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Found 8 results

  1. Ava Max is sick and tired of reading hateful comments. She posted a message on Twitter slamming the trolls. "I read amazing comments on the internet but I also read some extremely dumb comments ... where people like to hate on me .. let me tell you somethin... I worked my *** off to be here and I ain’t goin anywhere and don’t ever let anyone bring u down either xo -A" Isn't it interesting how the negative comments tend to stick out more than the good ones? You can read a hundred good comments and think "cool cool awesome sweet" but then you read one negative one and it stops you in your tracks. I think it has something to do with the survival part of our brains. When we feel like we're threatened, it prompts a fight or flight response. When we read a good comment, we're not threatened or feel provoked, so we carry on. Damn you, evolution! Ava Max gets way too much hate on the Internet. Agree? Thoughts? Related:
  2. Update: Ava Max just released a remix of "Kings & Queens" with Lauv & Saweetie. It's the original track with additional verses from the two collaborators. Thoughts? Earlier: Ava Max has real potential to be a heavy hitter in the world of pop. She proved that with "Sweet But Psycho," however... there seems to be a lull. Her last few singles did alright, despite them being bop-worthy. There's still hope! She's collaborating with producer RedOne on new music. That includes her new song "Kings and Queens," produced by the aforementioned. It's a disco-tinged pop track with an infectious chorus. It's a real ear worm! There's also a new music video for it, and it's a visual delight1 What do you guys think?
  3. Ava Max dropped a music video for her new song "Who's Laughing Now," the latest release from the singer's forthcoming debut album, "Heaven & Hell." Exhale, we feeling this pop gem or nah? Related:
  4. Ava Max unveiled the cover for her forthcoming debut album, Heaven & Hell. It's raising some eyebrows. The floating heads... one is blonde (heaven?), one has orange hair (hell?). Is it a metaphor for the real Ava Max and in her reflection... the pop Ava Max? I think the reason why it's not resonating is we don't really know either of them yet to feel a certain type of way. I like the font though but yea overall it's low-key kinda tacky and 2009-ey. The tracklist is also out. There's 9 new songs in addition to the ones we've already heard. Thoughts? Related:
  5. Ava Max is releasing a new song titled "Who's Laughing Now" on June 2nd. In the artwork for it, Ava is standing in front of a city engulfed in flames. Considering what's going on - the protests literally burning down Minneapolis because of the George Floyd murder - it's bad timing and taste. The Internet dragged her for it. Some times I think the Internet makes drama from nothing, but I agree with them on this one - not a good move and should definitely have never seen the light of day. Fire her marketing team stat!! No pun intended. Thoughts? I mean, at least she's aware of what's going on...
  6. Ava Max just released a new music video for "Kings and Queens." She also revealed who some of her influences growing up were. They include Britney, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. She also says some artists that inspire her sound today include Mimi, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. No mention of Gaga anywhere. Thoughts?
  7. K-POP GROUP NCT 127 BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO AVA MAX’S LATEST HIT, “SO AM I.” Ava Max has one of the most successful performing pop songs from an up and comer with “Sweet But Psycho,” and she captured that magic in a bottle with her followup, “So Am I.” The track has already amassed hundreds of millions of plays on the Internet, but the singer won’t be satisfied until she becomes a household name. Helping her with that initiative is NCT 127. The K-Pop group jumped on a remix of the track, and it’s anthemic. The remix features lyrics in both English and Korean. Members Mark and Taeyong rap over the pounding production and Jaehyun harmonizes with Miss Max. The song is about embracing your uniqueness and resisting conforming cause society expects you to. We love an empowering queen. You may recall NCT 127 also collaborated with Marteen on “What We Talkin’ About.” Listen below: https://youtu.be/IFvQsWT9gYM
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