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  1. There were many tours planned for 2020/2021, that got scrapped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BUT if the pandemic never happened do you think Katy Perry would have been able to sell out (or come close to selling out) an Arena Tour to support her latest album "Smile"? There are many legacy artists who can pull this off. Some artist's new albums don't sell too well, but due to their discography, they can sell out a tour in minutes, if not seconds a.k.a. Madonna, Cher, Shania Twain, Spice Girls...Justin Timberlake Do you think Katy Perry has become a legacy artist or do you think she is still relevant enough where she can sell out a tour based off each new album she releases, ...OR is she neither? Discuss.
  2. Katy Perry has received heat from Britney Spears fans for years after the Smile singer made light, even poked fun of, Britney's mental health struggles. At the 2017 Grammys, Katy was asked about the importance of taking time off for yourself. “That’s called taking care of your mental health,” she said. “And I haven’t shaved my head yet.” Elsewhere, she said “I’ve done all of them [hair colors] and only thing left to do is shave my head, which I’m really saving for a public breakdown. I’m down for that. I’m almost moments away from that, obviously.” Katy is finally publicly addressing what she said and making things right. Below is an excerpt from a recent radio interview where she discussed how her own mental health deteriorated in the Witness era from all the negative controversies. “Anyone in this intense a spotlight, they understand that the tightrope just gets tighter and smaller, and that with one word, one costume malfunction, it can all blow up,” she says. "Humor had always been a way to deflect. “I have used that as a mechanism for coping and for my own fear, and have said things that have been sloppy or insensitive.” She adds: “But there is definitely not a whole lot of empathy or compassion towards people sometimes growing – or trying to ******* grow – in the spotlight. Because growth also means failing. And I’ve done a lot of falling flat on my face.” Hopefully, this causes a mend between both fanbases. Thoughts, Exhale?
  3. After a short hiatus following the birth of her daughter, Katy Perry returned to the stage to perform a medley of "Never Really Over," "Road," and for the first time ever, "Not the End of the World." Serving vocals, serving visuals, serving blonde ambition. We love to see it! Related:
  4. It appears Katy Perry submitted Smile to the Grammys for Album of the Year consideration. She also wants it to contend in the best pop vocal album category and record of the year. Check out the full list below. Take it with a grain of salt please. Screw it. Album of the Year Grammy incoming!! Related:
  5. The grandiose production and/or controversial lyrical content are not the only ways to make a certain song memorable. Sometimes, it takes meticulous listening to noticed the slightest and simplest yet smart decision in a song, showing the artistic value and direction of the artist and producer. Here are my examples: Tsunami (Katy Perry) After the first chorus, and the start of the second verse (01:20), you will hear heavy synth-drops that I found so addictive, considering the song has low-esteem dynamics. It's like a some sort of a build up. Don't Start Now (Dua Lipa) The opening line, "If you don't wanna see me." completely contradicts the rest of lyrics. Simple but very clever songwriting. Sweet Melody (Little Mix) Notice the pause between the "real – love". If you will count the number of syllables of the first and second lines in the chorus, sync with the same tempo, the second one would turn out off-tempo. But hearing the "love" pronounced like an extension or transition word for the next line really blended well, and is indeed a very wise move.
  6. (one minute read) To pursue the commercial success following the controversial bi-curious anthem, I Kissed A Girl, Perry released the well-fed 80's synth, Hot n Cold, as her debut album's second single. The track received mixed reviews upon release. And in spite of missing the top position, the track still managed to peak #03 on Billboard Hot 100, becoming her second consecutive single to notched inside the Top 10. It also had a stable run in US chart for 39 weeks, and is certified 8X Platinum as of 2019. A music video was later released to accompany the single, where Perry's dressed up as a bride then boldly did a glamorous guilt hunt after the groom hesitated to answer the wedding vows. It features the growing quirkiness she will demonstrate in following years; like the wardrobe changes, flash mobs and even the guest appearance of a zebra as her pet. With this new milestone, Hot n Cold is hailed as the fifth most watched music video of 2000's decade. In addition, the single also appointed as Perry's sixth videography to surpassed the billion views mark, while extending her reign as the most watched female act channel on YouTube with 20.7B accumulated views. Congratulations, Katy Perry!
  7. Katy Perry says she called her family to offer support after Trump lost to President-elect Joe Biden. However, the message was lost on fans. Instead, she received a wave of negativity. The replies were brutal. Thoughts, Exhale?
