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  1. Having will.i.am producing all of the BJ album was a poor management or musical move. No shade will, you're amazing. But I mean, yeah the Scream & Shout was a hit but it wasn't a breakthrough in pop. It was just a huge club hit, pretty generic and they said OH Let's do a whole album! I would understand if they decided to have a full bloodshy & avant produced album because Toxic was a experimental breakthrough in pop. I think an album entirely Max Martin produced would be lit or a mix of producers as long as it flows. WBU?
  2. Honestly I've got a feeling b9 is gonna be basic as Selena gomez and Taylor swif, and also her cheapest album, since I got to hear private flop and make me ***, I'm like ouch, what happened?? and y'all gonna hate me and say I'm such a bad person but I'm just sharing my opinion like, we could love her to death but let's not deny good music is good music...... Her management is old af she needs some young fresh people in her team ..... But anyways it's my opinion and if you don't like it **** off, I don't care......
  3. COULD BE RADAR 2.0 **** **** BOOM IT'S FLAWLESS AND WILL SLAY the clubs and the charts and you will DEAL
  4. The album it's flawless but, it's too much melodic, imagine a remix of just luv me the clubs will play the song, and the gp will know the song what do you think?
  5. The GP LOVES THE SONG, and it's preston favorite song on the álbum preston can't be wrong
  6. WHEN YOU HEAR IT, YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEAR .... Then.....IT SEEMS IT'S BUILDING UP you think this song could be a smasha.... and then comes the chorus..... And IT'S OK BUT , I FEEL, IT'S VERY CHILL ... I THINK NEEDS MORE BEATS AND POWER , AND IT COULD BE A MEGA HIT... WHAT do you guys think?
  7. Just so we have a list of those involved! SONGS FOR GLORY: - MAKE ME FT. G-EAZY: Britney Spears, BURNS, Joe Janiak, Gerald Gillum - JUST LUV ME: Cashmere Cat, RoboPop, Julia Micheals - SLUMBER PARTY: (Rumoured Julia Micheals track) - INVITATION: Britney Spears, Justin Tranter, Julia Micheals - JUST LIKE ME: Britney Spears, Justin Tranter, Julia Micheals - MAN ON THE MOON: Pheobe Ryan, Marcus Lomax, Brandon Lowry, Isley Juber, Jason Evigan - PRIVATE SHOW: Carla Marie Williams, Britney Spears, Young Man and Young Fyre. - WHAT YOU NEED: Carla Marie Williams - LIAR: Jason Evigan, Danny Parker, Breyan Issac, Nash Overstreet - CLUMSY: Talay Riley, Britney Spears, Warren "Oak" Felder and Alex Nice - MOOD RING: DJ Mustard, JGramm, Asher and Melanie Fontana - DON'T TELL IT: Justin Tranter, Julia Micheals, Leslie Harmon and J Roc - DO YOU WANNA COME OVER: Julia Micheals, Justin Tranter, Alexander Chila, Mattman & Robin A&R and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: - Karen Kwak CONFIRMED: - Ian Kirkpatrick, Chantal Kreviazuk & Simon Wilcox - Justin Tranter & Julia Micheals - Phoebe Ryan, Marcus Lomax, Brandon Lowry, Isley Juber & Jason Evigan - DJ Mustard - The Invisible Men - Sam Bruno - Alex Da Kid - Matthew Koma - Danja - Big Tank - BURNS & Mischke - Yellow Claw - Hurts - Carla Marie Williams - CJ Baran RUMOURED: - Jack Ü - Kerli Kõiv - Max Martin - Roccstar - Rock Mafia - FredWreck - William Orbit - Calvin Harris - Steve Aoki - Giorgio Moroder - Diplo - Tiësto - Nicki Minaj - Billboard - Delta Goodrem
  8. Thats what an article said .... They said beyonce stole THE show .... i think they might be RIGHT
  9. Since waiting for Glory has this place upside dow, what with the Carpool Karaoke, the VMA's, the videos, her new lips... all the way to, Britney performing in the Super Bowl in 2017, with Adele. We've also heard Glory. I live in Mexico City. On a side note, Mixup, the store that got the album out early has done this since Britney. Every single time. And, I used to buy CDs so I know that they did and still do respect such a date.... I think it's assumed that Mexico resents her in anyway, and I can't help but to disagree with that. Otros fans no me dejarán mentir So...? You ask. Well, I believe this is THE definitive Britney song, and I've realized its because I believe every single word she sings in that song. Despite that video. Lets remember WHY we care so much Making this THE ULTIMATE Britney record. Am I wrong?
