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  1. Snippets are leaking. Apparently they're from 2011 and produced by The-Dream.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIB6VijgjgH/?igshid=wb4srtup762y So apparently Britney is a vampire!
  3. Britney Spears' label RCA is releasing a Deluxe edition of "Glory." El Corte Inglés (a Spanish store) leaked the tracklist of the re-Release. Their tracklist includes "Mood Ring" + Remixes + "Swimming In The Stars" and ANOTHER new song called "Matches." The songs will be out on December 4th. Are you guys ready for the serves? Glory Deluxe tracklist: Invitation Do You Wanna Come Over? Make Me. Private Show Man On The Moon Just Luv Me Clumsy Slumber Party Just Like Me Loe Me Down Hard To Forget Ya What You Need Better Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Liar If I'm Dancing Coupure Êlectrique Mood Ring Swimming In The Stars Matches Mood Ring (By Demand) Mood Ring (By Demand) Mood Ring (By Demand)
  4. Something tells me she absolutely DOESN’T seeing as we all know she has stated she doesn’t want to ‘perform’ right now. I personally believe ‘perform’ means work at all. Not a PEEP on her Instagram. thoughts?
  5. The singles section is not complete and there are missing songs on the albums like: You Got It All, Girl in The Mirror, Quicksand, Rock Boy, Trouble, Scary, Scream And Shout Remix... They should add those songs like they did with Mood Ring.
  6. Let’s be real. An artist of Britney’s caliber should have ICONIC and memorable album covers... yet Jive and RCA always and I mean ALWAYS disappointed. Album covers are meant to provide insight to an album, the colors chosen are important, the photo that is chosen is important, font choice, etc etc Britney’s best album cover is In The Zone. The blue tint they used feels moody like most of the album is. Her face especially her beautiful eyes give off the appearance of vulnerability, which she displayed with songs like Shadow and Everytime. I think the Oops cover is iconic too - she looks beautiful. Blackout album cover is weird - we all hated it when it came out but now it somehow fits the era so well. Besides those 3, I find the rest of her album covers to be disappointing. The OG Glory cover being a still from the Make Me music video is pathetic honestly... what were they thinking. And why? It looks JUST like the FF and BJ covers but different hair and outfit. Boring as hell. Anyway, what do y’all think?
  7. There’s a new Glory vinyl available for presale via Resident Music. It features a newish cover. According to them, there are TWO never before released songs included, as well as the "Mood Ring" remixes. We know "Swimming in the Stars." What's the other? Release date is Dec 4th.
  8. Is there a thread of all the songs that have leaked that belong to each Britney album era (leaks, demos, B-sides)? If not, can someone supply a list? I'm trying to compile lists for each album, so I can burn all the mp3's for back up. I have a lot of songs already, but I'm not 100% on which era they belong to.
  9. Hi Exhale! It's me again for a very special Roxxy Edition of This Day in Pop! 💛💜 Thank you @PokemonSpears for always considering me to do these threads! Let's get to it? 19 years ago today, Britney COMPLETED the first ever trinity with the release of her record setting third studio album titled BRITNEY. According to her, she picked this title because "it's more me" and did she lie? ALL YOU PEOPLE LOOK AT ME LIKE I'M A LITTLE GIRL, WELL, DID YOU EVER THINK IT'D BE OK FOR ME TO STEP INTO THIS WORLD? Never has a Britney record been so bipolar. The record is a mix of sultry smexy R&B bops via lead single I'm a Slave 4 U and underrated disco pop gems like Anticipating. The album pretty much switches from smexy and sweet, and then have edgy and emotional moments. The record truly reflects BRITNEY SPEARS, Pop Princess, at her core... bad girl, good girl. The album is a transitional record for Britney. It's the first record she made where she co-wrote more than half of the album. At the time, she said that she is truly proud of this record because she had a lot more creative control than with her previous two records. We all know, B2 was just handed to her and recorded in 2 weeks and it went by that fast, she didn't have time to really pick the songs. The album also was her first record to feature an adult sound and image with the lead single and Boys. The album's mission statement: "i'm not a girl, not yet a woman" That's track 4 for all you basic bieches. FIRST FEMALE ARTIST IN SOUNDSCAN HISTORY TO HAVE HER FIRST 3 ALBUMS DEBUT AT #1 The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart with 745,750 copies sold on it's first week in the US. This also earned her the second highest debut sales for an album in 2001, behind *NSYNC's Celebrity. The album also went to #1 in Canada, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. TASTE! The album has accumulated sales of 10.2 million worldwide. When will your faves. The record also earned her two (2) Grammy Nominations in 2002 Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Overprotected Best Pop Vocal Album It is her last LP to be nominated for a Grammy.