  8. Katy Perry released another compilation EP onto Spotify. It's titled Scorpio SZN and features a few of her hits. It's the latest trend in music for some reason. It's sole purpose really is to give the artist more streams. There is no new music on it. Earlier: Which songs do you think should make the EP? Are you ready for Camp Katy tonight? Tracklist: 1. Tucked 2. Peacock (CLEAN VERSION!! No more **** **** **** after 'I wanna see your Peacock' 3. California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg) 4. Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj) 5. Walking On Air 6. Waking Up In Vegas
  9. (three minute read) Before embracing her quirky pop persona as Katy Perry, she'd been in lot of rejections and seamless record deals. Today in pop culture, it's a common knowledge that Perry started as a gospel artist in her teenage years before pursuing her dream as a California Gurl. With wide influence of her religious upbringing, Perry introduced her first artistic image as Katy Hudson by releasing her eponymous full-length record. She appeared performing in some Christian and local tv shows to promote the album. However, due to bankruptcy of the record company, the physical distribution of album has put in halt. The project wasn't a breakthrough as intended, and underwhelmingly sold over 200 copies upon it's release. Now, it considered as a very rare piece. Turning back to her roots, and embracing a more liberated and mainstream artistry. Perry managed to sign in three wasted contracts before her greatest break in 2007 with Capitol Records, earning a project deal of five studio albums. She became the asset of the record company; with nine No.1 hits on Billboard Hot 100, five Top 10 albums on Billboard Chart 200, and joined the elite 100 Million RIAA Units Achievements, among with four other artists. With the release of her last studio album under Capitol Records, it might also the mark of a whole different phase for Katy Perry. Considering her recent activities after seven weeks of giving birth are quite quizzical; like the surprise release of her retrospective EP, Camp Katy, compiling some of the tracks from each of her records. And the availability of her debut album, Katy Hudson, on streaming services. Some fans theorized the narratives from her fifth album [Smile] has hints of Perry's huge career change in the future. The closing contemporary track, What Makes A Woman, has the ending line of contentment, "There it is, Katheryn", speculating that she will finally leave the pop-oriented persona of Katy Perry, and going back to her real roots as Katheryn Hudson/Katy Hudson. Not to mention that her debut album is released on some streaming services with a separate profile as Katy Hudson instead of Katy Perry. These dilemmas have been subjected since her 2017's livestream, Katy Perry Live: Witness World Wide, which Perry emoted that she doesn't want to see herself as Katy Perry anymore. And in a certain live interview, she revealed that she wanted to keep her blonde hair color because that's really what she is as [Katy Hudson], her natural hair color. In addition, the 20th year anniversary of Katy Hudson [album] will be next year. Are we getting a KP6 or KH2? - original concept theory by Bible Of Pop Related:
  10. Lady Gaga posted a video encouraging people to vote. Interestingly, she wants to go by her real name Stefani Germanotta instead of Lady Gaga for the next several weeks until after the election. It caught the attention of Katy Perry and JLo, both of whom left comments. Katy left a heart (they always unite around election season and we love to see it). JLo spelt Gaga's name wrong but her heart was in the right place: When some of our faves unite Related:
  11. Katy Perry knew there was a demand for her debut album, and she delivered The LP, titled "Katy Hudson" (her real name), is a Christian-pop album that Katy released when she was just 16-years-old. It's available on Amazon Music and soon on Spotify. (It's also low-key already been on YouTube for years but still). Exhale, are YOU streaming?
  12. I was just scanning off my news feed on Facebook, when I suddenly bumped into this shared punned post of a guy for being the male version of Katy Perry. And boy, I must say I literally freaked out when I saw this: I thought, it was just a face filter that became a trend recently but it wasn't. I found out that he is actually an aspiring artist named Alexander 23, Alexander Glantz in his birth name and 25 years old. I might check his catalogue out some time but still, his resemblance to Katy Perry is remarkable. Edited: I just checked his YouTube channel, and this is the song from him that I liked so far. I think his music is okay, because it is not really the genre that I'm into.
  13. Katy Perry wouldn't consider participating in a K-pop collab unless it was part of a movement. She considers artists jumping on these K-pop songs a move to gain streams. "I would love to do it if the song is amazing, if it feels authentic. I don't want to be part of a trend, I want to be part of a movement and a part of something authentic. I don't need to jump on anything... to be completely honest I feel like some of that can be just people trying to make numbers, and I'm not here to make numbers. I'm here to move hearts." “If BLACKPINK has like the dopest song that makes me feel **** and connected... I am totally there." Stream "Sour Candy" and "Ice Cream." Thought on Katy-Pop?
