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  1. Thieves broke into three of Beyonce's storage units in LA and stole upwards of $1 million of items, which included expensive handbags, dresses, kids toys and photos belonging to one of Beyonce's stylists. The investigation is ongoing. Source: TMZ
  2. Beyoncè celebrates the women's history month on her website. https://www.beyonce.com/image/womens-history-month-the-entertainers/ She posted this collage of some entertainers, as you can see there is Cardi B and not Nicki Minaj (Beyoncè has collaborated with her on 2 songs) What do you think? it's just a coincidence or a shade?
  3. Beyonce cleaned up at the Grammys! She went into the night with 9 nominations. She took home a bunch, helping her break a huge record. She now has the title for most Grammys won by a woman and any singer, male or female, with a total of 28 Grammys. She ties the record with Quincy Jones as the living person with the most Grammys. Bey surpassed bluegrass-country singer Alison Krauss who previously held the record with 27. "I've been working my whole life, since 9 years old, and I can't believe this happened," she said. Thoughts, Exhale?!
  4. Beyonce sent Taylor Swift a bouquet of flowers for breaking records at the Grammys. Beyoncé became the winningest woman in Grammys history with her 28th Grammy. Taylor became the first female artist to win album of the year for a third time. We love to see women uplifting each other!
  5. Why is she so good ? Honestly No one can compete Stage presence, vocals, dance moves, great songs, great visuals she is the blueprint, the whole package breathe if you agree
  6. Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy take home a GRAMMY award for Best Music Video with "Brown Skin Girl" at the 2021 GRAMMYs. They were up against Future and Drake (“Life Is Good”), Harry Styles, (“Adore You”), Anderson .Paak (“Lockdown”), and Woodkid (“Goliath”). This marks the first Grammy Award for Beyoncé’s daughter and the song’s featured artist, Blue Ivy. Jenn Nkiru co-directed the video with Beyoncé; the song also features SAINt JHN and WizKid." Related:
  7. This thread is a response to the dumbest thread I've ever seen that got featured ''Why does Beyoncé > Everyone?''. Umm some people here love to feature everything about Bey so what about featuring this thread? I know you probably won't do this cause u love her too much. Kinda not fair. We shouldn't compare two women together but this is clearly what u are doing and it's not a problem so... To prove why ''Beyonce > Everyone'' is false we can compare her to Britney. #1 Britney's impact on pop culture It's not a secret that Britney had bigger impact on pop culture than Beyonce. We can easily prove that with all of Britney's iconic moments like dancing with a snake, Toxic, Baby One More Time, kiss with Madonna, hitting a paparazzi with umbrella & more. Everyone wanted to be Britney Spears or date her in late 90s/early 2000s. She was HUGE at that time and it's a fact, everyone knows that. Almost every pop girl now is somehow influenced by Britney. And Beyonce never reached that level. She can dance, she can sing etc. but does it make her better than everyone else? No. There's a lot of talented people but they don't have huge careers. #2 Britney's humbleness We all know that Britney is extremely humble despite of being one of the biggest stars ever. She's extremely nice. While Beyonce is a huge rude diva trying to prove everyone that she's some type of goddess when she clearly isn't. Nothing wrong with being confident and with being a ''diva'' but Beyonce's level is something else. Britney herself would say that Bey is better cause she's humble as F. https://people.com/music/celebs-meet-beyonce-stories/?slide=7150677#7150677 https://www.thethings.com/beyonce-is-rude-to-restaurant-staff-according-to-some-fans/ #3 Britney's charisma and stage presence Both Beyonce and Britney can dance and we know that. Their charisma is a big part of it and they both have it. But why Beyonce has literally 0 or maybe 1 iconic performance while Britney has them like 4 HUGE moments? Britney's iconic outfits are the history. Everyone dresses 'em during Halloween, they are iconic as hell, like for example this one from 2001 VMAs or Toxic music video, Oops I Did It Again red suit. What about Beyonce? Does she even have ''iconic outfits'' on the Britney's level? #4 Britney has more hits Britney clearly has MILLION hits that changed pop forever and