  10. https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/882347291 Found this on ASCAP no performer is listed though. It’s probably a song she wrote for herself and just coincidentally has the same title but who knows.
  11. Why is this? I get her miscarriage is a big deal but so is Britney’s issue and sadly only Fox News has given info on Britney to this point. How can we fix this and get into MSM?
  12. To be honest guys, I'm kind of getting tired of this. I want to make a Britney Spears Singles ranking and man, Britney's discography is questionable. So I need your help! Besides the "official" singles (39 of them) we have some regional and singles without a video. So let's start! My Only Wish (This Year) This single was just a promo single in 2000 but this year it got a digital re-release and a physical vynl for sale so it is now probably an official single. Anticipating Yeah, this one is a 100% official regional single so i don't even want to discusse it. PS guys I have found the official video so if somebody's intersted, just ask. That's Where You Take Me This one is just like Anticipating. We even have the official video on yt and my friend @MSTAR remastered it recently. If you have this video in better quality than 480 p please tell us so the remastered video would be better. Unusual You Yeah, this one is the biggest problem. A lot of people says it is fake but I found some sources that say it is an official. Here is a link: https://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Britney+Spears&titel=Unusual+You&cat=s You can view the cat number and if you search it it will show you a lot of sites that confirm that this song is a single. But I realy need someone from Australia or NZ to confirm or deny this!!!! Mood Ring In my opinion it is an official single because it had a digitial release and it was sent to Italian radio. You can see that in this link: https://www.earone.it/radio_date/search/artist/history/britney/ So it has a digital release and a radio-play in certain countryes. It doesn't have a music video but that's not important. It doesn't have a physical release but now is the digital era so that doesn't matter either. Do you think that this one is official or is it just a promo? Swimming In The Stars So I believe that this one is alredy a single lol. It has a vynl release and it'll have a digital release. They will myb make a lyrics video and for the radio-play, I'm not sure. B as the featured artist 1. What's Going On 2. S&M Remix 3. Scream & Shout 4. Tom's Diner 5. Hands Should I consider these as official Britney singles and add them to my list? Please share your opinion and send me information that is 100% reliable! Love you guys! ❤
  13. Okay it wasn't easy for this one, I tried to restore this music video (released only in Philippines), sadly that's the best results I had due to very (but very) low quality source (there's even no TV rip or DVD release of it). Still better than the ones uploaded I guess. Upcoming major videos like MATM, Toxic, and the rest will be in the best quality out there, I managed to remaster them with powerful codecs with new upscaling methods (AI + Avisynth) and it gave me huge files but 4x better quality! I hope you will still enjoy this one: If you have missed previous remasters:
  14. https://www.bsavenue.com/en/music/1914-white-limited-glory-2xlp-reedition-2020.html Like many others, my preorder got cancelled on one of the vinyl websites so i'm just spreading my luck of grabbing a copy from above onto you lot. Confirmed with them that it's the official RCA release - not that I needed to bc they have a very good rep.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8RimzFs7d/?igshid=36s3zzb3d9l5 Im glad that each day more big pages support Britney and try to humanize her to gp
  16. Does anyone know/think its being released on CD? I dont have a vinyl player
