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  1. Mariah Carey low-key put Caution on blast. In a new interview on Questlove's podcast, she says it was rushed and that she doesn't think vocally it was her best work. Caution is amazing so if she has even more in her then the next record is gonna be Thoughts, Exhale? Do you agree with Mimi? Related:
  2. CNN did Mariah dirty for this Also what in the world is this note JLo is trying to hit while covering Aerosmith's "Dream On."
  3. Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" broke the record for the most streams in one day on Spotify with 17.223 million streams. She celebrated by expressing gratitude and spilling tea. For all the Britney music boycotters... thoughts? Related:
  4. The queen of Christmas herself recieved a gift from Sony music entertainment.. It's well known her 1994 Merry Christmas album has exceeded sales of 15 Million worldwide by 2009 making the best selling holiday album of all time. Well Mariah now also has it in the US as both the song and the album are both 8X platinum.. The fact is the girl from the 90s an era that's isn't popular on streaming actually proved to be a force is going to have 4 diamond albums and a diamond single. Her 1990 debut album has been 9X platinum since 1999. It's long overdue to go diamond as well But if mimi gets the 4 diamond albums and diamond single, I don't wanna hear anything bad. This just proves a song and a season and an artist go hand in hand. Mariah is just as a staple at Christmas time just as the presents and the tree and the manger by the fireplace. She is an essential at Christmas time. check spotify she's top ten right at the week of Christmas as expected. And congrats Mariah on going 20 Million worldwide and having the most successful Christmas ever. Each year will be like accolades and RIAA reverts for Christmas. It's good to be the queen of Christmas.
  5. Mariah Carey made "Obsessed" for a reason. Eminem can't seem to get her name out of his mouth. Sort of. He dissed her again on his new album, which he just released without warning. In new song “These Demons”, he raps: "I’ve got a question – what rhymes with pariah?" Then Em continues: And I OOP! She really did a number on him. It's worth mentioning he also apologizes to Rihanna regarding the disgusting Chris Brown lyric. Related:
  6. Mariah Carey returns to #1! Via Billboard: Earlier: It's Christmas time aka Mariah season. From the critically acclaimed special to beating Shawn Mendes in a poll by Billboard for the best Friday music release. Now she's going back to a position her iconic 1994 Christmas song is used to: #1. It's currently #2 on the Hot 100. It will be her 4th week on top of the hot 100 with the song that Forbes said, Makes Mariah Carey 60 Million, annually as a songwriter in royalties and selling it to ads, streams and radio airplay. Gotta love Mariah, The queen of Christmas. Congrats girl! Related:
  7. Mariah Carey teamed up with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson on a re-working of Mariah's 2010 holiday hit, "Oh Santa!," out now! Thoughts, Exhale?!
  8. So much for the theory of it debuting at #1. "Oh Santa!" Is expected to debut at #92. There was excitement on all ends cause of musical mother and daughter Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande on the same track. But Spotify isn't pushing the track on it's normal playlists and it's all due to the soundtrack being an Apple Music exclusive for one week. Spotify in 2016 said they don't do exclusives as they feel it hurts the fans and music lovers in general, but it's up to the label. Slowly they caved kinda to a two week exclusive album premium deal thanks to Taylor Swift returning to the platform in 2017 the day Witness by Katy Perry came out, of all days to make her return to Spotify. Well, Mariah Carey cut a deal with Apple Music to be the exclusive home of the soundtrack to her Christmas special, but that probably led to a retaliation on Spotify's part. You would think Spotify's biggest act Ariana Grande who became the first women ever to cross 70 million monthly listeners, would be enough to secure all cross promotion on playlists that usually mixes both pop and Christmas music to make it through all forms. Spotify is pretty mad that the song is coming next Friday, and a retaliation is definitely happening as Spotify is punishing the track due to the exclusive rights to Apple. So for future reference, don't do deals that Spotify considers competition in markets.. Apple is Spotify's biggest competition in the US. Related:
  9. Mariah reminded every body in a genius interview that she has two Christmas albums. 1994's Merry Christmas 2010's Merry Christmas II You, which outside the US where it went Gold underperformed and began her commercial decline as her type of R&B music was deemed no longer cool. So, a determined queen she is based the apple tv special to the second studio Album she even performed the extra festive arrangement of All I want for Christmas is you from that album. Sleigh Ride and the remix of Oh Santa! (Which if it happens ties MC with the beatles with 20 US Billboard hot 100 #1's, Ariana her sixth, and ironically Jhud her first US Billboard hot 100 #1 and her first big hit since 2008's Spotlight). P.S. I kinda feel like a VIP, knowing I got the soundtrack before everybody else gets it next Friday.
