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  1. Honestly I don't want and expect Britney to work right away after she is free from conservatorship. I want her to spare time for herself and her children instead of a new album work. We are all hungry for her new music, I know. Let's dream of the next album now !! I wish the original doll would meet us or a similar album would be great. For some reason, I feel like the next album will be "masterpiece" and very powerful. They've undermined her creativity over the years, and it seems to me that when she has everything under her own control she will do even more wonderful things.
  2. So the last leak so far is a big doc and because of its size (and because Jamie's lawyers are **** and illiterate) it can be confusing for us to read, specially if your first language is not English. So here we have it, an easy run through the whole thing + sassy comments + legal info from lawyers in the comments and some tea. This is sooooo important so we can spread official and real information on how team con lies and twists Britney's actions even in court. A lot of perjury here, so fasten up your seatbelt it's gon be a bumpy ride. Iconic Justice will be served hunty Discuss 
  3. We all know that the 16th will have the next Rally in front of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles. But the fanbase is inviting you from Denver and New York to join as well! And also for those who can travel to any of these cities! If you want to organize a Rally in your city, chat with (instagram) @freebritneyla @meg_rad @ leannesimmons19. Let's spread it out to the world!
  4. An unknown artist that goes by the name 'Holy Spearit' released a song called #freebritney. Clever lyrics
  5. I did not make this. I found it and wanted to share, because it is touching and beautiful.
  6. Was Britney crying/on the verge of tears/sad in one of her latest Instagram posts? As you can see here in the pictures below, she definitely looks sad, maybe even crying or on the verge of crying. I don't know if this was the vibe she was going for with the photo, or if she's genuinely sad. What do y'all think? Am I going crazy? Some people on Twitter were suggesting it too. #FreeBritney
  7. I was watching the #FreeBritney lives series on /freebritneyla instagram, and he talked with one of the fans who was listening the hearing through the door. The guy (James) said the first thing he heard was judge saying the words "a violation of civil right" (minute 11:55). He sald said other interesting or weird things: - He didn't hear anything about Britney being waited or trying to connect... he heard the judge saying "I need her here to discuss etc" tho, and he assumed it was Britney... but he don't know for sure! -Also a represent of lynne's attorney was supposed to be there in person... and he was super late, blamed the traffic... he arrived like 3 minutes before the hearing was finished (I thought the CPS came late?) You guys should watch it:
  8. A "source" exclusively talked to US Weekly about Britney's conservatorship and what her feelings are towards it. The source says “Britney wants to be her own person and not be treated like a child.” A second source tells US Weekly “With Jodi in the mix, Britney’s been more driven and hopeful and continues to take steps in the right direction.” Jodi Montgomery is Britney's current personal conservator through at least February. That may change however, if Britney's father Jamie decides he wants that position back and the courts agree. "A source close to Jamie, however, argues that Montgomery is 'an outsider' who 'doesn’t know the extent of Britney’s struggles.'" "And yet, the Grammy winner is still holding out hope. “[She] knows the conservatorship will end,” a source close to Britney tells Us. “She’s happy to have the support of fans and the public.”" She's also featured on the magazine's cover. Thoughts?
  9. Just seen it and it is 100% speaking about Free Britney, really Britney needs more people like Felicia in her life and I hope she could be back in Britney's life. She was such a good influence and she loves Britney and is not shady compared to Robin...
  10. Tri-Star Entertainment Protest Happening NOW: Live Stream Britney fans are gathering in both West Hollywood AND Nashville today starting at 2:30pm CST to protest Tri-Star Management and The Zone. LIVE STREAM from @freebritneyla on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/freebritneyla/live/
  11. So I wonder why Britney never showed up to the interview, was it that she didn't like the lady doing the interview or did she just wish to remain silent. Seems odd to do a magazine shoot especially the cover and do no interview! Does any one know what happened with the incident of her leaving a perfume shoot crying around the same time? I think the photos are simple, beautiful but effective. Britney asks in one her documentaries "when did I take that photo my god" implying she never remembered taking the photo's. I'm not sure which one it was either I Am Britney Jean or For the record. What is your thoughts? #freebritney #britneyspears #britney #britneyarmy #itsbritney***** #britney***** #britneyjeanspears #babyonemoretime #britneyjean #princessofpop #oopsididitagain #barmy #godney #pieceofme #britneyfan #endtheconservatorship #savebritney #britneyspearsfan #s #spears #britneydomination #queenofpop #inthezone #glory #iconic #blackout #britneyspearsarmy #freebritneyspears #pop #circus #popprincess #lovebritney #britneyqueen #wesupportbritney #music #bs #legend #britneypieceofme #britneythezone #myprerogative #queen #freexbritney #icon #britneyalbum #oops #toxic #britneyspearsqueen #princess #barbie #britneyforever #fightforbritney #slave #u #originaldoll #britneyspearsfans #britneylive #helpbritney #jean #queenb #bhfyp
