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  1. https://www.facebook.com/redtabletalkestefans/videos/807185940045400/?sfnsn=mo In a spin off Red table talk, The original Latin crossover queen Gloria Estefan sits down and Discusses her daughter's sexuality, Gloria accepts it, But also takes in consideration Gloria's own mother and health. Her daughter doesn't want to hear any of that, She really could care less about how Her Abuella could react to the truth, and feels she's being asked to lie about herself. Gloria and her Aunt keeps saying, we're not asking you to lie, but you have to consider that it's not all about you, you have to think about other's. We're accepting, but your grandmother came at a time where being gay wasn't accepting or normal. During the intense Moment, Emily throws it back at her mom "For a gay icon in the Latin community, you sure have a funny way to accepting me." That actually pissed Gloria off. Some of the blogs said Emily is just wanting to fight, it's not Like how Cher Reacted to her daughter Chastity (Now, Chaz) coming out as a lesbian in 1997. They are just telling Emily to think of her grandmother, that this revealtion could actually kill her, that's what they are addressing, she's in such poor health, that any news that could lead to serious stress could do serious Damages. Emily needs to think of the others, and less about herself. Oddly more people coming out needs to really do that. It's not really about you, but your whole family.
  2. If i saw a gay guy with tiny breasts i would immediately say 'i want you to be happy,sugarcup. let's mate and i will tear all the pressure off of your breasts'
  3. Rapper Sada Baby, the dude Nicki Minaj just collaborated with on the "Whole Lotta Choppas" remix, responded to a fan with a grotesque comment, calling them a ****ot. In several now-deleted Tweets posted in 2011, Sada Baby said: "If you claim you heterosexual n you naked in yo avi AND your a N***A....... You fasho a [email protected]* bro" "Smh being a [email protected]* should be illegal" How does Nicki end up being around all these monsters? SMH. This is super disappointing. Related:
  4. you have it all in men's package: sweat tears blood nausea j*zz **it bee however women especially black woman have ti**ies and v*g* ** too in black woman's package: pink nature (Pink is a singer) milk blood from v*g* ** blood from inner world **it sweat nausea delicate essence of dames juice no tears (big girls don't cry) I especially like black women cause they literally don't cry their feet don't stink and they have dry skin which pacakge you prefer THE FUTURE IS FEMALE
  5. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/pederast choose your disgusting words
  6. Have you done gender in train Or it brainstorm way like Madonna? do you like mind games? a little brainstorm? Madonna sung about getting naked in rainstorm do you think she has has done gender in tsunami? cause i think she is capable of balancing her legs in tsunami. Usually at least
  7. i am well more than 75 well more than in my 3 hunderds and also , in "school", did you cheat?
  8. Even if you aint a *** who would you rather **** as TOP1 in your list
  9. this was around 4 years ago. my Ex girlfriend split up with me just because she found out i was bi. i felt hurt. betrayed and lost. she said that she felt weird that i had been with men and then women. she found it wrong. Actully what she said to me has still left a Emotional Scar even to this day.
  10. sooo i decided i become ****** in 3 years **** in 5 years and gay in 10 years 5 years after that i will have *** friend and then we go to an adopting honeymoon world tour which should last about 5 months i also sing my s.friend plays drums (hes a little drummer boy) and in case children come to front row and they will.... i will choose and adopt two of them and make them similar so i will have one of the twins and my *** friend the other we will both name them Jacob :=)
  11. This is so cheesy and cute At their wedding, a man busts out choreography to Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love." And I can't even get a text back Exhale, would you die of happiness if ya mans did this? Or is it too cringe? Personally, I'm #living for it. Via Gaga Daily
  12. Did anyone see this movie? I thought it was both riveting and bad **** cray. Any insights into the ending? What was the running about?
  13. https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2020/09/14/jk-rowling-new-book-cormoran-strike-troubled-blood-killer-dresses-woman/ Whoever, told her brilliant, given her views on transgendered woman, the fact that the entire harry potter cast has called her out. Every author under the same agent and publisher basically all left cos of her views. So what was her bright idea to think after all the backlash, let's write a murder mystery about a Cis Straight man dressing as a woman to commit murders on woman . The reviews have been poor upon this entire series, calling it uninspired. The latest book is being trashed not on her writing but also reminding the public. This is exactly how she personally feels about the transgendered community.
  14. A huge security flaw on Grindr caused the app to allow hackers access to peoples' messages, pictures, sexual orientation and HIV status, Tech Crunch reports. They just needed to know that user's valid email address. Basically, there was a way to reset someone's password by looking at the source code on a browser. In a statement, Grindr’s chief operating officer Rick Marini told TechCrunch: “We are grateful for the researcher who identified a vulnerability. The reported issue has been fixed. Thankfully, we believe we addressed the issue before it was exploited by any malicious parties.” “As part of our commitment to improving the safety and security of our service, we are partnering with a leading security firm to simplify and improve the ability for security researchers to report issues such as these. In addition, we will soon announce a new bug bounty program to provide additional incentives for researchers to assist us in keeping our service secure going forward,” the company said. Exhale, any of you worried? Related:
  15. Gay Arizona, which is deemed the biggest gay organization in Arizona, with sponsorship by Both HRC and Gladd, has announced their endorsement for Joe Biden for President The Slogan, however is full of gay inneunedo. You might wanna be in a couch or somewhere close to soft. The laughter will make you faint, that is if you have what Prince likes to call a Dirty Mind . The slogan is.. "Were Ridin' With Biden" I screamed and passed out. Due to a lack of oxygen cos of my uncontrollable laughter.