  14. (one minute read) Released on April 28, 2017 as Witness' second promotional single, Bon Appétit has yet demonstrated the commercial downfall of Katy Perry. The darker take to her summer hit California Gurls peaked at #59 on Billboard Hot 100, and entered the Top 10 of official single charts in two countries. The track has been certified GOLD as of 2017, and sold over 6 million adjusted figures worldwide. Perry garnered negative receptions from the public and critics upon the single's release. Noting the appearance of the hip-hop/rap group, Migos, that made homophobic remarks that year, and the misconceptions to her purposeful-pop agenda following the politically engaged lead single, Chained To The Rhythm. Despite the plummeted performance of Bon Appétit on charts, it saw a successful run on YouTube with almost one million daily views, accompanied by it's clever, seductive and fetish-y music video, where the cannibalistic concept and Perry's controversial pixy haircut appeared. The track also benefited from the eyewashing Pizzagate conspiracy theory, in which the similar video of Justin Bieber's Yummy shows the large numbers. With this new milestone, Perry remained one of the notable artists to have multiple music videos with 1 billion views on YouTube. And soon the first female act with 7 filmographies to do so. Congratulations, Katy Perry!
  15. Update 3: Katys smile has already let up dropping to #54 selling only a few thousand copies Update 2: Seems that Smile wont be having good second-week sales after all As we all know, Second weeks for an artist are crucial for a artist as it’s the final verdict of the album being a hit or miss. However it seems this time, it’s going harder than just a “Miss” SMILE is predicted to drop out of the top 20 in its second week, selling only 5.3k sales, in which only 813 sales are truly album sales. This is bad news for Katy. Will she be able to tackle this? Update: Katy Perry's new album Smile debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200 with 50K (35K in pure sales). It's worth mentioning that because of the other previously released song, like "Never Really Over," "Harleys In Hawaii" and a handful more, the album has a total of 400 million streams. Thoughts? Earlier: It has been 3-4 years ever since Katy Perry dropped her disastrous era "Witness". Witness, the album failed to hit commercial and critical success, becoming one of the lowest-selling albums of 2017 and halted Katy Perry's consistent reign in the pop music landscape, she held for 7 years, becoming her first album not to have a No.1 single despite the eras only big hit, Chained to the rhythm , peaking at No.4. This era marked Katys decline in the pop landscape but Katy has given up, releasing her highly anticipated and awaited 5th studio album, SMILE. The album had quite a messy roll-out, however thankfully there weren't any major leaks that impacts the albums coming performance. This time here are the circumstances for how the album will sell this week: Katys long-gone super power and status- has been doubted by the GP and critics, wondering if she could still make another hit record and reclaim her status. Qurantine and COVID-19- Many people (especially in the US) are fearing of going outside amidst the rising amount of cases of corona every day, so less people would be going to the stores to buy the new album Katy Perry is now 36 years old- Not meant to be sexist remark, but when a woman in the industry reaches her 30+ era, the industry becomes very discriminating and sexist towards such women. For example- Britney released BJ when she was 32 years, Gaga released Joanne when she was 30 years old, and all of these albums underperformed. So, would there be a decrease in sales? So compared to our previous threads this time, you will have to judge the album under two categories. I. If the album manages to become a commercial success and the comeback Katy Perry needed, how much would the album be projected to sell? II. If the album DOESNT manage to revive her career and give her the comeback she needs, How much would the album still sell? Well from my judging: If the album manages to become a commercial hit, it will sell around 250k-350k units with a No.1 debut in its first week. In the UK i think she will sell around 35k units. Internationally i would feel, it would sell 550-670k sales globally. However if the album doesnt manage to become a commercial hit, then i predict it to sell 120k-145k. with a No.1 debut since shes freaking...Katy Perry. Internationally the album will manage to sell 200k-400k globally. In the UK i think she will sell around 35k units. What do you think? Let me know Related:
  16. 'Witness' has long been regarded a very difficult album to love, and “Bon Appetit” is perhaps the best example of why. “Bon Appétit” is a decidedly left-field choice for a single that eschews the candy-coated formula of prior Perry eras. However, that’s precisely why the track deserved more than its lukewarm response, and also why Witness remains one of Katy’s strongest albums. Let’s be clear: the era was a mess and Katy made some truly ridiculous missteps during the promotion, but don’t get it twisted—despite the few duds it encloses, Witness is an album stacked with capital-b BOPS, amo
  17. Working mom! Katy Perry is “already” thinking about the next steps in her career after her and Orlando Bloom’s daughter Daisy’s birth. “She wants to submerge herself into motherhood as much as she can, but she is also not putting her career on the back burner,” a source exclusively told Us Weekly of the singer, 35. “There are already discussions about upcoming projects and work. … Katy and Orlando do have help with the baby, but Katy insists on handling almost all of the baby needs.” Source: Us Weekly
  18. While recording folklore, Taylor Swift took a moment to literally hand-make a blankie for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's baby girl Daisy. So wild to think a few years ago these women were at each other's throats, and now it's all love. While their careers are in much different places, they both seem to genuinely root for one another. We love to see it. ....and Katy tells us to stream Folklore.