  10. Hey everyone! I need your help. I just wrote for awhile, recapping on the whole era for my website. I make "era" pages, which highlight on almost everything that happens. Can you take a look at the content and let me know if I'm missing anything? Please don't be confused by the link. I guess Jordan doesn't like other Britney sites. http://breatheheavy.com/glory/
  11. What do you all think of this I thought do you wanna come over sounded a lot like lace and leather so I made this
  12. Without giving TOO much away, what should i expect? How explicit does she get? Does she cuss haha? What songs shocked you guys? I plan on waiting until the official release to listen
  13. Seriously IS THE best song on THE entire album. It's my JAM
  14. ps and CLUMSY ARE GOOD but i feel that something is missing it DOESN'T have THE britney touch anyone agrees ?
  16. I have no one that I can share my Britney fandom with or be able to talk to about with and for so long I kind of felt alone even though Britney has so many fans. Even with people that liked Britney I couldn't express how I felt because they would look at me and be like "huh?" I'm honestly so thankful for all of you and for Jordan making this site where people understand my real love for britney and be able to relate to each other over it! I honestly am extremely thankful for this fandom! Please always continue to love Britney and remember she's human like all of us and need love and support and an outlet! Anyways sorry for getting like all mushy! Love y'all!
  17. Track number 6 on iTunes has the song length on it so I really believe it's coming Wednesday! what do y'all think??
  18. I know a lot are disappointed with the release of a very underwhelming video, but I don't think we should give up on this era. The music's good, we have performances coming up, interviews and apperances (Carpool Karaoke ) so that might make MM iconic, who knows. Plus if the slight chance this is all a PR stunt turns out to be true, then we're in for a ride my friends. Though I'm not counting on it so whatever. I've been slayed by the past 3 days when she announced the album, released PS, and excited because we're getting the album in a couple of weeks after years of waiting. I refuse to give up on this era, after all we've been through in waiting for this. So quit saying it's over
  19. We know Britney (and her Team) will try to do as less promo as possible so if we need to choose I want her to do Caropool Karaoke with James Corden. Within days she would have milions of hits on youtube and it would be shared worldwide on almost every single entertaiment website. With only few hours of shooting she would have internet expose for at least few days! I would take that over any other talk-show...
  20. iTunes'u olanlara şarkıyı hediye edebilirim
  21. The full story is here... Change Glory cover "Britney Spears’ ninth album was officially announced yesterday (August 3), which is legitimately exciting music news. Once you got the title (Glory) and the release date (August 26), naturally you moved on to the album cover…and you probably made some sort of underwhelmed or confused “Oh…” the same way our staff did. Well, that feeling is so widespread among the Spears stan community that there’s a change.org petition asking RCA to change the album cover. “We Britney fans find that the cover art is not a suitable representation of the music that Britney is putting out and we are calling for it to be changed,” lead petitioner Austin Dame writes. “We ask that RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment change the album cover to one that would be a better and more suitable choice for the album.” The letter never gets into specifics, but everything from the font to the Photoshopping job to the duckface to the overall feeling that it has like three Instagram filters have been pilloried online. There’s also this simple oversight: “Show us her body!” As of this writing the petition has 739 signatures." I admit I was underwhelmed when it was first revealed. Now, I am okay with it... What about you?
  22. Her team hate us...and her. lol didn't really bother experimenting with font but you get gist much more "Glorious" than the original
  23. GLORY BE TO GODNEY Megamix Trailer Includes: Intro: Oops/Scream & Shout/Break The Ice Gimme More Breathe on Me Slave 4 U Make Me Private Show Baby One More Time My Prerogative/Toxic/Hold it Against Me Till the World Ends If/Stronger Special Guests: Pharrell G-Eazy Nicki Minaj Will.I.Am
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