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Found 38 results

  1. So let’s pray the #FreeBritney movement is successful and Britney becomes free of her current chains, if she decides she wants to continue making music - what would you want to see in her next era? Do you even want another era? What direction would you like to see Britney go in musically and image-wise? A new sound or look? What do you think would be a good album title? Any songwriters/producers you would like her to work with? Would you want her to address her struggles in her music? Music video inspirations or directors you would like her to work with? Would you want a world tour or another residency? I want to hear what YOU think!
  2. I was scrolling the IG Stories when I saw Danja's from yesterday! They go like "it's official", "I have BLACKED OUT all the way". My God guys I think B10 is really on its way this time! https://www.instagram.com/stories/theonlydanja/2347817672506218071/ https://www.instagram.com/stories/theonlydanja/2347817914114886656/ Then... If we REALLY wanna see complicated hints, he posted this images of Goku from Dragon Ball. I searched on Google and here he is Super Sayajin GOD!... It's the return of GODney? Is the album gonna be called GODNEY? (her kids used to love Dragon Ball) WHAT YOU THINK??
  3. Danja Tweeted what appear to be song titles for Britney's tenth studio album. They include: You may recall he Tweeted the title "Welcome to the jungle" in February 2019. It seems he worked on seven to eight songs quite late in the game, too. Related:
  4. I Have B10 On The Brain, I Can’t Stop Thinking Of New Music. I Know, I Know, We Only Should Get B10 When She’s Free. But, No Matter When We Get The New Album My Body Will Be Ready. Ready For What Though? What Music Genre Do You Wanna See Britney Do For B10? I’ll Start: Personally, I Want To See Britney Do Something Like A Mix Of These Albums: Confessions x MDNA x Can’t Be Tamed x Blackout x Femme Fatale I Know Thats A Weird Combination Of Albums That Are The Complete Opposite Of Each Others. But, I Think It Could Work. I Love Bops, Dance Music Is My **** And I Love Listening To It (Which Is Ironic, Because I Can’t Dance At All). I Think Danja Will Be Perfect For The “Blackout 2.0” And Brit’s Very Own “Can’t Be Tamed”. Rock Mafia, Redone, Demolition Crew Could Perfectly Create The Brit’s “MDNA”. Bloodshy Could Do The “Confessions” Part And Max Martin For FF 2.0. If, Somehow, These Albums Could Blend Together, But With A Britney Vibe To It, It Could Be Perfect. And Spectacular Visuals, It Would Be The Comeback Era That Would Go Down In History. Anyways, What Do You Think? What Genres Do You Want Britney To Explore For B10? Also P.S: Thanks To @Jordan Miller For Inspiring Me To Make This Thread! Your Thread Yesterday Got Me Thinking And Now I Made This Thread.
  5. With the ‘release’ of MR and seeing it in number one on iTunes in many country’s.. imagine of they tested the waters - when we can expect a brand new song?
  6. As the title says, when and only when she is free (for you Loucifer Reading this, we know you’ve got some little monkey reading exhale) What are your hopes for B10? i want Danja & Pharrell working on it, Britney at the helm of the album doing what SHE wants (think, blackout and glory rolled into one beautiful but sexy album) Ellen Von unwerth photographing the album shoot and I want the industry to bow to her - I mean all of it. Like they should have done since she first came out. (Always want Lou and Jamie in prison by this point too)!
  7. Having will.i.am producing all of the BJ album was a poor management or musical move. No shade will, you're amazing. But I mean, yeah the Scream & Shout was a hit but it wasn't a breakthrough in pop. It was just a huge club hit, pretty generic and they said OH Let's do a whole album! I would understand if they decided to have a full bloodshy & avant produced album because Toxic was a experimental breakthrough in pop. I think an album entirely Max Martin produced would be lit or a mix of producers as long as it flows. WBU?
