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  1. With the previous tweet from Taylor below, everyone was expecting her to announce something about her re-recorded music. However, looks like we are getting a Disney+ folklore Unplugged session instead. I can't complain, but at the same time I'm very disappointed
  2. Now that it's officially November, Taylor Swift can now legally re-record her first five albums. She didn't waste any time. Swift confirmed during her acceptance speech for Artist of the Year at the AMAs that she is already re-recording. Once Taylor re-records her first five records, she will legally own the rights. She can record all the way up from her debut to 1989. She'll have to wait until 2022 to re-record Reputation, but re-recording five albums worth of material will definitely keep her busy. Are you excited to hear Taylor's past music 2.0?
  3. Hello everyone! So, it has been 2 decades since we entered the new millenium and 21st century so CONGRATS TO EVERYONE So in these 2 decades, we have seen female singers liberate themselves or open gates for upcoming singers. So, who would come up in ones mind if asked which female singer defined the 00s? Britney, obviously but what if you asked someone which female star defined the 2010s? You would get a bundle of answers, but many of them would include Taylor in their list. So today we will be comparing one of the hugest eras of their respective times...OIDIA and 1989 to one and another and see whom wins! Let the race began Oops!...I Did It Again: You just have to pull up the album cover on ones face, and they would instantly recognize it as Britney Spears Sophomore effort released on May 16 in the turn of a new millennia. Expectations and pressure for whether Britney would end up a one-hit wonder, shattered into tiny pieces when Britney released the title-track of her upcoming album. The song had massive airplay, an iconic choreography, and extremely controversial VMA performance to help make the song the best-selling single of the year, 2000 by a teenager landing on the #1 in over 20 countries and would later become one of Britney's most recognizable and legendary music videos. It was May 16th, the day for Britney's highly anticipated second release and when it came out...it broke RECORDS around the globe. The teen dance-pop album debuted at #1 in the Billboard 200 selling not 450k copies, not 500k copies, not 700k copies and not even 970k copies but 1,319,000 all across America. The album debuted at #2 in the UK Official Charts selling 88k copies alone, and sold 2.5 million copies in its first week internationally! Going #1 in over 20 countries and becoming platinum certified in 30 countries worldwide. the album felt to #2 in its second week selling 612k copies..but held the #2 position for 15 weeks! If it werent for Eminem releasing his "Marshall LP", OIDIA would have been #1 for 15 weeks, making it the longest female album at #1. Britney would then release 2 more huge top 3 international hits off the era, "Lucky" and "Stronger", which have become nostalgic songs for the millennials. The album has sold 10.2 million copies in the US alone, making it her second diamond record and has sold 26 million copies globally. Oops...I Did It Again was the best-selling female album of the year 2000, the 7th Best-selling album of the 00s, and the third highest selling female album of this century. Britney was also the most searched celebrity during this era and achieved a Guinness record for best-selling teenage artist of all time. 1989: It was January 1st of the new year 2014...but nobody was ready for what would happen in the next 8 months, as we were going to witness one of the most successful genre-crossovers of all time. Taylor Swift would release the first singer of her still anonymous record on August of 2014, and it instantly become a GLOBAL hit!, going #1 in 15 countries and cross over 2.9 billion views in YouTube, becoming one of the most viewed music videos of all time. After the immense success Shake It Off received despite its mixed reviews, it was the perfect time in August of 2014 to release her fifth studio album, 1989 into the stores. Lets just say, this album and era launched Taylor from a well-known country-pop act into one of pops biggest forces! The album debuted at #1 selling 1.217 million copies in America (1.613 million globally) and held the position for 11 consecutive weeks, going #1 and platinum in 12 countries. Taylor would later release 4 more huge singles off the era which just added more fire to this era. Finally, the album controversially won a 2015 Grammy for Album Of The Year. Oooo, too hard to compare right? They were such huge eras, right? lets look at the direct charts and comparisons: Oops...I Did It Again First Week Sales- 1.319 million copies 1989 First Week Sales- 1.217 million copies Oops...I Did It Again First Year Sales- 17 million copies sold globally by the end of 2000 1989 First Year Sales- 4 million copies sold globally by the end of 2000 Overall, OIDIA Sales- 26,000,000 sales 1989 Sales- 12,340,000 sales OIDIA's Most Controversial Moment- VMA 2000 Performance 1989S Most Controversial Moment- 1989 winning Album of The Year over To Pimp A Butterfly OIDIA's Biggest Hit- Oops!...I Did It Again (#1 in 20+ countries) 1989's Biggest Hit- Shake It Off (#1 in 15 Countries) OIDIA's Biggest Achievement- 3rd Best-Selling Female Album Of The Century 1989's Biggest Achievement- Highest Grossing Tour of 2015 Their both so neck to neck, right? what do you guys think? which era was more bigger? lemme know
  4. Taylor Swift got the Swifties in a tizzy when she posted a black and white photo with the caption "not a lot going on at the moment." Last time she posted something cryptic like this, she started recording folklore. Exhale, what do you think it is? Taylor doesn't post random things like this just for fun. Related:
  5. On the Nov. 17 episode of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums podcast, Swift shared the origins of "All Too Well," the first song she wrote for her 2012 album 'Red'. "It included the F-word and basically I remember my sound guy was like, 'Hey, I burned a CD of that thing that you were doing in case you want it.' And I was like, 'Sure,'" she explained. "I ended up taking it home and listening to it. And I was like, 'I actually really like this but it definitely is like 10 minutes long and I need to pare it down.'" Taylor and songwriter Liz Rose scrapped seven extra verses, and voila. "That was a very serendipitous creation of a song," OMG!!!!!!!!! Why is she talking about it now?
  6. Update: Taylor Swift confirms she started re-recording her new music in light of news that Scooter Braun sold masters without her knowledge or consent once more. Braun, who previously bought Swift's masters for $300 million, sold them to a new company named Shamrock. According to a new letter from Swift (below), Swift was not made aware of the transaction until after the fact. Because Scooter will still profit from the new deal, she in good conscience can't collaborate with Shamrock to promote her past works. Instead, she'll focus on the task at hand: re-record her past works (with new touches), thus devaluing her older work. Thoughts? #taylorswift Earlier: Hits Daily Double put out a blind item that clearly alludes to Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift. Braun famously bought Swift's catalog out from under her for $300 million. In light of that, Swift declared she's re-recording all of her previous albums - she's officially eligible to re-record them as of this month. Read more about that here. Well, it looks like Scooter knows he's about to lose out on a lot of millions, so he's rumored to be selling. Thing is, it's highly doubtful anyone's going to want to purchase it considering how much terrible press Scooter got, and the fact that she's re-recording everything. Here is the not-so blind item: She really won, didn't she. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  7. Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney grace the cover of Rolling Stone's special "musicians on musicians" edition. Legends only! Literally.
  8. A day like today but in 2017, Taylor Swift released her most highly anticipated record to date. What would she say after everything went down? She splitted her narrative between vendetas and finding true love. As a celebration of this, my favorite album of hers, I would like to give my own thought about each track as they have been in constant rotation for three years now. Exhale, what do you think about this album? Favorite tracks? ...Ready For It: that's how an album is opened. I have to admit I still get chills because of that gargantuan production. She clearing her throat at the beginning reminded me of how I just wasn't ready for it End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran & Future): while many find this collaboration quite cringy, I do enjoy it lots. The "big reputation" line is such an earworm. I Did Something Bad: it's like LWYMMD but on *********, lots of them. I think it would have been an outstanding lead single. Her performance of this song in the reputation movie in Netflix is ICONIC. Don't Blame Me: I wish they would've kept the vocals of a clip that floats around the web where she is singing her *** off. Delicate: a perfect pop song. Vibey tunes, clever lyrics. It deserved better in the Hot 100 and a decent music video. Joseph Kahn, bro, what happened here? Look What You Made Me Do: hated it at first, later it grew on me; still, one of her weakest efforts. The music video, though, incomparable. I can't believe she said there are easter eggs here that haven't been discovered yet. ...So it Goes: and here we find the most painfully underrated song not only in this record, but in her entire discography. She only played it twice in the Reputation World Tour, and kept it for the credits in the movie, for crying out loud. The minute I heard it, I went mad about it. It's moody, smexy, playful, nostalgic, dark, hopeful. The whispery 1-2-3 knocks me down. It's the perfect jam for a steamy make out session. Getaway Car: the song that escaped the single treatment. How many of us pictured a music video in our heads. This song will grow to be a staple, I even dare say that just like 'All Too Well', Taylor will keep bringing it back just because of how much we love it. Gorgeous: cute, funny, playful... that's it King of My Heart: I like it, but that's it. Dancing With Our Hands Tied: I'm a sucker for songs with blue lyrics and upbeat production. Amongst the first track of this album (along with So It Goes) that truly captivated me. Dress: claimed by many to be the smexiest song in her catalogue (in my books, that's So It Goes). I enjoy it, though. This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: another grower. It's playful and cheeky, but I enjoy serious Taylor better. Call it What You Want: there's something about this song and its soothing powers. Jack Antonoff once suggested to hear this one with headphones, and I'm so glad and took it to heart. New Year's Day: beautiful lyrics, it's just that the melody doesn't really do it for me. This is just a brief looking back to an amazing body of work:
  9. Folklore has officially went Platinum in the US by The Recording industry Association of America (RIAA) She now joins Madonna, Mariah Carey and Rihanna as the only females to have 8 Albums platinum. Madonna has ten platinum studio albums Mariah carey has 11 studio platinum albums. Only Rihanna and Taylor Swift are the only female recording Acts this century to achieve this. But it took Taylor the fastest as It took nearly 15 years since Music of the Sun to achieve platinum status in the US. Congrats, Ladies.
