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Found 30 results

  1. On September 17, 2013, Britney Spears released Work *****, the lead single off her eighth studio album Britney Jean. It was written by Britney, will.i.amwill, Otto "Knows" Jettman, Sebastian Ingrosso, Anthony Preston and Ruth-Anne Cunningham , while the production was handled by Ingrosso, Pasquale Verrigni, Jettman and will.i.am. The song peaked at #12 on the BBH100, while managing to land on Top 10 in 14 other countries outside the US. In the EDM track with mostly spoken lyrics, Britney exhorts "*****es" (a term of endearment) to work in order get things in life such as a hot body, a Bugatti or to party in France. Prior to its release, a countdown appeared on her website hinting at the release of new music. The site displayed the text "ALL EYES ON ME" leading fans to believe that that was the title of the new song. Rumors sparked about RuPaul being featured on the track. Work ***** originally premiered on radio on September 15, but the official release was on the 17, the same day she announced her first Las Vegas residency, Piece of Me on Good Morning America. The Desert Performance After months of speculation that she would be starting a residency show in Las Vegas, Britney Spears made the official announcement after a helicopter stunt broadcasted by the T.V. show Good Morning America. More than 1000 fans gathered in the desert to see her perform holding signs that together showed the picture of Britney Spears while she hovered in the helicopter. Live performances Work ***** did not receive any promo performances upon its release. Instead, she said on an interview she would be performing it on the music video ( ) which was released on October 1 (anniversary thread coming soon). Eventually, the song was finally performed for the first time as the opening number of her show Piece of Me. It stayed as such, until the end of the residency, as well as the respective tours in 2017, and 2018. It was also performed on her various festival appearances in 2016 as well as at the Billboard Music Awards medley from that year. The song was also performed along with Toxic during the **** Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2018 T.V. special. A clean version of the song titled Work Work was also released the same day.
  2. This version of Alien without Myah Marie or that awful glitch in it is so much better in my opinion. The link is here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvgOqOw75NsrggtJ3NPeFwWkseJT I created it myself, what do you think? Is it better?
  3. Hey Y’all! So after reading all of Brinty Joan’s nicknames on another thread, I decided to reimagine the Britney Jean Era. Some things may not be the most realistic, but I tried. *Imagine that the songs are completely Britney* The track list would be: 01 Alien 02 Strangest Love (Re-recorded and Remixed) 03 Zombie 04 Body Ache 05 Work B***h 06 Plastic 07 This Time 08 Passenger 09 Spell 10 Tik Tik Boom ft. Wiz Khalifa 11 Til It’s Gone 12 Don’t Cry 13 Brightest Morning Star 14 Hold On Tight 15 Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) Deluxe Track 16 It Should be Easy 17 Co cane (I’m not so sure about this track so I made it a bonus) 18 Old City of Mine I see the promotion being similar to the FF era. Singles: Work B***h would be released in March with a follow-up GMA performance. She promotes the song more at other shows, radio, etc. With no other large releases and riding S&S’s success, the song debuts at #1 on the bb100 for the first week, then stablizes at #4. Body Ache is released as the second single in May. She promotes the song more at other shows, radio, etc. Debuts at #9 In June, she has a desert performance (hehe) and performs Work, Body Ache, and the third single, Zombie. The video drops that night, along with the album. Album debuts at #2. Zombie debuts at #10. The Fourth single would be Alien, released in late July/ early August. Debuts at #18 For the fans, Perfume MV is released in November with the original concept. Debuts at #58 Britney Jean would get a small tour, focusing on places Britney loves to go. The tour would go from October 2013—February 2014. After the tour ends, Britney starts the promotion of her residency. What do you guys think?
  5. So, I was just listening to Britney's first self-titled album (the beautiful gem that it is) and when I got to "Bombastic Love" a connection was made in my mind. I feel like Britney's vocal delivery in this song is what Myah Maire tried to imitate while recording for Brit. I can really hear the inspiration on some of the Britney Jean tracks especially "Til It's Gone". Just a thought but what do y'all think, do you hear the specific "Bombastic Love" inspiration too or is it just me?
  6. I love this demo Do you guys think she ever recorded it?
  7. The Britney Jean vinyl is back in stock at Urban Outfitters! Only a few left!
  8. I can't listen to the whole song, it makes me nervous all the backing track is boring. Unfortunately, I consider her worst song.
