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Found 137 results

  1. My fave song is Crazy For You by Madonna. I just love how romantic and sweet it is; it's DEFINITELY a song to play on a date or when you're gonna have ***. 80's Madonna was the best! What about you guys? What's your fave song of all time?
  2. I guess at an awards show, Madonna and Jonathan Ross were presenting something together. He congratulated M on the success of her tour, The massively 25 Cities, 60 sold out Shows that Is The confessions tour, and the adoption of David Banda, But it took an ugly turn where he said if I came back from Africa, I'd have a baby wallet instead of a black baby, Audience laughed, Madonna didn't, But her reply is what makes us love her, "You would be lucky to return with a Black eye". Mama was pissed and ready to throw her hands.
  3. Madonna's got no shame in her game. The 61-year-old queen of pop decided to show off her derrière ahead of knee surgery. A slay. I mean yea she looks possessed, but you gotta respect the no f---s attitude. Pic #2 shows off the 🍑 Can she swim with that thing
  4. People are shocked to find out in 2020 only one act didn't need a feature artist to top the hot 100 at all. That is Madonna, oddly until 2008's hard candy, her albums was actually just her only. No outside help at all. The #1's are Like a Virgin (1984) Crazy for you 1985 Live to tell 1986 Papa don't preach 1986 Open your heart 1986 Who's that girl 1987 Like a prayer 1989 Vogue 1990 Justify my love 1990 This used to be my playground 1992 Take a Bow 1995 Music 2000. No other artist did it all by themselves. Britney came close But thx to the S&M remix with Rihanna that took away the second act ever to do it with no help at all. So I stan an artist that basically waited until she realized radio wouldn't play her without a younger act. Congrats empress. Take a bow indeed.
  5. Lady Gaga's "Alice" is a low sampling of Madonna's "Nothing Really Matters" in my opinion. Give both a listen and see the similarities:
  6. Dua Lipa might get the opportunity to collaborate with her idol, Madonna. Lipa recently said she hopes to be this generation's Madonna, so she could be well on her way if the collaboration comes to fruition. Dua's manager said he's going to reach out to Madonna's people and get things in motion. “‘Future Nostalgia is heavily influenced by Madonna," he said. "In fact, we’re about to try and get Madonna on a [Dua] record. I’m going to write the email and see if she’s up [for] it. Dua’s got it all. She’s got unlimited potential.” Are you here for a Dua x Madonna collab, Exhale? Related:
  7. Dua Lipa released one of the best records of the year with Future Nostalgia. Not only was it an immaculate and cohesive body of work, but Dua pushed her own artistic boundaries. The growth from her debut to sophomore album is obvious, and greatly appreciated. Dua hopes she can hold that magic in a bottle for decades to come like her idol, the queen of pop, Madonna. “I feel like Madonna peaked at 40 or 45 and made the best pop album known, and she continues to kill it," Lipa tells The Sun. “Women, we can do it for as long as we want to. And then at some point I’ll retire with a couple of dogs and take up smoking again.” She adds: “The success I’ve had is more than I ever imagined was possible. To be really honest, I never thought I would get this far." “Not because I didn’t think I could, but because I didn’t know something like this was possible." “It can be frustrating because you have to play the long game, you have to spend the hours in the studio and write." “You have to try to beat your personal best and express yourself, because no matter how much you think you know, you are always coming up with better ways to explain yourself.” Do you think Dua has what it takes to remain relevant for years to come? Will she be ~the next Madonna~? Sound off.
  8. Time to talk radio had a guest, Madonna Super fan Albie Andujar. Basically has nothing positive to say about her. Saying she hides behind being a victim, I'm being bullied and such horrible things. He also touched Do what U want how in 2013 Gaga praised R. KELLY, BUT IN 2019, changed her whole mind. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy They also touch the ****** incident from early 2010's.