  10. Six years ago today, on October 27, 2014, Taylor Swift released 1989. It's arguably one of her best albums ever, producing a string of #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 and some incredible / iconic music videos directed by Joseph Kahn ("Toxic"). Exhale, what's your FAV 1989 song? Besides "Style" and "New Romantics" obviously.
  11. Taylor Swift just scooched passed Rihanna for having the most certified singles for a female artist ever. The achievement comes after the RIAA issued Taylor Platinum certifications for four Lover tracks, including: “You Need To Calm Down” — 3x Platinum “Lover” — 2x Platinum “ME!” — 2x Platinum “The Man” — Platinum It's worth noting that folklore surpassed Lover in sales by a mile, so she'll likely extend her own record in the future. Queen of streaming did that
  12. Taylor Swift's folklore will be Billboard's top album by the end of the year. It's already the third biggest seller, unless Ariana comes out with the same strategy as signing autographs, and such. But Taylor is expected to go back to #1 in the US, thx to an additional 80,000 copied sold via her website and all autographed and it's not a bundle. So she won't be denied congrats to the queen of pop of this year. Related:
  13. If one thing is known about Taylor Swift, she has an undying love for cats, even giving them mentions In her music of her at&t sponsored ads.. But she was really clumsy, she signed over 2,000,000 Folklore album's in her bed. The results are both funny and if your allergic to pet dander actually deadly at the same time. So have that epi pen ready in case. Cos at least a good percentage of Those 2,000,000 autographed CDs actually might come with cat hair or hair balls or both. So that makes this autographed Edition of Folklore probably more collectable and rare as she probably won't make this mistake again. But, hey at least she was polite and did the right thing by giving everybody the heads up.
  14. Demi Lovato came to Taylor Swift's defense regarding Tay finally taking a public political stance. Speaking to CNN, Demi said: "You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. You can list Taylor Swift as a perfect example of that exact saying. For years she got trashed because she wasn't taking a stance and wasn't standing up for these rights and she kind of took a back seat and now she's become very political and there are people that are unhappy with that too," she said. "It's just, like, you have to live what feels authentic to you. To me, that's using my platform to speak out about the things that I see that are wrong." You may recall Demi was critical of Taylor in the past for keeping silent regarding politics. "At least I speak up about s**t that's uncomfortable to talk about rather than trying to be politically correct 24/7," she said in old (now-deleted) Tweets. She also told Glamour in 2016 of Swift: "I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that's not women's empowerment. We all do things that aren't, but I have to ask myself, 'Am I content with calling myself a feminist?' Yes, because I speak out." We love her again Thoughts? Related:
  15. It appears Taylor Swift is releasing another single off her #1 album, folklore. Universal Music Germany has it listed on their website. I would imagine she's not choosing different songs for different countries, so perhaps this'll eventually become a single worldwide? What does it even mean to release a single in 2020 anyway? But I'm glad this song is getting some extra tlc. Thoughts, Exhale?
