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  1. Well, I don't know what else to write for the title!! ;p (What better, really...) Let me know what you think. I'm more into hearing the opinions of this eclectic bunch on here than most others, TBH. :-) And thank you for listening.
  2. Thanks to ya'll, I've really gotten into Tinashe, particularly her older stuff. The weird, spiritual, R&B music style. This lead me to get into artists like Kelela, Solange, FK Twigs, SZA. Dark pop like Purity Ring, SVRCINA. Do any of you have suggestions for artists or bands similar to these? I'm hungry for more! I'm especially in love Tinashes old stuff. Let me know what you can hit me with!
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marke*****ch.com/amp/story/a-year-after-george-michaels-death-how-singers-costly-legal-battle-with-sony-changed-the-music-industry-2017-12-28
  4. Featuring George Michael, R.E.M, Aerosmith, Madonna and Michael Jackson performances.
  5. 1. One Of The Boys (Katy Perry) I understand that they want the album to sound edgy and be more appealing for a pop rock genre, but majority of the tracks are not even related to the theme itself. It’s just a tomboyish metaphor the album name wanted to represent, and I will go for “Fingerprints” if I would change it. 2. thank u, next (Ariana Grande) Though I liked the aesthetic of this album, the comical and trend-y sense of the name annoys me. I hate simplified word (you = u, you’re = ur, what’s up = sup, etc.), so ineloquent and lazy. More than happy to rename this album either “imagine” or “in my head”. 3. Thank You (Meghan Trainor) Officially Meghan’s farewell album producing her last string of hits. I found the album name undedicated to it’s tracklist. Just imagined how unrelated the bubblegum/electro-pop production to the album’s title. I can’t think of an alternative name right now, but maybe something more bubbly or pop-y. Yours?
  6. Prince's Sign O' The times George Michael's Praying For Time Both songs are social commentary. Both songs were the first ones to have a music videos that featured with lyrics only. Both are 80s icons and genius of course.
  7. I'm so excited she better drop it soon so i can order asap
  8. Nothing has change at all. Did you ladies ask your grandmas about their experience back in the 60s?
  9. Nowadays music scene is way different than it was even 5 years ago. I was wondering, who would be your top 5 collaborations (if you were a singer/musician/songwriter/producer) from the performers that are Alive and touring? Here are mine - Beyonce P!nk Sharon Den Adele (Within Temptation) Christina Aguilera Alicia Keys
  10. Do any of you get weird vibes from Billy’s brother? Not trying to be a hater - but he literally follows her around every award ceremony and I think it’s awkward and borderline creepy. If I were billy I’d ask him to stay at home working on new tracks on the garageband while I go get my Grammys. thoughts??
  11. Summer is QUICKLY approaching for those of us in the northern hemisphere! So far, early 2021 hasn't provided much change in genre but we all know when it comes to music it is "sun's out, fun's out"! We need FUN music to enjoy our days of sun. What do you predict will come in with the heat this Summer? What do you think will be your favorite sound for this Summer? If there are songs that have been release this year that you feel will be potential Summer anthems, please share!
  12. Alright folks... I hate Clubs .... but after a year of talking to people, I’m ready to grind. so ..... What’s your club mix! I’ll start: Betoko / Gemma Hayes — Wicked Game Le Youth — Cool Lady Gaga — Free Woman Empire of The Sun — Alive Bearson — Want You Years & Years — Desire Dua Lipa — Levitating Fountain of youth — improvement San Holo — Light Ofenbach— be Mine Kygo / Selena Gomez — It Ain’t Me (AFTR:HRS mix) Little Mix — Sweet Melody Armin Van Buuren / Garibay — I Need You (feat. Olaf Blackwood) Daft Punk — Doin It Right (feat. Panda Bear) Dillon Francis / DJ SNAKE — Get Low Martin Solveig / Good Times Ahead — Intoxicated Dragonette — Let It Go Glass Animals — Heat Waves Tove Lo — True Disaster
  13. Okay i didn't even know this sub existed (the way Jordan placed the banner above, i thought it's a highlight thing) I'm bored and want to dig into some conspiracy thingies so i made this thread. Exhalers, do you know of a rumour, conspiracy about a musician/celebrity that is wild and crazy? Like the whole Avril is a clone or Elvis never died ?
