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Found 6 results

  1. Britney x Irene

    tour UGH the screaming fans

    UGH 00:38 there's a reason she doesn't like experiencing the reality of the fanbase P.S. today was a fruitful day (in watching some videos lol) now back to cleaning my house (inspired by Britney)
  2. So, 2015ney was amazing, but then 2016ney came to slay. The first time of the revamp was the best POM show for sure. I wanted to see the audience's reaction to the changes she added then, and I ended up watching the whole video without skipping. THE ENERGY, THE ATTITUDE, THE FACE, THE BODY, THE RHYTHM! I didn't remember she was THAT good, wow. If she performed like this every night, this show would be one of her top 3 tours right after dwad and onyx! Britney looks genuinely excited to show the new stuff and it shows that she wants to do everything perfectly. Her face is constantly like "I'm Britney, bitch", it's like she wanted to prove she's still that bitch. And she looks so happyyyyyyyy, even during boys where she does nothing and she knows it, she shook her ass and the crowd went crazy! She really wanted them to see how great she can be. Just wow. Also, incredible makeup, she looks 18 By the way, this is the first time I actually paid attention to the IYSA performance (and I saw POM live in August lol) and it looks good from those angles! Britney goes out on stage looking lost af, she looks around looking really worried, then she asks if we've seen Amy tonight. After that SHE'S FEELING IT. This performance actually has a concept if you watch it. I had no clue 2016ney started incredibly well. A revamped show Britney actually worked hard on (she even did old choreos better), she was a great performer again, incredibly talkative and open in interviews (she even talked about the conservatorship), shot that controversial original MM video.. I wonder what changed. Proof our girl was working hard:
  3. The Greatest Show

    event Liberation Tour Countdown...

    Since she started posting more about the Tour and it starts in 11 days I decided to make a thread. What we know so far: she will perform Maria She will perform Unless its with you She will perform Sick of sitting. (nooo) she will perform her old hits (duh) The stage looks similar to her B2B stage Rehersal Footage from Sept. 14th Rehersal Pictures New Pictures: Update 3. UNLESS ITS WITH YOU!
  4. I know I had a thread a while back about the WTF looks in general, but let's divide it per POM section now since I know there are many choices . These are mine: POM 1.0 WB section "Gothic" section BO section Neon section Slave section Circus section Jungle section POM 2.0 WB section MATM secion "Gothic" section Neon section Slave section Circus section Jungle section
  5. Fans attending this year’s United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas won’t just be treated to the greatest racing spectacle on the planet – they’ll also get to witness performances from two of biggest names in music. Bruno Mars will light up the Saturday night of the Grand Prix weekend when he makes a stop at the Circuit of The Americas (COTA) with his entertainment-packed 24K Magic World show. The 27-time Grammy award nominee will be followed on Sunday by international pop icon Britney Spears, who will close out the weekend’s celebration with a hit-packed post-race concert. Speaking about the announcement, Bobby Epstein, Founder and Chairman of COTA, said: “We’re excited to welcome Bruno Mars and Britney Spears to this year’s United States Grand Prix stage. "The pinnacle of motorsports, two global superstar musicians and all of the festive entertainment that comes with the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix defines the weekend as the greatest sports and entertainment celebration of the year. We are proud to host such an incredible weekend for race and music fans alike.” Access to the concerts is available to all fans attending the circuit on the respective days. Tickets to the event, which runs from October 19-21, will be available this Friday via the F1 Ticket Store. For more information, click here. Source: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/headlines/2018/4/bruno-mars-and-britney-spears-to-perform-at-us-grand-prix.html