  16. Taylor Swift's folklore returns to #1 on the Billboard 200 for a seventh non-consecutive week with 87K units. She surprised Whitney Houston for most cumulative weeks at #1 among women. Folklore now has the most weeks at #1 since Drake’s Views topped the charts for for 13 nonconsecutive weeks in 2016. Thoughts, Exhale?! Related:
  17. Update 7: Not folklore becoming TayTays biggest record since 1989 Update 6: Seems after Taylors record-breaking album Folklore staying No.1 for 6 weeks tying with Whitney Houston for most weeks at No.1 Among women, the album is finally letting up The album is predicted to be outsold by Big Sean’s new album which is predicted to debut at No.1 for selling 1120-111k units Update 5: Folklore spends a sixth consecutive week at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. She now ties Whitney Houston for most weeks at #1 among women in Billboard 200's history. It's almost the the first album to spend this many weeks at #1 in the last four years. Update 4: Folklore spends a fifth consecutive week at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. She ties Lil Baby’s My Turn for the most weeks atop the list in 2020. Folklore becomes the first album to rule for five weeks in a row at No. 1 since Drake’s Scorpion also logged its first frames at #1, Billboard reports. In its fifth week, Folklore earned 98,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending Aug. 27 (down 3%). From Billboard: Update 3: She did it again! Taylor Swift's new album folklore stays put at #1 on the Billboard 200 for a fourth consecutive week with 101,000 album units sold (-26%). It's the first album by a female to spend its first four weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 in nearly five years, since Adele’s 25. Update 2: Swift's new album folklore stays put at #1 on the Billboard 200 for a third consecutive week selling 136,000 equivalent album units (up 1% from last week). Update 1: It seems that republic records inflated their numbers for WW first week sales! According to Mediatraffic, Folklore has sold 1.013 million units, not 1.3 million units. The album sold 169k copies outside of the US, which are...okay numbers, for Taylor, but r pretty good judging the circumstances internationally. Taylor Swift's new album folklore blasted to #1 with 844K in sales, Hits Daily Double reports. The album racked up 175m streams on Spotify alone. Queen of sales omg Earlier: Republic Records announces Taylor Swift's new album folklore sold more than 1.3 million units worldwide in its first day, eclipsing earlier predictions (down below). It sets Spotify's global record for first day album streams by a female artist with 80.6 million, is the most streamed pop album on Apple Music within 24 hours with 35.47 million streams and sets the US and worldwide Amazon Music Indie/Alternative streaming record. Incredible! Earlier: Predictions have come in for Taylor Swifts new critically acclaimed record "Folklore"! The album is now being predicted to sell 450k-650k units; confirmed by Hits Daily Double. The album officially is the #1 most streamed female album within 24 hours (it’s debut)! Earlier: Now that Taylor has pulled a Beyonce card, and surprised everyone's wigs that didn't yet book their appointment to Saturn, What do you think under these circumstances will the album sell in its first week? A few weeks ago, i and some other people were talking about where Taylors career would go to when she releases #TS8 and whether it will be a success or not. Now that she has suprised releasing a new album, under all of this consequences like: Qurantine and COVID-19- Many people (especially in the US) are fearing of going outside amidst the rising amount of cases of corona every day, so less people would be going to the stores to buy the new album Taylor swift is 30 years old- Not meant to be sexist remark, but when a woman in the industry reaches her 30+ era, the industry becomes very discriminating and sexist towards such women. For example- Britney released BJ when she was 32 years, Gaga released Joanne when she was 30 years old, Katy perry released witness when she was 33, and all of these albums underperformed. So, would there be a decrease in sales? Protest- In the US or WW, people are busy protesting against the problems of their country and fighting, such as #BLM . So since many people would be protesting, would they care if TS dropped a new album or not? Billboard has stopped considering bundles So with all of these problems, how much do you think at most will Taylor swift be able to sell in her first week? I personally think that the album will obviously debut at No.1 in the billboard charts, but i think Folklore will sell around 250k-350k in its first week. In the UK, i think she will sell 43k over there and probably debut at No.1 or No.2. Internationally, i predict that the album will shift around 540k-670k What do you think? Let me know
  18. Taylor swift is #1 again on the Billboard 200 and History, I mean herstory was made today. Taylor Swift surpasses Whitney Houston as the female artist with the most weeks at #1 in the Billboard 200. Argue with billboard, I shared the actual receipt.
