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  1. Mariah Carey teams up with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson on a re-working of Mariah's 2010 holiday hit, "Oh Santa!," out on Dec. 4 on Apple Music before becoming available everywhere Dec. 11. There's also a music video for the song on the way. Watch a preview below! Are YOU excited?!
  2. I mean, I don't really know much about her career, but I saw this on Facebook, is it really new?
  3. People have been dragging Mariah Carey for the Celine Dion incident. But in an recently discovered interview during the taking chances era. Celine revealed, that After the taping of Divas Live ended, Aretha let it be known she wasn't happy and while thanking everybody for the honor, she gave Celine the cold shoulder and just a Side eye, that let Celine knew she messed up and it wasn't appreciated at all.
  4. The queen of Christmas has officially been approved, and now owns the trademarks to the following phrases for future Merchandise, and Christmas related stuff Merry Christmas Merry Christmas II you All I want for Christmas is you Abd the Mariah Carey Christmas logo of her name. She also copyrighted the queen of Christmas as well. We love a queen that's a business woman as well
  5. Folklore has officially went Platinum in the US by The Recording industry Association of America (RIAA) She now joins Madonna, Mariah Carey and Rihanna as the only females to have 8 Albums platinum. Madonna has ten platinum studio albums Mariah carey has 11 studio platinum albums. Only Rihanna and Taylor Swift are the only female recording Acts this century to achieve this. But it took Taylor the fastest as It took nearly 15 years since Music of the Sun to achieve platinum status in the US. Congrats, Ladies.
  6. Andy Refers to I'm real by Jlo as that other song Mariah herself disses The firecracker version, calling the disaster a miracle stating the Cameo version is more true Mariah fashion. Especially since there would be no Rap Remix version to a techno track. @Roxxy she agrees with most lambs. The candy version is Better. The firecracker version only got released as The Rarities is a soundtrack companion to The Meaning of Mariah Carey. All the unreleased Tracks were discussed in the book. Including this infamous version.
  7. Mariah Carey released a new compilation album titled The Rarities, which features unreleased material, including demos and b-sides. It's out now. Are you enjoying The Rarities, Exhale?!
  8. If any Western act is bigger than Mariah Carey in all of Asia, please tell me. You probably can't. After all, Sony Music honoured her with a plaque for selling 1.6 billion units in just Asia alone. Well, her new-ish song, "Save the Day," featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill, is #1 in Japan. It's her first #1 in 15 years there. The Japanese Lambs are the most loyal of the fans of Mimi. Congrats Mariah!
  9. https://thegrio.com/2020/10/05/mariah-carey-i-am-high-maintenance-because-i-deserve-to-be/ In an interview with the guardian, Mariah Carey has said she's been called high maintenance, to which she says, is that a bad thing She grew up poor (a long island friend of mine has said, if you grow up in long island, you're far from poor), Racism and Such. "Yes, I'm high maintenance, but I've worked my arse off for 30 years, I definitely earned it. I've always been high maintenance, I was just too poor to pay people to do the maintenance for me, if it's arrogant, that's on you. I've earned this life, can't take that away from me" She also alluded who really likes being poor anyway.. She's coming under fire from the haters saying Another case of fame getting to another celebrity..