  14. I know this question is based on personal opinion merely. I just wanted to ask you guys when do you think music hit its peak. It could be a year up to a decade. For me personally it's the 90's decade, especially end of the 90's and beginning of 00's , (98-2002 to be exact). Something about the use of instruments in mainstream music was very clear and pure, and while production is getting polished and more sophisticated with time and technology, I still feel like there was something invincible in that simplicity and rememberable formula. I could start giving examples but the list would be way too long. Please respect everyone's opinion in the comments and tell us what is your personal favorite music era.
  15. I think the lack of ”radio hits.” Music has flipped upside down for the last six years. Just defining the term "radio-friendly” - it follows a certain pattern in producing music. Producers and artists used to try to have those “hooks” and “catchy” lyricism sealed in songs. Some might sound redundant or generic but the idea of trying to appeal in general public secures the “single-worthy” dynamic of the songs. These days, the productions are becoming more complex, as the sense of “radio-friendly” dynamics are gradually being less to meet the criteria of streaming platforms. That’s why most songs are shorter, blander, trap-py and monotonous. They are no longer trying to appeal in general public thru a frequency broadcast, but to certain groups that follow the trends. What y’all think?
  16. Can we just talk about Britney's version of Telephone? We only got these crappy *** full on autotuned robot vocals, so we cant really enjoy it But it would be amazing if Britney was featured on with Gaga! the vocals, the music video... This version has her raw vocals mixed with the robotic demo track:
  17. I legit think Serbia has a strong change of winning this year ya'll Our girls popped hard! And here's our girl Georgina being completely slayed by the song as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThK4qQmS0Hw&ab_channel=HonestVocalCoach
  18. Music from the 2000s had it all, from pop to rock to r&b, latin, hip-hop and so much more. The range, the diversity, it was magical. So for the ones who were there to experience it all, what are your 12 fave songs from those years ? Edit: Please write them out don't post 12 videos
  19. I’ll start: The crowd at project SoFi stadium goes wild when out of the crowd comes the queen Ashley Tisdale herself and performs a quickened acapaella version of “Suddenly” with a choir The lights in the field go out and then we see a gigantic heart shaped stage in the center of the field glowing in the dark while “vibrations” begins to play. Ashley vibes around on stage with two football shaped mascots. The mascots are punted by Ashley off the stage and “Hot Mess” comes on. Ashley sings this while playing the guitar and dancing with two backup dancers. When she gets to the ‘I’m such a hot mess with you’ part, someone new comes up from the bottom of the stage and it’s Hilary Duff! The two then perform a duet of “Confetti” as Confetti is shot across the stadium. The crowd is at a 10 and screaming, Ashley goes in for the kill with “Not Like That”. The crowd is now going absolutely wild and hasn’t seen this level of performance since Michael Jackson, and try to storm the stage. The crowd gets through but jokes on us they are a crowd of dancers as we segue into “Crank it Up”. Ashely does the choreo and sings with a crowd of hundreds of people on the field. The dancers rush off the field and now it’s just ashely as the song finishes and we get to her final song “Switch” as she rides a hot air balloon across the field and throws flowers into the crowd. The hot air balloon sails away as Ashley and the crowd chant ‘Open Your Heart Yeahhh get back to the start’. As Ashley fades away into the sunset the game starts again. OK your turn!
  20. And if so, what is ur username and what do u upload? When im asking this im asking about channels in which u actually upload vids. I got inspired to do this thread after seeing another one like it. I have one. I post ALOT of Britney vids and also I make top 10 lists too. Now tell me do you guys upload things on youtube too?
  21. Myah is still on the chrous because Britney's vocals and Sia's vocals don't go well together and sound really ood so myah is the BGV With Sia to fill it out (You are the light of my beautiful life i can never let go your my Brightest Morning Star) - Myah ahve some Myah vocals very quietly because I had to filter them because i deleted part of the Instrumental stem part but my friend has most Britney Jean stems so I can get him to re send it to me and i can re do that bit x
  22. “If Katy Perry doesn't exist, Avril Lavigne would be my main favorite artist.” Sometimes it pained me knowing there’s only one Avril album in my library. I know handful of her songs but my interest with her has no match with my obsession over Katy’s discography. So if hypothetically Katy doesn't grow as an artist, Avril is easily my perfect alternative. Plus, I liked her long before I became a KatyCat. Yours?
  23. Whether this is in bad taste or not I am very interested in knowing who most people support regarding these two high profile cases claiming abuse and violence. Who do you support and what are your reasons? Is there a major difference in the two cases and what are they exactly?
  24. It was iconic and way better than the other **** they've been performing... AKA hello TAYlOR SWIFT ! Did Britney get banned from the grammys from performing after this performance ? Or whats the deal with this one and only grammy performance.
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