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Found 9 results

  1. She truly won in the end, didn't she
  2. growing up in eastern Europe we didn't have much, not like in food, but like in modern culture. so when we finally got MTV channel and when I first lay my eyes on Britney, I was in beautiful shock. it was Crazy video and her teeth were out of this world. so beautiful I was like "OMG I WANT THOSE WHITE TEETH" and I want it now. So I started brushing them 3x a day and when I got older I started to visit the dentist every six months to clean and polish. Honestly, because of Britney's infectious smile I started taking care of my oral health. now I'm at the point where people love my smile, and everytime someone compliments my teeth I think of/ thank Britney when meeting new people or just in general, my friend and I always comment on someone's teeth it's crazy but we're snobs in that department. Braces or not, I don't care. She has the most amazing set of teeth in Hollywood and it's weird that she was never a spokesperson for toothpaste brand :O Britney also inspired me for nice set of abs but that's in the works. Hopefully this summer I'd perform Slave4u shirtless. ANY SIMILAR STORIES?
  3. the good sis jamie lynn been has been posting on instagram twice a day since the beginning of the year and we can't even have a picture posted by britney since january the 12th we miss you britney post something please even one of your kitschy quotes were you praise God or how you love cuddling in bed
  4. I'm so obsessed with this Podcast, I think the hosts are hilarious, make vital points, and are very informative of what's going on in Britney's world. Do you guys love it or hate it?
  5. ClaudiaDC

    socialney Danja on Twitter

    I know it’s nothing but I think it’s obviously sure that he’s really working on B10
  6. I was checking some Britney related tweets and there are so many people making mean comments about Britney, for example I saw some Xtina’s and Gaga’s fans making fun of Glory flopping (that’s rich coming from them), then I saw some Katy Perry’s stans calling Britney a robot and making fun of her mental health and I could go on and on. The point is, those kind of things are normal in stan culture but I don’t see any other singer getting so much hate from other fan bases
  7. britney seemed to really like them. I wish they couldve hung out or something.