  9. I know what you're thinking right now; another Myah Marie thread. But seeing some of the posts over the years, I've seen that there's a lot of confusion about the BJ-Myah Marie situation, even 4 years after the release of the album. Due to this I decided to open this thread, where everyone could share his opinions on where Britney/Myah sings leads on the album. Perfect timing after the Britney Jean's Top 5 game. This may also avoid thousands of topics about the subject being opened every weeks This is NOT a hate thread: I actually like some of the songs of the album. Also NO PROOF IS NEEDED, THIS IS ALL BASED ON SPECULATIONS. However, counter a debated argument with audio or stem info is better than "NO IT's BRITNEY/NO IT's MYAH". Still, there's no need to fight with each other, again this is all meant to share opinions and, eventually, find the truth. Here's my opinion on this. I'm pretty sure of my answers (but if you don't agree with them feel free to tell me) with the exception of Til It's Gone, Hold On Tight and Now That I Found You. In blue, where Britney sings, in yellow where Myah sings. Now let's the discussion begin!!
  10. In 2013, Britney Jean was released, and we as painfully know, it was a rushed, incoherent mess full of background vocalists getting far too brave. Noticeably, the production was just awful at many times. Where did the high quality production from her past albums go? In particular...why is Dr. Luke only on one song? Dr. Luke had been all up in Britney's career for some like, 5-6 years, and had just produced the really lovely and well produced Ooh La La for Britney in June of 2013. Come November 2013, Britney Jean is released, and Luke is found only on the bonus track Brightest Morning Star. Something I want to point out is that the Dr. Luke v. Kesha situation first got public notice in September of 2013. Wikipedia says BJ was still being recorded until October. Now, the sound of Britney Jean leads me to believe that the album was intended to draw inspiration from legendary pop albums from her idols, like Ray of Light, with references to things like spirituality and sense of self prominent. William Orbit, producer of Ray of Light, is even credited for Alien. Ooh La La sounds a lot like Dr. Luke's take on Orbit-style production. It's structure reminds me of the title track of Ray of Light. Why does that matter? I have a theory that Dr. Luke may have been more heavily present on Britney Jean, and may have been crafting a sound more like Alien, Ooh La La, Brightest Morning Star, etc. I think it could be possible that people in the industry had heard of Dr. Luke's behavior and once the first rumblings came public, maybe they knew more was coming, and as a result Britney's team jumped ship before it hit the fan, nixed work done with Dr. Luke, and rushed to get replacement filler thrown in. I think the album was being rushed regardless, hence back up vocalists on tracks like Passenger, but I think this could possibly be some kind of factor in why Britney Jean was what it was. What do ya'll think?
  11. I never wanted to believe the Britney Jean album was dubbed by Myah Marie. That said, six years later, the allegations persist, and there is some audio evidence that Myah Marie did dub certain parts (such as the chorus of Brightest Morning Star—I've listened to Myah's raw takes as well as Britney's—the "take me home" part of Alien and the "Not alone" hook of Alien). Note: ad-libs like those heard at the end of Tik Tik Boom don't actually qualify as dubbing. This video resumes all of the allegations: Years ago, after gathering evidence, a Michael Jackson fan brought a lawsuit against Sony Music over three songs alleged to have been dubbed by vocalist Jason Malachi on a posthumous release called Michael. Sony, however, managed to win twice: https://www.mjvibe.com/sony-wins-fake-michael-jackson-recording-claims-for-second-time/ The case is still ongoing, though: This takes us to Britney Jean, an RCA (Sony Music) release. I've spoken to a lawyer, and here's how it goes. If the allegations are true, fraud was indeed committed by a number of participants (Anthony Preston, will.i.am, William Orbit, Julian Prindle, David Guetta and so on + Myah Marie, Britney Spears and RCA executives). In order to initiate legal action... 