  12. Britney Spears wants her father to be removed from the conservatorship permanently, but unfortunately after today's court hearing nothing has changed. On Tuesday (August 18), Britney's advocate and lawyer, Sam Ingham, filed docs with the court asking Britney's temporary conservator, a woman named Jodi Montgomery, to act as Britney's permanent conservator instead of her father. Mr. Spears previously stepped down temporarily due to reported health concerns. It was around the same time he allegedly physically assaulted Britney's eldest son, which resulted in a restraining order filed by Kevin Federline that barred Jamie from seeing his grandsons for three years. Britney wants a bank or other financial institution to step in to manage her estate instead of her father, who remains conservator over her financial affairs still. Ingham says Mr. Spears will aggressively contest any motion that would remove him as conservator over the estate. According to Britney'sGram, Ingham wants future proceedings to be public. Everything up until now has been highly confidential and sealed. On Wednesday, a court hearing was held to decide what the next step is for Britney in her conservatorship case. According to TMZ, nothing was formally changed because it was a scheduled status conference. According to the newly-filed docs, the temporary letters of conservatorship were extended through February 1st, 2021. Ingham has until September 18 to file a petition. Their sources say Britney has an uphill battle because there's a declaration that claims she can't make important life decisions due to her mental health. She wants changes to the conservatorship so she can. TMZ doubles down as usual that Britney is "not doing well" and hasn't been in a good place for more than a year. It's worth pointing out Britney's Instagram account frequently posts videos of her dancing, posing, and includes captions with cogent thoughts. Fans of the #FreeBritney movement frequently point out that conservatorships are designed for people who are incapacitated, yet Britney has proven time and time again that she isn't. Below is a roundup of updates from today's court hearing. We'll include more as they come in. Fans showed up in droves outside the courthouse to protest the conservatorship. Britney's former X Factor makeup artist Billy B attended and spoke to fans. Britney's ex-husband of 55-hours, Jason Alexander, also attended the rally. The American Civil Liberties Union threw their support behind the movement. Britney's Gram, the girls who kicked off the second wave of the #FreeBritney movement, also attended. Related:
  13. Just saw on twitter under the #FreeBritney tag (which is treding full force once again). After so many years I liestened to the song again because of this very tweet and its just... perfect It jus goes way back, from a time she had no clue of what was coming. Kinda feels full circle Dont mind me, Im just emotional right now
  14. Britney's Gram just made a post breaking down the court documents that were released today. To summarize:
  15. Please sign & share this petition. An official response from The Whitehouse will be required if it reaches 100,000 signatures in 30 days. Sign it: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/conservatorship-and-civil-liberties-britney-spears
  16. Lance Bass talks about the #FreeBritney movement in a new podcast interview. "I just think we need to trust the system. We can be skeptical and conspiracy theorists all day long, but then you've got to use common sense and be like 'but do we really know, what really makes sense here?' Lance agrees that she acts like she's 17-years-old. "And because she is on social media. If she was hurting in any way, it would show. It would definitely show." Thoughts?
  17. I forgot about them... I'm heartbroken right now. They shot the NRJ Music Awards 2013 with her. Her handlers do not allow her to speak freely since the Andrew Gallery incident... I suspect them to not even turn her mic-on when she's on stage so she cannot say anything that is unwanted. This **** is so deep.
  18. Join us to protest conservatorship abuse and advocate for ending Britney’s conservatorship during her status hearing in Los Angeles next Wednesday! The hearing is a continuation of the July 22 hearing to discuss the role of Jodi Montgomery as temporary conservator. It is rumored that Lynne’s role is also up for discussion. We will gather outside Stanley Mosk Courthouse starting at 12:30 PM. Please wear a face covering and observe social distancing guidelines. We expect a decent turnout from fans, reform advocates, and film crews. (Sorry if this post belongs somewhere else.) @Jordan Miller if you can join us (and feel comfortable traveling), I’m sure it would mean a lot to fans. I’ll chip in for gas! Feel free to DM me on IG (@freebritneyla) if you’d rather discuss privately.
  19. So guys I was checking Los Angeles Court's website, exactly I was checking Britney's case and it seems she will take part in today's Hearing and next status hearing! It's great to see nowadays she appears to Hearings! And I am positive but don't dare to have my hopes high! 08/05/2020 Remote Appearance - Scheduled Filed by Subject 08/05/2020 Remote Appearance - Scheduled Filed by Subject
  20. Billy, who worked with Britney during the live shows from X Factor, he also did her makeup for Scream and Shout videos (original and remix), spoke up about the #FreeBritney movement. In a few comments on Instagram, Billy wrote: "Oh trust there is plenty of tea to be spilled but only to someone of authority that could possibly help," he wrote. "Fans brining awareness is a start it's insiders that can finish. It's time to not care about being black balled in Hollywood or worrying about career, it's time to stand up and do what's right.... I know so many #brave #women who #stoodup @rosemcgowan and others that sacrificed a career to do what's right #metoomovement I've had my career and although it is terrifying to do what's right when there is so much to lose but, it's a risk worth taking." He also posted the following caption:
  21. I like it, the song has a nice beat especially from the minute 2:16. Britney is on fire
  22. My dad has a playlist on Spotify where the songs are: Work B and i love rock and roll
  23. I thought everyone would enjoy this little gem. Especially with all of the darkness surrounding Britney’s situation, and her instagram specifically, this video is adorable and fun. Also feel feel free to check more of Mike’s videos. He’s become one of my favorite Youtubers.
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