  9. Madonna has officially approved a fan official documentary titled B#$ch, She's Madonna. Starting with the making of her first album, The series has five parts now live covering up to The Virgin tour. But it's expected to have like 250 chapters covering all the way to Madame X and the future of the empress of pop. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy
  10. I'm fully prepared to be dragged for this but I think we should have this conversation. Confessions On A Dancefloor is an album that has aged very well, the production is amazing, and it was cool of her to release an album of this style in the middle of the 2000s. That being said, a great portion of the songs just aren't very good. In fact, the production might be so good that they hide the fact that many of the songs are quite weak on their own. The album does have great songs like Hung Up, Get Together, Let It Will Be, and How High, but the rest just isn't great. Madonna herself doesn't seem to be a fan of this album either, which is why after the era was finished she stopped performing songs from it (besides hung up on the occasional tour). Confessions was the beginning of her creative decline, where she started feeling obligated to make a certain type of music after American Life (one of her best albums) flopped. Thankfully Madonna's creative spirit lives on with Madame X. It's not that I don't like dance music, her 80s albums are great examples of dance music well done, because the songs themselves are actually good and can stand on their own if they were to be stripped down and played acoustically. Even Hard Candy and MDNA are at least good for working out to. Most of the songs on Confessions are too slow to work out to or even dance to, but too fast to just listen to while relaxing at home. I'm always confounded to see Confessions consistently ranked in the top 3 of most Madonna fans album ranking; people really like Confessions more than masterpieces like Ray of Light, Erotica, or Like A Prayer? Really? I think fans at the time were just happy to see Madonna making music for the dance floor again, but the album really is a sad shadow of what her dance music used to be. The album definitely sounds better in the mixed version, but that just adds to my point that it's the production techniques that makes the album seem good, not the songs themselves. Anyways, I think it's time to stop pretending like Confessions is her best/only good album of this century. Every time she releases something new, it's always compared to Confessions or called "her best work since confessions", as if nothing she does will ever measure up. I am not saying it's a bad album I just think it's overrated and honestly maybe one of the most overrated pop albums of this century (because of how incredibly highly it is regarded). Anyone else agree? disagree? let's discuss
  11. Madonna is the queen of remixes, as she owns the world record for most remixed act. Close to 400 Times have Madonna been remixed, Her 2008 Grammy nominated best dance recording Give it 2 Me has been remixed a record breaking 16 times. Her remix sets only date to 2005's Hung up and beyond, but that could change as her team uploaded The human nature remix ep on all streaming platforms. The track was a massive club hit in 95, and Billboard declared with Human Nature, Madonna began a life long love affair of unapologetic bish anthems. Human nature is the most performed track on any Madonna tour from Bedtime stories. Secret was only performed in 2001 as part of her drowned world tour, Take a bow was only performed on her Asian and Australian leg of her Rebel heart tour. A video performance is a bonus visual just for Japan. Human Nature has been performed on the following tours Drowned world 2001 Sticky and sweet 2008-2009 (with Britney spears in the screen backdrop and this was featured on Britney: For the record documentary, still shocks me how Brit and JT didn't run into each other at Dodger stadium that night) MDNA 2012 Madame X 2019-2020. Here is a hip hop remix courtesy of Howie Tee. Here's to hoping all the remixes from 1982-2004 are finally uploaded including Me against the music (The Gabriel and Dresden Trance (Very tiesto) remix is Killer).
  12. Madonna wished herself a happy Father's Day. Five out of her six children are basically raised by herself. Lola's father stripped himself of all rights saying he couldn't financially support his daughter the way Madonna could. So he basically gave Madonna full custody. Even though Rocco and David are between Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Guy only fought for his blood son, rumors are the adoption of David Banda is one of the reasons why they divorced. The other 3 are hers and hers alone. So, happy Father's Day to Madonna indeed. It takes a queen to raise a village.
  13. Madonna guest starred on will and Grace in 2003 appearing as Liz , Karen's roommate. Not knowing about the series, TV is banned in her household. Even Lola , said in the 2005 documentary, that they only watch one movie a week, of Madonna's choice. Most of the time had to have some educational value in it. So Madonna never knew about the series, a friend lent a video tape for Madonna to watch a few episodes. The episode pokes fun at Will's being addicted to pain pills, though for once Karen is proud of him. Madonna hits on him for having a hot Eminem vibe, though Karen tells him, he's a mo. So still there they poke fun at Will being opposite to Jack's Stereotype personality.. They have a huge fight over a man, Karen ups Madonna when it's realize the rent is Walker Walker Management, thus Karen evicted her in an ultimate power move, since Karen actually owned the building.
