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Found 10 results

  1. So there are rumours circling around that Brit Brit & Sam called it quits. On the day she performed in Berlin they apparently had an argument. Fans who had a M&G in Berlin said that Brit teared up and was late. She was not in a good mood and when a fan asked her for a hugging picture she just replied "quick picture". This is not usual for Britney since she has LOTS of pictures hugging fans. Then Sam unfollowed her on Instagram & deleted a video of her live concert on his IG feed. In the video you could see Brit perform "Gimme More" and fans screaming the infamous "Who is it" line. Hours later he followed her again. Maybe because the public shouldn't know yet? 2 days later she performed in Denmark for the Smukfestival and scrapped Slumber Party. The music video in which she met her former(?) lover on set. People thought it's due to strict time management and the Smukfestival only allows a 90 minute show for each artist. The next show in Sweden fans are still missing Slumber Party. So, is this a sign that they broke up? What do u guys think? If they really broke up I get why she scrapped SP from her show since the video is playing in the background in the live show and she has to see Sam on a big screen. In Berlin they still played that song but maybe because it was too late to change anything. Thoughts?
  2. My guess is A yoga instructor... i mean she might be great at it A kindergarten teacher ? um yes, definetely... she loves kids. and she loves to count...ok kids so now let's count to tree...ok...so... ONE... TWO....TREE ! yay you did so good ! A painter ? why not ? there's a potential already... big things have small beginings she already sold one of her masterpieces for 10 k the fact that she's britney has nothing to with it A horse ranch owner in Louisiana ? well... she have a thing for horses let's not forget about that A florist ? i can imagine her working in some flower shop doing tiny bouquets with pink roses Hi my name is Brenda Joanne, how may i help you ? What's your guess ?
  3. If we substituted Mariah for Britney, Which song would you say, exceeded all your expectations and anything since has just been a bonus for you? Mine was that "who is it!?" song
  4. She made her decision to marry Kevin and she should've made it work with him for the sake of God and their 2 sons. Imagine how different things would've been... - 2008 - 3rd child born. A little girl called Emma. Britney is "happier than ever." - 2009 - Comeback album "Circus" comes out & sells well - 2010 - The Circus Tour Starring Britney Spears (with opening act K-Fed) - 2011 - Chaotic: Still Chaotic - Brit & Kev's second reality tv series following their tour from 2010 and their struggles with bringing up 3 kids. - 2012 - Brit and Kev renew their wedding vows on Valentine's Day in Paris - 2013 - Femme Fatale album and tour - 2014 - Britney announces retirement from touring and KFed stars in Guardians Of The Galaxy instead of Chris Pratt. A sequel would follow in 2017. Critics praise Kevin's performance and claim "His rapping skills left a lot to be desired, but his acting is surprisingly good." - 2015-2018 - Britney becomes a stay at home mom, but does release a Christmas single in 2016 called "Snowdrops On My Pillow." Emma provides backing vocals in the chorus. Thoughts?
  5. Godney's Sweet Ass

    socialney MIA: Cuecardney

    Anyone remember when CueCardnney last appeared? I feel like it may've been last year, but I'm not sure. God I miss her epic reading skills EDIT: Was it this?
  6. Britney Spears is officially dead to me. I was in Oslo last night. And apart from the horrible, robotic, boring and without emotions show. The M&G was a total disappointment! She did not look at me in the face for a second, I asked her if I could hug her, and her eyes were lost in the void, she was stiff, her look was so sad and absent. the meet lasted like 10 seconds. His team incompetent, all strange and ran like crazy for nothing. I'm disgusted. She does not want this life anymore, she is forced to do all this. 2007 is not over for nothing. Sad but her head is in another world...... trust me, I write these words with tears in my eyes, but the Britney 98-2004 no longer exists...
  7. Ok sometimes we all focus way too much on the negatives about Britney at this time. Thought it would be cool to start a thread talking about all the positives. Ill go first - I think it’s super cool she’s still performing for us 20 years into her career and making music still. Also amazing that she can sell a residency for 4 years and then go on tour with it. Not many artists can stay relevant plus be able to sell this many years into there career
  8. https://www.instagram.com/samasghari/ I have checked, she isn't there. Some people say he unfollowed her but do we really know if he had followed her like ever? Any receipts? Edit: he follows her again
  9. I'm sorry guys but I can't help but speak the truth after seeing so many meltdowns over the m&g and watching the last videos of her European tour with the POM Show. at least i'm speaking up. ofc he is always going to be biased on his opinion since it's his job.