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Found 3 results

  1. While looking for videos of Britney doing the "Work B**ch" choreography's floor part fully, I came across this video of the entire show: I started watching some of it and noticed one little thing: the vocals seem a little... weird. It's like she's singing live, but it sounds too much like Myah... There are some slight voice cracks during "Womanizer"'s second pre-chorus too. This got me thinking: did Piece Of Me ever have pre-recorded vocals? Did she ever sing live (not including "Something To Talk About")? Or was it all just lip-syncing from 20-year-old studio vocals (looking at you, "...Baby One More Time" performances)?
  2. Yes I am really good at procrastinating and not doing anything productive so instead of doing my homework I decidedly to draw Britney. I came up with some tour outfits and redrew modern versions of some older outfits that I wold like to see her in. ...Baby One More Time This one was based off of DWAD Boys but it could also be cute for MATM This could be for Work Bitch or Til The World Ends These two are both for Slave Excuse the sloppy coloring and lack of creativity in some of them it’s late and I didn’t feel like doing too much.... but also felt like doing enough not to do my work??? Yeah I know that’s confusing. I also drew an outfit for Pretty Girls and one for Lace and Leather but I didn’t feel like coloring them. Feel free to leave ideas for another day when I feel like wasting time. Update #1: Thank you very much for the suggestions and compliments, I’m gonna try not to procrastinate as much today even tho I’ll definitely be in the main #freebritney thread Here’s my rendition of the iconic oops outfits that would have been scrapped if someone didn’t ask for it This was my idea for the overprotected darkchild video outfit but it doesn’t look that different tbh and just looks like it did a fusion dance with Femme Fatale S&M/...Baby that also had a baby with Rihanna’s opening outfit from the Anti World Tour, which isn’t a bad thing actually I wanted to do the DWAD overprotected/Elvis jumpsuit but it’s so good I couldn’t think of anything to change Update #2: The Pretty Girls outfit previously mentioned. Originally it was gonna be less alien-ney but it’s true that these men are from Mars so I had to make it bizarre This is the Lace and Leather/S&M outfit with the return of lazy coloring! I didn’t even bother with this one but you get the general idea I was going for Update #3: This one could be used as an alternate to the redone ....Baby costume but also for Outrageous As someone mentioned this could be used for Slumber Party or for the always included mimed rendition of Everytime
  3. Did she ever do the Work Bitch floor choreo right in 2015?Cause she always dodged it. Did she at least do it before 2016 or was 2016 the first time she did it live?
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