  14. I'm open and ready for to teach me how to f like a man.
  15. Elton John and Madonna's feud(?) goes way back. I presumed they resolved their issues over the years, but Elton just reignited the tension by complementing Rina Sawayama's new music whilst simultaneously tearing down the queen of pop. He says one of Rina's new album “encompasses so many styles of music. ‘Bad Friend’, for example, is a song that Madonna would die for.” Le sigh. BTW, Elton called Sawayama album of the year. I love Elton, but there's enough going on in the world. We need to uplift one another. What would Gaga say Thoughts on Elton's comment? Was it necessary? Related:
  16. While you're at it... stream the only ABBA covers album that actually matters. The ABBA Generation by A* Teens
  17. The Black Eyed Peas' current track ,"Mamacita," samples the iconic Latin pop hit, "La Isla Bonita," by the empress of pop herself, Madonna. "La Isla Bonita," originally released in 1987 from her 1986 album "True Blue," which sold over 27+ million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling female album of that decade, peaked at #4 on the US Billboard Hot 100. This was the height of her US career. Which when 1989's "Like a Prayer" happened and people started taking her seriously... that's where the decline in sales began in the US. But, never the less, the song was a massive hit in Europe for Madonna and #1 in several countries including the UK. Fast forward to 2020, The Black Eyed Peas samples the song throughout the track. They gave Madonna a writing credit. It's currently at #90 on the Hot 100. Madonna is officially the first songwriter to have an appearance on the Hot 100 for Five consecutive decades. This is an amazing feat. Congrats Madonna! Here is the original video from 1987 by Madonna. And while you're at it... stream the classic 1986 album by Madonna, which critics have dubbed as the closest thing to anything girly girl from Madonna. True Blue is Madonna's own Britney Spears-type album. Never to happen again. So, this is Madonna's second record breaking, five-decade achievement. Madonna did that In February when "I Don't Search, I Find" became Madonna's 50th #1 dance hit. It also made Madonna the first artist to achieve a #1 single on any Billboard chart for five consecutive decades. A feat that is constantly denied by the public because it's not the Hot 100. But if it was any other artist, they'd appreciate it. And now the Hot 100, which I'm sure will be denied cause of how much she is hated.
  18. Hey, first time making any type of content but had a few gins (yes millenial) and listening to music in bed before work. Wanted to know whats your favourite bonus tracks from studio albums. Now I'm a huge fan of all things cheese, eurovision, europop etc (til it's gone is my jam) here are my top 3 bonus tracks (at this current time) 1) Britney - before the goodbye 2) madonna - Addicted 3) Madonna - Graffiti heart
  19. I take it back. Britney was nominated for Brits. But lost all of her nomination. This was her only nomination. She lost To Madonna. Madonna beat the likes of her musical daughters P!NK, Kylie and of Course Britney spears to win the award. She would win again in 2006. Beating Mariah Carey who just Like Britney lost her only Brit nomination to Madonna. But on a serious note. Y'all thank God Guy is gone. I didn't understand just how submissive he made her. That must have been a good lay in bed for the woman who wouldn't submit to no man ever. To allow this. And in 2006 Madonna beat Mariah Carey who was never nominated for a brit before or after this award..