  10. The audio is part of the rarities. But in Japan the Blu Ray of this concert is exclusive to the market as she's the biggest western artist in Japan. But she was nice to upload the concert to stream for a limited time. If you want a high quality then order the import from Japan as it's available in a low quality bootleg called Mariah Carey live in Japan. I'm half tempted. FYI word on the Street is The Rarities is expected to be her first #1 album in 12 years in the US. @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  11. Mariah Carey reflects on an encounter she had with Céline Dion in her new new autobiography, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, out now. Mariah and Céline, along with Shania Twain, Gloria Estefan and Carole King performed a tribute to Aretha Franklin (who also performed) at the inaugural Divas Live show, which aired April 14, 1998, on VH1. Mariah doesn't specifically mention Celine's name, but it's no doubt about her. She said: “We all knew our part, but we also knew it was an Aretha song. Well, almost all of us knew “. Mariah speaks of the "attempt made by another of the divas to face the queen [Aretha] during the song" [You Make Me Fell Like a Natural Woman "]. Although Mariah says the result was "good", she adds "I never would have done that". Mariah also talked about the final performance, “Testimony”, in which the “duel diva” is a clear reference to Céline. “The duel diva had gone too far before (in my humble opinion) and seemed to be trying to outdo Aretha. That. It happened. I couldn't believe that someone was trying to outshine Aretha Franklin in his honor while singing about Jesus. Maybe it was a big cultural gap, but it seemed like crazy to me, and I didn't want to participate in that. As this happened, my body started involuntarily to retreat out of the Divas line and I started to join the support singers, most of whom I knew. It seemed like blasphemy to me, and I wanted to be out of reach if the lightning came.” Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  12. Critics and Lambs are wondering why James Packer (her ex-fiancé who was legally bounded to pay Mariah Carey $5 million for wasting her time) is not included in The Meaning of Mariah Carey. She's come out and said in a savage diss that the relationship never got to that intimate level. "We didn't have a physical relationship, to be honest with you," Carey said. She only included the relationships that did get intimate because those are the ones that actually mattered. "If it was a relationship that mattered, it's in the book," Carey reportedly said. "If not, it didn't occur." Mimi doubles down what she said in an iconic appearance on Oprah - that she never slept with Eminem. "I can count the man I've been physically intimate with on one hand, he ain't in the countdown." It's been revealed only one night stand did happen and that's with Derek Jeter. The Roof and My All in Butterfly are all about that night she called mind blowing. But yeah I kinda see what she means. If it's not intimate, it's not really a thing. Related:
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/mariah-carey-memoir-diva-rumours-childhood-poverty-family-b801702.html The way I as a poor gay man who have been bullied and poor can relate to this and it speaks to me You definitely deserve the good life Mariah.
  14. When Mariah announced after nearly 2 Decades of the mere acknowledgement the firecracker version exists . So when Mariah announced the Rarities tracklist abd announced it's being unearthed. I thought two things. She's being petty abd knowing the lambs are just as petty. Jlo will probably be attacked as usual by the fanbase. I was right, since Friday. The original release of I'm real I'm youtube has become a slaughterhouse of comments from the lambily. I feel bad, kinda feel bad, but Mariah knew what she was doing when she announced it's being released. She knew her lambs we're going to attack her. So, thus was all planned out, nobody can deny that Mariah was planning this petty attack by releasing the original version. Here's the reciepts
  15. Saw this clip making the rounds. In it, Mariah was asked if she had the chance to congratulate Madonna after their birth of her daughter Lourdes. Mariah shadily says she didn't see Madonna. However, it's worth pointing out that by this point, Madonna had dragged Mariah several times in the press, including once saying she'd rather kill herself than be Mariah. Both women have put the drama behind them, but this clip is still a kii. Mariah is the queen of clap backs. Related:
  16. I have learned so much. In the meaning of Mariah Carey. #1 In a discussion between two cops due to a major fight with Her father Alfred Roy and Ex Brother Morgan. One cop pointed to a 4 Year old Mariah and said to the other one "It Will be a miracle, if she comes out of this family alive" Translated the cops weren't expecting Mariah to be alive much longer due to the non stop violence #2 Patricia is extremely jealous her Daughter has the career, she so desperately craved as an opera singer. To even telling Mariah "You wish you're half the Singer I Am" #3 Ex sister Alison tried to pimp her, and even drugged Mariah Carey with Valium, even tried to have Mariah to try Coke at age 12. #4 Ex sister Alison was pregnant by 15. The Father was a 27 year old man, Patricia wanted her daughter to have an abortion. Allison sought legal permission from her Father to marry, emancipate and move to Japan with her husband. Returned home as a single mom, and more anger and an eventual drug addiction. That's still prevalent today. #5 Morgan only Knows how to use Violence as a way to deal with anger, Mimi has said her ex brother has so many restraining orders that are permanent, even the CPS basically banned him from his children due to uncontrollable outbursts.. #6. Mariah was teased horrendous in school, even by her teachers. Drawing a family portrait, they told her she was using the wrong crayon to draw her father. The teachers even praised and bribed the kids with easy A's if they called her The N Word every day. This was her kindergarten class. #7. Her father planned to do a killing spree after being wrongfully accused of r*** in the military base he was in. He was so Angry when he got out of the jail, even though he was found innocent, he held his rifle so high at the top of the hill, but he wasn't planning a suicide, but something worse to get back at the white people that accused him of such horrendous things. Throughout her childhood, Mariah dealt with endless violence, racism and a horrible family life that cops thought she'd be dead if the family stays together. To even have you're own Mom jealous of having the career she so desperately wanted. Just be grateful none of you have a family that you basically consider them exes, or better off Dead to me.