  8. We All Know The Tale Of The Outrageous MV (AKA The Death Of Primeney) My Question However Is Did The Music Video Have To Be Scrapped, It Seemed Like She Already Filmed Quite A Bit Before She Hurt Her Knee. She Flimed The Basketball Scenes, The Trench Coat Scenes, And Part Of The Dance Scenes. Why Couldn't They Just Delay The Video And Have Filled In The Rest Of The Scenes With Beauty Shots Or Something That Didn't Go Hard On Her Knee. I Get That The Tour Was Cancelled, But She Still Kinda Released It As A Single. So I Will Never Understand This. I Guess It Just Goes Down As Another Scrapped Part Of Britney's Career. it just didn't work
  9. I have seen a lot of people on here speculate that not only is she taking this time off to relax and be with family, but to also get some cosmetic surgery. My question to yall is do you think she is actually getting any? And if so what do you think she is having done? I think she'll probably come back with some botox and other fun stuff to get rid of her wrinkles and mouth lines. I also hope that she takes some extensions out, cause they look really bad. Just go back to ya traditional hair with the side bangs britney. So what do you think is happening?
  10. By the looks of the Variety Article, Britney And Her Team Were Looking To Suprise Drop B10 Sometime Around Domination. Do You Think This Would Be A Good Idea For Britney? Would It Work For Her Like It's Worked For Beyonce? Or Does She Need As Much Promo As she Should Get And A Suprise Release Would Have Flopped. It's Prob Better That They Didnt Because Ariana Dropped Her Album The Same Week, So B10 Wouldnt Have Debuted At #1. Now She Still Has A Chance.
  11. Singer-songwriter Justin Tranter is overseeing the creation process for Britney’s tenth studio album. Britney suddenly announced her new Las Vegas show, Domination, is on hold until further notice. Until the pop star’s father, Jamie, fully recovers from a major health complication, Britney won’t be working (an indefinite work hiatus, *****). That means her forthcoming album is also on hold. That’s obviously unsettling news for the Britney Army, however a report from Variety shed light on news we weren’t privy to. Related: Everything We Know About Britney Spears’ Show ‘Domination’ Coming To A Halt They confirmed Justin Tranter is executive producing the new LP. Tranter, the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons, has crafted some seriously major hits in recent years, including “Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Christina Aguilera’s “Right Moves” and countless more. He also played a major role in writing songs for Glory. Fans consider Glory one-third of the holy trinity in Brit’s catalogue (the others being In The Zone and Blackout, obviously), so this is good news. Tranter wouldn’t comment on when we can expect to hear the new LP, which fans believed was slated for some time in 2019, but because of Brit’s downtime that could mean a pushback to 2020. He did have this to say: “I’m beyond excited to be involved.” Hey, we’ll take what we can get. Britney’s longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, also confirmed Tranter’s role on B10. Rudolph also wouldn’t confirm when a new album is expected to arrive, but did mention Britney would not be recording during the break. “Everything is on hold right now until Jamie is better,” he said. “But once he is, she will resume working on the album with Justin. Right now, she’s taking some time off to deal with these family issues.” Often times, an artist uses an unfortunate situation to fuel their recording sessions. It could be a golden opportunity for Britney to make lemonade right now – use the work hiatus as therapy / a means of finding inspiration – but it’s understandable she has other priorities to tend to right now. With Tranter helming the project, it’s promising the next record will be littered with mid-tempos and chill pop bops. We’ll just have to wait a little longer to get em’.
  12. I think we all know that Glory's album cover was well...... I think that Britney's team and RCA know they messed up BIG with Glory (except the actual music). I think we will get a photoshoot for B10's cover. So what are your guys ideas? We heard that Danja is producing some records for her, so it's most likely more urban and darker than her past couple of albums. I think that the cover should be britney with needle straight hair, sitting on a throne in a kingdom-like room with her chin tilted slightly up with light eye makeup(no raccoon), heavy eyebrows, light lipstick and a black outfit that looks royalish. Obviously not shot by randee
  13. Now that we know Justin is the exec producer, and we know it's being worked on. What are your realistic predictions? Mine are..... •it is going to be darker and more urban(to a certain extent) than glory to keep the theming with domination. •lead single in august with the album in late november •lead single will be high-tempo and will peak in the top 15 •WE WILL FINALLY GET A THRID SINGLE •suprise release, and vma performance •debut in the top 2, on a slow week •sell between 100-175k I tried to keep it realistic but it may have gotten a little out of hand Anyways What Are Yours? Include Chart placement, sales, theming, promotion etc.
