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Found 17 results

  1. Disclaimer: the official Britney Spears website states the video was released on November 24 (though has proved to be wrong on other dates), with other sources confirming it as well, such as this old list made by BRITannica for britney.com. However, other sources claim it was released on November 26, mainly because of Britney's social media posts for its 20th anniversary in 2018, with all the articles from that year pointing out to this date as well, I assume because they took the tweet as the reference. For what I get, that might've been the date when it premiered on TRL, but not necessarily the video debut. "Anyhow", whether it was on the 24th or the 26th, this week we celebrate the anniversary of the video. On November 24 (or 26), 1998, Britney Spears released the ...Baby One More Time music video, the first single off her debut album of the same name, and her first music video ever. Directed by Nigel ****, the video shows her with the iconic Catholic schoolgirl outfit, bored at the classroom while her in real life assistant, Felicia Culotta, plays the role of the teacher. Once the bell rings, Britney and the rest of her classmates go to the corridor and perform a dance routine, with some scenes of her singing by the lockers. We also see them outside, where Britney is wearing a different outfit now and performs some gymnastics moves. Towards the end, they're at the gymnasium where we see her love interest (played by cousin Chad Spears), and perform the final dance routine. The bell rings again and they all leave the gym running against a startled Felicia, when we see Britney at the classroom again revealing she had been daydreaming all along. The video became a huge success worldwide, though on TRL it took it a few months before reaching the top spot in the countdown, since she was always competing with the likes of *NSync, Backstreet Boys and Korn. Nonetheless, when TRL ended in 2008, ...Baby One More Time was voted as the most iconic video ever and it was the last video they played in their last emission. However, it wasn't well received by everyone. It caused controversy among parents associations which found outrageous that a sixteen years old girl was showing her midriff. In a 2000 interview with Britney, she said about her look the following: "Me showing my belly? I'm from the South; you're stupid if you don't wear a sports bra [when you] go to dance class, you're going to be sweating your butt off. It was such a wonderful experience. All these people there, working for you. I had my own trailer. It was an amazing experience." It is very well known that the original concept for the video was something completely different than the iconic piece of art we got in the end. At first, Joseph Kahn was supposed to direct the video, but his idea was rejected. Then Nigel **** was hired, and he also had his own concept for the video. According to Barry Weiss: "Nigel came up with an idea, like, Britney is in outer space. She comes and lands on Mars on a spaceship, and then she breaks into this dance routine. I was like, “Wow, this is great!” And Britney looked at this and said, “This is horrible. No way am I doing this. This is really cheesy. Let me get on the phone with Nigel ****.” In 1999, Britney spoke about this in an interview for Rolling Stone: Nigel comments on the video: Every article of clothing that we see in the video was bought at K-Mart, and everything costed less than $17. Nigel has explained on several occasions, the uniform outfit was all Britney's idea. For an EW article he commented: For Bustle he said: The music video was shot in August 7 and 8, 1998 at the Venice High School in LA, the same school where the film Grease was shot. Randy Connor, the choreographer of the video, says they had prepared the dance routine a year in advance, rehearsing six days a week. The video was nominated at the VMAs 1999 for Best Pop Video, Best Choreography and Best Female Video, but didn't win any of them. In 2014 the video reached 100M views on her Youtube channel, becoming the fifth of her videos to reach the mark, and the first 90s video by a female to receive a certification. However, after a sudden increase in views starting in 2015, ...Baby One More Time rapidly became her most watched video on her channel, currently accumulating over 550M views. A couple of years ago, a Funko based on the iconic schoolgirl outfit from this video was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary. Here you can watch the video that started it all: And some alternative clips
  2. Hello! I found this amazing mashup of Selena covering BOMT and Britney's version and sounds amazing. Hope we get an actual collab in the future because i LOVE them , rather in SG4 or in B10 after she is free or in both on a bad ***** bop. And if that collab never happens hope her version of whiplash leaks and someone does a mashup at least :D Hope you guys like it too!
  3. Hi! I’m happy to share an upscale in 4K of Baby One More Time! I keep now original frame rate to not cause artefacts and visual glitching. I included some uncut dancing scenes to not have the best dancing parts being cut (and also for letting it on YouTube). I’m improving everytime my upscales, I think I had better results with 3, Circus, My Prerogative and Radar, so tell me if this one is also great. Hope you enjoy!
  4. on April 30th of 1999 Sometimes was released as the 2nd single from ...Baby One More Time baby all i need is time
  5. He creado una lista para hacer un viaje por canciones de Britney Spears y revivir esos momentos que nos hizo ser parte de su vida. #Freebritney Britney Spears: One More time Lista Spotify. Setlist Oops!.. I did it again Overprotected Big fat bass Early Mornin' Phonography Mannequin Showdown Unusual you And then we kiss Coupure electrique Breathe on me I'm Slave 4 u Get naked Tom's Diner Stronger Kill the Light Break the Ice Hold it againts me Toxic Gimme more ... Baby one more time
  6. Hey everybody, it's been a while since I posted. I know there's not much going on at the moment, and it may even be a boring time to be a Britney fan, cause of Britney on her hiatus and all, and the whole #FreeBritney movement, from the last few months, but I've been lurking around here, despite me not really making threads and comments lately. In fact, some of ya'll probably don't even remember me. But.... I just wanted to share this video with my fellow Britney fans here, of Me and a friend doing our very first Britney track by track album review together. This friend of mine, from Kentucky, and I have started fairly recently doing album reviews on her channel. She's a small youtuber, and has 2 channels, one for breaking news videos, and one for live streaming, she usually streams a few nights a week, but every Thursday or Friday, and Sunday, we do album reviews for some of our favorite artists, no matter how old or new an album is. We enjoy doing these streams together. But long story short, I got her to agree to start doing Britney Spears album reviews, and we're planning on reviewing all of Britney's studio albums, over the next few months. As of right now, we plan on reviewing 2 Britney albums a month. She's more into country music, but loves some pop artists as well, like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez for example, and she's not like a huge Britney fan like I am, but she really enjoyed listening to Britney's first album, and loved it! So I wanted to share our first Britney review with you guys, and let you all know, since there's not much going on at the moment, if you want something to watch and enjoy that's Britney related, since Britney's not doing much at the moment, besides posting cute things on Instagram, maybe you could check out my friend and I's videos up on her channel on YouTube. We plan on reviewing Britney's second album "Oops! I Did It Again!" on August 30th.