  19. According to Rolling Stone's chart, “Smile” has moved 5.4k units SPS in its second week so far. Out of those, only 873 were pure sales, falling to #76. We’ll see Billboard numbers in the next few days, but I’m afraid they’re going to be even lower than that Edit: I just realized this is the building chart, but still this is bad it’ll probably do 1k pure, 7k SPS at best. Related:
  20. Hello, who do you think has more hits between our pop queens, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry?
  21. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/9446514/katy-perry-smile-five-burning-questions?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook I found this article interesting. Points were made .. Never really over would be more popular this year thx to Dua and The weeknd Katy was a year too early for that track to be huge. Some suggest go back to her first Album and be the feisty girl who told a guy. You PMS like a bish, I should know. Remember in 2008 as a woman, It was refreshing to hear that from a woman who had the same problems with men like we did. Hot N Cold was everything we wanted to say, but couldn't muster the nerve to say it. Some also suggest move out of the state's and move to a country and find a sound that is untapped. Some also say that Con Calma was her most successful hit during the Witness era, so she could tap into that reggaeton market as well. But one comment shocked me. "Debuting at #5 is an honor, Katy would have peaked higher but not #1. But to be beaten by a Live album by Metal icons Metallica (the long awaited sequel to The Hugely successful 2000 album with the orchestra) has to hurt. Heavy metal is dead, but you lost to an iconic Heavy metal band that remains popular, that has to hurt"
  22. Katy Perry has recently celebrated her three biggest achievements in years; the 10th year anniversary of Teenage Dream, the release of her highly anticipated fifth studio album Smile, and giving birth to her lovely daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom. As though the radiating positivity, the underwhelming sales of her newest record might wrap it up as it predicted to debut at #5 on Billboard Chart 200, breaking her #1 streak on the chart. But could be her goodbye's all about the continuous decline from the public and sales? Or has Perry already decided to step back from the music scene, and be a full time mom? As we all remember, Perry signed on Capitol Records back in 2007 with a record contract of five studio albums. Throughout her career, she generated countless radio and chart topping hits, sold hundred million of records and some sold out tours from her last four albums; One Of The Boys, Teenage Dream, PRISM and Witness. Following the release of Smile, it does not only mark her comeback from 2017's Witness but also the end of her contract. Capitol has been very vocal about the disappointing reception of Perry's fourth studio album, Witness. And as the underperforming California Girl continuously went down even after testing the waters (by releasing her droplet singles like Never Really Over, Harley's In Hawaii and Never Worn White), the label did not bother anymore to overwhelmingly support, and promote Perry's newest project. And by listening to a message recorded by Perry included in the target, and international edition of the album, some lines might support the idea of her stepping back from the music scene as the recording suggested: "And that's what a lot of this record is. It's, it's a... a record that I never really set out to make, but here we are." Perry said, "You know, after continuing my writing process for two years, I would get a little message and just be a vessel for, um... different songs or ideas over the past two years, and we had many of them so we felt like, maybe it should be a record. Maybe the record should be called 'Smile', and it should be about finding your smile once again." Perry sentiments as she continued. (Here's the link for the complete audio of Perry's message.) And at this point, you can hear the tone of contentment after the effort of bouncing back from 2017's hate train. So far, Capitol Records and Perry herself have not yet made any official statement subjecting the plans after her newest album or the contract. And that was many of her fans are raging about, the lack of direction of this record and the way of handling Perry. And as a fan hearing her recorded message, it also struck me that maybe it is really a time for her to step back. Not to completely quit the industry but to take her time to rebuild and grow as a woman, mother and an artist. Maybe an artist not as Katy Perry but as Katheryn Hudson. Nonetheless, if this Perry's newest offering is her farewell, we profoundly appreciated it, and it did brought back our smile. Thank you, Katy Perry! Related:
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