  10. Mariah is releasing Mariah’s Cookies. They’ll be available this Friday. I hope this venture is better then Butterly Mariahs water. Related:
  11. The Queen of Christmas plays a holiday version of Song Association with ELLE. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/w_olF-UCINY" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. Queens supporting Queens, I wonder what she thought about all the negative comments on Britney's post. Related:
  13. I mean, I don't really know much about her career, but I saw this on Facebook, is it really new?
  14. People have been dragging Mariah Carey for the Celine Dion incident. But in an recently discovered interview during the taking chances era. Celine revealed, that After the taping of Divas Live ended, Aretha let it be known she wasn't happy and while thanking everybody for the honor, she gave Celine the cold shoulder and just a Side eye, that let Celine knew she messed up and it wasn't appreciated at all.
  15. The queen of Christmas has officially been approved, and now owns the trademarks to the following phrases for future Merchandise, and Christmas related stuff Merry Christmas Merry Christmas II you All I want for Christmas is you Abd the Mariah Carey Christmas logo of her name. She also copyrighted the queen of Christmas as well. We love a queen that's a business woman as well
  16. Folklore has officially went Platinum in the US by The Recording industry Association of America (RIAA) She now joins Madonna, Mariah Carey and Rihanna as the only females to have 8 Albums platinum. Madonna has ten platinum studio albums Mariah carey has 11 studio platinum albums. Only Rihanna and Taylor Swift are the only female recording Acts this century to achieve this. But it took Taylor the fastest as It took nearly 15 years since Music of the Sun to achieve platinum status in the US. Congrats, Ladies.
  17. Andy Refers to I'm real by Jlo as that other song Mariah herself disses The firecracker version, calling the disaster a miracle stating the Cameo version is more true Mariah fashion. Especially since there would be no Rap Remix version to a techno track. @Roxxy she agrees with most lambs. The candy version is Better. The firecracker version only got released as The Rarities is a soundtrack companion to The Meaning of Mariah Carey. All the unreleased Tracks were discussed in the book. Including this infamous version.
  18. Mariah Carey released a new compilation album titled The Rarities, which features unreleased material, including demos and b-sides. It's out now. Are you enjoying The Rarities, Exhale?!
  19. If any Western act is bigger than Mariah Carey in all of Asia, please tell me. You probably can't. After all, Sony Music honoured her with a plaque for selling 1.6 billion units in just Asia alone. Well, her new-ish song, "Save the Day," featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill, is #1 in Japan. It's her first #1 in 15 years there. The Japanese Lambs are the most loyal of the fans of Mimi. Congrats Mariah!
  20. https://thegrio.com/2020/10/05/mariah-carey-i-am-high-maintenance-because-i-deserve-to-be/ In an interview with the guardian, Mariah Carey has said she's been called high maintenance, to which she says, is that a bad thing She grew up poor (a long island friend of mine has said, if you grow up in long island, you're far from poor), Racism and Such. "Yes, I'm high maintenance, but I've worked my arse off for 30 years, I definitely earned it. I've always been high maintenance, I was just too poor to pay people to do the maintenance for me, if it's arrogant, that's on you. I've earned this life, can't take that away from me" She also alluded who really likes being poor anyway.. She's coming under fire from the haters saying Another case of fame getting to another celebrity..
  21. The audio is part of the rarities. But in Japan the Blu Ray of this concert is exclusive to the market as she's the biggest western artist in Japan. But she was nice to upload the concert to stream for a limited time. If you want a high quality then order the import from Japan as it's available in a low quality bootleg called Mariah Carey live in Japan. I'm half tempted. FYI word on the Street is The Rarities is expected to be her first #1 album in 12 years in the US. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  22. Mariah Carey reflects on an encounter she had with Céline Dion in her new new autobiography, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, out now. Mariah and Céline, along with Shania Twain, Gloria Estefan and Carole King performed a tribute to Aretha Franklin (who also performed) at the inaugural Divas Live show, which aired April 14, 1998, on VH1. Mariah doesn't specifically mention Celine's name, but it's no doubt about her. She said: “We all knew our part, but we also knew it was an Aretha song. Well, almost all of us knew “. Mariah speaks of the "attempt made by another of the divas to face the queen [Aretha] during the song" [You Make Me Fell Like a Natural Woman "]. Although Mariah says the result was "good", she adds "I never would have done that". Mariah also talked about the final performance, “Testimony”, in which the “duel diva” is a clear reference to Céline. “The duel diva had gone too far before (in my humble opinion) and seemed to be trying to outdo Aretha. That. It happened. I couldn't believe that someone was trying to outshine Aretha Franklin in his honor while singing about Jesus. Maybe it was a big cultural gap, but it seemed like crazy to me, and I didn't want to participate in that. As this happened, my body started involuntarily to retreat out of the Divas line and I started to join the support singers, most of whom I knew. It seemed like blasphemy to me, and I wanted to be out of reach if the lightning came.” Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
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