  16. Lil Nas X says he's constantly asked about whether he's a top or bottom He's apparently vers? This is v v important btw. Related:
  17. In a first groundbreaking cast of all gay men, The boys in the band detail life if a gay men in the 60s when it was very controversial and was still called a mental disorder. .. One hand, the gays call this film slow, and very boring, some get very uncomfortable with the Violence among the friends. Some have said once they realize it doesn't stop, it just gets more brutal, they shut it off. Even stating this is why they hate when movies are way too close to the source material. Maybe giving it a 2020 update would have been better as some can't relate to the 60s culture. .. But on the other hand all the girls on my Facebook love this film as it features a lot of their favorite prime time soap opera Stars. So anybody checking this film and it's historical view on life of a gay man from 60 years ago.
  18. https://www.lovebscott.com/trouble-paradise-niecy-nashs-marriage-allegedly-facing-challenges-due-disapproving-family-photo It's actually one thing many adults in the LGBT community face. Afraid to coming out, due to family and afraid of being disowned. I actually know a lot of people that would actually fall under this category that I went to school with cos of a father that embedded I didn't raise no kid to be a **** or a very negative slur that's actually embedded into them. So for that reason many marry, have children obviously lie to themselves just because if how they we're raised. Unfortunately It's happening to Niecy Nash and is already causing damAge to her marriage. But I've learned one thing just because your family disowns you, doesn't mean you can't make one yourself. Many In the lgbt did just that, make their own family of their very best friends and closest allies that made it easier to accept themselves. Just because it's blood, doesn't make it family. If they are toxic it's okay to disown then for your own well being. Put them in their own I don't know them category act like they don't exist. It's not worth fighting a battle that you're going to lose anyway. Especially if they're not willing to change or accept you.
  19. Hi exhalers , this is my first topic it's a bit too much to read , and I know I'm just another boring gay boy, but I would appreciate it if you could help me with a decision I'm trying to make. I know many of us are on dating apps and sometimes deal with some personal issues and I just wanted to ask for your advice because I'm feeling a little bit lost ..... So I met that guy who I'm madly in love with, it started as a normal date without too many words and slowly we've developed a "relationship." He is very attractive and very nice and it makes it even easier to fall in love with him. The thing is he kisses me a lot, he hugs me, he puts my head on his body when we talk, he is doing all of these things that makes me wanna fall for him. He texts me sometimes but not often and I know he is very active sexually and he's not looking for a relationship. I know weren't going to be together and I am kinda okay with it, but I think it's funny that he's all of those things after *** when I'm just his bootycall. Anyways, I feel like I'm putting myself in torture by letting the situation go on and on like that. I don't think I felt so in love since I was a teenager and sometimes I'm on the verge of tearing up as we go home. Should I tell him how I feel (or at least give a hint) or should I ignore everything and just say goodbye ...?
  20. I recently stumbled upon a show on Netflix called On My Block and it got me to thinking how slow Hollywood has been moving with representation and how far we have come. There seem to be more and more shows on TV/Streaming that are starting to reflect diversity, but most only live for a few seasons then get axed Growing up bi-racial in America was an experience that was slightly confusing. As I grew up I found it hard to identify with some celebs and especially Hollywood. Mariah Carey was one of the first artists that I found I could relate to, but she was woman. Later on in my teens I came out and again found myself asking who I could identify with. At that time we had Will & Grace, so if you were young and gay you either had the broadway theater star Jack or a power hungry lawyer Will to relate to. The only gay show that came close to representing me as a gay man was Queer as Folk, but AGAIN these were all white men and 0 main characters of color. We also had talk show hosts Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen, but they are white lesbians. The only other characters that I could slightly identify with were Jack from Dawsons Creek and Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and later the George Lopez show came out but it represented a portion of Mexicanos (I'll touch on that in another thread). Again, these stars were not bi-racial or of color (except George Lopez but not gay) and most of the gay stars in Hollywood that seemed to get accepted were lesbians Now that we are in the year 2020 and we are spearheading issues like race and diversity in America, I am interested in hearing how many folks feel represented in Hollywood. Do you feel your culture and background are being represented in music, shows or movies? If so, what are they? I'd also like to hear if this is an issue in your country
  21. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJUAopYu/
  22. So on June 7th, my (very religious, very close knit Italian) family called me to ask if I had something I was keeping from them. I've been bisexual since 16, slept with more dudes than girls, but have spent literally my entire life pretending I was a good little Christian boy. Since last August I've been living with my amazing boyfriend. I decided in that moment to share my truth: "I'm bisexual", I said. All hell broke loose. They called me every slur and every name in the book, told me I was a disappointment, told me I'm letting Jesus down, told me I'm a disgrace to the family, told me I was no longer a part of the family, and haven't spoken to me since. After two months, they dropped off a letter which further emphasized their opinion of me as a "sodomite" and clarified that they cannot and will not support my "lifestyle choice." To be honest guys, it's been tough. We were so close. I ate dinner with my parents three nights a week, even at 32 years old. It was terrible hearing all of that bull****, but it's been even worse buying and flipping my first home with my guy and not having my family to share it with. I have one brother who is a preacher in their baptist religion. He's currently expecting their first baby, my parent's first grandchild. He's tried staying in touch, but it's strained and several times he's reminded me that he doesn't want his son "influenced" by my "lifestyle" and he won't ever support me and my partner. Guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has gone through something similar. The guilt I feel every day is gut-wrenching. Seems like most of my friends are blessed with wonderful accepting families, but I drew the short straw on that one. Any advice for me? Sorry to unload on you all, but it's crushing me more and more everyday, and Exhale has become a community I've grown to love. Thanks for listening, if nothing else. Love you guys.
  23. Sister to her gay brother
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