  17. In celebration of the 'Britney' album turning 19 years old today.. I announce the 'BRITNEY' MEGARATE! Welcome! It is time to rate and review Britney's third album, self-titled 'Britney'. The aim of the game is to rate/review the songs on 'Britney' out of 10 and see their overall ranking, where we will find out what YOU, Exhale has chosen as their favourite track off Britney. RULES: Rate each song from 1 to 10 - you are only allowed to give one song a score of an 11 (your favourite). Decimals are highly recommended in your ratings in order to avoid any ties, for example 8.8 etc. The lowest score you can give is a 1, I will not accept 0's. Please be fair with your ratings. Comments are welcome, but not necessary if you don't want to. If you want to give comments please limit them to 1-3 sentences. YOU MUST SEND THE RATES TO ME BY DM AND MUST NOT POST THEM IN THIS THREAD! DEADLINE: 6PM GMT - 27th November 2020 CEREMONY: The results ceremony is on Sunday 29th November at 8pm GMT (same time as usual) TRACKLIST: The tracklist to rate, please send the rates in this song order. People who may be interested: Confirmed participants: REMEMBER PLEASE COMMENT BELOW TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE! If you've never played the previous Megarates, please feel free to join in! I'll also be announcing the biggest fan of 'Britney' and the biggest hater! I look forward to receiving your rates, have fun! - Slayer Previous megarates:
  18. On November 25, 2013, Britney Spears released her eighth studio album Britney Jean. Or not exactly, but it was actually put out for streaming for free through the iTunes store and iTunes radio. The official release would come on November 29 in Australia and some European countries, and on December 03 in the United States. Executive produced by will.i.am, with whom she had already collaborated in 2011 on Big Fat Bass, 2012 on Scream & Shout and early 2013 on the remix for the latter, the album features mostly pop and EDM sounds, with a mixture of up-tempo club bangers and ballads. Announced as her most personal album ever, the lyrics talk about a variety of topics, covering aspects of fame and its effects, in songs such as Work ***** and Alien, heartbreaks and breakups in Perfume or Til It's Gone and even touches more spiritual themes in songs such as Brightest Morning Star and Now That I Found You. The album features will.i.am himself on the track It Should Be Easy, rapper T. I. on Tik Tik Boom and her sister Jamie Lynn on Chillin' With You. The standard version of the album leaked online on November 20, days ahead of the planned release date. About the event Britney tweeted: "To those of you listening to the leaks... I hope you love... I made this album specifically for my diehard fans so I'm just hoping every song touches you because each one is a piece of me" The album debuted and peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200, with the lowest first-week sales out of all of her albums since ...Baby One More Time, 107K units. Which was still impressive considering the leak two weeks prior, the week of free streaming and the lack of promo. It went #1 in China and #2 in Venezuela though, reaching Top 15, Top 20 and Top 30 in the majority of the other countries it charted. No more singles were released besides the two that had already been put out before the album release: Work ***** and Perfume. On her documentary I Am Britney Jean, Alien was suggested to be released as a third single eventually, but this never happened. Audio clips for Now That I Found You and It Should Be Easy were uploaded to her Youtube channel in 2014, but nothing happened afterwards. In the following months, several songs of the album were sent to various radio stations across the US for testing purposes. Radio campaigns organized mostly by Exhalers were done in order to request such songs on each of the stations. It Should Be Easy was eventually sent to radio stations in Italy too. Though they weren't released for commercial purposes, official remixes for It Should Be Easy and Tik Tik Boom were issued in early 2014, but they were sent to nightclubs exclusively. Some fanmade CD's are still making the rounds on the internet. Where it all began As early as August 2012, while she was participating on The X Factor as a judge, anticipation for her eighth studio album started to show in the music scene, since this record would mark the end of her recording contract, which was owned by RCA after they absorbed Jive Records in 2011, the original label that had signed Britney Spears. People such as L. A. Reid, co-judge on the show, and Barry Weiss, the former head of Jive, showed interest in getting Britney to join their respective record labels after she was done with "B8". (She ultimately renewed her contract with RCA). In October, "Blackout" was trending on Twitter for the fifth anniversary of the album, to which Britney took notice and teased a follow up to the record with a tweet: "I heard Happy Birthday Blackout was trending earlier... thank u all for loving the album as much as I do. Blackout 2.0?" It ended up being a "Blackout 2.0" indeed, only