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Found 15 results

  1. How do yall feel about this?
  2. Omg this interview is so cute. You can tell she REALLY wanted that role opposite to Ryan Gosling. As much as I would love that, Rachel McAdams nailed that role. I would totally love to see Brit in another love story though! (There's 2 clips in this post.. he really digs in the 2nd one lol)
  3. Hi everyone, First of all, I don't want to bash Michael Jackson with this story and I am sorry if it bothers Jackson's fans but.... I did not know Wade Robson - who was one of Britney's choreographer if I am not wrong - was abused by Michael Jackson. Did you know that too ? After all this years, after his death, I wanted to believe it was all fake, that he did not do that. But apparently, HBO is releasing this documentary. Here is the trailer. Youtube - Leaving Neverland What do you think about it ?
  4. OMFG... I died laughing at this. How could I forget this skit. The guy in the changing room doing you know what while watching Britney in leather LOL.... I can't....
  5. Update: So apparently it's still not reflected on YT counter, but this page already reports 100M. Whooo!
  6. stateofgracebritney

    video If it makes you happy

    It can’t be that bad https://youtu.be/2sM372vJ0tQ i miss her
  7. it's so pretty Synesthesia queen Marina slaying again
  8. LOL i was watching this iconic performance, and during the part where she strips into the nude-colour outfit, there's this serious guy with a light blue turtleneck who's like poshly clapping and going YASS!!!
  9. For all you single folk, at the end of this clip is Britney talking about the joy of 'Touch of My Hand' on Valentine's Day
  10. Remixed. Reimagined. Still iconic. A trip through her videography. Hi guys, after a long, LONG work, I finally finished my 20th anniversary edition. I lost the original files, so I had to do everything from scratch and it took me forever to finish it. For some of you, it won't be 100% "new", 'cause it is an extended re-edition of one of my previous videos, (recycle-ney, i know) . Since i've always felt that I did it at the wrong time, NOW I really believe that it is the right moment to launch it again; I mean... the original concept fits perfectly with the 20th anniversary theme, right? Of course, you will find new sounds, new additions, better video quality and some changes to the original (which won't be available on YT anymore). I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did, and can keep you entertained during this difficult year that both Britney and we fans have to go through. PEACE!.
  11. I have been looking everywhere does anyone have the video of Britney calling David an asshole on the set of OG make me set
  12. One More Time

    video WORK BITCH 300M

    When she turned EDM iconic. 2nd most view video of her