  14. EDITED: As a devoted Britney fan, I’ve exhausted all my options trying to figure out what could possibly revive her passion for performing live. At first I thought she simply can't move the same anymore but, rehearsal footage proves otherwise. Then I blamed the choreo for being too easy, but the steps don't have to be hard to be entertaining. Looking at today's mainstream pop stars, none of them move like Britney did in her prime. Perhaps the truth, simply put, is Britney's had her fill. She earned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by the time she was 21! She was also declared 'Woman of the Year' around the same time. Not feeling like she has something to prove, there's no drive anymore. She's already seen and experienced more than any one of us could imagine. Add 20 years, children, and a c-ship (disallowing her to legally make her own decisions) on top of the burnout, it's not hard to understand how things won't ever be the same. My takeaway is; Britney should take a breather. A real one. She deserves the time to fully devote herself to tackling her mental illness(s), and caring for her family. Should she want to, venture in other areas of the industry that are exciting to her. Anything that does not involve performing in front of a live audience. All while taking her time to write honest music that actually means something to her. Become inspired all over again and (when she's ready) give us something worth waiting for.
  15. Hello everyone. As you may know Glen Luchford is the British fashion photographer and film director of almost every Gucci campaign. He's settling the rules of international Fashion with his videos and photos. I'd LOVE him to create EVERY VISUAL of Britney's next era!! This would take Britney's ART to another level. There would be FASHIONNEY! While Beyonka's concept is working on ART, the Britney's one would be Fashion! PLEASE TEAM B!!! If you don't know Glen Luchford, here is some examples of his works.
  16. What Is Your Guys Realistic Scenario For Britney's Next 5 Years Of Her Career? Do You Want Her To Return To Vegas(Which Is Pretty Likely)? Return To The Top Of The Charts? Take A More Mature Route With Her Music? Stop Making Music And Start A Successful Salad Dressing Company? What Are Your Guys Thoughts?
  17. Pop Crave on Twitter are claiming Britneys Manager confirmed in Vogue magazine that she's releasing new music on June 29th. I don't know how reliable they are if even but it's "News" I suppose. Twitter @poporave. Thoughts??
  18. I've been poking around the forum this past week and, among the ashes of the meltdown, have noticed that a few people have mentioned that the new album could possibly be called lioness/tigeress. This would make some sense to me since Sam has called Britney his "lioness" in an instagram post. And since she said her kids came up with the title "Glory", I dont see why she wouldn't take suggestions from her Boyfriend. What are yalls thoughts?
  19. is release something thats sound like a "Havana" rip off! I was very dissappointed with Pretty Girls because it was a copy (not nearly as good) version of "Fancy". It's very lame when singers (especially older ones who are trying to get a hit again) copy current hits. It can be uptempo, trap pop, house whatever is in now but it must sound original and fresh
  20. Britneys next album should be sensational, original, and what is most importany - it should please everyone (Including Britney herself). The Album title can be something like - "Me, Myself and I". It should includes 3 different kind of songs: 1) "Me" topic should represent her Britney Spears image and includes the songs that inspire people about self-confident things. It can be fierce, fun, sexy, edgy and everything Britney is the best in (that's what the most of the people think) the songs like: '"slave", "Toxis", thee hook up" , "radar", "Ooh Ooh Baby" but I really want lyrics to have some sense (even I like listening to "how i roll" sometimes - it has no f**king sense). Also it can be provocative like "if u seek amy'' thing : )) 2) topic "Myself" should includes the songs that represent the views of Britney herself about the world. She's a legend. She can reach all of the world and teach them more that just "Work".. there are plenty of interviews where Britney is saying wise phrases about people, how they act and how they should, what instincts they follow, war/peace, abusing/defending etc.. she have been so much in her life and she's really a warrior and I'm sure she can teach this cruel world hoe to be better! Britneys discography doesn't includes this kind of songs but there are seveal related like : "Rebellion", "Stronger", "Liar", "Mona lisa", "Work *****" 3) "I" - I think it's a the most delicious topic for her fans. The song about herself, her feelings. The songs that are really personal. Like Britney is doing interview and speaks about the things that she really feels (nos about food, gym and hawai). Maybe about her past, press, pressure, needs etc. It can even includes one song about her children (only one because fans hate songs like "my baby"). In second topic Britneys ideas could be written by other but on his topic most of the songs should write Britney I guess (and it could be better if here will be the songs that Brit already has written years ago but lable didn't wont them in albums or smth). This topic songs should includes songs lie " Overprotected", "piece of me", lucky", "My prerogative", "I'm not a girl.."what's like to be me", "everytime", "If u seek amy","why should i be sad" "I wanna go", "Alien" Each topic can have 12-15 tracks. each topic shoul release at lest 2 singles. It wouldn't be "lemonade" or something really rare but i will be different, original and really good thing to do. It would be worth to buy because it really needs hard work but she has all the musicians that adore working with her and I think she has plenty of material already what she wanted to share before but because of the album direction or something it was rejected but now she can put some in different topics :D So make world music great again! Pin the topic for Britney team to see it (or send sem info if u know somebody) If they will go with this kind of direction, they will make specal album, sure they will make changes and refine idea but who cares?! They should start to work hard. It's Britney f**kin spearss album!