are iconic as hell. Beyonce has some hits obvi but how many? Definitely less than Britney. #5 Beyonce fakes her fame and awards We all know about all of the dramas with Beyonce that proved that she isn't fair when it comes to streaming, Grammys etc. It's not a surprise. And you are so naive thinking that she'd achieve it without help of JAY Z or her father. Sorry not sorry, it's a fact. Argue with a wall. I guess there's more reasons but I'm done by now. Maybe I'll add some later. This thread isn't about hating on Beyonce, I don't hate her. I hate doing this thread, I really do. I hate how much all of u, literally everywhere here try to brainwash us that Beyonce is some type of goddess when she clearly isn't. She's a great artist but it doesn't mean ''she's better than everyone''. She can sing and dance really well but okay? There's a lot of people that can. You clearly made me make this thread, u are the one comparing not only women but everyone to Beyonce. Not my fault. You can keep your dumb posts that this thread is inappropriate for yourself. @dr34mc0r3 @OnlyBeyonce @Jordan Miller @Slayer @maki93 @britney_rocks @thebritmaster @Greg_del @Ofcoursenot @DougFrmBrazil @Soysaucechicken08 @electricopop @princessmimi @CindytheTV_isLeaking @jordeezy @Alexanda @Blackout2006 @FrenchToast @ExXL @1stopBopshop
  8. This song aged like fine wine So good I wish she would make music like this again
  9. Whose retirement would you gladly bake a cake for and help in packing their bags? I’m baking a few cakes and packing a few bags, but I bid Katy Perry and Drake a Bon Voyage. Y’all had a good run and I hope you like chocolate cake
  10. According to Variety, Jay-Z sold Tidal. Due to Jay-Z’s recent Ace of Spades deal with LVMH, all Tidal co-owners including Nicki Minaj have made a $8.9m cash out. ✈️ When we get fly, we take flight ✈️
  11. Ariana who runs pop is showing some love to Britney’s single, Stronger, by including it on her Apple playlist ‘Who Runs The World’ Are we surprised? Are we pressed? Are we grateful?
  12. A Norwegian financial newspaper named Dagens Næringsliv (DN) obtained one of TIDAL's data hard drives, and if the contents on the drive are real, it revealed the streaming platform’s play-counts for two major albums from 2016 – Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo – were massively inflated. DN says the hard drive contained ‘billions of rows of [internal TIDAL data]: times and song titles, user IDs and country codes.’ Tidal denies its real/accurate. It gets worse... a recent Norwegian Supreme Court Appeals Committee ruling says TIDAL has been an official suspect in a “serious data fraud investigation” by the Norwegian authorities since June 21 last year. Just an FYI, Lemonade debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with 653,000 with additional album-equivalent units, including 485,000 copies in its first week of sales. So, how many copies did Lemonade really sell Regardless, it's still an immaculate body of work. Related:
  13. Sorry, i said what I said yes, lemonade is overrated. I understand why people love it (because of it praising black culture) but fans and critics made it seem like the best album ever. The fact that Lemonade was rated as the album of the decade, and Melodrama wasn’t shows how much useless praise it got. Out of 12 tracks, I only liked formation,hold up, and castles, daddy lessons and love drought. And it ends there. Sorry is just plain vulgar, Beyoncé sounded constipated yet angry in 6 inch, she tried to sound like a rockstar in don’t hurt yourself but failed miserably and the album was just miserable plus, only because it was Beyoncé who made the record, people breathe it like as if the album pays their bills also, it’s bullcrap that the album has a 92 percent rating in meta critic. That’s too much for this album. 72 would have been the best for it BEYONCE (self titled album)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lemon juice
  14. beyonce's vocals are weak, tbh. selena gomez' vocals always stable. this beyonce girl is not even a worthy competition to selena's fingertips alone. poor selena carrying the music industry on her back. there's a reason beyonce didn't sing Good for You, Hands To Myself or Bad Liar. And that reason being a lack of vocal prowess that Selena possesses. she can literally replicate air conditioning with her voice. her fainting breathe technique is yet to be explored by any other vocalists in music history. breathe if you agree.