in the sense that they both failed to hit the Top spot on the Billboard 200 chart, and they both lacked of promo performances or a corresponding tour as the other albums of hers did. Also because they're both fan favorites but anyways... It was earlier that October that she was seen on The X Factor with old collaborator Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins at the studio, while she was receiving a call from Simon. It was denied by her reps that they were working together on new music though, but in early 2013 it was confirmed that even though in early stages, she had started to work with "inspiring producers" like Hit-Boy (who remixed Scream & Shout). will.i.am was also confirmed to be part of the project. Another person denied by her reps was Elijah Blake, who had told MTV in December 2012 that he had spent some time at the studio with Britney: "I would say it's definitely the 'unexpected' Britney in so many ways, in that she's playing with new textures and stomping on new grounds and genres. From talking to her, she's definitely trying to push the envelope this time — and really talk from a more personal point of view, and with Rodney Jerkins by her side, I'm hella excited. You're talking about Darkchild, the guy who changes music over and over again and never runs out of ideas. This album is gonna be crazy!" At the set of the music video of Scream & Shout (Remix) Hit-Boy commented to MTV about working with Britney: He ultimately didn't appear on the album Other collaborators that didn't make the cut were Scoop DeVille and Wiz Khalifa. On her interview with Shape magazine, Britney commented “the record is definitely going to be more hip-hop than pop this time around.” Where it truly began In May 2013, will.i.am confirmed to be the executive producer of the record. In an interview for Billboard he explained a little bit about the process of recording he was having with Britney: According to Larry Rudolph, Britney told him about will.i.am “I want Will to be a central figure in the album; I don’t want to have hundreds of songs sent over.” will.i.am added "Sometimes I’d write songs; some of them came from other people. But Britney wrote a lot of the songs.” (Britney appears credited as co-writer on every single track on the album). "We need to talk about what she's excited about in life. I gotta talk about the things that hurt her. I gotta talk about the things that make her concerned — she's a mother," will.i.am said. "I gotta talk to her about all the things that her fans want to talk to her about. I gotta be the vehicle between her and her fans. We can't do another song about going on the dance floor. Really? Didn't we see a bunch of Britney doing that already? Don't we want to see something that comes from her heart?" Anthony Preston worked with him as associate executive producer. Later that month, Naughty Boy and William Orbit were also confirmed to be part of the record. Naughty Boy however, ended up not taking part in it, due to the tight schedule he had while promoting his own material. In July, Britney also confirmed to have created a song with Sia. She tweeted: "Had an AMAZING writing session today with the beautiful and talented Sia. We wrote such a special song together : ) " About working with Britney, Sia commented "Britney was extremely sweet, she came in with the title ‘Brightest Morning Star’ and told me that’s how Jesus found his way. She wanted to write a kind of gospel song that wasn’t ramming it down your throat." In August, Britney shared the recipe for Album #8: In September, the day of the Desert Performance announcement of her Vegas residency Britney: Piece of Me during Good Morning America, she revealed the still untitled album would be released on December 3. She also revealed there would be a song called Perfume. In October she traveled to the UK and did a bunch of interviews to promote the Vegas show, her single Work ***** and the upcoming album. She revealed the title of the record to Capital FM, Britney Jean At Ellen she explained it was the "term of endearment" her family would call her when "she was bad" Later that month she wrote her fans an open letter and revealed the artwork of the album. ( Standard cover / Deluxe cover / Arabia Saudi cover ) In November she confirmed the tracklist of the album after it had leaked online "Sneaky hackers always trying to ruin my surprises. Here is the TRUE #BritneyJeanTrackList" Before the album leaked in full, some of the tracks had leaked already, such as