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Found 7 results

  1. Why i never seen this before? She is sooo good
  2. Some of you requested me to do this, so I made this "definitive" version of MM. What will you find? A video combining the 3 different versions of MM in order to give the recent filtered version a little more meaning. It’s basically a music video that shows how it was shot, that's the plot. What won’t you find? - G-Eazy, since in both the official and the original versions, his appearances make no sense, don't fit very well. - The scenes inside the house were removed, except those inside the cage (because i like them). These scenes that I have not included, could (in my imagination) be used for another "single" as if it were a continuation of MM, after she left the recording studio along with one of her dancers; and this is where the second video would start. In this way, such scenes could be given greater meaning. (Maybe "Invitation", "Do You Wanna Come Over?"). For obvious reasons, I will not post the video on my YouTube channel, otherwise I will upload it to VIMEO. I don’t know how long it’ll stay online, but it’s worth a shot. I am also not allowed to give you the direct link of the video, so I will only give you the link of my VIMEO profile, so you can find it more easily: https://vimeo.com/luminousproductions Hurry, watch the video before it gets deleted and then come back here to give me a comment on it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: Well my video is officially deleted from my Vimeo so, i will PM it to those who asked me for it!.
  3. It leaked! Edited by @breatheheavy: We have to remove the download links because of copyright. Sorry about that.


    How do you feel about it? Yes, it's AP but it needs a discussion...
  5. first 5 seconds...you're welcome
  6. lipeservat

    video Britney crying

    Hi everyone! i was going tru my videos on my phone and I never posted the whole video when britney cried at the stage in Blackpool at the POMT. I also did a meet and greet that day and britney was acting super weird. She turn herself into the wall wjen I was leaving the room. And plus that show wasn’t the last one, there was one more in Texas and I also did go to. I think she wasn’t feeling good at the time already. Anyways here it is the video https://youtu.be/A0Cm_Pa4E5s Share your thoughts. #freebritney #weloveyoubritney #staystrong