1. We'd need a forensic analysis of the lead vocals of the Britney Jean album. Such an analysis could cost around $400 per hour, and it would likely take a few days at least. The analyst would need to (if not already familiar) take some time to get familiar w/ Britney Spears' recording voice, and then do the same thing w/ Myah Marie's by listening to her own solo material. Would any of you be interested in crowdfunding the analysis? 2. We'd need a plaintiff, preferably someone living in the United States who purchased a copy of Britney Jean (hence gave RCA money) believing Britney Spears was indeed the lead vocalist of all songs. 3. We'd need witnesses, credible witnesses. Lawyers don't like conspiracy theories, and they'd need credible witnesses as in individuals close to the situation who may have seen or heard something and have a serious reason to believe dubbing indeed occurred on that record. 4. We'd need to explain why would RCA commit such fraud knowing the risk, the liability that it is, esp. after the Milli Vanilli scandal and since Myah Marie's own father, Murray Langston, claimed his daughter was dubbing Britney's voice months prior to the album's release. Unless we come up with a plausible explanation, our accusation may be seen as a baseless conspiracy theory. To conclude, if there was indeed some dubbing, proving all of Body Ache and most of Work B***h, Chillin' With You and Til It's Gone were also dubbed is going to be harder. Note: In the booklet, Myah Marie's credited for singing background vocals on Work *****, Tik Tik Boom, Til It's Gone, Chillin' With You and Now That I Found You. On SoundBetter, Myah Marie confirms in her credits to have also done background vocals on Alien, It Should Be Easy and Body Ache. On her Spotify playlist Songs I've Been a Part of, Myah Marie confirms to have also done background vocals on Don't Cry, Brightest Morning Star and Hold on Tight.
  12. Well, this is the whole story: Somebody (this individual claimed to be an RCA's A&R at the time) sent me here back in 2014 via PM this e-mail apparently sent to the authors of the track aswell by RCA when the ******* demo leaked. Don't remeber if this was posted but i'm going to share it anyway -> Y'all are free to believe if that content is actually legit or not, because i don't know either. I was simply checking my old pics inside my notebook when this screenshot popped up. Track:
  13. Am I the only one who thinks that Miley’s “Bangerz” album was supposed to be Britney’s album or something like it? I remember Britney describing Britney Jean as a “urban and funky personal album”. I feel as though Bangerz was the direction Britney wanted to go in until Scream and Shout was a huge success and her team made her (convinced her) to work with Will I Am. What thoughts do you have?? I really do love the “Bangerz” album! It’s full of good pop/urban songs.
  14. This may already be a topic (I did a quick search and didn't see anything substantial) but I just have so many questions about Myah Marie and her involvement with Britney's albums, specifically Britney Jean. I'm relatively new to Exhale but I have been a Britney fan for as long as I can remember... which is why it took be two seconds to realize that someone else was singing for Britney on her songs. For example- I actually really enjoy the song Passenger but I can't get through it without becoming enraged at the fact that it isn't even Britney singing. So... why? Like, why did Britney and/or her team (because I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Britney had no clue about how much her vocals are on the final albums) think that it would be ok or go unnoticed that it wasn't her singing? Do they really think that people who have been listening to her music since 1999 wouldn't recognize a different voice? Was Britney just going into the booth and breathing at the microphone? What possible reason could they have for using Myah at all? Was it strict deadlines or something? If anyone could shed any light on this subject I would be very grateful.
