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Found 13 results

  1. Ha*Ash is a very popular pop duo in Mexico, though they were actually born in Louisiana. Sisters Hanna and Ashley spent their childhood living half a year in Mexico City and the other half in Lake Charles, Louisiana due to their father's job, and since they signed with Sony Music in 2002, they've earned popularity among the public due to their vocal talent and catchy tunes. To this day, they're one of the rare cases of pop acts that actually have some sort of relevance on digital platforms, in an era where urban and regional music (banda) are the most dominant genres. Their 2014 video Lo Aprendí de Ti from their live acoustic set Primera Fila - Hecho Realidad, has just reached the 1 billion views on their YouTube channel. Personally, I think they have better songs, but hey, at least is better than the other stuff that has become more popular in the past few years I particularly like this better but nothing beats the classics And I'm just learning they performed with Maluma too
  2. Maluma just released a new album titled Papi Juancho, so to celebrate he's flexing his hard body and umph it's making me feel a type of way. Take all my streams king. Stream Papi Juancho on Spotify. Related:
  3. While the icon of hotness Maluma is busy singing his ballads I went on the search for some bops and I stumbled upon CNCO along with the sexiest woman in the game la unica Natti Natasha. Check it out, they dance they actually dance, and Natti well Also here is Maluma's new song if you haven't heard it yet. BEAUTIFUL
  4. Jimmy Fallon caught up with the current Prince of Latin X music, Maluma! Check it out
  5. I needed this thirst trap today. You can't count on a lot in 2020, but you CAN depend on Maluma showing off his hawt boday.
  6. This is Maluma's latest music video... It's basically a cheap vlog of him in Europe. AND he's fully clothed and walking around cities just as almost the whole world is in quarantine. At the same time, on his Insta he got rid of that awful beard, looks hotter than ever, and is showing himself shirtless and workind out... Yet he released this. WHO IS MANAGING HIM. He needs to get shirtless in front of a camera right now and dance all sexy and sh it to this. THAT is the video I want. Put this in loop to the song and I'd like it better:
  7. Hey ladies! ❤ We're getting a lot of sad news lately about our faves cancelling their tours and getting Corona. Here's something to brighten up your day! Maluma just posted a TikTok video on his Instagram - shirtless and dancing to his new single Que Chimba which he dropped last week. He's with another guy who I do not know but 2 heads is better than 1... or 3... or 4... on the floor. Check out his new single here! TEEHEE ❤ Roxxy 💋
  8. His beard. I'm glad I'm putting my journalism degree to good use
  9. Someone called Maluma gay on a live stream, so he responded with: Which roughly translates to: Prove it daddy. His response was tacky though.
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