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Found 14 results

  1. “Baby **** you...” I mean the way she says that line slayed my 15 year old existence and still does. The ATTITUDE. The SASS. The NOT giving a F! We love this Britney. This song has always been intriguing to me. It’s so dark, gritty, truthful....B girl was serving a mood. Anyone have thoughts on this song? Know any fun facts? Memories? Who is it really about? I'd be curious to hear everyone’s opinions. Now there’s another ringing my bell...
  2. Was just thinking about the 2007 Allure photoshoot and how amazing it was. And how in I Am Britney Jean she didn't recall the shoot at all. That's our girl. I can't locate the article but I remember she arrived, took the photos, and left. Does anyone have the Allure article link? I know there was no interview, but I can't remember what Allure said. I think I recall it being super shady. What do you think was going on that day? In the gallery below, the makeup artist recalls her being very present and animated on set and talking about her kids, etc. The hair stylist said that when she arrived and took off her blonde wig, she had her inch-long hair and seemed shocked by it. Do you think she did the photoshoot, saw the photos, got feeling really insecure and bolted? https://www.allure.com/gallery/britney
  3. With all the drama going on I feel like I need to pull a Jesus and resurrect Clitneys place on this forum, people usually get eggs at Easter but this year I'm giving y'all leaks ******* !! https://britneyspearsunreleased.tumblr.com/post/184363248852/im-a-slaveeeee-4-u-hq-snippet-from-the
  4. Podcast - WITHOUT A VOICE "Did everyone miss the true nature of Britney Spears’ ‘meltdown’? Now, 10 years later, there is growing attention being paid to a little known legal concept that Spears is under, called a ‘conservatorship’. This episode takes a look at exactly what happened to Britney Spears on February 18th, the day of her infamous head-shaving incident. And, since a series of ensuing missteps, and triumphs, over the years, Jenks will question if she’ll forever forego the right to even get a cup of coffee without permission from her father and lawyer." ---------------------------------------------------------------- This guys usually focuses on famous figures and historical events - Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali ... When I saw Britney Spears on the list, I was .. perplexed. It's not someone who loves her or hates her. He doesn't go down the rabbit hole. Doesn't subscribe to any conspiracy theories. It's all pretty objective. If you are interested in the psychology behind what happened 10-11 years ago .. I would listen. He points out some interesting parallels. He really gets into how she was a machine. He talks about pop stars today .. and their ability to have more control due to social media .. (What would of happened if Twitter were around in 2007?) He talks about how the GP underestimated her intellect .. etc. *No I don't know this guy haha but this is the kind of stuff I could talk about with you guys for dayssss*
  5. So I was curious and as a baby stan I'm doing my bit of research. I of course knew about the 2007 VMA's before stanning Godney, but it feels so weird to see this happening around the same time. It could be the bad quality of the videos, but she doesn't look out of it at all, she looks like she's in sync with the music, and she puts on a good show. Obviously no live vocals, but that's to be expected. Although, the pointing at her nose on Toxic while on the "I need a hit" part is really dark and took me by surprise, I'm so used to POMney that it looks tragic and makes me feel bad for her. Also, interesting that she performed Breathe on Me, must be one of her favourites. I know she said it would've been a single had she not got injured, or something like that. So my main questions would be, what the hell happened between this and the VMAs? I'm assuming this is before the VMAs because there are no Blackout songs but it's clearly 2007. What did fans at the time think of the whole thing? I'm guessing people were looking forward to Blackout. The 2007 VMAs were supposed to be her comeback, but we know now it wouldn't happen until later.
  6. Guest

    Hold on...

    I was listening to best of both worlds (from Hannah Montana) for some nostalgia then I realized at the end of the album version of the song Miley says "you get the best of both worlds without the shaving the hair you can go any where" I'm shook tbh
  7. So... People and media are starting to compare Cara D. with britney's shaved moment: heres the pic: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTor3Eajsp2/ two articles I stumbled across on FB (They're in Spanish): http://www.swagger.mx/radar/cara-delevigne-britney-cabello-rapada http://los40.com.mx/los40/2017/05/03/actualidad/1493830202_214170.html thoughts? At least they keep talking bout brit right... RIGHT??!!??
  8. Do you think she is ever going to perform there again? A small part of me says not but then another part says that she will. If she does she would have a lot of pressure on her due to how bad 2007 went and the media would go crazy... Thoughts?
  9. Screw the head shaving and the bad vmas preformance blackout was a masterpiece and it was definitely one of Britney's best albums
  10. She would have looked like this and probably would have killed the choreo
  11. Les Inrockuptibles named Blackout as "the perfect pop album" and the best Britney album. They explain how the GP was too busy focusing on her breakdown to really appreciate the album back in 2007. This magazine is usually very critical about pop singers so it's great to see they acknowledge Blackout as the masterpiece that it is! Sorry for my english but I had to share! http://www.lesinrocks.com/2017/01/11/musique/en-2007-britney-spears-sortait-lalbum-pop-parfait-mais-vous-etiez-trop-occupes-par-son-petage-de-plombs-11899645/
  12. Alright.. before y'all bash on me and call me a flop fan, I am aware of some aspects on this certain topic. But I want a full detailed explanation about her breakdown that occured in 2007/2008. I need to understand it and study it fully and thoroughly. Thank you!
  13. Can't believe this was 9 years ago. I remember seeing the snippet uploaded by MTV as a promo, and felt that it was not going to be a good performance. Before the live performance, I just hoped she would pull through even though the dancing was basic. I felt sad after watching the performance, and the succeeding news articles were largely negative. I remember listening to Blackout for the first time, and thinking that the album was a huge departure from the Britney that I knew. Listening to Blackout prior to posting this made me realize that this was the peak of her being an artist, while not caring about commercial appeal. She didn't care much about promoting - she focused on creating a record that she is personally proud of. I remember her label even having a poll on what the album title should be before deciding on "Blackout." I think she came up with a good record, and let the label and everyone else handle the succeeding promo. It wasn't a great time to be a Britney fan, and I'm damn proud I stood with her even though I have my own misgivings from time to time. 2007 was not a great time for Britney personally, but it was a great time for Britney as an artist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNlzgGYKs0w
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