  15. Four Years on and we're still having this debate. Its getting tiring: - We know Britney was recording for a year (mid 2012 - mid 2013) with big name producers: She was seen on X-Factor in 2012 with Darkchild for no reason, and others tweeted). None of them featured on the album. - We know Producers pulled out or were scrapped for refusing to give Will.I.Am and his team the power to do final edits: William Orbit spoke out that the glitch wasn't his fault, they were Will.I.Am's and his team. - We have no images of Britney going to a recording studio any later than August 2013. We have no footage of Britney singing in I am Britney Jean (even though Adam said they were still working on the album). We have footage of Britney lying on a bed writing ''lyrics'', and we see her again, doing it outside the trailers during WB filming: There's no way Britney could still be writing tracks for Britney Jean, but was never filmed in the studio to record them, something that featured in every other Britney documentary and even Miley Cyrus' documentary - The only tracks Britney fans can agree only feature Britney are Perfume and Don't Cry: Neither of these tracks feature Anthony Preston as a vocal producer. Perfume features Will.I.Am as producer, but Christopher Braide as the vocal producer (both on the Dreaming mix, and album mix). - Producers who have made numerous Britney remixes who got their hands on the stems, have said that they didn't contain Britney's vocals for the chorus, and had files labelled Myah: We have the Passenger (CCMC Remix), which features different vocals on the second verse but Sia vocals in the chorus, Passenger (Acoustic Remix) with Sia Vocals in the chorus, Hold on Tight (acoustic remix), and Brightest Morning Star (Acoustic Remix). - The stems for Work ***** are available for viewing: Work *****'s ''LEAD'' vocal stem contains the same voice as the ''BGV'' stem, and neither voice is Britney's: Whenever Britney has performed this song on large platforms with clear audio (BBMA, and Apple Music festival). Britney precorded the vocals, despite not pre-recording songs that are (were at the time) five to seventeen years old at the time of performance. - The stems for Alien are available for viewing, and are very clearly labeled ''Brit'', ''Myah, and ''Ana'' (who wrote, atleast, the first first of the song, as her vocals feature her singing the second verse to non words eg. Dum da di dum dum). Myah is clearly heard imitating Britney's voice for half of the verses and the chorus: Only Ana Diaz is listed as an Additional Vocalist for Alien. Myah is not listed, despite having vocals present. - Body Ache was written by Myah Marie, but she is not credited as a backing vocalist: In the booklet's credits, there is no reference to addition backing vocalists or additional vocals. - The Britney Jean Booklet, when compared to the Femme Fatale and Circus, is more cautious about its phrasing in regards to vocals, and in some tracks (see BODY ACHE), does not reference backing vocalists: Both FF and Circus have very clear layouts, and credits are given on each track, as is standard protocol. - The demos for Tik Tik Boom (seven writers, Britney listed as first), and Passenger leaked (five writers, Britney listed first), and what is clear is that there were minimal changes to non existent: Britney had little input on these songs. - Tik Tik Boom features T.I.. Britney usually is complimentary of her collaborator, both as singers, rappers, writers, artistics and people: Britney only spoke about TI once, and had very little to say about him. - Britney is listed as the main first song writer in the credits for Perfume. In a number of interviews, Sia stated and alluded (''Thanks Britney for the...umm...Window treatment!'') that Perfume was already finished by the time Britney's team contacted her. Sia has no qualms about being brutally honest about her song writing in regards to Rihanna and Beyonce: Britney had little input into Perfume - Britney's interviews for Britney Jean were incredibly controlled and questions were prescreened, most of the interviews contained no new information, and Britney had a very limited vocabulary: Britney had little to no interest in the album. - During the Listening Party for Britney Jean, Britney sat twiddling her microphone wire, had trouble answering questions, or completely silent for two thirds of the album, and Will.I.Am answered questions for her, despite the fact that it was Britney's album, with supposedly Britney lead lyrics: Britney had little interest or input, and knew it wasn't an acceptable album. but overall: - We have to have these debates about vocals. Regardless of what Britney album is your favourite and your least favourite, a fans, we have always been able to identify Britney's voice in whatever form she's chosen to present it. We know the big, deep belts and southern accent and drawls of the Baby album, because we're able to follow them down through her later albums. We know the Punchy attitude she brought on the Oops album, because she brought it down through her later albums. We know the breathy vocals, cracks, vocal fry and her use of the falsetto range more often because it stayed. We recognise Britney's simple but honest writing style from ITZ. With Blackout, she brought everything to the table and was willing to play around and have fun in the studio but still deliver. Circus, had all the elements of the previously mentioned albums, and even on tracks like Mannequin, her accent was still there. On Femme Fatale, the vocals were simple pop melodies, as is Dr. Luke/Max Martin's style at the time, there was no writting, and Britney had little interest in this album also, but all the elements were there, and on Pretty Girls, Toms Diner and ALL of Glory, all these qualities reappear; So what made Britney Jean the odd one out so much so that it featured very little of any of these qualities, and unrecognizable voice? no slight shakes to the vocals, no drawl or growl, different emphasis on phrases, a higher tone to her voice both singing and speaking, that has never existed on any album before or since? Britney didn't sing on the Majority of the album. Move on.