  15. Beyonce still slaying She is def serving Ariana teas here. I know everyone's going to go all Thiefonce on her, but whatevs she looks awesome here. Thoughts, Exhale? Inspo
  16. This seems like fan fiction to me, but it's a collaboration I'd be very interested in hearing. Exhale, is this something you'd like to sink your teeth into? Sound off Related:
  17. On January 26, 2004, the premiere of Pepsi's Gladiator commercial took place in London. The ad was filmed at the Coliseum in Rome and featured Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Pink as gladiators who perform a new version of Queen's classic We Will Rock You. Enrique Iglesias played the role of the evil emperor, and Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen also made cameo appearances. Brian May said about the commercial: "I will die happy, I think in the end, it will be a good piece of art. There is more money and more talent per second in an ad than in anything else. It was incredible to work with the three of them, and hear the song come to life in a new way. Freddie would definitely have enjoyed it". Britney said about this collaboration: "It's amazing to work with artists like Pink and Beyoncé. It's really, really cool. You want to pinch yourself. This was a thrill beyond belief." Several promo singles were released featuring the track from the commercial, plus some songs by the three divas and Enrique. The general one featured: We Will Rock You (Pepsi "Gladiators" Sound Track Remix) - Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Pink Trouble - Pink Me, Myself & I (Remix) (Grizz's Main Mix) - Beyoncé Me Against the Music (Remix) (Dragon Man Mix) - Britney Spears Addicted (Remix) - Enrique Iglesias Sky Away - Solange Everything You Want -JC Behind the Scenes And then there were the Britney Exclusive, Beyoncé Exclusive and Pink Exclusive promo CD's
  18. Beyonce's recording engineer, DJ Swivel, says Beyonce was so focused on recording 4 at the time that she drank tons of energy drinks to stay focused - so much so that she would get sick - and recorded six songs in one session that lasted 40 hours. We love a hard working queen 4 is also my fav Beyonce album so this was a gem to learn. Thoughts, Exhale?
  19. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor, a female modern day Robin Hood... Source
  20. Bey wished Britney a happy birthday on her website cute Beyoncé (beyonce.com)
  21. Beyoncé just updated her official web wishing Britney a happy birthday. https://www.beyonce.com Related:
  22. Beyonce released Black Is King on Disney+ last Friday. It didn't debut with stellar figures, according to a new report from Yahoo!. They claim it was the tenth most-watched item on Disney+, attracting less than 4% of total users in its opening weekend. It trails way behind The Incredibles 2 followed by Frozen 2, The Muppets, and Hamilton. It ranks worse when considering how much time subscribers spent on Disney+, coming in at number 13, with users only spending about 2.2% of their time watching that film. By comparison, Hamilton came in at number one with 22%. Disney has 100 million paid subscribers across all its platforms. However, numbers aren't everything. Black Is King is a stunning 80-minute body of work with an empowering message. It was also widely-received amongst critics with a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Exhale, does this surprise you? I think Disney+ was an... interesting platform to put the visual album on. The marketing and timing for the project was also a little confusing. A lot of Exhalers and even some of my friends were under the impression Black Is King was supposed to be an entirely new album. When I told them it was based off The Gift soundtrack, which she released last year for The Lion King, everyone was like "ohh??" Did you watch Black Is King? What do you think? Related:
  23. Record labels are fundamentally in business to make money for itself, rather than for the best interests of the musician. Should Major Artists who have a big fan base or the money to promote themselves go Independent?
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