  19. Big Machine Label screwed Taylor Swift over when they sold her masters to Scooter Braun for hundreds of millions. She's been VERY outspoken about how awful that was and is working on re-recording them so the originals are less valuable. Meanwhile, Kanye West, who appears to be spiraling, has been lighting up Twitter this week with all kinds of talk. This is interesting though... he says he wants to help Taylor acquire her masters back. BTW, Kanye is publicly feuding with his label in an effort to gain control of his masters. A.... mess. Thoughts? Related:
  20. Taylor Swift performed folklore song "betty" at the Country Music Awards on Wednesday. Thoughts, Exhale?! It's so perfect! My favorite song off 'folklore'. This deserves an amazing music video
  21. 1989, The 2016 album of the year has now made Girl power history for Taylor Alison Swift, It has logged it's 300th week on the Billboard 200. Now it's one of 4 female albums to log 300 weeks or more on the Billboard 200. Don't know what the others are, but congrats to Taylor and The swifties. The biggest stan base of the 21st century.
  22. Kanye West is demanding his record company, Universal Music Group, and his publisher, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, hand over the masters to his music or else he won't record new music again. Kanye Tweeted texts between him and his adviser. “We can argue that Universal and Sony have not supported you fully,” the text reads. “And that as a result they have breached [the contracts]. This is the lawsuit/ termination nuclear option. “If we went that route we would litigate and ask for your masters as part of a settlement. This is high risk but high reward strategy,” the message continues. “Re masters ownership we can look into buying. But if Taylor’s cost $300 million yours would cost a lot more I assume. Remember that if you re-recorded these songs you could own these new masters outright.” “A much more radical consideration would be to propose an entirely new relationship or joint venture with Universal. One that is equal and not one sided. I am not sure you are interested in that. But if could be a Yeezy Media/Universal joint venture play but one where you have the power.” I don't see Kanye getting his way with this one And why is he so obsessed with Taylor Thoughts, Exhale?
  23. Folklore went to #5 after the six consecutive weeks on top. In its seventh week, the album sold 48,000 units (she's not a streaming force) to be honest. Several articles claim Taylor put her catalog online the day Witness came out simply to sabotage Katy Perry. Several saw this as a villain strategy. But now it's all love. Anyway, Taylor is no longer #1, but come Christmas season when she releases and ships physical units estimated in the US to be about 3,000,000 total of the vinyl pre orders, once all 8 covers with different bar codes (UPC) ship and scan she will be back on top. The only woman who could end her is Adele. And until Covid is over... reports from actual scientists with degrees suggest a huge and more deadly second wave is expected this holiday season and should last until February. I already plan on going to my grandparents and staying there til the second wave is over. Christmas will not be cancelled and we shouldn't separate ourselves from family Xmas traditions, cos serious depression from the holidays kick in cos loneliness is at a higher peek during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays cos we grew up with that one time of the year. The whole family came together under one roof to celebrate the holidays. Whether ski lodge and such. But business perspective Taylor knows Billboard doesn't count pre orders. She knows her fans have unlimited line of Platinum and Diamond credit, have all bills paid cause most of her fans are from loaded families or have trust funds they are set for life. Don't need to work, everything is paid for. So by having two different ship dates: one for CDs and cassette, the other with the vinyl and digital download with no clothes set for November... she made sure to top the charts during the holidays and stay there. Related:
  24. Interesting that Folklore album tracks are already overtaking. I wonder how much longer Changes can stay ahead for. Ooopppp Intentions - 553,869,419 Yummy - 469,733,853 Forever - 131,466,816 cardigan - 116,320,184 exile - 98,378,451 the 1 - 78,317,343 Get Me - 68,899,671 the last great american dynasty - 59,665,031 august - 57,998,013 my tears ricochet - 57,605,483 Come Around Me - 55,772,217 mirrorball - 48,757,539 seven - 47,994,676 invisible string - 47,566,662 this is me trying - 45,001,824 illicit affairs - 44,122,774 betty - 43,477,231 Habitual - 42,026,816 All Around Me - 38,480,637 mad woman - 38,175,289 epiphany - 34,855,566 peace - 34,213,346 Available - 32,781,687 Changes - 32,318,422 Running Over - 31,869,462 Second Emotion - 31,752,437 hoax - 30,990,345 Confirmation - 28,548,605 ETA - 26,080,709 That's What Love Is - 23,312,210 Take It Out On Me - 22,001,668 At Least For Now - 19,570,439
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