  16. So, at the gym while I’m doing cardio I’m constantly watching the BBMA performance, the slumber party music video and the New Years Eve **** Clark performance... I watch them because they motivate the **** outta me and they’re in HD (lol) I’m getting bored watching them over and over. Can y’all post some high quality, high energy performance videos or music videos to run to? Makes my time go by faster rather then just listening to music.
  17. I'm looking for PROOF of this conspiracy theory that Myah Marie sang most/all of the vocals on Britney Jean. As in, actual factual evidence that this is supposedly the secret truth. Saying "I'm a fan, I know her voice" is not proof, it's opinion. Saying "Britney doesn't sound like that" or "The lyrics obviously aren't her style" is also not proof, it's more opinion. Please do not waste your time spamming this topic with your feelings and emotions and hunches. I want receipts, kiddos My opinion: I do NOT think that Myah Marie had as big a part in these vocals as most people say. When I hear Myah Marie's own songs and the demos that she makes for Britney, it's clear to me that their voices are similar but not identical. I'm not sure why everybody is so quick to completely forget power of electronic engineering of voices and pitch adjustment and all sorts of really nifty technology (e.g. Auto-Tune) used all over the music industry to intentionally modify the original vocals. Britney Jean was obviously heavily edited vocally and in its overall production. I don't find this as a reason to entertain this ridiculous theory that Myah Marie is the main vocalist here. But if your claims can be fact-checked, then let's hear them.
  18. Guest

    Honest question

    Private show or britney jean?
  19. Hey guys, here is the "live" version of Alien, I tried to make it sounds live, sorry about any mistakes, about my bad English and I hope you guys like it!! http://www98.blocked.com/v/qQqDgqyb/file.html PS: my Soundcloud can't upload the track If that link goes down, here's other download link: http://www.blocked.com/file/8a2ylhll2tb2h8a/Alien_Acoustic_by_louieney.mp3
  20. RCA gave the go-ahead to release 'Britney Jean'. And ,whether you guys know it or not, Record Labels have the final say over whether an artists music video gets released/scrapped/re-done because the RECORD LABEL is paying for it. That is out of Team Britneys control. So blame Perfume getting scrapped, the Original Make Me... video getting scrapped/completely redone, and Britney only releasing 2 videos during the Britney Jean era.... and that cheap *** Work ***** video on RCA. They are at fault. Stuff like this did not happen under JIVE records and they had to deal with Britney during her worst years. RCA is also in charge of that Glorys screencap album cover! That is THEIR album. They put the money behind it and have the final say on what goes on their product! So now I ask, are we going to get a video for whatever 2nd single RCA (Britneys record label) decides? I would be shocked if we did. PREPARE YOURSELVES!
  21. The peak of which álbum: 1# ...Baby One More Time/ Oops!...I Did It Again/ Britney/ In The Zone/ Circus 2# Blackout/ Femme Fatale 3# Femme Fatale (Top 3 with 8 Studio Albums) And here we have a sequel of the first 5 weeks of the last 4 studio albums: 2007 - 2# - Blackout (N#2 = 1 Week) Week 1 - 02# - 488.000 Week 2 - 06# - 177.000 Week 3 - 12# - 140.000 Week 4 - 16# - 110.000 Week 5 - 17# - 092.000 2008 - 1# - Circus (N#1 = 4 Weeks) Week 1 - 02# - 814.000 Week 2 - 02# - 414.000 Week 3 - 01# - 412.000 Week 4 - 01# - 413.000 Week 5 - 01# - 163.000 2011 - 2# - Femme Fatale (N#2 = 2 Weeks) Week 1 - 02# - 432.000 Week 2 - 02# - 162.000 Week 3 - 03# - 105.000 Week 4 - 04# - 091.000 Week 5 - 05# - 071.000 2013 - 3# - Britney Jean (N#3 = 1 Week) Week 1 - 03# - 218.000 Week 2 - 25# - 078.000 Week 3 - OUT Week 4 - 32# - 055.000 Week 5 - 29# - 031.000 Week 6 - 35# - 019.000 (I had to do the 6 one cause BJ went out on the third week) Any predictions?
  22. The fact that Sean Preston, a 10 years old kid, did to Glory so much more than Will.I.Am did to Britney Jean says a lot. Let's praise the royalty of music for a sec. Sean is a truly prince and he's definitely talented and gifted! He gave us Glory!
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