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Found 6 results

  1. stateofgracebritney

    tour Let’s talk about Onyx.

    So I wanted to know what are your opinions on the Onyx Hotel Tour. Even though A lot of fans love DWAD more, i think onyx in 2004 is definitely Britney’s peak as a dancer, performer and vocalist (despite the fact she didn’t sing live a lot, most performances of shadow and every time were pretty good) she looked flawless tbh Did any of you actually went to Onyx? I was too young at the time but I would do ANYTHING to go back in time and watch this show...
  2. Iceney


    Is this true or inflated?
  3. xkhingx

    tour Domination Rehearsals

    Does anybody know why did the remove every Domination rehearsal except the Scream & Shout one?
  4. I've been wondering. POM gave us some of the worst Britney moments in her career, but there were also some highlights that were better than her previous post-breakdown tours. Still, I really don't get why they insisted on giving us the minimum in many aspects: The cheap wigs when it started back in '14 The always declining quality and aspect of outfits (some even bought from AliExpress which I'll never get over ) Choreo constantly being watered down Acknowledging Toxic choreo was kinda cheap, bringing a new one only for two occasions (The BBMA and then NYE events) and never bringing it to POM Replacing props with people on POM tour The lack of Props for Live in Concert and POM in general General cheap make up and outfit design (although the first might be Britney's fault as some threads have stated) Why do you think they chose to treat POM that way? Even in FF, when she looked the worst performing / body / appearance of her career, they made the show more expensive, with good stage design, great props, great outfits (DESIGNED for a superstar, not bought from some random site). Did they want to make some statement, like 'she alone is the show! she doesn't need gimmicks to prove her stardom' or something else? It's not only on the money aspect (I don't think it would be that expensive to make her better costumes or better props), for someone who gets bored easily, POM seems less lot fun than her other tours to perform.