  7. Fans always reference Brian, Andre and Wade when they mention Britney’s iconic choreography throughout the years but what about the guy who taught Britney the BOMT choreo. Before I read this I didn’t know his name. Randy Connor choreographed ‘Baby’. His work has stood the test of time. So flawless. I don’t think he’s gotten enough recognition and credit that I think he deserves. Here he reminisces on his experience working with a 16 year old Britney Spears. (Thank You, Randy!!) I posted his quotes in case the link doesn’t work. _________________ Britney was no record label’s puppet,” says Randy. She had a key voice in the production and her creative touches made the video iconic. The school class was her idea, which she convinced the management would be better than their idea. "Britney wanted the video to relate to her fans and their experiences, so felt a school was more natural and realistic to them and her personality. “The idea was they are daydreaming about getting out and having fun, remembering a guy she broke up with.” Britney talked Randy and director Nigel **** around on the school theme at the 11th hour and they grabbed the outfit from a department store. “It was kinda last minute but Nigel and I thought it was a fantastic idea,” says Randy. “All the uniforms were picked up from K-Mart for about £19 with costumiers working fast to get them fitted. “After a couple of takes Britney felt that the tails of the shirt were getting in the way of her hand movements. So before another take she tied a knot in the shirt. It happened naturally. She was in fantastic shape so her midriff was toned. “I heard she kept that outfit. It has become an iconic look. It is now one of people’s go-to costumes for Halloween.” When the video was released, its impact on pop culture was seismic. “It was innocent in its conception, but the integration of the styling and choreography created that edge,” says Randy. Bosses at Jive Records teamed Randy with Britney in late 1997 after signing her to be “the next big thing”. Preparations included her learning acrobatics, having six-hour rehearsal sessions, five days a week, before writing and recording sessions. Randy says: “Jive saw Britney as their next big project. And their plan was not simply to knock out a quick song and video but to grow and build her as an entertainer. We wanted to create moves that would have people hooked. She learned acrobatics and practised for hours. She is a natural athlete and fast learner, who just relished every rehearsal. “When I looked into her eyes I saw a genuine, sincere kid, a young girl, who was driven and willing to work 150%. She never complained.” Baby One More Time was filmed over two days at Venice House School in LA – the site used to film Grease in 1978. Randy, 47, says: “It was relentless but there were no complaints because this was her passion. “I lost count of how many backflips she did. It was groundbreaking too with the casting, because we had a diverse cast of dancers – which represented what the truth about American schools.” Britney even did a Dirty Dancing lift but it was cut from the final edit. “It was an incredible moment where Britney ran and jumped into the arms of our lead dancer,” says Randy. “It was beautiful.” Randy says when Britney was shown the finished video, she almost broke her bed jumping around at her hotel. She knew it was special and proud her idea came good,” he says. “Her look and sound were different. Straight after, everyone knew the words, kids were doing the choreography and it was all over radio. After its release it took a life of its own.” And Randy says while she owes so much to Baby One More Time, Britney also got where she is because of the work ethic, determination, resilience and creativity she showed him in those two days in LA – and she still has 20 years on. She had hunger and drive to be an artist, not just a star, and a real pro,” he says. “The fact she is still where she is now tells the story.” Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/britney-spears-baby-one-more-13455282.amp
  8. I Will Be There - 0:09 Torn - 3:27 I know its not a sample but they sound very similar.
  9. Rolling Stone Music Now podcast goes behind the story of Britney’s first single as we near the 20th anniversary of ...Baby One More Time. They mention things we already know like the song was first pitched to TLC. Britney originally wanted to be a singer songwriter and wanted a sound like Sheryl Crow, Macy Gray and Jill Scott not the pop sound she ended up getting on the first album. I don’t know how to embed the podcast but it’s linked in the story. Listen to the podcast where they discuss the history of BOMT it’s great!! Also Britney didn’t like her 2000 OIDIA album and was desperate for a vacation. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-722718/amp/
  10. So, at the gym while I’m doing cardio I’m constantly watching the BBMA performance, the slumber party music video and the New Years Eve **** Clark performance... I watch them because they motivate the **** outta me and they’re in HD (lol) I’m getting bored watching them over and over. Can y’all post some high quality, high energy performance videos or music videos to run to? Makes my time go by faster rather then just listening to music.
  11. Happy BOMT-versary, my Queen! Appreciate the fans who follow and support my artwork And the icons:
  12. Have ya'll ever seen this? I found the first press of Baby One More Time the other day at a thrift store and its an enhanced CD, when I put in in my computer this pic came up too... Ive never seen it before and thought it was cutsie patootsie! https://twitter.com/StrunkBrandon/status/914678453445779457
  13. Hi guys!Please let me know your opinion on my cover of "Baby one more time"! ***
  14. A coffee shop in Belgium (Antwerp and other cities within Belgium) called MAONA uses an awesome reference. A friend of mine, posted the following picture onh is FB: AWESOME, I just love it (I'm from Belgium self)
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