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Found 6 results

  1. BritneysBitch82

    socialney Remix her eras

    Lets pretend you could go back in time and alter the eras slightly. You can choose ONLY 3 singles per album. Which would you choose, and in which order? Also, I've noticed that, with the exception of Baby, Oops and Circus, she often takes her album titles from some obscure source so you can actually rename the album based on whatever song from that era.
  2. Now, nothing personal but Work Bitch would be a way more fitting soundtrack tbh
  3. samwoods321

    socialney #20yearsofspears

    Favorite memories, music, performance, interviews, albums from #20yearsofspears
  4. stateofgracebritney

    socialney Skinny Britney

    So, we all know Britney is super fit and thin nowadays, but how thin is she compared to previous eras? WHEN WAS BRITNEY AT HER SKINNIEST ERA EVER? Take a look: BOMT,1998- not that skinny Oops, 2000- skinny enough Britney ,2001- super skinny In the Zone, 2003, super skinny Blackout, 2006,2007- not that skinny Circus,2008- not that skinny Femme Fatale,2010- a little fat during the tour (sorry) Britney Jean- not that skinny, actually she was looking the same as FFT ney in 2013 POM. Glory- ultra skinny 2018- Super ultra skinny, maybe the most toned she’s ever been So, what is the truth? I’m confused if it was 2001,2003,2004 or 2016-present, it looks almost the same to me. Your thoughts?
  5. A new Britney mailing list email says not to miss out on the BIG announcement coming this week... sounds like a residency to me
  6. like dont lie queen of runways