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Found 36 results

  1. Remember in 2018, when billboard allowed fan uploaded videos to count towards charting on the hot 100. Thx to the 19 week reign success of Old town road, Billboard has removed that critieria. There's buzz saying that Billboard is about to adopt the UK critieria of streaming and limit only a few streams to count, and have it only Singles only (Basically cutting out the album tracks) and they are also considering banning Promo singles to chart. Billboard is seriously only capping 20 streams on the hot 100 and Making an emphasis on Album sales on the Billboard 200. The fact these rules are considering to take place as Google announced that beginning in September, they are shutting down their music store to focus on YouTube music. Has people thinking is this their way of avoiding a backlash on the streaming and helping veteran acts who don't pull huge streaming numbers but is a stronger force on the physical force.
  2. Taylor Swift has sold over 500,000 units of her new album folklore in just three days. The album already surpassed the biggest week of 2020 for any album, previously set by Juice WRLD’s Legends Never Die (497K). This isn't counting the limited week of physical pre-orders which ends Thursday at 11:59 PM EST. In 2014, Barbara Walters said it best, and this just proves her comments were valid and accurate. "Taylor Alison Swift is the music industry." She's half way to a million! Let's place bets. I think she's gonna outdo Lovers numbers because she has won over fans that normally don't check for her at all with this album. Related:
  3. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9424039/taylor-swift-new-music-poll?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter The mixers are not funkin' around anymore.. Billboard does this weekly poll. Asking readers and followers the best new music every Friday. Little Mix is leading. By a lot. They count for close to 70% of the vote. Taylor Swift is in second place with only 17% of the votes are in her favor . But I want the mixers to Know. Madonna won the fan poll of best album of 2019 for Madame X. And that was a success for an 80s act. Since they don't sell that well. But Little Mix will flop in the US. Since Billboard is a global page. I already can tell you Brazil and the UK flood the site and voted for The girls.
  4. Billboard changes rules, no longer counting digital bundles, eliminating the practice of non-manufactured items being used to influence 1st-week chart rankings. This will affect the Hot 100, where it was used as a tactic by artists such as 6ix9ine, Travis Scott, Twenty One Pilots and Justin Bieber. "Billboard will no longer allow sales of physical albums or singles that are bundled with digital downloads to be reported as digital sales, thereby eliminating the practice of spontaneous non-manufactured items being used to influence first-week chart rankings. Only when the physical item -- ostensibly what the consumer is buying -- is shipped, will it be counted in Billboard’s official tallies" What do you think about this? Source: Billboard
  5. Billboard as of today announces no more merch bundles or concert ticket bundles.. Billboard states that the reason behind this is due to artists like Lady gaga, Ariana grande and 6ix9ine took advantage of this, By offering a physical product like a vinyl record, CD or cassette with a digital download sent automatically, But the physical product is 6 to 8 weeks from shipping and being in the hands of the consumers, Billboard calls this an unfair advantage and therefore will no longer allow this to chart cos as we see all these artists ended up having sharp drops from the #1 spot on the hot 100. And as for the concert bundle again due to it giving a huge inflation as we saw with Madame X and Celine Dion. Without this strategy it wouldn't have debuted at #1. Music fans are calling this out as Many believe it's only a matter of time til billboard stops counting pure sales on any charts, thus becoming a streaming only eligible to chart only. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy
  6. Beginning on October 2,2020 Forced Albums + Tickets are no longer invalid to chart. Opt albums, Meaning does the fan want the desired album are the only way to count.
  7. Go to wikipedia, type Billboard icon award and you will see in Red 2021 but It's expected to go to Madonna. Making this the worst kept secret, what's worse The cancelled 2020 BBMAS icon award went To Garth Brooks, an artist who pioneered The Bro country genre which is insanely popular today. I truly believe Billboard caved after Madonna got called out for saying everytime she goes to an "American" award show she is never honored the way she's used to in Virtually international award shows. The lambs called her out saying she made it about her, She didn't mention Mariah Carey, But this is the same woman that said the success of Mariah Carey was due to the dumbing of America.
