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  1. The Tweet is still up. Obviously he's been hacked, but I'm surprised the Tweet is still online. Messsss.
  2. im 33 going to be 34 in march and i need advice on if ishould come out or not i want to but at the same time im scared my mom is religious not overly but she is and believes stuff in the bible im nervous about her reaction and would like advice here on if i should or not i kind of alluded to it about 4 years ago but she never said anything about it i need elp what shoud i do?
  3. Update: New York apologized. She says the woman in the clip isn't transgendered. NY also says people constantly mistake her for a man. Exhale, thoughts? Earlier: New York acted abhorrent to a trans woman in this new clip (it aired recently). I'm not sure what show this is or what she's up to in her career, but I am saddened. I love New York cause she's hilarious but this behavior is intolerable. Thoughts, Exhale?
  4. I wouldn't call it social experiment but I have an interestning question to ask that I was questioning myself as there was few hot news topics including subjects of they/them and other pronouns which makes a lot of confusion. For all CIS people... imagine if someome was talking about you as they/them would you be okay with it? Please try to be respectful.
  5. In 2000, a groundbreaking show aired on showtime called queer as folk. The show aged badly, from their views on straight men, several conversations put good people as the people who bully them. As Group leader Brian Kinney said. "They're all the same, they pretend to be your friends, and behind your back they show their true colors". Even Justin who was gay bashed refused to forgive the person who did it, though it was wrong. The guy said, you kept flaunting it, it made a lot of us mad and uncomfortable and you bringing your boyfriend to the prom was just the final straw. I know you can't help it, but it's not about you. You guys don't understand that a time and place for everything.. Keep it to yourself at school, everything would be fine. Justin even told his teacher, I'm that F. You love to hate ,so f u. The whole show is problematic . Even how they handled drug addiction. Emmett told his friend Ted, you say you're gonna fix yourself, but you know you dont believe in yourself, so you won't seek the help you absolutely need. To even having the one gay seeking his forever prince charming, from the mom that adopts everybody and is way too in the hag status. It represents the older community, and unfortunately it's the only show that actually portrayed the gay community accurately even if this community actually aged badly In real representations as well.. Here's a 16 minute video of the first season. There was also no blacks represented and the lesbian couple felt very token and not appreciated. The L word was a better representation.
  6. https://www.vice.com/en/article/xwjj5a/when-i-came-out-i-wasnt-ready-for-the-judgment-that-came-from-within-the-community We tend, to be our own worst enemy.. Not only we get judged by a society, but we judge each other as well. That many refuse to come out cos of these out dated rules. #1. The overtly over ***ualized our community has truly become, many gay men require a hook up just to test compatibility before a proper date happens.. When refused some get called prudes, but fail to realize they were raised to be conservative about their love and *** lives.. Best solution is to date, with people who believe in the same values as you.. Problem solved.. #2 Pop culture knowledge and love of pop music, Broadway and etc. This has been outdated as many gays like heavy metal, or thrash metal gays feel like they don't get represented. Bottom line, this one is hella outdated and needs to be thrown out. There are gays that like homophobic acts especially in reggae music like Beenie man, saying music is music, we should stop letting LGBT mags tell us who we should listen to. They don't represent everybody. #3. Body shaming. The gay community is notorious for this, not everybody wants the perfect body. Not everybody wants to live on a salad and gym diet. Have thay slice of cheese pizza and that xxl mountain dew. You're only hurting yourself by ignoring these cravings.. Bottom line, stop being shallow. We all have different body structures. Even my doctor said to me as a big boned person, the body mass index is actually outdated and needs to be thrown out..
  7. Brat

    Best Way to Prep

    Anybody have any suggestions on how to prep to bottom? DM me if it’s too much
  8. Update: Shawn apologized. Earlier: Shawn Mendes gave Sam Smith a shout-out in a new promo video which aired on television, but in doing so referred to Sam as him/he instead of Sam's pronouns of they/them. Twitter had a field day with this one. Exhale, thoughts? Related:
  9. I watched this beautiful movie last night. A story of self-acceptance and discovery that transcends its historical inaccuracies and allows it to ascend to a level of magnetic emotional resonance. Based on a true story. A must watch! ❤️ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0810819/
  10. https://www.si.com/college/2020/12/11/tulsi-gabbard-new-bill-title-ix-trans-athletes-rights This is simply outrageous! How dare Tulsi interfere in equality!!!
  11. this was around 4 years ago. my Ex girlfriend split up with me just because she found out i was bi. i felt hurt. betrayed and lost. she said that she felt weird that i had been with men and then women. she found it wrong. Actully what she said to me has still left a Emotional Scar even to this day.
  12. Juno and The umbrella academy and LGBTQ activist has announced he is a trans man, identifies He/Him Pronouns, and is Elliot Page from now on.
  13. Lil Nas X says he's constantly asked about whether he's a top or bottom He's apparently vers? This is v v important btw. Related:
  14. He's just dreamy. I sometimes flirt with him, but he doesn't care! Oh, and he's also married.
  15. i am well more than 75 well more than in my 3 hunderds and also , in "school", did you cheat?
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8929745/Transgender-woman-26-crowned-Miss-New-Zealand-despite-disowned-family.html So a man won a women's competition? Men really are the dominant ***.
  17. you have it all in men's package: sweat tears blood nausea j*zz **it bee however women especially black woman have ti**ies and v*g* ** too in black woman's package: pink nature (Pink is a singer) milk blood from v*g* ** blood from inner world **it sweat nausea delicate essence of dames juice no tears (big girls don't cry) I especially like black women cause they literally don't cry their feet don't stink and they have dry skin which pacakge you prefer THE FUTURE IS FEMALE
  18. https://www.facebook.com/redtabletalkestefans/videos/807185940045400/?sfnsn=mo In a spin off Red table talk, The original Latin crossover queen Gloria Estefan sits down and Discusses her daughter's sexuality, Gloria accepts it, But also takes in consideration Gloria's own mother and health. Her daughter doesn't want to hear any of that, She really could care less about how Her Abuella could react to the truth, and feels she's being asked to lie about herself. Gloria and her Aunt keeps saying, we're not asking you to lie, but you have to consider that it's not all about you, you have to think about other's. We're accepting, but your grandmother came at a time where being gay wasn't accepting or normal. During the intense Moment, Emily throws it back at her mom "For a gay icon in the Latin community, you sure have a funny way to accepting me." That actually pissed Gloria off. Some of the blogs said Emily is just wanting to fight, it's not Like how Cher Reacted to her daughter Chastity (Now, Chaz) coming out as a lesbian in 1997. They are just telling Emily to think of her grandmother, that this revealtion could actually kill her, that's what they are addressing, she's in such poor health, that any news that could lead to serious stress could do serious Damages. Emily needs to think of the others, and less about herself. Oddly more people coming out needs to really do that. It's not really about you, but your whole family.
  19. If i saw a gay guy with tiny breasts i would immediately say 'i want you to be happy,sugarcup. let's mate and i will tear all the pressure off of your breasts'
  20. Rapper Sada Baby, the dude Nicki Minaj just collaborated with on the "Whole Lotta Choppas" remix, responded to a fan with a grotesque comment, calling them a ****ot. In several now-deleted Tweets posted in 2011, Sada Baby said: "If you claim you heterosexual n you naked in yo avi AND your a N***A....... You fasho a [email protected]* bro" "Smh being a [email protected]* should be illegal" How does Nicki end up being around all these monsters? SMH. This is super disappointing. Related:
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