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Found 8 results

  1. It's been announced by the Pokémon Company that they're teaming up with Universal Music Group to create a "global music celebration" called P25 Music, featuring different artists, Katy Perry among them. ( ) A trailer has been released where we can hear a little bit of Katy at the end From their site: Of course, every party needs a great playlist, and to that end, Pokémon is teaming up with Universal Music Group and some of the biggest names in music to create a global music celebration dubbed P25 Music. Expect new songs from a wide range of musicians, featuring rising artists and award-winning superstars like pop icon Katy Perry. More details, including additional performer surprises, will be announced throughout the year. It was on February 27, 1996 that the first ever Pokémon games, Red & Green, were released in Japan. They would come to America and the rest of the world in 1998 as Red & Blue. A new website has been launched as a "hub for fan celebrations" that will host several monthly events to celebrate this anniversary throughout the year.
  2. So for any Pokémon fan out there, this is really huge news. TWENTY years ago, Uri Geller sued the Nintendo over the fact that the Psychic-Type Pokémon Kadabra, whose Japanese name is Yungerer (ユンゲラー, Yungerā) and holds a spoon on its right hand, was an unauthorized appropriation of his identity (Uri Geller claims to bend spoons with his mind). He complained that the star on the Pokémon's forehead was reminiscent of the Waffen-SS and thus they had "turned him into an evil, occult Pokémon character". The fact that the Team Rocket set of the Trading Card Game released a card named "Dark Kadabra" didn't help the matter. (Every Pokémon from this set has the prefix Dark because they're supposed to be corrupted versions of the normal Pokémon) So Kadabra, who's related to its pre-evolution Abra, and evolution Alakazam, has still been part of the videogames, spin-off and even the anime (with very low appearances over the years) but he has been completely absent from the Pokémon Trading Card Game, literally, since 2000. In 2008, Masamitsu Hidaka, director of the Pokémon anime claimed in an interview that the reason why they hadn't made any Kadabra cards again was due to the lack of an agreement between the two parties. Today, 20 years later, it has been reported by The Gamer that Uri Geller has finally reached out to Nintendo representatives to give them permission to make Kadabra cards again. He explained he was overwhelmed by the huge amounts of emails he kept receiving from fans to remove the ban. He also tweeted his apologies: Hopefully we'll see Kadabra again in the future sets of the Trading Card Game, justice has finally been served
  3. So any of you that play Pokémon Go must be aware of the current Lake Legends event that runs from Nov 24 - 30. I already caught Azelf and Uxie, but I'm still yet to find someone that invites me to a Mesprit raid. Mesprit is supposed to appear in Europe and Africa, and apparently Middle East and India, but I don't know the exact limits If any of you is so kind to add me and invite me when you have a raid, I'd appreciate it a lot, here's my friend code 6619 8085 9258. Azelf is the one I have, so if I get a raid, I can invite you too. Anyone interested feel free to drop your codes, it's better if we coordinate to have at least 5 people to do the raids. We could also use this thread for future events, or just any raid in general (especially region-exclusive Pokémon).
  4. So, as a fan of Pokémon and Britney Spears since I'm 5 years old, I've always made a connection between my life and whatever is going on at the moment with Pokémon and Britney Spears. I'm always talking about how those franchises or brands or however you wanna call it, are very related, and have followed similar paths all these years. So I always wanted to make a chart or something to make a bigger comparison between the two, and I finally did it. However the coincidences are actually even more, and more precise but that would require deeper research for exact dates and stuff, and more space lol Most of you probably won't understand, but I know some of you also like Pokémon too, and will share your points of view. I know, the explanations I provide aren't as precise, or clear, but I tried to reduce them as much as possible to fit it all in one chart. Especially 2013 was the most similar year, because there were new information and rumors coming out every month or every week, both for Pokémon and Britney, and they used to come the very same day. It was crazy, because we had days without news, and suddenly one day I would wake up, to find there were tons of informations about Pokémon, and Britney too, and I just didn't have enough time to check all of it. But that kind of details aren't on this chart. but anyway, here it is. I hope you can see the full size Otherwise, you can check it on my DeviantArt account here
  5. The YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming? makes videos about fun facts and stories about all kinds of videogames. Last week they uploaded a new Pokémon video about the changes the games suffer around the world when they're translated. During the localization of the first Pokémon games released in America, Pokémon Red & Pokémon Blue, Nob Ogasawara was the responsible of translating most of the texts from Japanese to English. They interviewed him and he revealed that he had nicknamed "Britney" one of the NPC's Pokémon, a Spearow, but Nintendo didn't like it and changed it to Speary. From the video: "In Viridian City there's a girl whose nicknamed Spearow in Japanese is called 'Onichan'. To better fit with American culture, Nob changed Spearow's nickname to 'Britney', named after Britney Spears, so something like 'Britney Spearow'. However, the higher ups didn't like this joke one bit and changed Spearow's nickname to 'Speary' and told Nob that any more of this sort of shenanigans would end in instant termination". You can watch the clip below:
  6. Okay soo... this is a major bop. We're in need of a longer version Feed us Queen
  7. I wonder if there's enough Pokemon fans on Exhale to warrant a whole "Official Pokemon Thread" but nevertheless I'm really excited to go see "Detective Pikachu" today. It came out 2 days ago, today's a sunday which means there might not even be any seats left in the theatre but I'm hoping for the best right now. I've been a fan of the Pokemon games for like 7 years but before that I was a huge fan of the Pokemon anime as a kid. To be honest I didn't even know there were Pokemon games until much later in life, I thought the anime is how Pokemon started but obviously that's not even remotely true. I grew up in a PlayStation household as I was too young to experience the GameBoy era which is why I never really got around to playing Pokemon until I discovered emulators later in life. The first game I played was either Ruby or Fire Red on an emulator and I'm pretty sure at that point "Black and White" had already been released but "Black 2 and White 2" had not been released yet. My phone was sh*tty at the time, it couldn't handle a DS emulator which is why I was stuck playing the older games for a few years until I got a tablet that could run the "Drastic DS" emulator, I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was to finally play "Black and White" and "HeartGold and SoulSilver" (edit: oops, forgot about "Diamond, Pearl and Platinum", ouch, the shade ), it was a whole new world and I couldn't have been any happier. Then I got around to buying a 3DS and the rest is history. Can't wait to buy a Switch over the summer in preparation for "Sword and Shield". Anyway, sob story aside, leave a review once you get around to watching the movie or if you've seen it already. Initially I was skeptical because when animated most Pokemon look really smooth but transformed into live action characters most of them turned out really fuzzy and hairy which was so weird to see. Come to think of it, it makes sense though, I just had to get over the initial shock. These days I'm living for Jiggly-********-puff and after seeing the live action Sonic movie trailer nothing can surprise me anymore which is why I'm super excited for "Detective Pikachu". Cheers!
  8. I found this on Facebook. Alolan Dugtrio as Britney, Gaga and Sia It's from the same guy that did Britney and other singers as Pokémon Gym Leaders. I assume it's supposed to be Britney lol btw this is how the real Alolan Dugtrio looks like k bye
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