  8. If one thing can't be denied is Todrick Hall is one of the biggest Black LGBTQ stars. Up there with Billy Porter. But that's not to say he isnt loved by his own community In 2017 he appeared in the Taylor swift video Look what you made me do and became like her spokesperson for the LGBT community. Which has led to some Black LGBTQ community members accusing him of selling out But he finally comes clean. He didn't grow up in a black neighborhood outside the church and family. He grew up in a white Middle class neighborhood Which truly now makes sense. Why most of his employees, etc were white. Cos that's all he grew up around. 90s white middle class would probably be now considered as the upper class in today's climate.
  9. Just casually came across this article with both writers of mood ring on billboard. Check it out, this could build traction for the song. Basically the AMA Jordan did. But with both of them. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9393539/songwriters-melanie-fontana-jon-asher-britney-spears-mood-ring
  10. 6ix9ine continues to put Billboard on blast. He says his song should be #1 this week, but Billboard is corrupt. According to him, 6 credit cards purchased 30k units of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's song "Stuck With You," which ultimately gave them the top spot. He says you can buy #1s. Industry payola is real y'all. He's trash but I see no lies detected. Billboard, please respond Earlier:
  11. GET HA! Ariana Grande won't put up with 6ix9ine's claims that she and Billboard cheated to get "Stuck With U" to #1 on the Hot 100. He said the #1 was basically bought. Read more about that here. In a new message posted on Instagram, Ari ripped 6 to shreds. Justin Bieber chimed in as well. Why he inserted himself into the drama is not yet known. 6ix9ine found comatose in a ditch. Do you think Ariana and Justin legitimately got to #1? Or was it bought like 6ix9ine claims? Where there's smoke... Let me know what you think. Related:
  12. Travis Scott's and Kid Cudi's song "The Scotts" has debuted at #1. Also, "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion has jumped from #14 to #4. All the other songs on the top 10 this week have gone downwords. Source:
  13. Well, Billboard went there. While they didn't shade or drag 6ix9ine, they did come out and for the first time ever... defended themselves. As for "GOOBA," only 30,000 views counted towards his video views. The rest of them came outside the US so they weren't counted. They basically said he only won on the streaming songs and rap songs charts. They even noted that his song "Fefe," with Nicki Minaj, doesn't get played on Top 40 and rhythmic radio formats because he's hard to market. Outside the world of rap, he's kinda cancelled. Here's a copy + paste excerpt from Billboard: Read the full article with receipts here. Thoughts on Billboard clarifying things? Related:
  14. Last week. The barbz finally got a good reason to celebrate in what can be described a bad year for Nicki overall. Thx to her controversial marriage to Kenneth petty. Well it appears. Thx to screen shots coming out. Say so is #1. But it's only credited to Doja Cat. Billboard removed the nicki feature. Let's just say. The barbz are mad. Crying foul. Let's just say. Due to her having her #1 stripped. The lambs are having a party right now on Twitter. Acknowledging. Billboard did something right for once.
  15. In a deleted Instagram post. Problematic rapper (how he's still alive is a miracle given he does have a price on him) if you go by street gang code. He's living on borrowed time. Refused witness protection and such. Anyway, he called out Billboard saying as an independent artist. He's following his numbers closely. He knows he has the #1 song in the country with massive streams and video views. But he knows he's lacking in radio support which he expects that to be permanent cos of the controversy around his case. But unfortunately Ariana and Justin bieber knew they were losing a battle. Their just released song was discounted to just 69 cents. They know their losing streams, video views to rapper 69. So this will be a chart battle unlike any we have seen.