  20. Madonna brought her Universally acclaimed but Highly controversial Confessions tour to Phoenix. It was her first trip back to the valley of the Sun in 21 years since The Virgin tour First show sold out in 48 seconds (The Arizona republic said the fan club Icon literally took 92.86% of the venues capacity creating the fastest sellout in Arizona tours history for the General public. I was lucky to get two nosebleeds. Cos after i got the two seats. The concert was sold out.) Due to the instant sell out which shocked the conservative state of Arizona. A second and final show was added to meet demand. But the second show was on a Saturday. Due to Madonna's rest day on the Kabbalah is no work or shows can happen on a Friday. strict rules. My aunt merri wanted to get me tickets to her second and final show. Grandpa talked her out of it. Stating the favoritism towards your nephew has caused a rift between your own children and his own mom. The fact you can't see that is still sad. So I only got to go to club Madonna in Thursday Important facts Phoenix is 125 degrees in june. The arena was set at 100 degress for vocal comfort. This has been a major complaint from fans especially in Florida during the Madame X tour. Apparently after the show. It was so hot. Everybody went home to shower cos they smelled like Body odor. No matter how much deodorant or cologne you wear sweat wears it all off. Anti perspirants don't even work. They just want more money. After like it or not. She challenged bush to walk the walk cos all he does is talk the talk. During I love New york. She told us to go ti texas to suck George bush's peen. Live to tell despite being a classic Madonna song. Which is about child abuse. Caused controversy cause she performed it on a mirrored cross. The screens counted to 12,000,000 to reveal that in Malawi (It all began here) that by 2010 12,000,000 kids will be orphaned or have died of AIDS. Several homoeroticism imagery especially during The performance of Confessions version of Forbidden love. The opening sequence made some women uncomfortable cos it appeared she dominated men. Like a virgin shows her actual broken bones x rays from her fall in 2005 on her 47th birthday. Non Madonna fans who watch it when I pop in a DVD always becomes a fan after that performance cos of the breakdown she does on the saddle makes everybody believe that even if the music sucks. You're going to leave entertained knowing you actually went to a show and not a typical concert. Happy 14 years of Entertaining me Madonna and pissing the religious freaks out. Love ya, Empress @Roxxy Feature this.
  21. https://www.elephantjournal.com/2020/06/why-madonnas-madame-x-was-a-year-too-early/?fbclid=IwAR3rqjZfZmKa-lJufmkP1fGj1VXXptF4CFe_r79BBHghdGuU3eCXNa-LsWU A blog and I full heartedly agree. Given the political nature we are in today. Declares Madame X by cultural icon Madonna came a year to early. Everything she talked about and discussed in the 2019 Underrated return to Artsy Madonna. Is more relevant in 2020. Proving once Again. Madonna was ahead of the curve and saw not only the world. But where the US was heading like The prophet we love her for. Seriously go on and Google everytime Madonna warned us about the actions we have caused as a society. Whether it's the 2003 Music video for American life that was pulled. That's even a more relevant message to. Slam M all you want. But Madonna saw where the world was heading. As usual none of y'all listened til it was too late.. @JordanMiller @Roxxy
  22. I've always wondered why People wanted to believe in something that was so judgmental and cruel to other kinds of people that weren't like them. Even as a gay teen being told I'm going to hell cos I like men. Made me question how many people can be brainwashed to hate people. But yet so many do Madonna spoke her views on religion in her documentary I'm going to tell you a secret. One thing she said stood out. Religion causes in fragmentation and causes separation from each other. If we were able to let go of religion and all of it's hatred and evilness. Maybe the world would truly be better. I've never felt more happier and freer the day I became an atheist. "Love has nothing to do with religion, Love does not divide"
  23. https://screenrant.com/madonna-rotten-tomatoes-best-movies/10/ Madonna as an actress is a mixed reception. Some of her films got bad press , but in retrospect got better reviews as they aged. Case in point fan favorite 1987's Who's that girl is actually getting better praise 30+ years after it's release. Of course the top two most critically acclaimed films for Madonna. Are 1991's Madonna: Truth or Dare (in bed with Madonna outside the US) And of course 1985's Desperately seeking susan.. A couple of years ago in 2016. An art house cinema actually threw A Madonna film festival and celebrated with her films. Saying she isn't bad as people think. She appeared for the 25th anniversary screening of Truth or Dare which closed out the festival. Needless to say. The fans lost their **** as usual. And of course. How can we forget. Her golden globe winning role as Eva Peron.. Still to this day. I think Patti Lupone is still pissed off for two reasons #1 Madonna is now seen as Evita. Not her #2 SHE was offered a cameo as Eva's mom. She felt that was disrespectful.. She also hate Andrew lloyd Webber. Madonna was robbed of her well earned Oscar for her portrayal as Eva. In fact Billy crystal who hosted the 97 ceremonies alluded to the fact that it was a miracle she came to perform the oscar winning song you must love me.. Even he knew she was robbed of a rightful win. @JordanMiller @Roxxy
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