected." (...) Her dad put out reports that the singer suffered from dementia which would give him the right to keep her under the conservatorship. "I can say without a doubt that Britney Spears does not have dementia. It is completely absurd that somebody would suggest that. Not only is it wrong, but it's disgusting. To go on stage in Las Vegas, sing, dance and entertain millions of people she's fine, but when she gets off the stage the law says she is not capable of doing anything else?" "The situation that Britney is in is surrounded by conspiracy theories. Specially around her father, Britney's wish is that he is removed as sole conservator. He has total control over absolutely everything at the moment. She asked for thatthrough her lawyer. About her mom, I don't even know what to say. She went to court to have the right to say something."
  3. Of COURSE we already have these songs, BUT if there was to be a new Greatest Hits Vol. II, what tracklist would you want? I know the Deluxe Version before had 20 songs, but I made this tracklist have 21 songs. We are all pro #FreeBritney, so I wouldn't buy it, but I'm asking in a FANTASY , freed Britney world where she controlled her career. (The cover art is basic/cheap off Paint App; just a filler). My tracklist would look like this: 1 Gimme More 2 Work ***** 3 3 4 Till the World Ends feat Nicki Minaj (Remix) 5 S&M feat Rihanna 6 Hold It Against Me 7 Someday (I Will Understand) 8 Womanizer 9 If U Seek Amy 10 Pretty Girls feat Iggy Azalea 11 Radar 12 Slumber Party feat Tinashe 13 Break the Ice 14 Make Me feat G-Eazy 15 Mood Ring 16 Circus 17 Criminal 18 I Wanna Go 19 Perfume 20 Scream & Shout feat Will.I.Am 21 Piece of Me
  4. The judge asked why Britney had not filed a declaration about her career intent -- and Ingham said that's because she lacks the mental capacity to do so ... like a person in a coma. ermmm I don't think that's what he said or meant at all Jamie disagrees and seemingly wants to know where Britney personally stands on the issue. Something a lot of other people want to know as well. Is that not blatantly obvious Apparently Britney does have the right to vote as well https://www.tmz.com/2020/10/26/britney-spears-father-jamie-conservatoriship-decisions-vote-coma/
  5. Welcome to the In The Zone Megarate! Are you ready to get in the zone? It is time for us to rate and review Britney's iconic 4th studio album 'In The Zone'. For those who are new, this is just a fun game and a way for us to all get together and get to know each other more, whilst also listening to Britney - doesn't get any better does it? The basis of the game is to rate the songs on ITZ out of 10 and see their overall ranking, where we will find out what song YOU have deemed as Exhale's favourite track on ITZ! Rate each song from 1 to 10 - you are only allowed to give one song a score of an 11 (your favourite). Decimals are highly recommended in your ratings in order to avoid any ties, for example 8.8 etc. The lowest score you can give is a 1, I will not accept 0's. Please be fair with your ratings. Comments are welcome, but not necessary if you don't want to. If you want to give comments please limit them to 1-3 sentences. YOU MUST SEND THE RATES TO ME BY DM AND MUST NOT POST THEM IN THIS THREAD! SEND YOUR RATES BY 6PM BST ON 23rd OCTOBER 2020! Results on SUNDAY 25th OCTOBER 2020 at 8pm BST (12pm Pacific Time) People who may be interested: Confirmed participants: REMEMBER PLEASE COMMENT BELOW TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE! If you've never played the previous Megarates, please feel free to join in! I'll also be announcing the biggest fan of ITZ and the biggest hater! I look forward to receiving your rates, have fun! - Slayer UPDATE: The Final Ranking: 14 - Brave New Girl 13 - Don't Hang Up 12 - (I Got That) Boom Boom 11 - Outrageous 10 - Early Mornin' 9 - The Answer 8 - Showdown 7 - Shadow 6 - The Hook Up 5 - Me Against The Music 4 - Everytime 3 - Touch Of My Hand 2- Toxic WINNER - 1 - Breathe On Me Previous Megarates:
  6. I was so sad when they revealed the circus tour set list and gimme more wasn’t there who remember that moment? It was my first meltdown than rain club happens and then the desert performance (the biggest one)
  7. Meghan is about to release a Christmas album, she covers some classics and I just saw the title "My Only Wish", it's the Britney song? Some Meghan fan here to explain this?
  8. In some of you all quest to stupidly undermine Britney She told a judge that her father forced her against her will into a facility last year
  9. In the celebration of Blackout I created a moodboard dedicated to this flawless album Hope you guys like my work You can have a look at the details better on my Instagram
  10. I know the title sounds a bit dramatic, but I was watching a huge megamix of Britney that was like 30 minutes long and it brought back so many memories. Each song and decade reminds me of everything she went though and growing up with her and experiencing certain parts of life. As I'm almost hitting 30, and she is almost 40. I wonder is it the beginning of the end? I am obviously talking about her music. I just want her to tell us on instagram or something if she just wants to end her music career. We are all sitting here wondering if she even cares. Did she stop Domination because she really wanted to or was it really because of her dad? We know she also started B10. Did she stop because she is sick of the conservatorship or is it because she is just sick of her music career? It drives me crazy to think that she simply regrets her career just like she said about her snake VMA performance. Most artist like Lady Gaga and Ariana are catching up and have released so many songs and albums and Britney still hasn't even made her tenth studio album. I wish she would just release an album about her life. It would be so therapeutic and would help her and so many people. I remember when she did that with Everytime and Piece of Me. Besides that, we all know she is mostly home. Isn't she bored? Doesn't she want to work? I couldn't imagine not being able to not work. There are many people that go through problems with life or fight really bad things mentally and physically and yet they still go to work. And if she really hates what her dad is doing why isn't she speaking out? Why isn't she seeking help? Why is everything a mystery with her? There are so many people rooting for her. All she has to do is say "Help me!" and everyone would come running for her. I just don't get it!