  16. Billboard in conjunction with Billboard pride announced the top 20 Empowerment Anthems for the LGBTQ community. Number one Is Express Yourself by Madonna. That did start a war of words with the little monsters and Madonna fans. While both adults buried the hatchet. It does seem the stan war will continue as long as we live. Could continue in Hell as well. Who knows????? The fact that Stronger by Britney spears isn't included in this list has led to a debate and caused minor controversy stating that song helped a lot of her fans to accept themselves and is a modern day I will survive and shall be treated as such. The inclusion of Cardi B's #1 bodak Yellow (money moves) did raise questions especially her comments on the transgender community defending migos and the queer comment (Katy Perry did get major backlash for working with them on Bon appetit. Some questioned if she is still using our community just for money. Dates back all the way to I kissed a girl) and of course wishing someone's mother to contact and die of AIDS definitely raised eyebrows and accused billboard of including a shallow anthem. Some do say the obsession with money and status quo is so 00s mentality. A tired trend that needs to die. Opinions anybody?????
  17. Following the limited Vinyl editions from the Urban Outfitters, the album managed to snatch some entries on this week's Billboard charts: Top Album Sales Re-entry at #95, first time charting since December 20, 2008! Vinyl Albums Debuts at #9 and becomes her third Top 10 album here. Catalog Album Sales Debuts at #18 and becomes her sixth entry on the chart.
  18. Every Britney Spears Music Video From 1998 to Today: Watch Her Evolution by Rebecca Schiller | 9/12/2018
  19. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8039442/britney-spears-piece-of-me-las-vegas-show-numbers loved the article, shows us that the show was actually very successful and Britney changed the vegas landscape forever, we might be glad that its ending but no one can deny the positive impact the show and britney will leave on vegas
  20. Never seen this article before. It's an interesting/funny reading since it's boring beetween two eras http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/7640807/most-infamous-lip-sync-incidents-videos-mariah-carey. Britney at number...
  21. Is not like it matters but if you are bored and want to beat JT fan army then you should definitely vote! WE ARE LOSING btw. http://www.billboard.com/fan-army-bracket/
  22. January 29, 2011: Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Britney Spears' Femme Fatale lead single, helmed by the early-'10s dream team of Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Bonnie McKee, immediately returned the pop legend to the top of the charts with her first release of the new decade. But the success of "Hold It Against Me" would have implications well beyond the artists involved: The song was one of the first major hits to employ a dubstep breakdown, establishing the largely underground EDM phenomenon within the pop mainstream. Soon, smashes by Justin Bieber, Flo Rida and JAY-Z and Kanye West would drop down the rabbit hole after Britney. -- A.U. Queen!! http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/7873025/75-best-music-moments-decade-10s
  23. since Britney has been talked about a lot the past week by the media do you think she will move up more on the social 50 chart and remember she has never been #1 on that chart
  24. BRINEY SPEARS VS LADY Gaga VS TAYLOR SWIFT VS KATY PERRY VS NICKI MINAJ VS RIHANNA VS BEYOUNCE VS XTINA 1. Britney Spears: Three No1 1. Womanizer 2. 1,2,3 3. Baby One More Time 2. Lady Gaga: Three No1 1. Poker Face 2. Just Dance 3. Born This Way 3. Taylor Swift: 4 No1 Four No1 : 1. We are never ever getting back Toghether 2. Bad Blood 3. Shake It off 4. Blank Space 4. Katty Perry: 9 No.1 1. I kiss a girl 2. California Girls 3. Teenage Dream 4. E.T 5. Last Friday Night 6. Firework 7. Part of me 8. Roar 9. Dark Horse 5. Nicki Minaj: 0 No.1 6. Rihanna : 14 No.1 1. S.O.S 2. Umbrella 3. Take A Bow 4. Disturbia 5. Live Your Life 6. Rude Boy 7. Love The Way You Lie 8. Only Girl 9. What's ur name 10. S&M 11. We Found Love 12. Diamond 13. The Monster 14. Work 7. Beyonce: 5 No.1 1. Irrreplaceable 2. Check on It 3. Baby Boy 4. Crazy In Love 5. Single Lady 8. Xtina: 5 No.1 1. Genie In The Bottle 2. What Girl Want 3. Come On Over 4. Lady Marmalade 5. Move Like Jagger
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