Passenger and an early demo of Alien. A demo of Tik Tik Boom performed by G.R.L. also hit the net. After it was available, it was very well received by fans, at least for Exhalers Sadly, those old threads are long gone now, but I remember clearly the countless threads done in order to support every song of the album: #TeamAlien #TeamBodyAche #TeamTilIt'sGone etc were the common topics you would see those days. Every song received the fan support to be released as the next single, except maybe Chillin' With You lol Later, the album would be surrounded by controversy, after the leaking of some audios of the recording sessions of Alien, where she sounded out of tune (which William Orbit explained to be just warming up exercises that weren't supposed to be released to the public) and the allegations of Exhale's favorite backup singer Myah Marie to be lead singer on the album instead of Britney. Myah Marie has denied the claims more times than the amount of singles she's ever released: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to provide background vocals for Britney Spears on a small number of her most recent works, I most certainly cannot take credit for her tremendous talent as a singer. She is a veritable ‘living legend’ with a longstanding reputation for excellence in all aspects of her artistry.” A, now iconic, glitch that can be heard in the final version of Alien was also criticized by fans, with William Orbit blaming it on will.i.am's production. "One day the story will.be.told But right now, the future is far too bright to look back". The album received mixed reviews because of how impersonal it sounded to some after the numerous occasions it was stated this would be her most personal album ever. Its sound was also criticized for being a bit dated. To this day, though the album hasn't managed to sell lots of copies around the world, it somehow is the only album of Britney that keeps charting on iTunes on over 15 countries simultaneously in a consistent fashion, 7 years after its release. Be free to share your memories and thoughts on the album, but keep your comments nice or else I'll have to start banning some trolls
  19. There was this blury pic of britney holding the BO demo CD 01. “Gimme More” (Danja) 02. “Pull Out” (Sean Garrett & Lil ‘Jon) 03. “Break the Ice” (Danja) 04. “Outta This World” (Danja) 05. “Get Back” (Danja) 06. “Ooh Ooh Baby” (Fredrick & Kara DioGuardi) 07. “Catch Me If You Can” (Danja) 08. “Kiss Me All Over” (Sean Garrett) 09. “Everybody” (J.R.) 10. “Get Naked” (Danja) 11. “State of Grace” (Lisa Greene & Steve Anderson) 12. “911” (J.R. & Kara DioGuardi) 13. “Crucified” (J.R.) 14. “To Love, Let Go” 15. "The Face" 16. “Downtown” (J.R.) 17. “Rebellion” Catch Me If You Can, Crucified, The Face, Downtown and Rebellion are yet to leak in full. To Love Let Go 911, State of Grace, Kiss Me All Over and Pull Out already leaked in full. Rebellion length is 3:26 EDIT 1: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is possibly PERFECT LOVER Perfect Lover length is 3:04 and Catch Me If You Can is 3:04 as well EDIT 2: List of songs recorded for BLACKOUT 1. Gimme More 2. Heaven On Earth 3. Perfect Lover 4. Untitled Lullaby 5. Who Can She Trust 6. Get Back 7. Get Naked 8. Ooh Ooh Baby 9. Why Should I Be Sad 10. I've Been Loving You Too Long 11. Toy Soldier 12. Hot As Ice 13. Love 2 Love U 14. 911 15. Piece Of Me 16. Outta This World 17. Radar 18. Freakshow 19. Trouble (Intro) 20. Break The Ice 21. Everybody 22. Crucified 23. Pull Out 24. Sippin On 25. To Love, Let Go 26. The Face 27. All That She Wants 28. Downtown 29. Dramatic 30. Hooked On It 31. Red Hot Lipstick 32. Rebellion 33. Secret 34. State Of Grace 35. Boyfriend 36. Cry 37. Wonderland 38. Grow
  20. It’s in Genius, the new Wikipedia of fake news. https://genius.com/Britney-spears-do-you-wanna-come-over-remix-lyrics
  21. Was scrolling through a Gaga Daily thread and saw this post: What do you think? I think i personally disagree because BOMT outsold all her albums released in her peak combined lmbo. Not to mention she was the most searched person on the internet for 12 years straight and Gaga never really outtook her. Do you guys agree? lemme know
  22. According to this person 'Swimming In The Stars' is now coming out in December on streaming platforms and not this week. According to people on ATRL this person is reliable. So it appears it'll be released on December 4th along with the Deluxe version of the album?
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