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  1. It makes absolutely no sense that they would allow her to keep posting these instagram stories with all the comments saying how worried they are. Its gotta be a PR stunt. Update: Reply yes if you think it's a pr stunt and her team posting Reply no if you believe Britney is spreading her instagram wings and being her authentic self.
  2. I thought everyone would enjoy this little gem. Especially with all of the darkness surrounding Britney’s situation, and her instagram specifically, this video is adorable and fun. Also feel feel free to check more of Mike’s videos. He’s become one of my favorite Youtubers.
  3. Do you notice that you see it growing faster lately? Either it's the #FreeBritney movement or it's LOU's bots
  4. Need some tips on how to get more followers on Instagram ? www.instagram.com/faiza_iqtidar_media_works
  5. Of course, I think Britney's restrictions also include where to spend her holidays. she always said she loved Hawaii, but I think if she were free she would also opt for other destinations. What do you think about it?
  6. Hi everyone, on YouTube there is a channel that pretends to be the official Britney Spears channel. He has nearly 40,000 followers and from the comments he receives many think it is the official one. Can we do something? thank you https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC61rzfRHpyg2DovsoPOU79A
  7. Recently discovered the IG page @alottawarmheart_ that post a lot of SUPER rare Britney photos. They are very big on #freebritney too and claim to be "hiding in plain sight". If not Britney, it has to be someone close to Brit. Any ideas who this could be?? IG link below: https://www.instagram.com/alottawarmheart_/
  8. Hey ! I saw a lot of britney related ig filters lately, so I decided to do mine. It's called "Best friends call", you're basically facetiming yourself, yourself and brit, yeah, it's sad : It MAY be a little shameless self promotion, but, ya know, sue me. <3
  9. It's no secret that celebs have private accounts. But I find it extremely odd. That Demi low key stopped herself from being shady about her former friendship with Selena Gomez. My friend posted That Demi just got caught with a second ig account. Ig handle totally fits the bill. Traumagirl4life. And it's set to private. But the suggested follows is a bunch of Demi stan accounts. My friend told me. That it's nothing but a burn book for Selena Gomez. I just commented. When it comes To Demi Lovato I am not surprised anymore. She's the Regina George of the Disney princesses line. And now with this confirmation. It definitely lets me know. Who really won. Selena Gomez
  10. What? This is impossible. That’s faster than Usain Bolt. also *Run* in title @Roxxy if you could help me please ______________________________________________ Fixed! TEEHEE ❤ Roxxy 💋
  11. and lets talk about how pre-2018 Britney never had captions on her photos. it not like her or her Instagram.
  12. Guys, I've done it. I've cracked the case: "I know I have an obsession with trees" the singer posted on her Instagram. Seems normal? Just a nature photo? WRONG! Britney is trying to communicate Army! Underneath the tree is a hidden code to find the Original Doll, not a clone, but the original Britney. BritneyBot Model 456 is the one running her socials now, and is trying to tell us the truth. What are you waiting for? Let's dig underneath that tree!
  13. I'm seeing some speculation around her posting saying it's not her...but, why wouldn't it be her? Her captions are concerning my heart❤, but I'm curious as to what is going on lol..can somebody shed light? Thank you!
  14. If I'm Dancing - if they added a bit more thump to it and released it with an amazing video Man on the Moon - Fixed whatever is missing production or composition wise (I can't put my finger on it) and you have a pop gem. Alien - if it was fixed production wise and Brit sang it all..video would be something trippy + space-dreamy. Delete Perfume + Pretty Girls. How I Roll - classic bloodshy & avant + britney chemistry. With a Joseph Kahn directed video. Unusual You - mature and a simply unique ballad track off a mainly basic album. Freakshow + Toy Soldier - both ahead of their time..short but lit and could have had hot videos too. Breathe On Me - don't even know why this wasn't released on so many levels. Cinderella + What it's Like to be Me - I remember this type of pop music became uncool during this era of hers, but still. They should have been confident and released them. Plus that's when they put so much effort in her videos! What U See (Is Wut U Get) - oopsney was unstoppable. Love that album.
  15. I keep reading a lot of "Brit's IG posts aren't normal" "She's off" etc. Now I'm not talking c-ship running IG mess just her "personal" posts. People say she's "too old" to act a certain way or say certain things... IT'S ABSOLUTELY NORMAL! It makes so much sense actually. Britney went through it in 2007 and 2008 and then continued to deal with c-ship and other BS moving forward. Britney wasn't really "around" when all of this tech and social media BOOMED! She was being "protected"! She didn't grow up with it or grow into it like a lot of us! When Britney posts I don't see anything "weird" she uses social media the way my mom does lol. My mom didn't grow up with social media, she's 48, and she would post in a similar manner! Now that my brother and I are older she doesn't have to tend to us the same way or shelter us the same way. As a woman she likes to/wants to look good! If she buys an outfit and likes the way it looks, it's ALL OVER FACEBOOK with a similar caption to Britney's new post lol. If my mom feels she's gained weight she'll call me asap, "Aye Anthony, me estoy poniendo gorda!" Next thing I know she's found or tried some diet (mind you she looks fine, especially a little plump lol) loses 3 lbs and post it online as some miracle regimen thinking she's saving the human race and changing the world lol. I can only imagine what she would be like if she had MILLIONS of followers! This is a girl who did't necessarily have the opportunity to use this properly while it was evolving. If you're old enough, think back to all of those cringe Myspace and Xanga posts you wish you never posted lmao Or lbr go through the Archived section in YOUR Instagram ? This is Britney's "beginning" let her be a goof and quirky! Let her develop her own understanding of social media and how it works! She's fine and once she's free she'll be better! Thanks for coming to my TED Talk ??‍♂️
  16. I recently started listening to podcasts because I'll be 30 in December and I felt like that's what 30yr olds do. I came across one that goes in-depth on Britney's (and her surrounding circle) IG posts--- in a comedic and thought-provoking way! I can't stop listening it's like a verbal version of BH! I needed to share! Check it out: http://britneysinstagram.libsyn.com/ Thank me later
  17. queen has reached 21 million followers. Slay me also how does shakira have 52 million
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