  21. Yes, we are thirsty for new music but once again, just like in 2016, I feel that as long as POM is still alive she will ignore all of her music projects. I know she will eventually go back to do another residency but at least it is gonna be new, POM has been alive for almost 5 years!!!! To me, this smells like a Pretty Girls 2.0. I wish she gave her albums the time and attention they need, not because of charts and all of that, but because it's her job, whether we like or not her new music it will always be so refreshing to see something new. Many of us drag the BJ album but Im sure we would have enjoyed to see a performance of Tik Tik Boom, Til It's Gone, Hold On Tight, etc. Maybe not because you like them but because it's different from what she regularlo does, 80% of the fanbase hates PG but the first night she performed it the audience's reaction was great. Well, I wish and I pray for this to be anything but new music, I hope she saves the new album for the 20th anniversary by January 2019, most of her albums are released in winter season so she can take the time to plan the new era.
  22. Came up with this concept for B10. What do you think? Psychobiography is a field within the realms of psychology and biography that analyzes the lives of historically significant individuals through psychological theory and research. @breatheheavy
  23. After giving it some thought, and being excited for B10, I was thinking about a great theme for the next album. As much as I loved Glory, I wish there was more of a theme. After giving it thought, I knew that I wanted something to come close to In the Zone and Blackout, but also with the Glory vibe. An album theme that focuses on mood and personality would be a great way to go. The song Mood Ring gave me that idea. Jekyll & Hyde 1. My Game, My Rules A great introduction song. It sets the mood for the album, and she gets right to the point that she calls the shots on stage. 2. Jekyll & Hyde An idea from Mood Ring. It's the first track that discusses the many different sides of a person. 3. 2007 She gets somewhat personal with her breakdwon, which would be HUGE. Realistically speaking if she did something like this, it would be a song that talks about getting through your struggles and being stronger. Not so much in detail to what happened to her in that year. It's more about conquering your fears. 4. Blindfold A ballad revolving around the concept of what you see is not what you always get. 5. Karma ***** (Feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) Britney and Madonna show their men what will happen if you mess with them. Missy Elliott is also featured for a small rap part. 6. Wiked The song is about a witch, a woman, who was viewed in a negative way by many people, but really she is a beautiful woman who wasn't viewed fairly. 7. Colors (Feat.Lady Gaga) A song that represents the LGBTQ community! The song would be about expressing your true self no matter who you are. 8. Roll the Dice The song is about going with your gut, and taking a gamble on a guy. 9. Voodoo A super sexy dance track! She talks about how her moves on the dance floor puts a spell on the guy she likes. 10. Chameleon She talks about finding your inner beauty, being yourself and not blending in with everyone else. 11. Confession A ballad where she reveals to the guy how she truly feels about him. 12. Game Over Britney has caught on to her man's cheating ways, and is making it clear to him that she's done with him. The song features sounds of old arcade music, and somewhat repetitive like Womanizer (lyric wise). Bonus 13. Baby One More Time (Cabaret Version) A different version of Baby One More Time, to celebrate 20 years in the industry.
  24. Since Britney recently said she IS recording and we will soon have an album, I was wondering when was the very 1st time Glory was confirmed? Im not very good at remembering precise dates but it could give us a clue about how long she usually takes to release an album. At first I was wondering when the rumors started but since there are always many rumors of new music after an era ends it wouldn't be as reliable as taking an official confirmation or an official source about an album release.
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