  17. The original Firecracker version is here. Many lambs agree this would have beaten Bootylicious, fits perfectly Janet's All For you, And Those other tracks that sampled big club hits from the 70s and The 80s. And for the nostalgia. #idontknowherstill
  18. The queen of Vocals and The queen of talk shows sit down for a candid interview. Enjoy it while you can, The interview is an apple exclusive so copyright would be claimed fast. But you learn a few things. Her mom didn't know what to do with a biracial child, Family used her like an ATM machine, Mother instead of calling an ambulance she called the cops during her mental breakdown. About Tommy. Mariah didn't believe in marriage, But pressure from his family and Church forced a situation both didn't wanted and Mariah being 24 at the time, Naively thought as we all did at one point. If I marry him, maybe things will change, which is Never the case. She also talks about how her lambs and her twins are the only Times she felt unconditional love from. I chose this section of the forum cos it basically touches on so many subjects we all have been in.. Abusive relationship a, family taken advantage of us and using us. Searching for the true unconditional love whatever that comes from. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy
  19. Mariah Carey shared a preview of an alternative rock song she made in 1995 just for fun. This sounds AWESOME.
  20. Mariah is the queen of number one singles, but which do you think is her best? My vote is going to Touch My Body It's such a chill bop and who else is rhyming 'rendezvous' with 'Wendy interview'? Plus this single gave us this iconic moment where the backing track played too early so she sang ''stop singing my part now baby'' to the back-up singers
  21. I think they should let aside all of the drama and pain and collab with each other, it would be an amazing bop! What do you guys think? Lemme know Related:
  22. Even way before I don't know her happened. MC already started hating on jlo. From an interview she claimed jlo is soul less and nothing is there. To alluding that she can sleep 8 hours a day cos she can't sing her own songs or write her own material. From Comments about Madonna and other divas. It's clearly there. She hates pop music and performers in general. She really only respects woman who stand behind a microphone and just sing.
  23. The Highly anticipated Critically acclaimed book The meaning of Mariah Carey comes out this Tuesday. She has code names to reference people. Family Both siblings and Her birth mom. Her father is Alfred Roy as Mariah actually loved him. Morgan is Ex Brother Alison is Ex Sister Mother is Pat Tommy is Side effects which refers to her 2008 Track of the same name from E=MC² Jlo is just referenced as Female singer signed to Sony Music, who we don't know or acknowledge their existence on this planet. Can't wait
  24. Mimi is doing all the press tour now for her upcoming memoirs The meaning of Mariah Carey. Eminem was extremely worried he would be ratted on how bad his game is in the bed and other things. Mariah said in a shady response. If they did something to add meaning to be, they'd be included. He didn't do really anything special to define the meaning of Mariah Carey. Her family also gets shaded she refers to her much older siblings by ex brother and ex sister and her mom as Patricia. But For j.lo it gets worse. She's not mentioned by name or the iconic shady quote "I don't know her", but jlo is referred to as a female singer that just got signed to Sony music entertainment, Ouch!!! https://www.allaboutlaughs.com/mariah-carey-still-doesnt-know-who-jennifer-lopez-is/ Can't wait for the already universal acclaim by the critics. But haters are saying she shouldn't really diss her family like that, as if she's better than them. Some say all that dirty laundry coming out can have serious consequences on her family. They probably will lose jobs and such if they are hired by a fan of hers. So there's consequences coming cos of this books portrayal of them. @Jordan Miller @ColdAsFire88 @Roxxy Book is out this Tuesday. Audible has the exclusive audiobook read by Mimi herself. You can download the exclusive amazon audible app to get musical interlude's and her very special iconic ad libs or phrases
  25. In 2005 on this day. A power was released. The emancipation of Mimi. Which Billboard has deemed the most iconic comeback album of all time. At the time Mariah hated the word comeback. But now she agrees. She went from being the top act of the 90s. To virtually a joke, A has been overnight and one that critics thought could never see the success she once had. Then came mimi. And the rest is history. Her and JD made music history. We belong together became the most successful song of the 00s decade. Making Mariah historically the only act to have the top Billboard song of the decade in two different decades. 90s One sweet day 00s We belong together. Her most Grammy nominated album to date. 10 altogether 7 in 2006. Where she performed fly like a bird (starting an official MC trend end her secular albums with a gospel song) and ended up being the night's only standing ovation. 3 in 2007. Altogether Mariah herself told Barbara Walters that the only Grammys she cared about winning were The R&B ones She won Best contemporary R&B album, Best R&B song, Best R&B female vocal performance both for we belong together. The album has a direct sequel. 2008's E=MC². Which while a success. Wasn't as successful as The Emancipation of Mimi. Happy 15 years to the Album that made Mariah the legend she is today.
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