  11. At first I thought Billy B (@billybmakeup on IG) was shedding light on Britney’s situation, and seeking justice. But now it’s clear, he is self serving in an effort to gain more publicity of his own! Today he posted 2 songs that Britney allegedly sent to him personally, in order for him to share with us. Only problem is... those songs have been leaked for years! Then when he started receiving backlash in his comments, he posted alleged screenshots of his text conversation with Britney. Only problem is... those messages are green & white, inconsistent with the blue & white iMessage we all know Apple products use. Billy & Britney BOTH have iPhones, why would their message thread be green? Finally, in a last ditch effort to sway Britney fans, he posted an alleged selfie (which I have attached) of Britney at her vanity. He later deleted it, but the caption read “see guys it’s really her, now you can calm down!” In an effort to make us believe Britney had sent him that selfie. Only problem is... the iPhone she was holding was an OLD model iPhone, and in the recent pictures of her & Sam at the beach (also attached) she has a NEWER iPhone model laying on her towel! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I suggest we all unfollow this opportunist. I called him out in the comments of his IG posts, and let him know I would officially be unfollowing due to his recent increase of sketchy behavior, all he could respond with was “ok bye” just like he does to every other user who questions his legitimacy.
  12. Hi Exhale! Taking over for @PokemonSpears today for a very special episode of This Day in Pop - is me, your Super Moderator, Roxxy! 💛💜 Our King is currently busy playing, you guessed it, Pokémon - and he'll be playing all night because there's an in game event or something. So i'm doing the show just for today, and i'm gonna give you THE SINGLE that started it all. The greatest debut single of all time. The most successful debut single of all time. The single that launched one of pop music's greatest entertainers. The single THAT MADE the undisputed Princess of Pop. The debut single that ENDED ALL DEBUT SINGLES and will be the standard for all future female pop debuts. The one and only. On October 23, 1998, Britney Spears released her debut single, the now iconic, ...Baby One More Time. It is the lead single of her debut album of the same name. It is written and produced by Max Martin, and Rami as co-producer. The track was originally written for the Backstreet Boys and TLC under the title "Hit Me Baby One More Time", but both groups rejected it. Jive Records also considered the boyband Five to record the song but they passed on it. When Britney heard the track, she instantly liked it and wanted it to be hers. The label eventually changed the title to "...Baby One More Time" as "Hit Me" in the title would raise concerns about domestic violence. POP's new Princess is born Upon it's release, the song topped the charts in atleast 22 countries around the world, including the US Billboard Hot 100 where it spent 2 weeks at #1 and is Spears's most successful single in the country, as well as the UK Singles Chart. The song also topped Billboard's Hot Singles Sales Chart for four weeks as well as Britney's home format, the Mainstream Top 40 chart, now, known as Billboard Pop Songs. It has so far sold over 10 million copies worldwide and is one of the best selling singles of all time. The song won Britney two MTV Europe Music Awards, for Best Pop and Best Song. She also won her very first surfboard at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Single. And a Billboard Music Award for Female Singles Artist of the Year. A COMMERCIAL & CRITICAL SUCCESS Rolling Stone Magazine ranked ...Baby One More Time at #1 on their 100 Greatest Debut Singles of All Time list. Additionally, they also rank the song at #25 in the Greatest Pop Songs since 1963, a list compiled by Rolling Stone and MTV in 2000. Blender lists the song at #9 in The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born list. VH1 puts it the 2nd best song of the 1990s. They also placed it at #1 in 2003 on their list of 100 Best Songs of the Past 25 Years. About.com ranks it at #1 on the Top 40 Pop Songs Of All Time list. Finally... The song earned Britney her first Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2000. What are your memories when you first heard the song on the radio? Where were you when you first heard the song? STAY TUNED FOR THE MUSIC VIDEO's ANNIVERSARY! It's coming up in a few weeks. TEEHEE 💛💜 Roxxy
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0q_KSshSk/?igshid=9lil7qy2ictn https://www.instagram.com/p/CG01zuCM54P/?igshid=aw9lcqzexuo9 Do we believe this? I’m SHOOK
  14. Apparently it's trending. Thoughts on this club remix? Btw the original was co-written by Britney.
  15. Most agree, in the quote tweets. This is the ultimate set up, one of them would lose and everybody agreed they set jlo up to be the one to go. Everybody is gagging at the ultimate set up and said only a lamb would have the balls to do the ultimate set up knowing her catalog can't stand a chance against the other three
  16. If she released more singles after Break the ice, which songs do u think should have been singles ? For me it should have been like this : Gimme More Piece Of Me Break The Ice Get Naked Heaven on Earth
  17. Didn't expect to see this in my inbox this morning. Loot Crate have announced an exclusive and limited edition Britney Spears series of Loot Crates featuring merchandise inspired by her music. This isn't something I expected to see as typically Loot Crate series are focused more on gaming, anime and that sort of thing. What do you guys think?
  18. The Rebellion? Or ... The Rebels ? I just think Britney Army is kinda... meh. What do you think?
  19. According to the Daily Mail, Britney was at the beach in Malibu on Thursday. She was spotted wearing her mask, relaxing, taking selfies and working out! Related:
  20. Conservatorship and everything else that was going on aside, I'll never understand what happened between this and the Circus tour dance wise. THIS has the energy, attack and poise of Prime-ney. What are your thoughts guys? I can only relate it to the personal things she was going through at the time 😢
  21. Hi Exhale! This thread was merged with a duplicate. See the post below from @CJMCH for more information about this video. TEEHEE 💛💜 Roxxy
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